Three into the back of a trailer

Three into the back of a trailer
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I have being ignoring my beautiful Asian wife Mina, concentrating on business deals instead. Se we flwe to Costa Rica to spend seven days on friend's secluded estate. I was dreaming of Mina, I feel my cock getting stiff. Her near perfect body was perfectly lit, accentuating the curves of her breasts and any other parts of her willowy body. The sheet covering my hips was tented as I continued to dream. I felt around the bed, I was alone. I pushed myself up into a semi-sitting position and looked around the room.

" Well, you're finally awake sleepyhead." She said. I turned to see Mina standing next to the bed. She was as naked as she was in my dream. Her pert little breasts were proudly perched on her chest with their respective nipples erect.

" Pinch me," I said, " This has to be a dream." Instead she leaned in and kissed me, her tongue parting my lips and invading my mouth.

" Still think you're dreaming?" she asked. Mina sat on the edge of the bed and took my hand in hers, " Well the short story is, you have been ignoring me." She said. " After we got here and after we showered together we played around some and then went to dinner. After that we came back here and we had my favorite number for desert.

Then you fucked me silly again. That's about it," she said, smiling at me. " That's it?" I asked, starting to remember her fingering my ass. " Well," she grinned, leaning over to kiss me. " It was pretty fantastic," She replied. " Even better when you came again with me." " Damn!


No wonder I slept so long," I laughed. " So while you were resting I went into town to the airport. I went and picked up Betty." She said. I laughed, Mina grinned, " Yeah, she was so excited and hot by the time I picked her up she practically tore my clothes off." " So you two had sex?" I asked, feeling my shaft stiffen again.

" Hmmm, yeah for about an hour," Mina confessed. " Being here in Costa Rica really turned her on. Me too." "You're okay with that aren't you John?" she asked.

" Of course, I'm just sorry I missed the show," I said, laughing. " I hope I get to have you for myself first," I said, throwing the sheet off and pulling her over on top of me. We kissed passionately as my hands got re-acquainted with her body. " Ummm yeah, I remember this ass." I said, between kisses.

She giggled, " You should. You got a good look at it when you fucked me from doggy style!" " We did it doggie style?" I asked. " We did it every style Baby," she laughed, " and you were terrific!" I rolled her over onto her back pinning her legs apart with my knees and holding her arms over her head. I pressed my hard-on against her wet pussy and teased her with my shaft. " Fuck me baby," she moaned, " I want your cock in me" I crawl out from between her legs and have Mina lay on her side.

I slide up behind her then press my hard cock between her ass cheeks causing Mina to moan " oooh." I move my cock down with my hand to slide over her wet pussy a few times to build anticipation. I spread apart her ass cheeks enough so I can see her bald and soaked pussy. Taking no more time to pause and enjoy the view I place my long hard thick cock to her lips and drive it forward, forcing my cock in deep Mina.

A soft moan escapes her lips as she says, " Oooh John!" I reach around grabbing her breast. I squeeze it as I start slamming her pussy hard and deep. My hips slamming her like a pile driver, driving my cock in and out of her clinching pussy. It isn't long before I feel the familiar feeling boiling inside me. With one final thrust I explode. Spurt after spurt shoots up into her as my body trembles in pleasure. " Mmm, that's it John," she moans.

" Fill me up with your cum!

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Get me pregnant" As soon as my orgasm is over I stop not sure if I heard correctly. " You want another baby?" ask. Mina slides off his cock and rolls over to face him. "Of course I do," she says. " I want to give you a son." A smile forms on my face.

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I kiss her deeply before breaking away. " What if you can't get pregnant " " Then I will explore other methods." She replied. " What if it's a girl?" I ask with a sly smile. Mina bites her lip and says, " I guess we'll just have to keep trying then." I smile and kisses her again. Then abruptly I turn her onto her stomach, guiding her to her hands and knees. As soon as she is in position, I drive my long hard cock deep into her.

Mina moans " OOOH.OOOH " from the sudden intrusion and shudders. I grab her hips, pulling her toward my cock as I slam my pelvis forward. I pull out just long enough to slip a finger into her slippery wet pussy for an instant. As my cock slips back into her my finger begins tickling her asshole.

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Mina visibly trembles as I tease her and when I push my fingertip in her tight ass while continuing filling her pussy with my long engorged cock, she has an orgasm. Moaning " OMG.OOOH.OOOH.OOOH.AAAH.AAAH." I push my finger deeper as I probe her ass and once I'm all the way in I begin to push a second in as well.

" Oh please go slow John!" She pleads. I build up a good rhythm finger fucking her tight ass, I pull out of her pussy. " Mina, I'm going to fuck your tight ass with my thick cock. Try to relax." I say. " John it's so big. It hurts so bad. I will try to relax." She says. I push her shoulders down so her ass is high in the air, spreading her legs apart. I press my wet, slick cockhead to her asshole and start pushing against her. Her ass is so tight, I know from previous ass penetrations it will fit.

I push harder against her and the head of my cock batters its way inside her. Mina moans loudly from a combination of pain and desire as my cock is forced deeper with each thrust. " OMG.John.It is so big.It hurts.Please.Please.No more." I begin to slowly slid back and forth, sliding deeper each time.

Slowly her tight channel opens up and stretches to the invasion.

Then abruptly I pull my cock from her ass and pushes it back into her pussy and begin slamming into her hard. My unexpected assault makes her cry out " OMG.AAAH.AAAH.AAAH " as I sink all the way into her wet pussy. My cock head batters her cervix with each thrust, I slam her pussy like a pile driver for five minutes then withdraw causing her to moan in disappointment.

" oooh.oo hh." Before she can even finish, I again begin working my way into her ass with her pussy juices as added lubrication. With no problem this time, I sink into her completely. I grab her waist tightly with both hands, I begin slamming my hips back and forth as she swallows then releases my cock repeatedly. My balls smacking aganist her hard WAP.

WAP.WAP.WAP.WAP. Feeling my orgasm is getting close, I pull out of her. I waits a moment before again sliding deep into her wet pussy. I build up a good pace before I withdraw again. I slam into her ass hard driving my cock all the way into her ass. I into her as hard as possible, sinking all the way in my balls are battering her ass.

She makes little grunts as I bottom out in her. Knowing I'm close to cumming and her wanting another baby, I increase my speed until it nearly overwhelms me.

I pull my cock out and slide it all the way into her wet ripe pussy, until the cock head is pressed against the cervis opening. I pull back then slam into her again implanting my cock head in her cervix and with a loud grunt " UUUH.UUUH.UUUH.AAAH " my cock spews deep up into her belly. It is so intense and I collapse on top of her, gasping for air. Mina strokes her fingers through my hair. " Good thing we have the whole week here." She coos.

" Good." She pulls my head up and kisses me hard. " Let's get some breakfast, and then shower and go into town shopping. By the way Betty is out by the pool." She says. After breakfast Mina headed up stairs to the bathroom.


I stayed behind to lightly clean up the kitchen before heading up myself. I watched as she walked up the stairs wearing only my shirt. The anticipation of fucking her again only served to make my cock stand up through pants. Quickly I finish my light clean up and bound for the stairs. By the time I reach the bathroom, Mina has already showered and dressed leaving for town. Through the steamy, hot glass I see a beautiful figure. My pants fall to the floor, exposing my rock hard cock, and I open the glass door to see Betty already waiting for me.

With her ass toward me and legs spread, I walk right in and in between her legs, burying my face in her pussy as the water beats down on my back. My tongue digs into her pussy, swirling around eliciting a loud moan from Betty early on, " Oh John!

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Yes." I start to lap at her pussy wildly, pressing hard against her pussy. Betty reacts by moving her hips to pump her pussy into my face and I counter by reburying my tongue into her smooth pussy. " Ahh, yes John!" she screams " Eat me! yes eat me." I shove my tongue deep into her pussy while reaching up with one hand to rub her clit.

Betty starts to thrash around, feeling her legs weaken a little bit. I sense this and pull my tongue free to replace it with two fingers. She tenses up as she feels me roughly push them into her pussy. She moans loudly as her thighs start to shake.

" OMG.AAAH.AAAH.AAAH.MMM." Her pussy quivers as my fingers move in and out. A moment later a quick, solid stream of pussy juice squirts out. I quickly remove my fingers and buries my face into her pussy. I lick, kiss and suck at her young pussy feverishly. Betty tries to lift her weaken leg over my head as she becomes afraid of falling because of weak legs. I take the hint and remove my face from her pussy. I stand up, grabbing her hips to hold her steady, and align my cock at her entrance.

Then I ram my cock into her, I start to roughly ram my cock in and out, not taking my time at fucking her. My thrusts turn into deep, hard penetrations like a pile driver, serving to weaken her even more.

" Fuck me John!" She yells. No sooner does she get the words out she feels a hot blast of my thick cum plastering her insides, followed by two more hard jerks as more cum blasts out. I slip out and catch Betty as she spins around and nearly falls as her legs give out.

She wraps her arms around my neck to help me with holding her up. We lock into a long and deep passionate kiss. When her legs start to feel normal she squirms about until I let go and she drops to her knees. " Let's get you hard again John." She says grasping my semi-hard cock. She looks up to see a smile come across my face. She pumps my cock a few times before taking it into her mouth. Instantly my cock gets hard, filling her mouth with its thickness. She starts bobbing her head up and down on it, sucking at my cockhead each time she comes up.

She starts to work her mouth all the way down my cock and back up, using one of her hands to gently massage my balls. She takes in all of her my hard cock into her mouth and loving every second of it. She suddenly removes her mouth from my cock and starts pumping it with her hand. " John, I would like my virgin ass fucked." She says with a devious grin.

She stands back up and faces away from me once again, placing her hands onto the shower wall. She looks behind at me and says, " Take me John." I don't say anything back as I get behind her. I reache down and start rubbing her pussy. She moans softly " oooh.oooh " and I remove my hand replacing it with his cock, which I continue to rub under her pussy with. After teasing her for a few moments I place it at her entrance and pushe it in.

Betty is filled with ecstasy as my hard cock fills her pussy. I work my cock deeper until I'm giving her my cock with deep, hard strokes. Betty whimpers as I start to fuck her harder as she feel my balls banging into her clit.

She moans loudly as her body is shaking as her orgasm ravishes her. " AAAH.AAAH.AAAH.OOOH.OOOH.MMMMMM." Her hands slip a little on the wall causing her to slip forward a bit. I pull out of her " Let's go to the bedroom so I can fuck your virgin ass.

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I said. I turn the water off and we dry off then go into the bedroom. Bettylays on her stomach on the bed. I climb on the bed behind her grabbing her legs and spreading them wide then I crawl between them.

I caress her inner thighs then move up to her ass, parting the cheeks. I slide my hard cock up and the crack then she feels my hot breath on her back, instantly followed by a clunk on her head where my chin came to rest.

My scratchy chest hair had her pinned. She struggled to get raise up, but my tree-trunk arms were like iron prison bars. Betty screams " Let me up. I don't want my ass fucked John." Her scream further inflames me as she is desperately trying to wriggle free. Suddenly she feels my hot hard wet cock pressing aganist her tight anus. My hard chest scraped her back as I pushed to penetrate her ass. My cock head kept probing into her ass, getting nearer and nearer to penetrating her.

She tried to gathered all of her remaining strength for one last effort to get up. The instant she raised herself up, my urgent cock found, and entered, her anus. She gasped " OMG. John, you bastard." I pulled out to reestablish my position, she turned her head looking back at me, she caught a glimpse of my big fully extended cock ready for action.

She gasped again " OMG, OOOHHH. John, your to big.

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It won't fit. It will hurt." " Relax, get up on your hands and knees." I replied. She rotated her hips to help my entry. I moved toward her on my knees and hunched over her. She groaned, " Oh, Please be gentle!" I grabbed her hips then thrusted forward my long hard thick rod aggressively slipped into her ass.

She hung her head as she felt my hard thick cock drive in deeply. She feels my hairy thighs aganist her as I sank all of the way in.

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" Oh God! It's in. John is in me. Oh My God!" I aggressively start slamming into her, she screams " AA AH.AAAH.AAAH." Her pain is mixed with pleasure. She reachs down to enhance the feeling by playing with her clit. Rubbing her clitoris and finger fucking herself at her own rate. I was slamming into her with long hard deep thrusts my balls slapping her WAP.WAP.WAP.WAP.

She squealed with pleasure each time I thrusted my hard thick cock into her. Yes, she was fucking me every bit as much as I was fucking her, and we were both enjoying it very, very much.

Her hips pushed back to meet each thrust that I made. I was picking up speed rapidly. I always fuck Betty hard and deep just like I do Mina, Once I had my long thick cock fully into her I started making short thrusting jabs, then changed to long slow strokes to get into her even deeper.

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She was squealing and groaning, urging me on. All of the sudden it was like she couldn't get enough air and she nearly passed out. She was only cumming. Huge waves of cum rolled over and over her again and again. She could feel her bodily juices flow over her fingers as she stuffed them in her vagina as far as she could.

Her clit instantly became ultra sensitive and she had to stop stroking it in time to my thrusts. She could feel her nipples, hard as cherry pits, and she ached to have me stroke them. Rubbing them over the sheets was all she could manage with my weight resting on her. Over and over she orgasmed.

Then I slammed a long powerful lunge that drive her thighs onto the bed. She felt a forceful swelling in my cock, now fully buried. I exploded in her straining body. Surge after powerful surge of cum followed giving her exquisite pleasure. She expected me to quickly withdraw my big rod and amble unconcernedly away. As she feels his cock slip from her ass, cum flushes out and down her legs.

She turns around and throws her arms up around me. Our lips meet and we lock into a deep passionate kiss. Betty breaks the lock and looks deep into my eyes.

" I'm all yours John. You can have me anytime you want." I smile and kisses her again. " I'm glad Mina invited you to join us. I have two very sexy and horny Asian vixens to fuck for a week." I said.