Hung dick rider jerks off over his underwear and cums solo

Hung dick rider jerks off over his underwear and cums solo
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I sat at my desk trying to concentrate on the work at hand. How many times have I gone through this very same scenario, I thought, and how many more times must I go through this before I take some action? Being a male with a preference for good looking women, I was beginning to feel considerable animosity toward the company that had sent me to Boston- tearing me from the place I had called home for so many years.

Now, I grant you, that some people would say that the Midwest can't compare with Boston, but for a guy who had lived there all his life - it was home to me. Given the fact that I had to leave my girlfriend behind for several months, I felt justified in my anger. As my feelings of frustration and longing for sexual activity that involved something more than my hand increased, Cindy came around the corner. It was as if I couldn't look hard and long enough to drink in her beauty. Long and hard, I thought, I would love to be long and hard with Cindy for a few hours or maybe a few days!

Although Cindy was not strikingly beautiful in the classic sense of the word, she had what can only be described as sex appeal. She wasn't overt; in fact she never did anything that would lead me to believe she was even mildly interested in anything but my leadership and support of her job as Director of Accounting. Never-the-less, each time we were together I found myself lusting after her like a high-school freshman. At five-foot six-inches and one-hundred twenty pounds, her lithe body seemed to scream out to me to possess it.

Cindy came through my office door and as she scooted the chair forward I could see that she planned to stay for a while. As she settled into the chair and arranged her long, brown hair behind her ears, I tried to catch a glimpse of what I had become convinced had to be the most beautiful breasts in the world. Breasts, hell, I thought, tits is more like it. I tried to convince myself that she was flaunting them, but as quickly as the thought came to my mind, I had to discount it.

She didn't need to flaunt them, they did it for her! It wasn't that they were big, they just fit her perfectly. Not small but what was the word I was looking for?

Perky will have to do. Apparently I was so completely lost in my thoughts that I failed to notice Cindy was prepared to begin speaking. "Hey, Todd, you in there, or are you out to lunch?" asked Cindy with a smile.


"Oh, just trying to concentrate on the job at hand," I replied, realizing that it was a lame excuse at best. Cindy just smiled her mysterious, little smile that had been driving me insane for the last six weeks. She completed her presentation and summarized the financial position then her mood changed. "You know, Todd, this is the first time I have seen costs go down in two years.

For what it's worth, I believe you are going to turn this place around. Damn near time someone took a leadership position and made the tough decisions. Firing Kathy was probably the first time that anyone has held this crowd of screw-offs accountable in two years!" I was startled at her revelation and forthright show of support.

Since the confrontation that morning that resulted in Kathy being fired on the spot, everyone had avoided me like the plague. "You think I got their attention?" I asked with a smile. "Hey, guy, you got their attention big time. Just so you know, I am behind you one thousand percent," she commented driving her point home. I smiled my appreciation and reached out to touch her hand, expecting her to acknowledge the touch and pull back in a respectable amount of time. She didn't pull back; she just sat there flashing that mysterious, little smile.

That night, after a fast-food sandwich dinner, I returned to the office to try to put my thoughts together for the next step of the turn-around plan I was developing. Try as I might, I just couldn't concentrate. I finally gave up and drove to the short-term apartment the company had rented for me to use until I could get my personal situation suitably organized to move to Boston. How depressing, I thought as I trudged up the steps to the second floor apartment. I had to admit it was a really nice apartment, complete with a Jacuzzi tub and all the comforts of home.

Still, I was here alone. Let's see, cold shower, read a book, TV, oh what the hell! I let my imagination roam all over Cindy's body.

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Following the somewhat unsatisfying solo-sex release, I listened to some music while cleaning the apartment that was already perfectly clean and went to bed. As I began to fall asleep I was thinking a guy would have to be completely stupid to let a couple of hours in the sack with a broad end a career of thirty some years with a good company. Things went about the same for the next three months, except that the company took some significant strides forward.

After replacing two more of the staff with some quality managers, those remaining got the message and began to respond to my leadership. By the end of the three months, sales had risen over fifty-percent; our deliveries to customers went from less than fifty-percent on-time to over ninety-five percent on-time. More significantly, the shipping staff reported to me that they had set a goal in their department to have us at better than ninety-eight percent on-time by the end of the year.

By now, I felt that I could take a well deserved trip back home for a long weekend. Although my girlfriend had visited each month, I felt the need to spend some time at home.

I asked the receptionist to call a cab to the airport when Cindy walked up. "Hey, Todd, why don't I drive you to the airport?" she said brightly.

"That's OK, Cindy. I don't want to take you away from your work," I responded. "Not at all, Todd, in fact it would give me a chance to discuss a couple of issues with you. I'll get my car while you collect you luggage and meet you outside," explained Cindy in her typical take charge manner.

We drove for a moment or two but Cindy still hadn't said anything. "OK, Cindy, what do you have for me," I asked to get things rolling. "Nothing," she responded flashing her special smile, "I just wanted to drive you to the airport." "Oh, OK," I replied. "That is very nice of you." She smiled her now infamous smile and struck up a lively conversation. When we arrived at the airport, I retrieved my luggage from the back seat and placed it on the curb. Cindy stepped up to me indicating she wanted my attention.

"Hey, Todd, have a good trip." With that, she stepped in close and before I realized what was happening, she planted a quick kiss on my lips, then quickly hopped in the car and drove off. What the hell! Was all I could think.

The following Monday morning, I was uneasy as I sat at my desk planning for the day. Cindy had made it a practice to stop by my office on her way in to see if I needed anything or just to say hello. I was trying to decide how I would act, or react, as the case may be. This morning was no exception as Cindy bounced into my office with a cup of coffee in her hand and settled in her usual chair.

"Good trip?" she asked with the smile. I nodded, watching her face intently. I could sense something was going on behind the smile and was somewhat concerned at what it may be. Her face took on the serious look that always preceded bad news. I sat silently as she pulled her thoughts together. "Todd, I'm afraid I've got some bad news, at least I think it is bad news, or, maybe you will think it is good news," she said in a trembling voice.

"OK, what is it?" I asked with some trepidation. "I'm going to have to leave; four-weeks from last Friday will be my last day," she stated as if she had rehearsed the words several times. "Oh, come on, Cindy, it was just a little goodbye kiss, you don't have to make it more than it was. Certainly no need for you to leave over that." Cindy looked puzzled for a second, and then suddenly laughed. "No, Todd, it wasn't the kiss, besides I initiated it. My father has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and Mom just can't cope with everything.

He is being discharged from the hospital and she needs my help. They just don't have the money to hire twenty-four hour care, so I will have to step in.

I'm sorry, but there just isn't any other way." "I understand," I said slowly. "This certainly is not good news. You have been the one solid person on the staff and replacing you will be a significant problem. Your skill and knowledge has been one of the major reasons I had been able to turn the operation around!" I added sincerely.

She nodded and I saw tears begin to well up in her eyes. I went on talking in a quiet voice. "Cindy, your professional skill and knowledge is not the only reason I am going to be sorry to see you leave.


You do know that don't you?" I asked as I looked deep into her eyes. Cindy glanced at me through her tears and nodded. "I've sensed and felt it from the first week you were here," she said in a quavering voice. "Look, Cindy, I'd rather not let anyone else know about this just yet, at least not until we have something in place," I said slowly, trying to think of what to do next.

Cindy nodded then abruptly stood turning away from me. "I don't want any one to see me in here crying like a silly teenager," she said, her voice catching.

With that, she hastily left me to ponder the situation. Of course, I was concerned about the business and how I would be able to manage without the one person I really relied upon. And - if I was honest with myself - I would miss her mysterious smile and subtle flirting. I made the obligatory calls to corporate headquarters, and then retained an agency to do a private search.

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Early in the afternoon I went to Cindy's office on the pretext of getting the latest sales cost figures. I sat in a position so that I could see anyone coming down the hallway, and then motioned for Cindy to move closer. "Cindy, I am going to miss you more than you probably understand, not just because you are an outstanding accountant, but because you are, well…uh, because you are you," I said. She looked at me with wide eyes, and then her little smile spread across her face.

"Todd, you don't know how happy that makes me. I was afraid I had crossed some kind of line when I kissed you." "Well, Cindy, I'm not sure what your boyfriend will think about that, but the only line you crossed with me is one I hoped hadn't been drawn," I replied with feeling. "Todd, I don't have a boyfriend, I dumped him about a month before you came here when I found out he was on parole. At first, I thought I should support him in his effort to get his life back on track, but I decided to do a little more checking.

Turns out he served two years of a five to eight year sentence for beating his girlfriend so badly that she lost the sight in one eye and broke her jaw in three places.

I had sensed something was wrong when things that seemed minor in my view caused such violent outbursts from him. I realized he is an unstable person and didn't want to allow the relationship to grow any further. So, I am in between as you might say." My mind ran in circles for several moments as I debated whether to ask her to go to dinner with me or not. Cindy became somewhat unsettled with my silence, and then spoke up somewhat hesitantly.

"Todd, I have seen you mull things over before. Trust your instinct and go for it," she urged. I stared at her for another moment or two and then shrugged. "Hey Cindy, want to have dinner with me tonight?" I responded trying to sound casual. "I'd love to, but I get to pick the place," she replied without hesitation.

"OK, I don't know that many places in Boston as yet, so just let me know when and where to pick you up," I said feeling my heart speed up a bit. I hurried down the hall, feeling my heart thumping against my chest. Hey guy, stop acting like a scared teenager. Get your act together before you make a damn fool of yourself; its just dinner. At least that's what I tried to convince myself. About 4:00 PM, Cindy dropped some papers on my desk telling me to study page four very carefully, then explained that she was leaving early, and started to slip out.

"Hey, where …" I almost asked her where I was supposed to pick her up, how stupid could I be? "Todd, you need to study page four carefully. I believe you will find what you are looking for in the report." With that, she turned and walked briskly away.

I finally began to catch on, so immediately turned to page four. Actually it was sandwiched between page three and four of the report, so I slipped it out and leaned back so that no one could accidentally see it if they should stop by. It simply said, "27 Franklin Road, Melrose - 7:30 sharp." Carefully folding the paper, I slipped it into my wallet so that there would be no possibility of it being found.

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After trying to concentrate for the remainder of the day and finding it impossible, 5:00 PM finally arrived and I hurried home. Let's see, shower, close shave, and what do I wear? Casual; coat and tie? Wonder what she will wear. All these seemingly important thought ran helter-skelter through my mind as I waited for the shower to get warm. Yeah, warm shower, probably be better if I took a very cold shower, I thought as I stepped in. As the warm water cascaded over my chest and arms, I started thinking how Cindy would view my body.

It wasn't that I was badly out of shape, but my once well muscled chest and arms weren't quite a fit as they had been a few years ago. Should have joined a gym, I thought. Predictably, my cock began to respond to the lightning quick fantasies that ran through my mind. Hell, here I am like a sixteen-year old kid, beating off before a date so I could maintain some degree of control over my unpredictable cock, I thought.

Oh, well, we're just going to go to a restaurant for dinner, what could possibly happen. Wonder if she knows a place where we aren't likely to be seen. Let's see, I got about one hundred fifty people working here, probably about two or three million people in Boston, what are the chances of one of them seeing us? Guess it would be about one hundred fifty in three million. Let's see, that would be about … gee, about one chance in twenty thousand.

Not too bad on the odds, what would I have to do to make them even better, I pondered as I finished my shower. At 7:25 PM I pulled up in front of 27 Franklin Road and verified that Cindy's car was parked in the driveway. After considering it for a moment, I drove on about a block, then pulled into a side street, parked and locked the car.

A brisk walk helped settle my nerves and served to put me at the nicely kept small house at precisely 7:30 PM. I tapped on the door lightly, and moments later it swung open.

I stood as if frozen in my tracks. There stood Cindy bathed in the soft light from her living room, framing her face as if waiting for the photographer to make the perfect shot. Her hair was swept back in pony tail which made her features stand out more clearly than it did when partially veiled by her tresses tumbling about her face as they did at work.

Her ivory colored sweater clung invitingly to her breasts, and the neckline was just low enough to see the hint of the beginning of the breasts I had admired so often. I guess I must have looked like a teenager staring at his first girlfriend. Finally, Cindy gave a nervous little giggle.

"Hey, Todd, going to stand there with your mouth open or you want to come in?" she said, clearly amused at my teenage-like behavior. As she turned to lead the way, I caught sight of her beige slacks hugging her cute little ass and wondered, is she not wearing any panties, or is it a thong? Can't see any sign of anything under them. "Care for a drink?" Cindy asked.

"I will have a little white wine, but not much as I certainly didn't need a DUI on my record," I responded quietly. She nodded and flashed her smile again. "Where are we going?" I asked as she didn't seem to be making any movement to leave. "I have a very special place in mind. I have given this a lot of thought, and I am no more anxious to be seen having dinner together than I imagine you are.

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The place I have selected is very private, secluded, and has some of the greatest pasta you've ever tasted," she replied with that mysterious little smile flashing across her face. "Sounds like a great place, how far is it from here?" I asked. "About twelve feet," she replied nonchalantly.

With that, she took my hand and led me to the dining room. The table was exquisitely set, complete with candles and flowers as a center piece. "Hope you approve," she smiled. "Looks great to me. I was a little concerned about the privacy issue, now all I wonder is if one of our employees lives next door or something like that." "Not to worry, no one knows where I live and I have never seen anyone from the company the whole time I have lived here.

I'll be right back with the wine." Moments later Cindy placed the wine on the table, turned the CD player on and sat across from me. Although the small table made it easy to talk, I purposely spoke in a low voice knowing that Cindy would lean forward.

As she did, I could see inside her sweater. Her breasts were clearly visible up to where they disappeared inside her very low cut lacy black bra. I guess I must have taken a quick little breath because Cindy looked at me with a smile. "Something wrong, Todd?" Cindy asked with her little smile growing.

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"Not that I can see," I replied with a nervous little chuckle. Her face colored slightly, so I picked up my wine glass and held it up as if proposing a toast. "To a pleasant evening," I whispered. "To a very pleasant evening," she replied as we clinked our glasses together.

Dinner was fantastic and the conversation stimulating as Cindy told me about her life and how she came to be an accountant working in small industry.

She then went on to tell about her wild and carefree years before settling down and completing college. I would have never guessed that she had served a two-year stint as a peace core worker in Chili. "Guess that explains your fluent Spanish," I mused. "Any long term relationships?" "Oh, a couple, but they just didn't work out in the long term. After a year or so, they just wanted me to cook and clean for them and be available in bed when they felt the need, but it just never seemed enough for me.

So I decided if I was going to be frustrated with their lack of attention and imagination I just as well save my salary for myself and what I want to do," she said with a shrug.

"Do you miss it?" I asked. "Not really, but I do miss the intimacy sometimes," she said seriously; "Ready for some dessert?" "Do you mind if I pass, I am comfortably full and would rather just enjoy talking with you if that is OK?" I replied casually.

"Fine with me, all I had planned was some ice cream, so it isn't anything that will go to waste." "Better than my waist," I replied with a smile.

"By the way, what do you do with yourself in the evenings?" "Oh, I read a lot, and quite often work out at the gym, and then I soak in my hot tub." "Where do you have to go for the hot tub?" "I'll show you," she said rising and taking my hand. We walked down the hallway and into her bedroom. I hesitated for a moment, glancing at the huge stuffed bear sitting in the chair beside the bed. Cindy chuckled as she saw where my gaze had landed. "My dad gave me that bear when I was one," she explained.

"He always asks if I still have Mr. Bear, as he calls him. He would be disappointed if I didn't keep him in sight, so it has always occupied a prominent place." "It is nice of you to consider his feelings," I commented impressed with her sensitivity.

"Out here is the hot tub," replied Cindy as she pushed the sliding glass door open and stepped out onto the closed in porch. There indeed was a small but very serviceable hot tub. I slipped my hand under the cover and felt the water. "Feel good?" she asked. I nodded, and then Cindy motioned for me to help her lift the cover aside. "Want to try it out?" she asked.

"Sorry, I didn't bring trunks, and don't want to get my clothes wet." I explained lamely. "Mind if I tell you a little story?" she replied with a sigh. "Go ahead," I replied, wondering where this was going.

"It seems this traveling salesman got caught in a terrible blizzard and stopped by a farm asking for shelter. The farmer explained that they only had two beds, one for him and his wife, and one for their nineteen-year old daughter, but if he was OK with sleeping with Betty Lou, he could stay.

When the man expressed concern about sleeping with his daughter, the farmer explained that he would put a row of pillows between them and showed him the bed.

The salesman was terrified that if he tried anything the farmer would use the shotgun over the mantle on him, so kept well to his side of the bed. The next morning the storm abated and after a huge farm breakfast decided he would get on his way. As he stepped outside, Betty Lou put on her coat and came out with him. 'Here, I'll help you over the snow drift to your car,' she explained. The salesman declined saying he could get over the snow, to which Betty Lou replied, 'Hell, if you couldn't even get over the damn pillow last night how do you expect to get over a three foot snow drift!" "OK, I get the point, what do you normally wear?" I said as I laughed at her joke.

"Nothing," replied Cindy as she turned to me raising her arms. I gently lifted her sweater with trembling hands, and guided it around her pony tail. An instant later I saw her perky breasts straining at the lacy black bra. No sense keeping them caged up, I thought as I slipped my arms around her and fumbled with the hooks. An instant later I felt them release, and stepped back as Cindy shrugged her shoulders allowing the little scrap of fabric to slip down her arms.

I was speechless. I stood staring at the objects that I had only dreamed about for the past several months. Cindy tugged at my shirt, and when it was free of my trousers, began unbuttoning it from the top down, and then pressed it back off my shoulders. I tossed it aside onto the same chair with Cindy's sweater and bra.

I felt my undershirt sliding upwards and in an instant it joined the rest of the clothes. Gently, I took Cindy in my arms and felt her breasts flatten against my chest. The kiss that followed was long, sensuous and left me wanting a lot more. I let my hands run down her smooth back until I encountered the waist band of her slacks. I found the clasp and released it, sliding the zipper down. As they went slack, I just kept pressing down and in a moment, they too joined the other articles.

I felt Cindy tugging at my belt, and for a moment or two wondered about her reaction to my already raging hard cock. Obviously she was aware of it already, as I had felt her pressing her pubic bone against it as hard as she could.

I didn't have much time to think about it, because as soon as the zipper hit bottom, she slid her hands under the band of my shorts and slid them off together with the trousers. I noticed that she pulled them far forward to clear my pulsing hard on. I quickly pulled my socks off as I had always considered that a naked man with socks on was one of the most ridiculous sights possible.

As I leaned over to remove them, my head came to the level of Cindy's pussy. Sure enough, a thong, just as I thought. No sense wasting any motions, I thought as I gently slipped them off her curvy little hips. "Last one in is a rotten egg," exclaimed Cindy as she hopped into the tub. In a flash, I was sitting across from her, our legs entwined due to the size of the tub. Cindy lifted her bottom up and indicated for me to slip my legs under hers. "That's the Yab-Yam position," she explained.

"What's that mean?" I asked. Cindy explained that this was the position Tantra Lovers used to drink in each other's beauty and begin to communicate with the soul. "I'd like to drink in a lot more than your soul," I murmured. "Why not?" she replied with her little smile. As we soaked in the hot tub, I was absolutely fascinated by her breasts.

The water was just high enough that they seemed to float on the surface of the water, gently bobbing up and down as she made little movements. Likewise my turgid cock swayed with the flow of water, and I was conscious that Cindy was checking it out.

"Do you know how to breathe together?" she asked. "Not sure I know what you mean," I replied with a puzzled look on my face. She slid forward until we were locked in an embrace, her tits flattened against my chest, and my cock trapped between us.

I wondered if she could feel it throbbing as I could. Cindy showed me how to breathe into my root charka, whatever the hell that was, and how to breathe together in harmony with the spirit of love. After about another fifteen minutes, all I wanted to do was to fuck her, the hell with charkas and synchronized breathing.

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Cindy seemed to sense my passion, and suggested that we may want to get out as too long in the tub was not good for you. Since she was above my legs, she got out first, but I was right behind her.

She led me to the bathroom and tossed me a big fluffy blue towel, while she selected an equally fluffy white towel. Instead of drying myself, I began gently drying Cindy, paying special attention to those places that were hard to get dry. Cindy smiled as I touched her, and then reciprocated, giving me the same undivided attention. As we went back into the bedroom, Cindy paused then nodded toward her night stand.

"Bottom drawer," she said as she pulled the covers down.


I selected a couple of condoms, placing one on the night stand and tearing the other one open. "Let's go slow," Cindy whispered with a kind of pleading look. OK, I can hold off for at least five seconds, I thought. Never-the-less, I began to stroke her exquisite breasts, feeling the softness that always amazed me. I worked slowly down her tummy with one hand while keeping the other working on the breast.

I didn't hurry, although I sure wanted to. Finally, I encountered her soft downy hair and began inching my way toward nirvana. As I slipped my fingers into the very top of my goal, I could already begin to feel the wetness of a ready and waiting pussy. As I worked a bit further down, I felt her buck and take a sharp breath. "Oh god, that feels so good, it feels so good.

Keep it up, keep it up!" she moaned in a deep throaty guttural voice. I had learned that when something feels good, not to make the mistake of going harder so it would feel even better, but to just keep doing exactly what I was doing, so I gently circled her little hard clit, savoring her expressions of pleasure and feeling her grind her ass into the bed.

After a while, I let my finger slowly slip down and then into her slick cunt. Instead of plunging right in, I hooked my finger upward until I could feel the little ridge just inside the pubic bone. Wonder if she knows about her G-spot, I mused. Apparently she hadn't had much experience, because at first she lay completely still, then as I gently massaged the swelling from side to side and felt it begin to swell even more, she began to arch her back and press her pussy into my hand.

I could feel her intensity and passion rising until she grabbed my hand and held it hard as she shuddered and let out little chirps, then relaxed. "Oh, Todd, that was fantastic, absolutely fantastic, but I need to rest for a moment," she said breathing heavily.

I took her in my arms and cuddled her for a few minutes, then started playing with her breasts again. She quickly responded and once more I slid my fingers into her pussy and began playing with the G-spot, but this time I was a little more firm in my movement and pressure. I was amazed at how quickly she responded and how high her passion rose. Slowly she stiffened and arched her back. "Oh god, oh god, oh, oh oh!" she moaned, her voice rising higher and higher. I had a moment of anxiety, what if the neighbors hear her screaming out, wonder if they will call the cops!

Suddenly, she went absolutely rigid, then shuddered and collapsed, and at the same time I felt my hand turn dripping wet. Wow, a female ejaculation, what a hot broad this is, I have got to get my cock in her and get it in now, I thought frantically. I rolled on top and settled between Cindy's legs. "Oh, Todd, I need a minute to recover," she smiled apologetically. I nodded; barely able to keep from ramming my pounding cock into what I absolutely knew was going to be heaven on earth.

I tried to be as patient as possible, but finally just had to begin my move. I gently touched her waiting pussy with the tip of my pulsing cock, but before plunging in, I worked it up and down until I sensed Cindy lifting her legs and wrapping them around my back.

Then, I just stopped for an instant. At the moment I sensed Cindy was going to ask if something was wrong, I slowly, slowly, slowly slid forward until I felt my pubic bone hit hers, and then pressed in hard, holding it there until I could adjust to the feeling of her hot readiness. Although I was ready to slam it in hard, I wanted to prolong the sensation as long as possible.

Damn glad I jerked off in the shower or this would be all over already, I said to myself. I pulled out about half way, and then pressed back in, rewarded by the feeling of Cindy moving to meet me. Got to go slow, got to go slow, or I will look like a teen with his first bang, I kept thinking. Even with my mental urging to go slow, I could feel the passion building and the thrusts speeding up as if I had no control. Suddenly, I felt a sharp loud smack and felt a sting on my ass.

Cindy had slapped me on the ass with the flat of her hand, and a second later, she grabbed my balls and pulled. Not hard, but with some authority.

The urge to let my pent up passion rocket into Cindy declined enough that I was able to resume my thrusting again. Three more times Cindy contributed a surprise move and held me back. One time she grabbed the base of my cock, slid her hand up until just under my throbbing purple head and squeezed for dear life. Each time the distraction slowed me enough to prolong the pleasure.

Once again, I was building up to a level that something had to happen, either go for it or it was going to take some kind of remarkable distraction to stop me now. All at once, I sensed Cindy speeding up her movements meeting my thrusts.

Suddenly she started banging into me and began yelling. "Fuck me, fuck me, oh, fuck me hard, fuck me hard!" she said fairly screaming. I slammed in as if my life depended on the next five seconds, and felt my cum shooting like a bullet down a hot gun barrel. The volume of her high pitched screams had me genuinely concerned that someone would hear and misunderstand what was happening, or perhaps on the other hand they would understand completely!

I collapsed onto Cindy, breathing hard and totally spent. We fell asleep in each other's arms, and didn't wake for a couple of hours. I tried to gently untangle myself from Cindy, but in the process, I woke her up. "Leaving so soon?" she asked with a quirky little smile.

"No need to worry, I can barely walk to the bathroom, let alone all the way to the car," I replied with a big smile. I found the condom and disposed of it then did a quick cleaning with a wash cloth. Cindy followed and I assume did likewise. Moments later, we were in bed again. "Ready for another go?" she asked with her flashing smile. "I wish," I grunted.

"Maybe I can help you; time for Mr. Bear," she said suggestively. With that, she pulled Mr. Bear onto the bed and covered him with a big fluffy bath towel. "OK, get in position." I looked at her with what must have been a stupid questioning look.

"Hey, get your ass in the air, lay across Mr. Bear." Something about her commanding voice spurred me to action, and I positioned myself as directed. Moments later, I felt her spreading my ass cheeks. "What the hell are you doing?" I asked with some trepidation.

"Just relax big guy, you hit my G-spot, time for me to do as much for you." As she finished her pronouncement, I felt her greased finger probing for my ass hole, and without any hesitation, slid all the way in. I was startled and amazed at her move, but not as amazed as what she did next.

I felt her probing and moving until she hit something that made me buck right up in the air. Sure I had experienced my share of DREs, but it never felt like this! She circled her finger around until once again she found the magic spot and probed it a little more firmly. I felt as if I had to pee and come all at the same time.

Then, with her other hand, Cindy took my cock and in a few seconds it was ready for any battle that lay ahead! Cindy rolled me off Mr. Bear, and rolled a fresh condom on.

Then, she lay on her back across Mr. Bear with her pussy waiting. I slipped my arms under her legs and positioned them over my shoulders, then moved forward. In order to make contact, I was kneeling, which forced her legs up against her chest and rolled her pussy even higher.

I slid my cock in, and purposely lowered my butt to create a high angle with her pussy. The tip of my cock rubbed across her G spot, and the moment I was sure I had made contact, I began moving in little circles, causing the tip of my cock to slide back and forth across her little firm ridge. I saw her eyes grow glassy and her breathing coming in short little pants, shortly followed by a shuddering orgasm. After a few moments, she began tugging at Mr.

Bear, signaling that she wanted to lay flat. I helped her pull the Bear out, and then chuckled. "What?" whispered Cindy? "Just damn glad Mr. Bear can't talk," I laughed in return. Cindy laughed for several seconds, and I was turned on by the feeling of her tummy shaking with the laughter and in turn milking my cock where it resided comfortably. "Ready for a good long slow fuck?" I asked with a big smile.

"Hey, stud, go for it," Cindy replied as she raised her hips to meet my initial thrust. We had a long slow deep fuck, followed by a simultaneous shuddering orgasm. I don't think I stirred a muscle until the sun streaked across my face. "Got any more condoms? I asked Cindy. "Is that all you can think about?" she asked with mock disgust. "Yes," I replied. "Good," replied Cindy tossing me a full box of Trojans.