Movies of dwarf gay sex Fucked And Milked Of A Load

Movies of dwarf gay sex Fucked And Milked Of A Load
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I was never really the type of guy that was considered "popular" or "cool", just an average kid in highschool, with his own circle of friends. I don't have a monster penis or jacked muscles. A normal 6 inch cock is what I've had then and what I have now. The weird part about me is that in my circle of friends, I have WAY more girl friends than regular guy friends, but then again, I'm not really the ladies' man.

By no means am I fucking all these girls, though I'd love to. I did have a good regular friend I hung out with. His name's John. John and I would hang out, play video games together, etc. but most of the times, it's me and atleast 3-5 girls. Always. My Best friends are girls, which wouldn't be a mystery.

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Two of them. Samantha and Julie. Julie is one of Samantha's closest friends. Petite, but tall and slim like a model. She has a celebrity smile and also a dark brown hair that falls down past her shoulders. With Julie, I actually like talking to her often about anything in particular. However, Julie practices abstinence until marriage.

Ha. That is a lie. Samantha is smart, cute, and has dark brown hair.

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She's got big boobs. Atleast that's what I thought. About C cups I'd say. She's a bit boring to talk to, but really, I've become good friends with her by talking to her tits, and at that point, I doubted that she noticed. We've been friends since freshman year, because she used to go out with John. And this is where the story begins.

It was the middle of summer and my cell starting ringing, which surprised me, because I rarely get calls. It was Samantha. She had an unusual, excited tone. "Tony! I'm back from my vacation!" "So, what's the big deal?" After a brief silence, she continued, "but I have SO much to tell you! I met this new guy on vacation!" Oh great. Another one of those lame conversations where she expects me to talk about guys with her as if I'm gay.

"Sam, you know I'm not gay. Why would you even…" "oh.right… sorry. Hey, you wanna come over my house? Right now? I don't have to do my environmental science assignment until later" I've never visited Samantha's house before, but that thought didn't cross my mind.

I replied alright, I'll be there in five, and hung up. When she answered the door, she was in her comfy clothes, just a pair of gym shorts and a tee. God, I couldn't help but look at her breasts. If God granted me a wish… I said hello, and she let me in, showing me to the living room. It was awfully quiet even though I knew she had 2 sisters. When I asked why, she told me her baby sister's at day care, and her other younger sister is at summer camp.

With that reply, she said I'll be right back, and returned with her laptop. we plopped down on her couch, and I showed her some good recent songs, and chatted about summer, specifically about how mine sucks.

Suddenly Samantha got serious. She said straight out: "Tony, am I not attractive?" I said, "what kinda question is that? You went out with John for the THRID TIME freshman year!" "yeah, but that was almost 3 years ago… and that guy I told you I met, I didn't think he noticed me at all" I might not be a pimp, but I do know how to coax a girl. "aw, guys do that all the time.

You don't know everything I do and I'm supposedly your best friend." Samantha pouted her face and said, "liar. We've talked about everything you do. You even told me about how you masterbated that one time!" Uh oh.

Tripping. I blurted out, "Still, there are things I don't tell you, and you wouldn't notice anyway!" Then Samantha got curious. "like what?" I was basically digging a hole here, and I was getting nervous. She asked again, "like what? You have nothing." "oh yes I do. I sometimes lied to you to keep things friendly between us. Since I know you don't like me." Samantha immediately knew what I meant. I asked her out at her sweet sixteen party after being her partner for her special slow-dance when the floor was cleared.

She said no. She said, "oh you know I'm sorry about that, it was so sudden and I was nervous because I wasn't expecting it" The mood now turned awkward, and no one spoke for a few minutes.

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Then I said, "so you believe me now right?" Samantha smiled and said, "no, not until you tell me ONE thing I don't notice you doing in 10 seconds." I thought I wouldn't think of one, but in the back of my head, the answer was screaming itself.

You stare at her breasts 24/7.


You're better friends with her rack than the person. "well, its embarrassing" I said. She told me, "god you've already told me you've jacked off once.

What else could you possibly." "I stare at your tits." Then there was a deathly silence. I began to punch myself in my mind because I thought this was probably the end of our friendship.

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After about a full minute she said, "you… stare at my boobs?" I replied, "yeah…they're…" then I trailed off into a mumble and looked for the nearest exit.

Samantha started laughing. I had a puzzled look on my face, but she kept laughing until tears were coming to her eyes. When she calmed down, she stared into my eyes, and for the first time, I looked straight back in hers. She scooted over while maintaining eye contact, and leaned into my ear. She whispered, "well noone's looking Tony, I think it's just you and me in this house." Was she serious?


Has God answered my prayers? Did I die and go to heaven? "wha.

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what?" when I pulled away from her in retreat, she grabbed my hand. "I know you look at my rack. I'm not stupid." I was shocked to know that I was now busted, and that gave me my voice back.

"You fooled me into thinking I didn't notice? Why?" Samantha replied, "Well, you're a nice guy, and I didn't want to make things uncomfortable by mentioning it, besides, I didn't mind at all. You really should have asked me out twice." My pants started twitching, and I froze.

Samantha leaned into my ear again, her chest lightly pressing into my shoulder. She whispered, "your pants are twitching." Wow. This girl is actually smarter than I thought. I remained speechless. If Samantha said the guy she saw didn't notice her, it was probably true. I remained frozen and Samantha slid along the couch again until our legs were touching.

She put down her laptop and faced me.

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She had a big couch, so I had room to move around, and I squirmed around a bit until I was facing her too. Her long hairs were like curtains around her face, and she kept staring into my eyes. With instinct, I leaned in, but stopped myself. Samantha caught the tiny flinch and started to lean in herself. Then I gave in and our lips met for the first time. It was a simple kiss, no tongues touching, and I could tell she obviously didn't know how to kiss too well.

Though I didn't date too much, I've been always a natural at kissing. It came to me easily. I took the lead now and parted my own lips to give her lips a slight lick with the tip of my tongue. She flinched but also parted her mouth slowly, and soon, I was feeling each of her teeth, and making swirls around her tongue. I ended our kiss after about a minute and said, "wow." Samantha said, "shut up and kiss me." I complied and we started kissing even more passionately, and Samantha was learning fast.

Her breasts started to crush against my chest, and I eased one hand down and touched her right breast through her shirt. She moaned a little and leaned into my hand. I knew now where this was going to end up, and by the way I was still a virgin.

I started to feel up the full firm breasts I've looked onto for so long, and it was better than I've imagined in my wildest dreams. After some heavy petting, Samantha got worked up enough to start exploring my pants and finding my buttons. Her hands were a little shaky, and I knew she was a little nervous.

I held her hand and briefly stopped her and said, "we should stop right now." But Samantha just shook her head no and kept going. Samantha eased my jeans open and started to feel up my cock through my boxers which was just about hard as a baseball bat.

I reached around her and pulled up her shirt, which she quickly took off, and I fumbled with her bra hook for a while, and eventually freed her breasts.

I couldn't help dropping my jaw. Perfectly round with hardened light brown nipples, and her areolas were also light brown and relatively small around her nipples. I latched my mouth onto her right breast without even asking for permission and Samantha started moaning heavily out loud. She reached into my boxers and I helped her take my pants and boxers off and my dick jumped up to hail Samantha.

She stroked my dick softly, and cautiously, but to me, it was almost too much. I switched over to her left breast, and took off my shirt in a swift motion as I was switching. My hands went to her gym shorts, and caught her panties in its way down. I broke away from her breast to help her out of her shorts, and then we were completely naked, and I paused long enough to realize what we were doing.

"I thought we were just best friends" I said. Samantha stared back at me and said, "Best friends with benefits?" To that I smiled and said, "god, yes." I dove at her, trying to find her beautiful tits again blindly with my mouth, but she moved quickly and dodged me.

I said, "hey! Stop squirming!" she said, "if you suck it too much, I'll have hickies on my boobs!" and motioned me to lie down on the couch as she stood up. I reluctantly lied down, and she dove on top of me. She wasn't really heavy, but the sudden weight was enough to knock my wind out a little and I grunted.

"my turn…" Samantha muttered. Her breasts were crushed against my chest, but she slid down slowly, and I could feel her hard nipples tracing down my body. She rubbed her boobs against my dick and balls, and I felt that familiar stirring. I managed to grunt "I'm so close Sammy, fuck" and closed my eyes.

Sammy started to massage my balls and cock with her soft breasts. It was messy, but it lit my entire body on fire. I felt a deep boiling rising to the surface and moaned a little. Samantha stopped for the smallest instant, and my climax was screeched to a halt.

I opened my eyes to see what was going on. I saw the top of her head moving a bit and then the tip of my shaft was bathed in a hot wet swirl and I instinctively pushed against it. Her tongue was working around the tip, making small flicks across my circumcised head.

It sent waves of pleasure through my body, and my climax came back into hyperdrive. I felt the boiling come up much faster and I felt it about to release. I moaned even louder this time, and Samantha plunged the cock into her mouth, and bravely tried to take it all in one motion. She got most of it, but it was enough to have me grab her head and start pumping sperm. Samantha might not be the best blowjob giver, but she had such a tight suction on my cock that I thought it was in a vaccum.

I spurted again and again into her mouth and she tried to swallow, but she failed and let some ooze out. She drooled some cum onto her neck, then she tried to rub the cum off, smearing her breasts in the process. She got a naughty idea and started rubbed her boobs onto my cock. She was giving me my first blow job AND boob job. She was again, messy and a little rough, but it got me hard in matter of minutes.

She then flipped herself over and sat on my face, pushing her pussy into my face. I licked a little bit, to experiment with the taste. I didn't like it too much, but it wasn't disgusting, so to please Sam, I kept going. She came rather quickly onto my face, and I took a brief shower in her juices. She moaned and groaned and raked her hands on my thighs as she came, and I just grabbed her ass and lapped at her pussy.

Samantha half-screamed, "I can't take this anymore," and got off of me. I thought she was done, so I started to get up when Samantha literally jumped onto me, tackling me back onto the couch.

She was facing me this time, and she was sitting on my lower stomach. She slid her ass downleaving a wet slimy trail on my stomach to my cock. She got up a little and looked at me in the eyes.

I looked back into hers and I saw lust and complete confidence.


Without breaking eye contact, she aimed the tip against her pussy, and started rubbing it against her pussy to get it wet. Then she started to slowly sit down on it, and the warmth that gripped me was orgasmic. It was hotter and wetter and tighter than her mouth, and I was sure now that she was a virgin. It felt like an endless tunnel of warmth that I never wanted to leave. She never stopped until our pubic bones met, and then started grinding into my hips.

I moaned and humped back softly in response.

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She immediately started to ride my cock, and she was a relatively rough rider. I figured her boob job wasn't messy because she was messing up, it was because she liked it a little rough. I grabbed her ass and started pumping up and down instinctively, matching her strokes. Moving up and down Samantha started moaning and saying things that didn't make sense. "Oh… fuck…Tony…don't…we can't… but fuck… uhh…harder!" her moaning got me pumped up even more and I started fuck her harder until my balls were slapping at her ass making wet splats against her ass.

I ground into her pussy and started to roll my hips. I felt a hard nub just above my cock, and figured that's her clitoris. I ground up my pelvis against the hard nub and Sammy went berserk. She called out and clung onto me tightly until I was sure she was suffocating me with her grip.

I grabbed her ass tightly and tried to grind my hips through her vagina. I felt my dick being massaged and squeezed as Samantha started to have the largest orgasm in her life (I think). When I felt her ease up a little, I immediately started pumping harder and faster than before, my new found endurance resulting from climaxing earlier.

I fucked her as if I was going to die tomorrow. The slaps were defiantly audible next door, if not the whole neighborhood. I pounded into her again and again for the longest time, and Sammy was gripping my cock so hard with her pussy that it felt like I was sqeezing my dick through a pinhole. She never stopped moaning, and never let go of me as she remained on her climax.

I felt the boiling start in my balls and grunting like an animal, I rammed my dick so hard into her that I felt her cervix on the tip of my cock. Samantha screamed and I thought I broke a bone or something from my brute force, but she started to quiver and bite my shoulder and I knew she was orgasming harder than ever.

I felt the long jets start and I kept trying to push deeper into her with each pulse. Each wave spurting into her was greeted by a deep moan from Samantha Samantha came down her climax before I did and started panting heavily, resting her head on my chest and moaning as I spurted the final jets into her womb.

I was stiffly grinding at her pussy, and she moaned out, "too good to be true… I'm going to fuck you every chance I get Tony." By that time regained my speech and I tiredly laughed and replied, "Please do." She got off of me, and we tried to clean ourselves a bit, but Samantha said her parents would be coming home soon, so there was no time for a shower. I washed myself a bit in the sink, and started to put on my clothes. As I got the last piece of clothing on, I heard the front door click open, and I heard footsteps.

I immediately realized I might have out stayed my welcome and quickly ran to the nearest room away from view, which was the kitchen. Thankfully, I saw a back door and noiselessly slid out the back door. I forgot my sandals at the door, and I knew I couldn't walk on the hot rocks in the summer, since I was sure I'd burn my feet. I hung out in her back yard, contemplating whether or not to just run without them when I heard a soft splat near me.

Either God dropped me my sandals, or I had magic powers. I heard a soft call from above, and it wasn't god, but Samantha from the second floor. She called out softly, "So sorry you have to leave in such a rush, I didn't know they'd be back so soon" I smiled and nodded and started to sneak my way up to the street and back home.

Next story would be about how Samantha convinced Julie to break her abstinence promise and end up picking me for the job.