Black dick for some big booty white Girl

Black dick for some big booty white Girl
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We're not your typical family. I'm a 37 year old man, in decent shape, and I'm a chauvinist asshole. In my house, it's my way or the highway. My wife, Gina, is a 35 year a 36 year old, hot bodied, blonde haired momma. My daughter, Jessica, is 17. She's got a great body too. Long and lean, toned, long blonde hair like her momma. And my son, Brian, is 15. He's a real disappointment. He's getting to be more of a woman each day.

What a pansy ass. He's about 5'8" and about the same build as my daughter without the tits. The rules in my house are "What I say Goes." I'll decide what you wear if I let you wear anything at all. Well, today I decided to tell my wife to stay naked, my daughter would be in her home made bikini, and my son, in my quest to make him more manly, had a cock ring on and some boots.

The bikini Jessica was wearing was unique. It had a bottom I picked up from an adult movie place. It was like a spring loaded U-shape with a small amount of material in front.

The top was so small, it only covered the nipples on her C-cup tits. I made sure to buy it a size or two too small. To start this beautiful Saturday, I was kicking back in my recliner, naked as a baby, watching the sports channel. My daughter asked if she could lay out in the sun in the back yard. "Of course honey," I told her. "Can I go out too Dad?" my son asked. "Boy, you're not at all embarrassed about wearing that ring?" I asked.

He shook his head no. "You're not even getting hard. You really are a sissy." Then I had an idea. "If you're not going to be a man, I'll make you into another daughter." Everyone stopped and looked to find out what I meant.

"Jessica, take your brother and turn him into your little sister." Every ones eyes got big. "Shave his body smooth, do his makeup, and put him in an outfit." Brian's face was of pure disbelief.

"You don't want to be a man, you don't have to be. I've got something else in mind for you. Go, now." Jessica and Brian went down the hallway to the bathroom. I heard the water running in the bathtub. Gina and I went to watch. Brian took his boots off and got in. Jessica took some shaving cream and spread it over his upper body. He doesn't have much body hair to begin with, so it only took about 20 minutes to shave his upper body smooth.

Then he stood up, dripping wet. Again, Jessica spread the shaving cream over him, but she didn't get around his dick or the crack of his ass. Again, 20 more minutes, then he stepped out to dry off completely.

"You missed some," I told her. "Everything gone," I added.' Jess's face turned bright red as she put more shaving cream on her brothers balls, up his ass crack, then on his dick. I made Brian spread his ass cheeks and hold his dick and his balls so she could shave him clean.

When I was satisfied, I instructed Jess and Gina to put makeup on him. I went to Jess's closet to find something for him to wear. It took a while, but Jessica walked out to the living room and said "We're ready Daddy." I got up and grabbed the clothes I picked out for everyone. I handed Jessica and Gina each a short little black dress and heels. Then I handed Brian a cheer leaders uniform, white tennis shoes and a wig that Gina had in the closet.


"Get ready," I told them. "We're going to have some fun." With that being said, I went to the bedroom and got dressed myself. See, what they didn't know was that while they were doing Brian's makeup, I was putting an ad on Craigslist and calling for a motel room. If I couldn't make him a man, I'd humiliate and abuse him. When we were all dressed, we got into the Tahoe. I made Brian sit in front so it was easier for people to see him.

I drove us to the motel, parked in the front and got the key card.

When we pulled around to the room, there was a couple getting stuff from the back of their car. "Remember Brianna," I said looking at my son, "You're a woman now. Act like it." We got out of the truck and I knew my wife and daughter got the attention of the couple as they looked up. We traded hello's and I let us into the room and turned the TV on to the "adult" channel. Within 30 minutes, there was a knock at the door. I had arranged for a few people to meet us there.

When I opened the door, there stood two guys and one of them brought his wife. "My wife didn't believe me, so she wanted to come along. I hope it's OK," he said. "Not a problem at all as long as she's willing to play too," I said eying her up as they walked in. They lady just smiled at me when she heard what I said. She was a bit short and plump, but not obese. Just a little chubby. Within minutes, we were mingling and feeling each other up.

The woman had her dress unbuttoned to the waist and was chatting me up. Her husband was sitting on the bed with Brianna. As they chatted, his hand slid up my sons bare leg. The other guy sat at the small table with Jess and Gina. Jess was facing me and had her legs spread wide. What a view.

"OK, let's get this party going," I announced. "Brianna, get your hands in his pants already. Gina, take care of my friend here," I instructed pointing to the lady. "Jess, help Brianna." As Gina slid the dress off of our female guest, I watched Jess get her husbands pants down and pulled his cock out. Brianna took his cock in his hand and stroked it awkwardly. "Put it in your mouth Brianna." He leaned forward and took the mans cock in his mouth. Just then, the other man got down and reached up Brianna's skirt.

"Mmmmmm. Nice," he said. "Smooth too." When he flipped the skirt up, Brian had a hard on. That was the first time I ever saw him hard. Now he was sucking that dick like a pro.

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Meanwhile, Gina was on her knees licking the woman's pussy. Jessica reached in her purse and grabbed a bottle of lube. Squirting some lube in her hand, she grabbed the guys dick that was stroking Brian's dick. She got him nice and hard and ready for action.

I told Brian to get on his feet and bend over the bed. That's when Gina got up.

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Gina took the mans cock and lined it up with Brian's hole. As the man pushed, Brian winced and screamed. "It won't fit Dad," Brian hollered. "Jess, show your sister how to take a cock," I instructed. By now, the woman had my clothes off too and was stroking me nicely. Gina helped Jess pull her dress off and she bent over the bed right next to Brianna. Gina helped her spread her cheeks and the man slid in.

It wasn't even 5 minutes and the guy blew his load in Jessica's little ass. "Like her clean Brianna," I instructed. Brian got on his knees by Jessica's ass as the guy pulled his dick out. He was immediately replaced with Brian's tongue. Brianna licked every last drop up like it was some sort of candy. His dick was rock hard too and pulsing with his heart beat. "Now Brianna, show me you can take one like a real woman." Again, he bent over and now the married guy lined his dick up with Brian's ass.

With some work, the guy pushed himself in. Slowly he started to move in and out.

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Brianna was screaming and moaning. This went on for close to 10 minutes. "Get on top of him now, Brianna." The guy pulled out and left Brian's hole gaping open.

He sat down on the bed and Brian straddled him.


Again, Gina lined the guys cock up with Brianna's hole. This time it went in pretty easily. Soon Brianna was bouncing out of control as the guy thrust up into him. Gina and Jess were in a 69 and the other woman was bent over the bed as I nailed her from behind.

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Then Brian began to really moan louder and louder. Without any warning and without even touching himself, Brian started to shoot cum everywhere. It was a huge load and he actually got some on every one of us. That's about the time the guy shot his load too. Right up Brianna's ass. It actually made him cum again. "Girls," I started, Help him clean up. All three women went to licking cum from everywhere.

I pulled out of the woman so she could help and I sat down. Next thing I knew, Jessica was sucking my cock. Then she got up and began to sit on my lap. "Careful now. I've got a hair trigger right now honey." She just smiled and continued to impale herself on my dick.

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Then the other woman got on her knees and started to lick both of us together. I shot my load deep into Jessica's pussy. Pumping shot after shot into her, Brianna was on his knees in the other woman's place licking it all up. What a day. Now Brian doesn't need telling when it comes to dressing like a lady or sucking cock. He licks my cum out of anywhere I decide to shoot it, and he can take a very nice sized cock without trouble. Sometimes he comes home on a Saturday night, dressed as a woman, with cum running down his legs or splattered across his face.

I'm almost proud to call him my other daughter.