Nasty darling receives coarse pleasuring from her boyfriend

Nasty darling receives coarse pleasuring from her boyfriend
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My spankings 1 My wife doesn't like to spank me so much as to watch me get spanked, and I get spanked regularly by her sister Joan. I am 25 and my wife Cathy is 23 but Joan is older, about 40. She is quite tall with a nice figure, pale white skin and dark black hair which she likes to wear in a bun. She usually wears tweeds or mannish looking clothes, which make her look attractive but severe. When she comes to visit she always smiles when she first sees me.

This is because she knows my wife has been saving up her list of my transgressions that I am to be disciplined for.

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For the same reason, I can't help but blush when I first say hello. It is part of the routine that we don't talk at all about what is going to happen during the day.

Of course I know I am going to be punished and hurt and badly humiliated and to tell you the truth some times I even get a hard on thinking about what is going to happen. Joan notices when this happens, of course, because it means even further punishment, but she never says anything about it during the day. She just smiles at me with that knowing smile of hers.

It all happens after dinner. I do the dishes and put them away. Then I go upstairs and strip naked, and then come down to the living room where my wife and her sister are having coffee.

I have to stand naked in the middle of the room while Cathy tells her sister what I've been up to.

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"He was half an hour late getting home from work on Thursday," Cathy will say, for example. "That will be 25," says Joan, and they both giggle in appreciation of what's going to come. The list continues with things like I left dirty dishes in the sink, or I was impolite to a friend, or I didn't wash my hands before dinner, and it always gets to more than a hundred when Joan says, "That's enough, dear.

Let's begin." The first thing I have to do is walk over to Joan and bend over in front of her and spread my bottom cheeks. She reaches in her purse and pulls out a white cotton glove, which she put on her hand before sticking her finger up my rectum. She then examines the glove to see if it is clean.

If not, I will have to go to the bathroom and have her give me an enema before my spanking. I just hate that, so I am generally very careful to be clean back there when I know she is coming for a visit.

After the examination, she will motion for me to get over her knees. She will usually hoist up her dress before having me do this, since she knows I may come while she is spanking me. She puts the glove away, and after an agonizing waiting time I feel the sharp clap of her hand on my poor bottom. "One," I say. "Thank you ma'am." And then comes another, and another and another, with me thanking and counting as we go.

I am usually crying by the time we get to about twenty. I don't try to hold back the tears, as I know she going to have me crying eventually anyway and the sooner the better as far as everyone is concerned.

From time to time during the spanking my wife will come over and put her hand under my chin so that I have to look up at her with my tear filled eyes. She is usually laughing or at least smiling when she does this, and she will say things like, "Give it to him good, Joan, really let him have it. He deserves it." It doesn't really matter how many spanks they have decided I should get.

Joan just keeps at it until she gets tired, which can often be a long long time.


I know I have counted over 200 more than once, and as we go along, I am crying so hard it is difficult for me to even count out loud. I know that both of them love this and it would be foolish to try and hold back the tears.

When Joan decides she is finished, she orders me to get up, go to the middle of the room again, and bend over. Then I have to pull my badly punished bottom cheeks apart so they can both inspect the damage in general and the area immediately around my rectum in particular, with both of them fingering me there. Some times at this point my wife will grab my balls and give them a hard squeeze, which always causes me to jump up and scream in agony.

This aways causes both of them to laugh and sometimes Joan will say, "Do it again, Cathy, you know he loves it." And of course I don't as you can well imagine. This is usually the end of the session and I am allowed to go upstairs to my separate bedroom, but sometimes if they see I still have a hard on they will want to watch me masturbate. This means I have to sit naked on the floor in front of them and do it. This means I will cum all over the rug and I then have to kneel down and lick up my cum before I am permitted to leave.

And God help me if I fail to cum, because then I will get another 50 or so spanks across my stern sister-in-law's lap before I am allowed to go to bed. As humiliating as all this is, last week was much worse. They had talked about inviting their mother and father over to watch my punishment, and last week they did it.

After dinner I had to come down to the living room naked with the older Mr.

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and Mrs. Coburn there to watch my humiliation. When Joan used the white cloth glove to check my rectum, her mother asked to see it.

"It looks reasonably clean," Mrs. Coburn said, "but that shouldn't stop him from getting a good punishment enema anyway.

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Let's take him upstairs and I'll show you how to stick a tube in his ass in a way that he won't forget." I was trembling as I mounted the stairs with my wife, her sister, and their Dad and Mom following behind. "Charles can tell you what one of my enemas is like," said Mrs. Coburn, referring to her husband, "Can't you darling?" "I sure can," he said, "and I can also tell you I am glad to see it happening to someone else and not me." There were two things about Mrs.

Coburn's enema that made it especially embarrassing. First of all, she must have spent a good five minutes lubricating my asshole and then probing it with her finger before inserting the tip of the enema tube.

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But what was much worse was that after I had taken all the liquid I could possibly hold, I had to stand naked in the hallway outside the bathroom and wait until the old lady gave me permission to use the toilet.

"Are you having a problem just standing there?" she said to me with a smile. "I'll tell you what will make it easier for you. Why don't you do a little dance for us?" I thought she was kidding but she was not. I had to do a sort of naked jig to everyone's amusement, until I finally said with tears in my eyes, Please, please let me use the toilet." "Does John want to go potty then?" said Mrs. Coburn.


"I'll tell you what. We'll all decide together. Get down and kneel in front of Cathy and ask her if you have her permission to use the toilet. If she says yes, you can go over and ask Joan, and then my husband and then me again." I was sure I was going to do it right there in the hallway but I had no choice. I kneeled before each of them in turn and begged piteously to be allowed to 'go potty.' When they finally all said yes, I raced into the bathroom and didn't even take the time to shut the door before I let it all out.

"Shall I give him another one?" said old Mrs. Coburn.

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"If you want to Mom," said Joan, "But first let's go down stairs and give him a good spanking first." "Alright then," said Mrs. Coburn. "But John you should know that getting spanked by my daughter is not going to be enough from now on. You'll be getting it from me as well, and I've brought along just the thing to make you appreciate the attention you'll be getting." It turned out she had brought along a hair brush to use on my poor tushy and she displayed it with great pleasure for everyone else to see.

"Now I know that you have a tendency to lose control and orgasm while you are being spanked and I certainly don't want you messing up my skirt, so John I am going to give you a wonderful surprise. You can stand and play with yourself while you watch me." It was a surprise, a shock really, and I didn't quite now what to make of it. The old lady stood up and took over her skirt.

It turns out she was wearing old fashioned underwear, a with a pink garter belt holding up her heavy dark black stockings. If she had been younger she might have looked sexy but a fat old lady like Mrs. Coburn just looked kind of disgusting. "Now if you're really a good little boy, Johnny," she said. I just might take you into the bathroom later for an even bigger surprise. But for right now, suppose you just get that naked butt of yours across the knees and I'll show you just what an old fashioned hairbrush can do." With that she sat down in the armless punishment chair that Joan uses when she spanks me.

I got over her knees and I didn't have to be told to put my hands on the floor and push my naked butt up so it gave her a good target. "Thwack!" went the hairbrush and I knew right away this was going to be much worse than what I had been used to. Just to whacks on my behind and I was already crying like mad. "Cry baby, cry baby," Joan called out. "Give to him as hard as you can Mom, I want to see that bottom of his turn really red!" "Hey John," said my wife brightly, pull your legs apart a little so we can see your balls while you're getting it!" Oh my god, I thought, if my mother in law whacks me on the balls with that thing I'll scream my head off.

And before I had a chance to even think about it any more that's exactly what she did.

"Boy I'm sure glad it's his balls and not mine," said Mr. Coburn. "I know just what it feels like." I got hit on the testicles several more times as my spanking continued, and I knew I would not be whacking off after this one. When it was finally over they had me go into the hall and look in the mirror to see how red my behind was. Then I had to spread my legs so I could see that my balls had turned black and blue. While I was hunched over with the mirror behind me, my sister-in-law gave my balls a strong squeeze and I let out a really horrible sounding scream, more like a girl's scream than a man's scream.

"Well he sounds just like a little girl," said Mrs. Coburn. "Now John dear, come upstairs to the bathroom with me.

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I've got another surprise for you!" (To be continued if I get the sense that some of you might want more of this!)