Mamadeira do professor da universidade

Mamadeira do professor da universidade
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(boom*boom*boom) was all I heard at the door and my name being called over and over again (Brian!!! open this fucking door right now) I bet your wondering who would be yelling at someone door kicking and screaming at 4 in the morning well that is my best friend, well i guess you can say ex best friend Jordan.

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I know what you are thinking What could cause two best friends since preschool to do something like this, do you think it was money,drugs,or a girl. what if i told you it was all of the above. What would you say then? would you hate me or love me after i told you what happen between us i wonder.

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It all started about 8 months ago yeah it was the day before my birthday august the 21 couldn't for get that day because that was the day my whole life got fuck up by one god damn sexy women who stole my heart. It was 12 o'clock and i was on lunch break i'm fire fighter maybe i should describe myself a little i'm 20 6'2 209 pounds all muscle i been told a look like Taylor Lautner.


Hey Brain the chief needs you! i heard Jordan yelling. I said what does he want,he replied look likes he needs a favor again and wink at me as he walk away.

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I walk to the chiefs office I was about to knock when i heard a moan of a women but i knock on the door anyway. Who is it yell my boos i said it the guy you called while enjoying his break in a smart way, ooh give me a minute after noise and banging i heard come in Brian as I walk in this beautiful red head was walking out she was petite like 5'2 no more then 105 at the least look like she had dd size tits she had a ass that put me in a hypnosis.

As she was walking out i swore i heard her whisper looks like we have anew toy and left.

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All i could was think I would give my arms to fuck her once. "Brian Brian wake the fuck up" my boss yelled, it was like i was in a trace i ask what was it he told me he need me to do something for him and the would be worth.


you see i'm a fire fighter and we really don't get paid that much and i was sometimes do side jobs for the chief. He told me he needed me to pick up his niece at the airport around 10pm and show her a good time no matter what.

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i agreed,he showed me a picture of her all i could say was damn she a little on the chubby and ugly side i said to myself "hey snap out of it cowboy' i came to again and said what in it for me then he threw 1 grand on the table to me and said you well get the other half when you come back with the prize,i laugh and left.

It was 10:45 i was looking around and no girl to be found i thought i fuck up and went for a smoke, i drop my lighter and went to go pick it up in when i rose back up was the most beautiful women i have ever seen she was about 18 5'5 blonde c cup tits nice and perky curves that look like she was made buy a god just for me a ass of perfection not to big and not to small and said you must be Brain i had to stop myself from drooling but my 8inch was waking up.

I came to and said are you Ashley your nothing like the picture and she laugh yeah i know a lot of people tells me that. We both laugh and i grab her bags and we got inside the car.

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As i was driving she was asking me things about the town then she pause and ask me did i had a girlfriend i blush and said no not now then with a wicked smiled and replied i guess i wont have to feel bad now then and kiss me i felt something go down my throat. I stop the car and park wanting to ask her what did she do, all of a sudden my body got hot my dick was hurting so much and it felt like it was going to rip threw my pants.

She look at me and said look like it work faster then i thought then unzip my pant only to pull out my 8inch cock out of no where she swallowed my dick balls deep until i felt the back of her throat it felt like my dick was melting in there i never in my life felt something so pleasurable like this before.

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At first she was going slow then faster and faster until a came in her mouth, she swallowed it lick her lips and said uncle said you were going to please me all night but it look like i am the one doing all the pleasing i couldn't get a word in that was going through my head was i wan't more she then pulled down her panties and started to lick her fingers in playing with her little bright pink cunt then turns do around i said to me do you wan't a taste of my sweat juice next thing i knew me and her was in the back seat all i wanted to was to fuck her brains out.

i was going to give some oral to return the favor but she was already wet and said baby are you going to fuck me with that dino size dick or what ?

i snap and shove my dick in as far as it could go as she dug her nails into my back I could feel her cum as i thought she would stop after she came but to my surprise she said fuck it been so long since i had a good dick like this. she was going wild like a beast riding up and down. this is my first story if you like it i will write more and you think of anything i need to change or approve please tell me i'm new at this

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