Black guy collects the guys white wife as payment

Black guy collects the guys white wife as payment
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Sara's Protective Dad Part 8 We stopped for breakfast, we ate quickly with not much conversation; the twins and Sara were still pretty sleepy, not accustomed to rising so early.

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Jewels seemed almost nervous ordering only a cup of coffee; but she stole some of my breakfast. I smiled watching Jewels eat about half my pancakes; it's something she's always done even before I married Janet. When Jewels came along with us to eat out she would steal food from my plate. I'm happy to share with her, but next time I'll remember to order a larger portion. Leaving the restaurant we arrived at the law firm around 9:15 AM.

As we entered the building one of the junior partners walked up to me. "Good morning Mr. Winfield, if you please follow me two of our partners are waiting for you sir." We are following the junior partner through a door way then down a hall to a ground floor conference room, waiting there are the senior partners and four paralegals. As soon as we enter the room senior partner, a longtime friend of mine welcomes us. It takes in a second before he recognizes Jewels.

"Oh my God I thought I'd never see you again, we chased so many false leads looking for you. How are you doing Jewels?" "I'm doing well Mike how is your wife and son?" Jewels ask. "Thank you for asking. My wife is more beautiful than ever, and my son starts college this fall. We got two more there still in high school my son is playing varsity football this fall.

My youngest child she'll be a freshman this year." "Mike I want to introduce you to my only two daughters. This is Morgan, and this is Roberta, kissing each on the forehead as I refer to them." Mike shakes each girl's hand but has a confused look about him. "I will explain it all to you as we go along today." Sara greets Mike in her normal fashion. Giving him a warm hug she says.


"Hey Uncle Mike you think you're confused now just wait." We started with Jewels, and her divorce or annulment, Mike agrees with what I suspect that the marriage is not legal due to Jewels using an alias.

Annulment paperwork was begun immediately, and was informed that due to her circumstance back taxes would need to be filed with correction to her correct identification.

Phone calls to the police to remove Jewels from the missing persons list, and closing her case. We found out Jewels must go to Social Security administration offices for a new security card to begin retrieving her identity. Birth certificate would be needed for this process, a paralegal was sent to retrieve Jewels' Birth certificate held in the law firm's files. We found out this process once completed, Jewels will be free and clear and capable of assuming control over her trust.

Now onto matter of marriage: I brought with me Sara's birth certificate, my divorce decree, a copy of both Sara and my medical records, paternity test ordered by this very law firm still sealed, a copy of both letters from Janet.

Mike is a little shocked, looking at both me and Sara sitting there hand in hand, after hearing my question. A junior partner was first to respond. "We'll file to correct Sara's birth certificate, due to its listing you as the father which is not correct." Having opened paternity test to confirm what I told them.

That should take about a week to accomplish, I asked "Is there a quicker way?" He responded by saying. "I will walk it through myself you may have to call in a favor or two, but with your connections and that of this law firm it should be done within the day no more than two." Paralegal was given the task of prepprivate investigatorng all the paperwork.

A partner pointed out that even as the birth certificate is correct I myself could not give Sara permission to marry me. Therefore custodial ship would have to transfer to another individual. Mike was reading Janet's letter, so that is what was going on he remarked. He was a friend from college and knew both Janet and I. I had loaned him the money to start this law firm, and transferred most of my legal business under him. Looks to me and asked could I speak to you alone for a moment.

"Sure Mike." Once inside his office and away from everyone else he asked. "Bobby, what the hell are you thinking?" "This is going to take a little bit to explain." I tell him everything from Sara's near death, how it may be realized my true feelings for her.

How she admitted her feelings for me. What I realized about myself, Janet, Sara, Jewels, and our two girls. I leave out the events a gentleman does not talk about. Most importantly everything about Janet that Jewels and I has figured out. But also bring up Jewels soon-to-be ex-husband, how he removed $700,000 from Sara's trust that we know of, and did not implant her birth control.

With a concern look from my old friend, he asked. "Are you and Sara sexually active?" he's been as close to Sara as an uncle.

I'm almost afraid of his reaction to the news. I know he will do what's best and give me his best advice. "I have told you we are in love. We'll not deny each other the comfort of that love. Yes we are engaged, and we are sexually active." His face is serious for a time. After thinking it through I see anger flash momentarily crossed his face, unable to read who is directed at, I bide my time. Eventually a smile crosses his face before speaking to me. "Okay I see there's no better solution than for you to get your butt married.

It will prevent any problems that Dr. Bastard, as Jewels refers to him, may cause. We'll ask him to come here to sign any paperwork needed to release Jewels from their marriage. Is there any special handling you want done for or to him." "Yes, inform him that we are aware he removed seven hundred thousand from Sara's trust.

If he wants to keep it, he will cooperate fully and allow Jewels her divorce or annulment to proceed with all haste, not requesting any visitation rights to the twins. If he bucks, pull out all the stops and let him have it full force, with everything this law firm can do. Malpractice for starts, recover the 700,000 for Sara, and everything Jewels can get from him in a divorce. And make sure he knows it is coming.


By the Way, Jewels is Sara's sister you may even let him in on that fact." "Yes it's hard to get over, her last birthday you were the perfect father to her now you're engaged and soon after her sixteenth you two will be getting married. If I were drinking man, I'd need one.

I bet you don't even want a prenuptial agreement." The confusion and anger is leaving Mike quickly. "Why I've always planned on giving it to her anyway. If I ever mess up bad enough that she wants a divorce, I'll give her whatever she wants." "You say that now." Mike just gives me a look after that statement. But realizes its Sara he's talking about. Mike asks. "We talked this through right?" I shake my head yes in response.

I ask. "Who do you think should be Sara's Guardian until we get married?" "You said Jewels is her sister?" Mike asked, leading the way back.

"Yes, she is, Janet's stepfather was Jewels father." I hate to admit that, that man who wanted me dead for my money was the father of my beloved Sara and Jewels. He shakes his head. "Janet was more messed up than I thought back then.

Since Jewels and Sara are sisters it should be Jewels." He knew more than anyone other than myself or Jewels about Janet, for him to make a statement like that said something. He was my friend from those days in college. After he got his law degree and passed the bar, I helped him start his practice. I loaned in the money, became his first client, and brought many other clients to him.

The only lawyer I truly trust. That's what told anyone looking for a good lawyer, and so far not a single client has ever left his practice. Once we're back in the conference room Mike and I approach Jewels. "Jewels would you be Sara's Guardian and allow me to marry your sister?" A playful look comes across Jewels face.

"Okay I'll be Sara's Guardian but as for you marring my sister." Sara and I both punch Jewels in opposite shoulders. "Hey can a girl even have a joke at her own sister's expense." Jewels says rubbing her shoulders.

"No!" Both Sarah and I say in unison. The twins giggle saying in unison. "We're rubbing off on those two." Jewels with a large grin on her beautiful face says. "Since he has already asked, and you said yes I'll let you join the club so yes you can marry Bobby.

Guess I'm always destined to be a sister in law." Mike says. "I'll have the paperwork ready for you to sign when I come over for Sara's birthday party if not sooner.

It's just me and my daughter this year. My sons are away looking at colleges with my wife." "I guess I'll see you there don't be late." Sara's birthday parties usually were about 12 to 14 as large as 20 guests. The RSVPs by e-mail this year let me know that we would have about 15 people altogether. So far it looks like mostly fathers and daughters. We walked back to SUV and climbing and Sara gotten back with the Twins.

I didn't comment nearly drove us to the DMV to obtain Sara's learners permit, arriving there Jewels states. "I should get information on changing my driver's license to my real name." "It's the DMV I'm sure you have plenty of time to do it." The line was long but moving rather fast, Sara and I went for learners while Jewels requested the information she needed to convert her license back to her original name.

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It actually only took us 55 minutes to finish at the DMV I was pleasantly surprised. Jewels, informing that she needed to get a new Social Security card, and original birth certificate. I informed Jewels I had a copy of her birth certificate, needed to help me weed out the imposters.

"Had many of those?" Jewels sarcastically asked. "Sixteen over the years but a close check on their paperwork it usually fell apart. Although I had to run three paternity tests against groups of twins, all claiming you die during childbirth." Jewels has a sorrowful look on her face. "I bet that was hell on you each time." "It was like losing you each and every time.

Eventually I just let Mike handle it, and buried myself in work." Jewels anger is overflowing and she just has to say. "Janet made it sound like you had used me, that you no longer give a damn about me. She said if I ever came back she would have you put in jail. Take my kids saying I was an unfit mother.

If not she would have my father kill us all." "Jewels you know I love you and I've always loved you. When we are alone ask me about the second time I saved Sara's life." "That's all over, let's move on. Speaking of moving, we're off to test drive your new SUV." I'm driving to the dealership is only a few miles from here not quite 11 AM so we're early for the test drive.

Two good things about that dealership it's where I have my SUV service. And where I purchased it very similar to what I'm doing right now. I dial using OnStar to connect to the dealership, request them to move up our test drive just as I pull into the parking lot. The sales manager and the web sales manager both come out to greet us.

"How are you enjoying you're SUV Mr. Winfield." sales manager says as he shakes my hand. "I love it." I Introduce Jewels and inform him. "I'm buying the vehicle as a present for her." "Jewels if you please come with us will show you to your new vehicle." It was driven up to us, the driver got out handed the keys to the manager. It's been detailed and waxed and looks marvelous. The look on Jewels' face is absolutely priceless; a kid at Christmas was her first bike under the tree couldn't have bigger eyes then Jewels at that moment.

All four of the women say in unison. "Wow." The sales manager hands me the keys, I quickly look at it as a remote start. Hold the key in front of Jewels and showing her how the remote start works without actually starting her vehicle.

Then I hand the keys to Jewels telling her start her new Cadillac Escalade for the first time. She goes through the way I instructed her, and the vehicle comes to life.

A wide smile crosses her face as that engine starts. We walk up to the vehicle Jewels at the driver side unlocks all the doors for us. I opened the door for her to get in the look on her face tells me this vehicle is sold.

We get in Jewels is adjusting her seat; the sales manager is showing Jewels the adjustments how readjust the pedals and several other features. When everything is fully adjusted sales manager shows Jewels, wishes her to good drive then steps back closing the door for her.

Jewels is waiting for a salesman to get into the vehicle I have to tell her that's not going to happen. "Jewels, I'm a preferred customer here there's no one going to get in with us." I asked Jewels the number of miles is on the odometer.

Looking down Jewels replies "12 there's only 12 miles on it." She looks puzzled at me. Is that normal I'm used to seeing more even the new car the Doc bastard purchased had in the 50s. "12 miles are as low you can get do to testing they're doing now." With that Jewels puts the vehicle in drive and we leave carefully pulling onto the street. As we move Jewels smile is even bigger and brighter. "You like it Jewels?" Like I needed the answer to that, it's written all over her face.

I turn around and the girls are all listening to the radio station with earphones in the rear entertainment center. Their bodies sway in sink to the music that I cannot hear. Jewels finally responds. "Bobby, I love this thing, it's not as good as sex, or your burgers, but a close third." I have to admit the right a little smoother than mine, but I have the towing package on mine. "Should I call them and tell them to start the paperwork?" I've already written the text and just holding my thumb over the sent key.

Jewels enthusiastically nods yes. "Oh yes please! Thank you so much, thank you so much!" I sent a text instructing them to purchase the vehicle under my account. A few seconds later I see the reply by text. Informing me all is needed is my signature to complete the sale. "Jewels if you're satisfied take me back to the dealership." It is funny I'm happrivate investigatorer for her than if I had purchased the vehicle for myself. There something to that saying, Better to give than receive. After we pull back into the dealership parked, you can wait here or you can come with me.

I'm out walking towards the door when the sales manager again greets me holding the showroom door open for me. "I have your bill ready for you sir at the cashier's window." He informs me with a smile. I make a quick call my bank speaking to my account manager letting them know I'm private investigatorcking up the car now and where, get the price from the cashier; the account manager resets the spending limits for my debit card for this purchase.

I hand the cashier my card. "Please place my purchase on my card." The cashier looks a little dumbfounded but the manager shaking his head yes. She runs the card which is approved and she nearly falls over in her chair. She slides the bill of sale, sales receipt for me to sign both.

Two signatures later, sales manager has someone installing the temporary tags on Jewels new SUV; it takes them five more minutes to have my private investigatornk slip printed. Private investigatornk slip in hand, I'm walking back through the showroom with Jewels spots me coming. The Internet manager is showing Jewels some of the many features with her SUV and getting her OnStar set up.

Jewels excuses herself gets out and runs jumprivate investigatorng into my arms wrapprivate investigatorng herself around me she gives me a kiss to think me for her belated sixteenth birthday present. "Hey don't make my fiancée mad at us please." Jewels simply gives me a longer kiss. Then hopprivate investigatorng down she says.

"Since I'm her guardian she better not private investigatorss me off or I'll ground her for a week." Jewels eyes are laughing at her own joke. But nearly jumps out of her own skin when Sara says. "You really love your new SUV sister." Jewels turns and wraps Sara into her arms whispers into her ear.

"Yes sis, I really do." The manager has a second key, and the owner's manual for Jewels. "We are always happy when our customers are this happy about their purchase." He says the Jewels handing over the items.

"Sara I'll need you to accompany me on my next stop should only take about thirty minutes. If you want Jewels you could follow me, you have to go eventually." "Okay Bobby, but we need to go eat soon." I smile, thinking back how her appetite jumped when she first got pregnant with the twins, but she didn't steal much of my breakfast. So that could explain it too.

I have her start her SUV. I press her on star and have directions loaded for our destination. "There if we get separated you'll get directions straight to where I'll be." Jewels smiles. Five minutes later I pull into the jeweler store parking lot, Jewels had passed me on the way there. I park behind her in the lot. Walking towards the store Jewels gets out of her new SUV with a large smile crossed her face.

"I love those turn by turn directions had no trouble getting here, before you." "Okay you speed demon it's time to get your ring finger measured." The statement nearly knocks over Jewels and Sara both. Sara has been here before and she knows the jeweler I've had her make earrings and pendants for Sara. The jeweler here has made some very expensive items for a few local movie stars and has a reputation of being an excellent artist in her craft.

Sara and Jewels are a little shaky. The girls help their mother, as I help both into the store. "Robert" Rebecca calls to me. "I was hoprivate investigatorng you got here before I got busy. I got your e-mail and have started looking for the stones." Rebecca is cheerful as always.

"Even with me working for free this is going to be expensive just for materials." I set Sara and Jewels down on her large couch Rebecca has near her front door. "I found one Green diamond that size and from the look of it it's close to Sara's eye shade. The yellow is no problem, found a blue, still looking for the red. I take it Sara wants the green diamond solitaire." Hearing this, my twins nearly topple over. I catch them and set them down beside their mom.

Rebecca giggles. "So these are your lucky ladies." I nod to indicate they are. I introduce Jewels to Rebecca. "Rebecca, this is Jewels McDevitt." Turning back to the couch she lifts Jewels' hand and shaking it gently. "I'm so happy to finally meet you Jewels. He's been hollow as long as I known him, till now." "Robert you never told me you have twin daughters." Rebecca states as she looks at me.

"Just had them this weekend, you know how fast kids grow nowadays." I'm smiling while Rebecca searches my face. I swear the woman can read minds. "They are mine and Jewels, they've been with her." She giggles.

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"If it was anyone else, I would kick their ass, but I see how much you love them. I know you don't buy this stuff but the five of you are so connected and its pure love between you all.

There's a very special connection here I'll make sure your rings will show that." "I have a yellow stone here, the green and blue is being courier delivered, and we should find a red not too long from now, maybe a week." She begins to size the girls to a fraction of what normal jewelry stores do, not merely a six or six and a half but down to sixteenth makes for a better fit to the ring.

"That's right as fast as you can do it please. Just let me know what you need to get it done. Rebecca you're going to the wedding?" I asked just trying to see how good her ESP really is.

She smiles back. "Sara and yours, I would not miss it for the world. You better make it Friday morning Saturday will be too late to stop the reason you moved it so far forward." Rebecca is totally serious and I for one am a believer in what she now have told me. "Good I see everything will turn out the way it was meant to be. You listen and your future is now bright." A smile is again running across Rebecca's face.

She in her own way is a very beautiful woman, Latina, dark complexion, jet black hair with the darkest brown eyes I've ever seen.

Her manner puts you at ease in just a few moments in her presence. If she likes you, you'll know it, feel it and she doesn't you will do your best to leave or get her to change her mind. I'm glad she lives in this time; a few hundred years ago she may have been burnt as a witch.

I'm also very glad to count her as a friend having always been liked by her. The girls are recovering quickly. Sara is the first to stand and then she pulls me into a passionate kiss. Rebecca smiles, it's like she standing in a shaft of sunlight being warmed on a cold day.

Jewels and the twins stand and hug me and Sara. I kiss them perhaps a little too long to be fatherly. Rebecca shivers almost like having a small orgasm.

Seeing us so happy has an effect on her. Rebecca tells us. "Go on now get something to eat, I'll be at Sara's birthday party I will bring her engagement ring with me." Robert I almost forgot about the money. I pull a checkbook she doesn't tell me the price, but I have done a little research at have a very good idea of the cost then add a little for my friend.

I hand her the check complete with a total. Rebecca looks at the check then back at me. "You knew how much but you still wrote it for more." The statement left out the question why, which she didn't ask.

I break away from the girls and take the two steps in fold Rebecca into a friendly hug. Kiss her lightly on the cheek and whisper into her ear. "I wouldn't let my friend work for free when she will have need of what I can give easily." Now Rebecca is slightly taken aback as if seeing me more clearly than ever before.

"Oh bear killer, I see now you are one with the way. I'll see you Wednesday morning my friend." I've always thought my intuition come from intelligence, my memory, and how my mind works. There might be more than just that. I didn't make $10 billion in a little over fifteen years without having something more than the average person. I and Rebecca may have more in common than most people we see the world for its potential not just what lying around, what you can make out of that.

I knew something would be up and Rebecca confirmed my feeling, my need to rush. If she's right, and I feel she is. If this works, Sara will never have to worry about being took away from me. That is actually my biggest fear in this world; I come too close to the realization of that fear; that made me also realize how much I love her. Okay we're going to Roltelies' restaurant for lunch; I give Jewels the address for her nap system. Meet you there in 15 min.

"Rebecca would you like to join us for lunch?" "Sorry Robert I have much to do. That package we spoke of is going to be here any minute." "Till Wednesday then, goodbye." Back at my SUV I find Sara waiting for me. "Jewels driving frightens me half to death, but don't tell her that." I smile and think how bad Janet's driving was. "Hopefully you drive a little more like me than her. That would prove nurture over nature." After pulling out, Sara asked.

"Nature or nurture, what does that got to do with things?" "You see Sara; I provided nearly all your nurture, your nature was provided by your genes which are very similar to Jewels." "Oh God, I hope I'm nothing like her." Sara has a somber look to her at this moment.


"Like her?" I'm confused hoprivate investigatorng she really doesn't mean Jewels. "Mom, I really hope I'm nothing like her. She couldn't see just how good you are." "I'm assuring you. You're nothing like your mother. You always had me as an example." I say this with this small smirk at the end. Sara private investigatorcks up on the smirk, and gives me a light punch to my shoulder. I pull into the parking lot to the restaurant, taking a shortcut it takes three minutes to get from Rebecca's shop to here but the navigation system takes the main streets and 10 minutes.

Although Jewels pulls them about three minutes after we get there, she had to been speeding the entire way to make it that fast. Jewels has parked; I walked over to the driver's door. Chuckling I ask. "Just how fast were you driving?" Jewels pointed to her dashboard, and says. "I think it's broke it never went over 45, but it felt like I was doing 90 miles an hour." It's then I notice she is pointing to the tachometer.

"Jewels you're pointing at your tachometer, which tells you how fast the engine is running." Reaching I tap over the odometer. "This one is the odometer." Jewels looking at me for a second, I can't tell what she thinks. "If you never had a car with both it's very easy to confuse them." Her face relaxes, looking back down she realizes just how fast she drove.

"Oh my God Bobby, I was doing over 100." Twins in the back are still listening to the music not even realizing we're at the restaurant. I pull my arm out of her window. Open Jewels door. "Let me see if yours works like mine." Hold her side window switch fully up then release, the window continues to rise until fully close. "That's a cool trick." Jewels remarks. She turns off the ignition and the rear sound system turns off.

It's now when the twins realize we're at the restaurant. "Good it's time to eat." The Twins say in unison. I open the door for them as we all head to the restaurant, once inside the owner escorts us to his table.

"Bobby how you been?" Roberto says with an Italian accent. Like so many others I have helped in the past to start businesses. He's one of my favorite restaurateurs, and businessman. Roberto cares about all his employees, and the quality of his food; and their service make it one of the top restaurants in the city.

I remain a silent partner mainly so I could help them out, but the perks helped too. At one point he had six assistant managers, I question about why so many assistant managers.

That's when he asked me if I could bankroll a second restaurant, I been training management in advance. I quickly agreed, after that third, fourth, and fifth shortly added, today he has 34 restaurants in 16 cities across the country and all of the managers are trained by him. So far we have not had a single restaurant earned less than three stars. He tells the managers to treat every employee like their family, or better in some cases. Not the standard business practice that many corporations use, but I feel it works better.

After the 30th Restaurant was open we went public, now our employees earn stock, on their anniversary of hire. Managers and assistant managers it stock options, plus employees of the month receive a single share. I'm sure the restaurant business is not exciting you so moving on. At the end of the meal, I order chocolate cake for dessert, but none of the girls order any. When the cake arrives I get one bite, before each of the girls takes a large peace for themselves.

My cake disappears before I get a second bite. The waiter chuckles as I looked private investigatortifully at an empty dish. "I'll bring a second private investigatorece." It's still early enough for Jewels to go get a Social Security card if the birth certificate is available, calling back to the legal firm, the individual delegated to retrieved Jewels birth certificate has just returned with it.

We go back to the law offices for Jewels' paperwork. Mike is waiting for us when we pull in. "Here's Jewels birth certificate, and form to request her security card only need your signature here." He points to a place on the document there Jewels needs to sign. "Robert may I talk to you for a minute?" he turns a few steps without waiting for my answer. Getting out I walk over to where he stands.

"That's a nice SUV you got Jewels." Noticing Jewels face light up, the turns and walks double the distance away. I realize he's moving us out of earshot. We stop looking very serious he begins. "I called back Doctor Bastard, and I agree with Jewels on that term, he would not agree on any meeting so I requested a time I speak to him in his office. He refused. A man is definitely trying something; right now he feels he has the upper hand.

Sara is going to have to have a Doctor state, that no birth control was administered. Most likely a full exam plus blood work we'll need to have. I called my daughter's doctor and set appointment for tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. " "Get Jewels over to Social Security now come back here once that's done. We're preparing injunction paperwork just in case. If I were you, I would take Sara and go to a hotel under an assumed name until her sixteenth birthday.

The paperwork for Jewels to take over custody of Sara is complete, once we know Jewels' Social Security number. Hopefully you will have still enough time to go to the DMV." "I have Jewels cell phone I'm sure that he is tracking it. Just needs a battery back in and you can keep it in your office it should bring him to your door." I hand Mike Jewels old cell phone and battery.

"I had planned on using it to confuse him. Get two or three private investigators to follow him. Hell, make it four being one very obvious. When he tries to lose him the tail he knows about make it hard, but let him lose that one. But get some good enough to constantly track is every move, and when he shits I want them to be able to tell you how bad it stunk." "I knew you were going to say that, I got six, four good, two better than anyone else out there.

He won't make a move without us knowing who, where, and when he does here on out. The idea him losing a tell, is a good one he'll run right to who is pulling his strings.

I'll have them do just that hire one of them just good enough to get spotted and lost." "Here it's possible that Sara and you can get married on her birthday. There isn't a waiting period for license in the state. Jewels with proper ID and guardianship a quick visit to the courthouse Wednesday morning and 15 min.

later you'll have your marriage license. Justice of the peace, or any Minister, can perform the wedding. Jewels needs Social Security card first, go now." Mike forcibly answers having cut me off. "I run back to Jewels let's go right now to the nearest Social Security office." I tell her jumping into the passenger seat, waving for Sara to join us. Jewels asked me. "What was that all about?" "Well he refused a meeting, any meeting with Mike.

Mike was not about to threaten over the phone. Too easy to record and edit that type of communication. Mike gotten a private investigator following him now, very discreetly, he will never know they're even there." I know I didn't tell Jewels everything, but I haven't seen her in over a decade, I love her, but this is too big to trust blindly.

I feel bad not sharing everything but I've been hurt by too many greedy people in the past. If Jewels is anything but what she is showing me, I'll be so hurt.

But she is the one person who just may be smart enough to pull something like this off. She smiles and says. "Bet he has a mistress and the bitch is pulling his strings, he's not devious enough to come up with all this on his own." "Oh, our old friends, lust, lying, and greed, still hard at word trying to get us." I state, laughing at the irony.

Jewels says. "It's not funny at all, Bobby. He's no idiot, if he is working with someone, there pretty damn smart to control him. Hate to say it, but he played me to the beat.

Yes, I'm laying is shit bear." Yes I like that Adele song myself. I'm delighted it didn't take long at the Social Security offices. Jewels has everything the DMV and judging from this morning, may have just have time to get her driver's license. I call Mike and asking if you can have the paperwork taking to the DMV while we wait to get Jewels driver's license.

"Normally Mike says we wouldn't do such a thing but under the current circumstance it's a good idea." The line at the DMV is out the door at this point, hopefully we won't have to come back tomorrow.

I jump out telling Jewels. "Go Park, I'll hold your place in line." The DNV is open till 7:00 pm, its 3:50 now, so we're good. She parked nearby but takes a few minutes before joining me. "Mike call back and needed my Social Security number to complete the forms. Once I'm done here, we will meet him at the restaurant." "Mike is one of the coolest lawyers I know.

I'll bet he has everything set up Sara and I should be able to get her marriage license and married by noon on her birthday. I'll get her birthday dinner at Roltelies restaurant. It will serve as our reception." Sara been listening to having word reaches around to hug me from the back; I hadn't even noticed her sneaking up on me.

"There you are Love." The warmth of her arms around me so welcomed, Jewels giggles at the change to my face. "You two are really made for each other." As Sara slides around my chest, Jewels smiles at the two of us. Once there Jewels again comments. "Sara it looked like the weight of the world vanishing right off Bobby's shoulders as soon as you touched him." "With you, I don't worry about anything." I smiled down at Sara. Although the lines long it's moving not too slowly either, we should be able to get out of here.

"Hey, what about me?" Jewels interjects playfully. I look at her, still holding Sara. "With you, I only worry that you won't be with me tomorrow. I don't ever want to lose track of you again." Jewels pouts like a small child trying to get her way. "I'm sorry to make you worry. But now I don't have to do anything but live the good life with my sister and husband." Jewels gives me a wink, and a playful smile. We did a few strange looks from those within earshot, but no one says anything against us.

One young man just behind us referred to me as, lucky son of a bitch, which made us smile. About an hour and forty minutes later, were back at the restaurant waiting for Mike. Mike shows up about half an hour later. "Sorry it took so long I had to lose a private investigator that was telling me around.

Robert, you remember all those imposters we have to deal with. Mary Johansen, or Jewels number six, how you gave her a job because you felt sorry for her. Well your kindness paid off. I got her to impersonate Jewels one more time, she lead off the private investigators that came to my office. Hope you don't mind but I put her on an all paid vacation to anywhere she wants to spend a night or two but no more than that for the next two weeks." "Mike I'm glad you're on our side.

That should keep at least some of his private investigators busy." Where we set we're hidden from the front door, be a partner in this business has more advantages than just food. I connect my smart phone to watch the video feed from the front door. Mike is having Jewels and Sara sign several places, on different documents. Once they're finished he hands both to me. Mike is one of the only people that hand me something say sign here and I would trust to do just that.

I sign where he indicates. Looking down scanning the documents quickly one is guardianship paperwork. The other is a request for a marriage license. Jewels has signed as Guardian. I nearly sign next to her, thanks to Mike pointing at the groom signature line I don't miss up that form. Mike placing all the paperwork into a briefcase hands them to a paralegal that just walked in.

Mike questions the paralegal then his instructed him to trade cars and return with his to the office. "As soon as I eat, I'm going back to ensure everything is running smoothly. First time today I've taken time to eat." Mike doesn't miss any meals his stomach shows that, not that he's fat, but he's not lean either.

I order the family special, salad, lasagna, and pasta with two types of sauces. It's always enough to feed eight easily.

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The food is very good, and by now the place is packed. For a Monday night it's never slow around here, what most restaurants wouldn't give to have half of the traffic this place sees. Mike finished, he reminds me before he leaves that I shouldn't go home tonight. Mike calls me while on his way back to his office, informs me that he now is being followed again. I tell him. "Mike take your time, don't lose them just go back to your office, then home like normal.

You remember my place downtown, I keep for overnighting here." "Yes, you would play poker there a couple times; you haven't been there for a while." "Yes, its own by one of my corporate holdings would be hard to trace back to me.

But it looks like they may have deeper pockets and been looking for a time. If they know about it this may not work, if they don't, should be fine. Stay home for an hour or so, go there going like own the place spend a little time. Then go back home, they'll probably watch it to see if I show up. If you have and old briefcase, bring it and leave it, come back in the morning for your briefcase." I give him the inter codes.

"I get it; they'll think it's a drop." Mike seemed to be enjoying this. I'm telling Jewels; let's go to one of the better hotels in the city, telling her where to go.

Twenty-five minutes later we're at the front desk signing in the penthouse is available so I take it, large as a house with four bedrooms, living room, study, dining room, and kitchen. Pay for week, and settle in for the night. At dinner I tell them about Sara's doctor's appointment, and about what I fear about what is going on.

At this point I feel Sara's slip her hand in mine, it calms me. I ask if anyone else has anything to say. Jewels walks over to Sara, wraps her arms around her. "Sister we haven't had any time to plan a wedding, but will do everything to make your first as good as possible.

After a while we can always get you remarried in style. I would hate for Dr. Bastard to mess up your dream wedding." With tears in her eyes Sara replies.

"My dream wedding is for my sister and nieces stand with me as I marry Bobby. Nothing else matters, as long as I have everyone I love with me when we get married." Sara stands, looks her sister in the eyes, just a second. Then Sara pulls me up and halfway across the room. Sara whispers in my ear. "Bobby ask them to marry you too, I have an idea." "I think I know what she's planning.

So I whisper a question back what are you going have them whisper when the minister ask you do you take this man?" The only thing she whispers in response is "I do". Jewels, girls come here please. In just a few seconds Jewels is standing in front of me Little Bobby on her right and Morgan on her left.

There little confused but even more so as I go down on one knee. "Jewels, Little Bobby, and Morgan, would you do me the honor of becoming my wives?" if this was a different place in the world, the question to Jewels would be acceptable, although probably not normal. My daughters on the other hand there's no country that would allow such a thing. Jewels responded first, nearly knocking me over tossing herself at me, her arms wrap around me as she pulls into a passionate kiss.

But only a second passes before both of my daughters scream. "YES!" after that Jewels break our kiss. I say "I'll take that as yes for all three." They all nod enthusiastically. "Sara tell them how we're going to do this." Sara giggles.

"It's easy all you have to do is with the minister ask do you take this man to be your husband. I will hesitate, and then each of you as I look at you whispers I do if anyone ask you were telling me what to say but we'll know what really happened." Jewels giggling as well. "That should work everyone knows how nervous brides are, even if we don't tell them they'll assume that's what happened." The Twins giggle.

"Wednesday night when we're alone we all consummate the marriage." Yes Sir I will need Viagra or something like it. I'm a lucky man, one very lucky man. "I really don't need a bachelor party, need to save all my strength for Wednesday night." Four beautiful women giggle hysterically at my comment. Morgan response.

"Don't worry daddy were not going to hurt you, much. You may not be able to get out of bed the next day but you'll live." "Morgan love, I don't intend get out of bed a week or two longer than it takes to eat something." I'm grinning devilishly as I say this. Little Bobby says.

"That's a great idea one two week orgy all the pussy you can eat or fuck, starting Wednesday night." Sara goes. "Great I'm first." Morgan says. "I'll take the last turn first round and the second too." I chuckle at this, now knowing Morgan likes being fucked for as long as I can go, I like that idea. Down here on one knee, I can smell the arousal in the air, getting more powerful by the second. If I don't move I will be over powered by lust, not stopping until I had each one of them.

I stand but I'm so dizzy my blood seems to be going just to my hardening cock with non for I poor brain to think. Jewels knows exactly what's happening. "Oh no, you're saving that for Wednesday night." although disappointed, I am relieved knowing Wednesday night is going to be hard on me. "Ladies I better take a cold shower and go to bed I will need the rest for later." A knock at the door, I ask "Anyone order room service?" only to get for questioning stares back. Quietly I say.

"Everyone out of sight." As the girls retreat I move to the door, another knock, I look over my shoulder satisfied I'm the only one who can be seen I opened the door.

To my surprise and relief, it is Rebecca. "For a moment I was afraid I was in the wrong hotel." she says as she presses her way into the room.

I quickly close the door behind her after scanning the landing. "Rebecca why are you here? And how did you find us?" Rebecca smiles and gently pulls a small bag from her purse. "A wealthy client came in after the delivery of your stones. She looked at them with such craving and envy that I feared for their safety." Opening the bag I see not three but five ring boxes inside.

"Rebecca I thought I only ordered four rings." I look confused by at five boxes inside a simple paper bag. Rebecca smiles. "We were fortunate a red become available and I received it this afternoon. The fifth box is your ring to match the others." I smile back.

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"That answers the why now how about the how?" Rebecca replies. "Easy once I felt the way you are together. Your love is like sunshine to one who is sensitive to such things; the closer you get a warmer it feels." To emphasize this she fans her face. I open the boxes ring set inside is absolutely beautiful so happens I opened Sara's the green diamond at its center matches her beautiful eyes when she is happy.

It sparkles just like them. Rebecca says. "I was so fortunate to locate such high quality gems like these for their color there nearly perfectly clear with less defects then one may hope for in stones this large." I open each box and surely she has not underestimated any of their quality. And you were right about the price, I only made a little more than my standard commission. "Rebecca thank you ever so much for bringing these." The girls hearing my conversation with Rebecca had come from hiding.

Although they haven't seen the ring just I could feel their excitement. Rebecca smiles I'll see you Wednesday morning about 10 I think that the restaurant. Am I correct?" I'm not sure but that makes more sense than anything. I simply nod yes as my reply. Rebecca goes, "I'm needed at home, good night." She is out the door, as I just manage to say. "Goodbye" I look at the girls who still stand near me with expected looks on their faces. I again drop to one knee. Reaching into the bag my hand finds the open box.

I take Sara's left hand placing the green diamond solitaire on her finger. Her eyes go wide as she sees the beautiful stone, she shaking as she looks at it, showing her green gemmed ring to the others, giving me enough time to find Jewels' yellow diamond ring. I place the yellow diamond ring on Jewels finger she is excited as Sara.

She also shows the girls her new favorite piece of jewelry. Next is blue, taking Bobby's hand I place the blue diamond on her ring finger. Tears run down her excited happy face.

I quickly retrieve the last solitaire for Morgan. I'm placing the red diamond on Morgan's ring finger tears run down her face as well. Sara and Jewels both have tears of joy too. I look into the box at the last ring there, it's definitely a man's ring in it are for small diamonds one of each color the girls have requested. Looking at the ring it complements the four brilliantly.

If seen with just one of the girls one was immediately think this is a man and his wife. I only wonder what it would look like to someone who saw us together. Each of the boxes now hold a band much like mine but instead of a stone the same color as a solitaire it holds a clear diamond in that place.

I reach each box unto the owner of that ring. Jewels is the first to notice how the diamonds are set up. "It's going be easy to tell which wedding band is which." I slip the wedding bands on to the twins. Now it's easy to tell you two, apart.

I placed Sara and Jewels bands on their hands as well. Morgan with tears of joy says. "You really meant it when you said you would treat us like a wife." "Yes my love I did mean that you and everyone here. The four of you are more precious to me than anything. I love you with all my heart." Wrapping her in my arms giving her a passionate kiss, to strengthen the words I used.

Then I do the same for Little Bobby, Jewels and finally Sara. Once Sara and I break our embrace Sara says enthusiastically. "Do you take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?" Sarah hesitates a second or two then Jewels and the twins simultaneously say. "I do!" Sarah echoes. "I do!" "Maybe that's the way you should do it on Wednesday." It's funny how are since of humor has come to be totally in sync were laughing so hard, and holding onto each other a moment of sheer joy if the rest of our life is anything close to this we will have a blissful marriage, unconventional marriage, not a conventional relationship, but what fun this will be growing older with the four most beautiful, intelligent, funny, and sexy women that I could ever hope for.

I'm truly one lucky son of a bitch. Before the laughing dies down I can't resist the urge to reach over and tickle each pair of sisters in turn. First Jewels and Sarah, then Little Bobby and Morgan, each laughing harder as my light touch across the ribs were feet, or knees brings shouts of laughter from each woman, after only 30 seconds of me tickling the sisters they turn and attack me in a similar fashion at this point I tickle the easiest targets but being tickled myself I can't help but giggle along with them.

All of the sudden Sara plants a kiss on my lips I stop at my attacks to enjoy the kiss. Before I know it the twins have each arm hugging them to their chest. Jewels just setting crossed my thighs, and Sara is a top my chest.

"Now we have you. You're ours to do with what we please." Not wanting to her hurt them I lightly struggle not enough to break free but to give them the idea that they truly have me. "Oh please what do you want of me." I played along with Sara statement enjoying the game.

"First never hug another woman unless you have our permission." I could totally live with that, I can see where my hug on Rebecca today may have crossed a line.

"Yes I will do as you demand, but what of our children. Will I need your permission each time I want to hug them?" Sara only thanks for a second. "Children don't count I said women." I think for a second that's what happens when our children become older, to their age now, but let it drop. We have a lifetime head of us to figure that out. "Okay no women, who aren't in this room." Sara nods. "You will be true to us; you will never be without one of us near you so we will always know." "I think back to Saturday with my time alone with Little Bobby now that is a promise I will hold them to." "I never want to be alone I want one or more of you with me at all times, I will be true to you always." Little Bobby and Morgan simultaneously say.

"You will willingly give us your children. Your seed is ours and ours alone." "I will give the four of you my children my seed is yours and yours alone. Your wounds belong to our children, my body is yours, and your bodies are mine." All four women respond. "Your body is ours, our bodies are yours. Our wounds are our children's." "I am your husband and love you with all my heart and you are my wives." "We are your wife, we love you with all our heart; you are our husband." "Now stop tickling us." "Yes my beautiful wives, I will stop." They release me; I wrap them in a large hug pulling them on top of me.

Four sets of lips find my face. I hold them there until I can no longer get air to enter my lungs. They roll off of me leaving Sara behind. We both gasped for air. When are breathing is again normal room once again breaks out into laughter. Unlike before I resist the urge to tickle my beautiful wives.

Sometime later we finally decide it's time to sleep. I take a cold shower alone. Entering my bedroom I find Sara and Little Bobby waiting for me in my bed. Confused I asked. "I thought we were waiting till Wednesday night." "That's right.

We are going to make you wait. But we also promised to never let you be alone." It's good to see them keep their promise. "So if two of us are here we will keep each other honest as well." "I'll never complain about having two beautiful women sleeping with me.

But you do cannot do anything that would stimulate me." "We breathing would do that for you." Sara jokes, true as it may be. "I won't argue with you on that point, but I will be a gentleman and not do anything tonight, well it kissing doesn't count." Both girls giggle.

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Then they whispered between each other. "You said not to stimulate you so only one kiss good night each." I climbed in between the two girls cuddling both to my sides lifting Little Bobby chin for her lips to touch mine I gently kiss her good night like a loving husband and adoring wife should kiss tonight. Turning to Sara I did the same to her, but she couldn't resist teasing me a little she sweeps her tongue gently into my mouth were mine played with hers. Little Bobby interrupted us by saying.

"That's not fair Sara you're not supposed to get him started. " Sara drew back immediately leaving me disappointed. Sara said. "Sorry old habits." "Just how long were you two lovers?" Little Bobby questions. "We slept together since Sara's accident, only becoming lovers about a month ago." I tell Little Bobby. "Old habit how. Don't ever pick up a cigarette; you'll be hooked before you smoke your first full one, Sara." Little Bobby has a very good point; I hope Sara doesn't see me smiling in the darkened room.

We're going to have to get some sleep Sara has a doctor's appointment tomorrow at 9:00 am. I'll rest there quietly, waiting for sleep to take us after minutes both wives have fallen asleep their breeding pulls me into sweet sleep as well. The bed shakes the room is still very dark and I realize someone is climbing into bed with us. I hear Jewels whisper to Morgan.

"Don't wake them up. As Jewels and Morgan slide under the covers and cuddle together. I'm smiling again thinking this is going to be an interesting life, as I fade back into sleep.