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Heidi spice Naudia Nyce_ Facial  One on One  Redheads
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As Uncle took my hand and led me to the bedroom I got excited all over again. In all the men that I had fucked before, never did I have one that could keep going after he blew his load. I made my mind up that I was going to show him a good time. As he lay me down on the bed, he started to kiss me long and hard. His tongue explored my mouth while I wrapped my arms around his strong body. "Are you having second thoughts?" he whispered to me.

"I won't tell if you don't" I said. In my mind I was thinking, "Hell no! This is great." After a few minutes I got up and told him that I was going to shower and get pretty for a "second round" of fun.

He smiled and said that he would like that. As I climbed into the hot shower I couldn't help but think of what he had said. That he had wanted to fuck me since I was a little girl. Maybe it was just me being a naïve girl but it was so exciting to think that a man like him was checking me out at such a young age.

It was making me hornier and gave me an idea of what I was going to do for him. After all, he could have any woman around but I was the one sucking his cock. I wasn't about to lose that! As I climbed out of the shower I studied myself in the mirror.

My tits were just a small "B" cup but my nipples were perky and dark brown, probably about the size of a silver dollar and coned. My pussy was just a short little bare slit. The last time that I weighed myself I was about 108lbs. I was only about 4'10'' at the time so I didn't think I was too skinny. I guess that I should say I never had any complaints. My hair was long and black. It ran about half the way down my back and I usually wore it down. Now I stood naked braiding my hair into two long pig-tails.

I had bought some body spray with the allowance that Uncle gave me.

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It smelled like bubble gum and I hoped that he would like it. I put on a gold belly chain that some guy had given me to wear for him. It had a small strand of pearls that dangled down in front of my pussy.

The gold looked good against my soft brown skin. I slipped on a tiny black g-string that had a white lace butterfly that covered my pussy. I still had an old uniform from when I was sent to a Catholic mission school. It was a little small but the skirt fit perfect. I took an old white dress shirt that I had found in my brothers closet and tied a neck tie loosely around it. I finished it with a pair of black fish net stockings that I still had from one of my relatives wedding and the eight inch high heels that it went with.


I looked cute; I thought to myself as I put on my reading glasses and walked slowly into the bedroom. Uncle was lying naked with his hands behind his head.

His big cock lay limp but it was still huge. I stood next to him and ran my finger slowly over his smooth chest. He smiled and just watched me as I teased him.

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I turned slowly and bent over, touching my toes. My tiny skirt ran up and I could feel the cool air of a nearby fan on my ass. I turned and smiled. By now I could see his dick starting to swell.

"Uncle" I said with pouty lips, "I need help with my homework." "You do?" he said grinning. "Let's see what we can do." I leaned forward on the dresser next to his bed. It had a huge mirror and I watched as he climbed out of bed and stood behind me.

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My body looked tiny in front of him. I watched in the mirror as he looked at my ass, rubbing his hands around me and gently tugging at my hard nipples. "Looks like you're gonna need a tutor, huh?" he said. "I guess" I said pouting. "I just need somebody to teach me." "Maybe I can home school you" he whispered as he rubbed his finger slowly on my little bald slit. "I think I'd like that" I said as I leaned forward and arched my back.

I watched intently in the mirror as he rubbed his hand in a circle around my back. With his fingers sliding up and down my wet pussy and his other hand wrapped around my tummy, he leaned forward and started to kiss the back of my neck. I could feel his huge body on me and his hard cock rubbing on my thighs. I started to breath heavy as he kissed me behind my ears.

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His chest swelled harder and harder on my back as he got excited. His breathing was loud in the still of the night. Soon the pressure of his huge dick pressing in the crack of my ass was building and I reached behind me rubbing his smooth ass cheeks.

He gathered my pony tails in his fist and pushed my face flat on the dresser. Holding my hair in his fist tightly he slid the other hand under my stomach and propped me up until I stood on my toes. He ripped my g-string out of the way and pushed his hot meat to the entrance of my wet little cooze. I let out a long moan as I felt him begin to glide into me. About half way in it began to hurt and I let out a long scream.

He let off for a second but soon began to push his way in deeper until he was buried. "Please Uncle…&hellip." I begged. "It hurts&hellip. It's so big." "Shhhh&hellip." He whispered. "I'm not gonna hurt you honey." As he pulled back slowly my pussy gripped every inch tightly. When he was completely out of me he turned my around and sat me up on the dresser.

Kissing me hard with his tongue, he lifted and spread my thighs in his big strong hands and positioned that monster cock in front of my pussy. I took his huge mushroom in my hand.

I smiled and licked my fingers, rubbing my spit on his big head. I set it between my lips and reached underneath to play with his big sack. Soon his big snake was back inside of me and stroking in and out a little easier.

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The pain was hard but a good pain. I unbuttoned my blouse and told him to pull my nipples. He squeezed hard and all the pain was turning me on. "Fuck me harder…" I panted.

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He started to plow into me harder and harder. I could feel something building deep inside of me. The pain and the steady rhythm of his thrusts were bringing me to an orgasm. "Harder" I begged. He wrapped his big strong fingers around my throat and held my head against the mirror. "That's what you need isn't it?" he said scolding me. "You just need a man's dick in you, don't you?"."Huh?" he yelled as he pushed hard on my throat.

Now he was getting rougher and I was loving it. "You like Uncles big cock fuckin' your little pussy don't you?" "Yes!" I screamed. "I've been a bad little slut!" I could tell he was getting off on this. He got rougher and started to pull hard on my nipples. I was screaming hard now as he picked me up and pushed me hard down on the bed. With his hand around my throat he spread my lips and continued to rip into my pussy hard.

As he gripped my tiny waist and started to fuck me faster I felt my pussy contract and started to cum. "I'm cumming!" I screamed. "Cum on that big cock" he ordered me.

Right then I felt a quick burning in my asshole. He had stuffed his thumb in my little asshole and the intensity started to overwhelm me.

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I got lightheaded as my pussy jerked and contracted, cumming all over his dick. He squeezed tighter around my waist and leaned over my back.

He pumped into me hard like a wild animal.


As I felt his cock swelling he bit hard into my shoulder and exploded. My pussy started to make a slurping sound as the cum gushed out and down my legs. "Ahhhh…" he screamed. He leaned back, jacking the rest of his goo onto my asshole. We lay next to each other panting hard. Every muscle in my body was sore and we were covered in sweat. "Did you like that?" he asked. "I loved it!" I whispered. "Can we do that again when I get home from school?" "Our little secret" he said.

"Every night."

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