Watching His Redhead Gf Get Owned

Watching His Redhead Gf Get Owned
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Christmas 2016 Ten days to go 'til Christmas, John Griffin just shook his head. Standing aside he watched as the happy and joyous people went by. Happy and joyous yeah right!

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My ass he thought! None of these chumps had any idea of what they were doing. God, as he watched another throng of people go by; what a bunch of suckers! Just then the CEO of the company walked up behind him, "Hello John, lot of people moving through the store I see. That merchandising trick you came up with was sheer genius!" John smiled might as well be nice to this one he was the boss, for now. "You can expect a big bonus this year for this John! I made sure of that." "Thank you Mr.

Allen, I appreciate that. Uh, is it ok if I miss the Christmas party this year? I have a lot of stuff to do." John asked. "No, I'm afraid not, this is a time for the family of this corporation to join together. No, I'm afraid that attendance is mandatory. Besides you might meet a nice girl there!" Mr. Allen said as he elbowed John slightly. John faked a smile as Mr. Allen walked off, a woman?

Christ that was all he needed was a hateful, vindictive, greed driven, blood sucking creature that loved to torture. Shaking his head he was better off alone, he was damn sure a hell of a lot happier. Plus he had a lot more money that wasn't wasted on a female. Just then two beautiful, young women walked by smiling at John, only to have him scowl at them. He could hear them gasp then move away, "My god what's up with him?" The tall, skinny blonde said.

"Oh, that's John Griffin, Mr. Personality. I hear he really doesn't like people, women in particular." Her friend another slender though brunette office worker said. "I have heard rumors that he was hurt." Then to John their voices were mercifully cut off as they went around a corner. Damn it! He was going to slug Gino the office temp when he saw him. Then a wry smile crossed his face, then again it was keeping people in the office away from him.

The first true smile he'd worn in weeks appeared as he thought, 'damn I might have to buy him a beer! He just might have done me a favor running his mouth!' Sighing he might as well get ready for the party, damn it this sucked!


He hated gatherings, crowds hell the brunette was right he hated people! Sighing John shook his head then looked at his watch, he had an hour 'til the party.

Taking the elevator to the top of the building John thought maybe he could hit the bar, get drunk and get sent home. As the elevator doors open John instantly knew he should have waited. Mr. Allen was there with a man in a red suit, bent over a waste paper basket, puking his guts out.

"I'm sorry Tim," the man said after he gasped a lungful of air. "There's no way that I can. I'm afraid I'm just too sick." "Oh god," the CEO exclaimed. "We have to have a Santa Claus! Can the temp company send one Chris?" "Not at this late juncture, I believe they are booked up 'til Christmas Eve." The one called Chris said.

Sighing, the CEO threw his arms up, "What am I going to do? We have to have a Santa for the party. Almost all of the staff has children." Looking up The CEO spotted John at the elevator doors.

When John saw Mr. Allen look over he groaned inwardly no! Walking to the two men John automatically started, "No sir Mr. Allen, you really don't want me as your Santa!" "I don't see why not, you've got a great head for business.

This is just an extension of the season's business." John looked at the CEO with a questioning look. "Think of it like this, you . are perpetuating the ideal of a benevolent man giving presents to children." John's eyes started to shine as he ran the scenario through his mind. "These children in turn want things, things that their parents buy them to say they are from said benevolent man." "I think I see where you are going Mr. Allen sir. Thing is I have to be happy and Jolly, two things that do not go together well with my persona," John was trying to explain to Mr.

Allen. "Hmmmm I see well, let's see. Perhaps you could think that you have just secured the most lucrative, successful deal ever. An advertising blitz that will never be equaled by anyone else but you; a deal that will make you a legend in the field, a household name to all, and one that you could write your own ticket to whatever you desired." Mr. Allen was saying. The whole time John was starting to actually smile bigger and bigger.

Not the fake one he put on everyday but an actual genuine smile. "When you put it that way I just might be able to do it." "Good, though the only thing is you have to work with a helper." Mr. Allen said as John's eyes narrowed, so far this hadn't been bad 'til now. "Mr. Allen you know I work alone. No sir I don't think." John started. "Look John I need you on this. Don't make me have to rethink my choice to keep you after the holidays.

You can be an asset to this company or you can go by the way side. Now what's it going to be?" Mr. Allen stated. John sighed he did enjoy this job, he'd crushed several to get here. That was something he'd thoroughly enjoyed. "Alright I guess I can work with him." The one called Chris looked up and said, "oh no son. It's a she. The children respond better with a female. Just think of it as another business tactic. Kind of like sex appeal attracts but sex sells." John stood there staring at both men all that they said was true.

Sighing a third time he nodded and followed Mr. Allen in the back to put the suit on. Pointing to a door John walked through and right into an almost naked woman! Screaming the woman covered as much of her top as she could. "What are you doing? I was changing clothes you pervert!" John just smirked at her as he went to the other side of the room and started to undress. "What in the hell do you think you are doing?

You can't change when I am in here with you! Wait! You're John Griffin aren't you?" "First to answer your questions I was sent in here to change into this," here John held up the Santa Suit. "Second, I am not a pervert as I have no interest in you or your, HA! Laughable petite body. Third, yes I am so hurry up they are supposed to be arriving at any minute and I have to be there to present the season." John was trying to hurry so it was the same brunette who was spreading rumors earlier.

The woman started to say more but the words stuck in her throat as John removed his pants. Staring she again tried to speak but the size of the club between John's legs had her speechless.

Finally a minute later she managed, "You . I .

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we." "So I take it you are the helper? I want you to sell the sex appeal. God knows you don't have much else that's for sure!" John sneered as he looked her up and down.

"I don't . look here you damn freak of nature!

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I have more appeal in my little finger than you do in your whole body!" The brunette was almost screaming at John. "Freak huh? At least I don't go around spreading rumors about shit I know nothing about!" John snapped back at her. "I know all about you John Griffin; a nasty breakup two years ago, no children, no social life.

Hell you don't even have a Facebook account online! You're a loner and a freak!" The brunette replied. John got in the brunette's face, "I could have your ass out of here for revealing personal details about me. If you're going to be a bitch the whole time, then I could make it happen. Understand? Be a bitch, I'll treat you like one. Help me, and I'll help you. Now get the fuck dressed before both of us are out on our asses!

Also keep your mouth shut you hear? You and Mr. Allen are the only ones to know, I want it to stay that way." John growled to emphasize his point. Gulping the woman nodded and dressed as fast as she could then exited the room. 'Who in the hell did he think he was, ' she thought as she entered the Santa room. The man hated women why would he help her? I guess I'll have to find out more about him. Greeting several children who had appeared she really hoped that John Griffin could pull this off.

Finally dressed John looked at the figure of his self in the mirror, strange he thought something seemed to be missing.

Looking down he saw that the suit was too big for him.

Grabbing a wrap around apparatus that increased his stomach size, he appeared to be about right for the job. He was about to grab the door when Mr. Allen walked in. "Ah! I see you found everything good! I told all the children that I was going after you.

Ok here we go!" Mr. Allen said as he opened the door leading Santa out. "Here he is kids!" There was the roar of dozens of kids as John Ho ho ho'ed when he entered the room. Putting on his best face he watched as the brunette worked the crowd of children. Hmmm the brunette was better at this than he thought. For the next hour John went through the motions asking each child what they wanted while the parents listened closely.

The CEO was right John thought this is a fabulous gimmick to promote the season. Finally getting into it John was actually a little disappointed when it was over. Entering the room John sat as he saw what looked like a curtain across the middle. Smirking again, 'good, ' he thought 'I don't have to look at her again.' A few minutes later John was almost completely naked when he heard a grunt then the woman fell through the curtain between his legs. Looking up at his huge member she swallowed hard as John could see she was totally nude.

Her sex was neatly trimmed and well defined he thought, then shook his head. Offering her a hand she slapped it away, quickly closing her legs. "No thank you I don't accept help from perverts." She said as she got off the floor and back through the curtain. "Ha! I could say the same about you!

I saw you staring at me. You are as much one as I am!" John smirked as he replied. "I." she started as she stuck her head through the curtain, and then pulled it back just as quickly. "I am a lady, I do not do things like that!" "Bullshit! You and I both know you were looking, no you were staring at me!" Standing John walked to the curtain, "You are a pervert yourself!" "No, I." she started then stopped when she was face to face with him. Shaking her head she continued, "I am a lady just you remember that!

I would never do the disgusting things you have I." Growling John reached out and ripped the curtain down. "Look you fucking bitch! I don't give a shit what you think I did! I live alone, I don't go out, and I don't socialize. It's none of your fucking business!

So do me a favor, keep quiet and I will also. You're poking your nose into shit you have no business messing with. In a word? Fuck off you BITCH!" Throwing his shirt and pants on John left the opened mouthed and stunned to silence woman.

Stuttering she tried to speak as the man left the room. Suddenly what he'd said hit her as her ire rose. Quickly dressing she ran out to catch the man and give her a piece of her mind. Outside the changing room she stopped when she saw the man talking to the CEO of the company!

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Oh shit she thought I am toast! Walking up to the two men the CEO smiled. "I was just telling John that you both did such a marvelous job! I have a proposition for the both of you.

The man who was supposed to be our Santa tonight is also our store Santa. I was wondering since you two worked so well together, that both of you could fill in the next eight days." "I'm not sure Mr. Allen I mean I still have the advertising campaign to finish." John said hoping that the CEO would just drop it.

"Nonsense, your assistant can handle the rest of it. The way you have it, it almost runs its self!" Mr. Allen replied.

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'Damn it, ' John thought, 'he's got me again.' Sighing John nodded. "And you Miss Avalon, I am sure that your department can spare you 'til after the holidays." "Mr. Allen with all due respect, if I am not there the entire place goes to pot, I can't just." The brunette started.

"If you are worried about your job it is yours as long as you want. I want both of you to understand if you can do what you did in there in the store. Well . I can guarantee that your bonus will increase in size. Now then can I rely on both of you to be there at 10 am tomorrow?" "Yes sir, though I hope that they have more than one changing room. Miss Avalon was terribly embarrassed when I walked in." John said with a smirk.

"My name is Jennifer you . idiot!" Jennifer almost shrieked. "Oh dear I apologize to you both. I'll try to make sure you both have separate changing rooms.

I am sorry you both were embarrassed." The CEO apologized. "Alright see you tomorrow." Tim Allen said as he walked away from both the startled man and woman. Walking around a corner, the man stopped next to the same man in a red suit who'd been sick earlier. "Do you think it worked?" Chris asked.

"I'm not sure, I am sure they got a good look at each other. They both were rather quiet about it so there is a good chance it did." Tim Allen stated. "So what's the next step Chris?" Tim asked. "Ah! That you will see tomorrow. I may have to step in for a moment but I think they are proceeding on course," Chris told a nodding Tim. The next day John showed up and headed to the changing room. Looking, he sighed, well the man kept his word there were two rooms.

Walking in John sat and started to undress. Outside a strange short man came by and put an out of order sign in on the other room. A minute later Jennifer showed up and walked in. Undressing quickly she opened the curtain thinking it was a closet and came face to face with John, stark naked! As between her legs started to get wet she grimaced, looking down she was stark naked also then to her amazement John's already huge member got bigger!

Smiling John said, "Ah! I see that we get to be perverts to each other again! As I said before you say nothing and neither will I Deal?" Jennifer was trying to find her voice. She was trying to find her will power! Hell she was still trying to tear her eyes away from the incredible organ growing harder between his legs!

"I . I . you have a," here she swallowed hard, "deal!" Quickly she averted her eyes and tried to finish getting dressed. "It seems that Mr. Allen has screwed us over again. Oops sorry didn't mean to say that. I apologize." Bowing John then turned and finished dressing then sat to wait on Jennifer.

Jennifer could only stare her mouth open. and then he turned and finished dressing. Why in the hell was she disappointed? "You know we have to take lunch together. I'll treat since I know you are dead broke. Yes I have my sources also. Look I know this is an unusual situation I'm sorry you were dragged into this, ok? So I'll try to make it as easy for you as I can alright?" John said as he was looking at the wall in front of him.

"Thank you, I appreciate it. If you ever need anything please let me know I'll try to help all I can. I apologize for yesterday, I know the remarks were harsh. Friends?" She said extending her hand. "Alright, friends it is. Just don't tell anyone that I am doing this ok? I like having people leave me alone." John told her. "Sure I guess, I know a lot of your history well some of it. I won't press you, but you really are a good guy deep down.

Maybe someday you can share?" Jennifer asked hopeful. "Hmm . well we'll see ok? Right now no. As you said though if I can trust you and you can trust me then we'll see." John replied.

Jennifer threw him a smile that seemed to light up the room. John saw it not really feeling it.


He still had a bad feeling that deep down she was going to be just like Elizabeth. Ah! Now there was the Queen of the hateful, vindictive, greed driven, blood sucking creatures otherwise known as women! It hadn't always been that way, at one time John actually thought women were warm, loving, and gentle. Thinking back he should have seen the signs, as all she wanted was things more and more each week. Then it came to a head when he couldn't afford a certain necklace she wanted.

That had started her verbal abuse for two days 'til in public she made her break with him. As loudly as she could she announced that she was leaving him; that he was a freak of nature, then she started on even more hateful remarks. John had been crushed his heart mangled 'til he thought he'd never feel again. So far that was true, though he felt friendship with her, he still didn't think he'd ever feel love again.

As the day breezed by John again found that he was actually enjoying the part he was playing. It was almost lunch time when John started to watch Jennifer, she was a natural at this! Finally they were at lunch John telling her eat whatever she wanted.

She went through the line in front of him seeking his approval at each thing she took. John's eyes were huge when she sat at the table with a piled up plate! Though the most amazing thing was when she ate every bit on her plate!

The whole time she ate daintily like a lady as she said she was. John just shook his head there was a lot more to this woman than met the eye he thought. They finished that afternoon and were told that they could go home. Both bone weary, they walked into the changing room together, neither caring if the other looked at all. They both undressed and actually sat there fighting sleep.

Neither of them had done this much physical work in a long time. "I can't remember the last time I was this tired," John told her without looking up. "Me neither, as far as I know it's been all the way back to college. God I'm going to sleep real damn good tonight!" Jennifer replied. Both of them undressed in near quiet, this time Jennifer was ready first and waited on John.

"See you tomorrow," she said as she almost stumbled out the door. John watched as she went out the front, strange he thought she had a car. Getting in his he roared out to the front and was about to accelerate away when he saw Jennifer standing there. "I thought you were already gone." "No waiting on the bus," Jennifer said from the bench. "I could take you home if you want." John told her.

"No, thank you but no. I'll be alright, see you tomorrow!" Jennifer replied. For the next few days they always ate together, John always amazed at the amount she ate.

It was always the same, bone weary she waited on the bus. On the sixth day John came out and Jennifer was asleep on the bench. Walking up he shook her but she didn't move shaking his head he picked her up and put her in the front seat. Looking in her purse he found her address on an info card and set out. Pulling up in front of a badly disheveled house, huh John thought. Picking her up he carried her inside, getting to her bedroom he was impressed the house was as clean and tidy as it was inside.

Undressing her he put her into bed covering her up. Walking out he brought the car closer to the house and armed the alarm. Back inside he was greeted by two cats. Looking around he didn't see any food for them. Leaving he went to the nearest store and bought fifty pounds of food for the animals. Feeding them he did the few dishes in her sink then sat on the couch and yawned.

A moment later both cats cautiously approached and sniffed at him. Smiling he started to pet the first cat which got the second jealous and was soon trying to push the other out of the way. Looking closer he guessed one was a grey Siamese, the other had to be a striped Tabby.

Though as to the color that was hard to say with all the white, grey, black, gold, and orange. "You are just a mutt aren't you girl?" John said as both cats were in his lap purring contently.

"You're a lot like me a little of everything huh?" A questioning meow was all he got. The next morning she awoke and sat up with a start. How did she get home? The last thing she remembered was sitting on the bench waiting for the bus. Where in the hell were her clothes? Looking on the chair by the bed she saw that her clothes were folded neatly.

Getting up she made her way to the living room stopping when she saw the fifty pound bag of cat food. When both her cats came running to her she stooped down. "Did you two get a job? Where did this food. ?" That's when she saw the note on the table.

I'm sorry you fell asleep on the bench, when I tried to wake you, you didn't move. I brought you home and undressed you and put you in bed.

I saw your friends had no food so I went and got them some. I got you some too. I am sorry I violated your trust and went in your purse to get your info. I hope I see you at work.

Later, John. "Well Trixie, Melmar, it appears that we have a gallant knight that has rescued us for a time. Smiling she thought it was nice that John had bought her some food. That was 'til she opened her frig and it was jammed full!


Opening her cupboards they were also! Sitting down with a thunk she saw that he'd done her dishes also! Trying to close her mouth all she could do was shake her head. Then her anger started to build up. Try to bribe her? She didn't think so! Getting dressed she took the bus to the store and walked in early getting dressed sat and waited. The longer she waited the madder she got, she was going to have it out with that skuzz! John was feeling pretty good he actually felt that he'd helped her at least for a little while.

Walking to the dressing room he walked in and was surprised when she was sitting there apparently waiting on him. Smiling she stood and walked to him.

Reaching back she slapped him as hard as she could across his face. "If you think you can buy your way into my bed then you 've got another thing coming! Two more days that's all we have then I never want to see your disgusting face again! I am not a whore that you can buy, you son of a bitch!" John sat with a thud tears started to fall from his eyes as he could see Elizabeth all over again.

The pain was like a knife being shoved into his heart it was almost too much to take. Dressing John steeled his heart up, never again would it happen to him NEVER! Going through the motions he finished the day. Walking past the dressing room he went straight to his car. Sitting there the tears started again.

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Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! That would be the last time he ever trusted a female! Jennifer was sitting in the changing room, she wanted to apologize to John she hadn't meant to be as harsh as she had. Changing she came out looking for John but he was nowhere to be seen.

Someone told her they saw him heading to the parking garage. Hurrying she arrived looking for John's car. There he was! Why was he crying? She was just another business conquest to him wasn't she? "John?" She called out. Hearing her voice the tears came harder as he shifted into first and peeled out.

Unable to see and not really caring anymore John didn't see the pylon 'til the passenger side of the car swiped it and caved in toward John. "OH MY GOD! JOHN!" Jennifer was screaming as she watched John's car partially wrap around the pylon. Screaming louder another co-worker heard her and called the ambulance.

Running to what was left of the car she found John wedged in. Tears were running freely, unashamedly down her face. "John! My god please John, please don't leave me!" Jennifer was repeating over and over her tears falling on John's face. John opened his eyes but couldn't see well, there was a woman in front of him, Mom? "Mom? I guess I am dying mom, I'll never be able to tell her mom. I messed up bad mom, almost as bad as with Elizabeth when she said all those nasty things to me in the restaurant." Tears started to fall from his eyes.

"I think I love her mom, she has the cutest cats! Now though I guess I'll get to watch over her like you have me. Thank you mom." Jennifer's eyes opened wide, Elizabeth? Wasn't that his fiancé years ago? Mom? But she was dea. ! "John Griffin! You miserable ass! Don't you dare die on me! You hear me?! You better live or I'm coming after you and kicking your ass!

I love you! You hear me! I said I love you! Let me go! Let me go Damn it!" Jennifer was saying as the paramedics were taking her away from the car. John opened his eyes again looking around, "You hear her mom? She's as feisty as I remember you being!" Then his eyes closed. "Yes central, we have a male accident victim, several lacerations to face, chest, and right arm.

We'll ascertain below the waist as soon as we free his pinned extremities. Roger. Alright let's get him free then transport." Twenty minutes later they had him free and on the way to the hospital. Finally able to see John looked up and saw Chris? "What are you doing here?" "At the moment I am trying to stop you from making a huge mistake." Chris said. "What you mean Jennifer? Yeah right, I'm sure you saw her skinning my face?

Yeah I'm pretty sure she is over me. Look if I'm not going to die than just leave me alone. Haven't you caused me enough pain already?" John said the disgust apparent in his voice. Smiling Chris touched John's head, "Here, maybe that will help!" Chris said as suddenly he could hear Jennifer's thoughts.

There was no thoughts of disgust, nothing that said she hated him it felt as if. ! "I don't believe that she loves me. Not after what she did and said!" Sighing Chris again touched John's head. John heard Jennifer ["John Griffin! You miserable ass! Don't you dare die on me! You hear me?! You better live or I'm coming after you and kicking your ass!

I love you! You hear me! I said I love you! Let me go! Let me go, Damn it!"] "I . but . and she . damn it!" "Feel like crap now, don't you? She was on her way to apologize for hitting you so hard. I think she thought you might have misunderstood her, which you did. So, you are going to be unconscious another day anything I can do?" Chris asked.

"At the hospital, I have no one, no relatives. Could you please put her down as my next of kin, as my fiancé?" John asked. "Sure son, I want to thank you for the splendid job you did. You actually made so many of those children believe you were me. Thank you." Chris said as he nodded to John. "Now rest, Jennifer will be there when you awake." John nodded then was asleep. At the hospital John was in surgery for possibly an hour then recovery.

Finally a nurse came out, "Jennifer Avalon?" "Yes ma'am! That's me is he able to see visitors?" Jennifer asked fearing the worse for John. "No, I'm afraid that for now, family only." The young nurse said as she checked the list.

"Oh, I see please let me know when I can see him." A dejected Jennifer said. "I'm sorry, you can go now according to this you are listed as the only living relative.

Though you are only his fiancé, you are listed as his only relative, strange. Actually it's the first time I've ever seen it but it's by his request." The nurse relayed.

A startled Jennifer walked down the hall to the room that the nurse had indicated. Walking in Jennifer stopped when she saw the white coat of a Doctor. "Oh! I'm sorry Doctor I thought he was." Jennifer's mouth dropped open, Chris? "I am only here to wish you two a happy life. Now no more of this young man, I know that both of you love the other fiercely. Don't make me come back and have to smack both of you!" Jennifer laughed as did John as she gently hugged then kissed him.

Turning to thank Chris he was gone! "But where . how. ?" Jennifer said confused. "Don't ask, just be happy as I am." John smiled. Jennifer was about to speak when they both heard sleigh bells. Turning to each other they both smiled. "I love you Jennifer Avalon!" John said. "I love you John Griffin!" Jennifer said. "Merry Christmas my love!"