Marvelous girls have a fun lesbian sex and they do all to get off

Marvelous girls have a fun lesbian sex and they do all to get off
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The man walked through the mausoleum. It was cold, though seeing as he was accustomed to the wastes of Northrend, this seemed to be nothing. He unsheathed his great sword, saronite blade cool and dark blue, save the icy blue runes shining through it. He looked down, to see his marble-like complexion and deep cheeks and equally bright blue eyes, dripping raw frost magic into the air.

Everything about this necromantic lord of death drew fear into the eyes of even the mightiest warrior, dare he challenge him. His name was Alecgos. As his name suggests, he was indeed a Blue Dragon, in the highest order, a protectorate of Malygos. But that was before all this happened.

Before the Scourge raided his home, and killed so many of his people, turning them into frost wyrms and flaming dragons of bone. He had been enraged. But he remembered little of it now. It didn't matter either way.

He'd just heard a noise. He advanced toward cover, seeing a door-less passage with a broken statue sticking out of it, he dove for it. He was now in the dark stone ruins of an ancient building, full of broken marble statues. A soft noise came from some distance behind. Re-animation had enhanced his power and senses a great deal, a virtue of being the ultimate contender.

The ultimate creation. He crept behind the wall and looked into the reflection of his sword, which he allowed to stick out the smallest bit. He saw a girl in robes walk out of a room with a gold and crimson item, of powerful magic from what he could tell.

The girl was in a split red robes, trimmed with a gold-colored fabric. Upon further inspection, he saw that the robes were separate, a 6 inch long gap in between the bottom of the top, barely covering her breasts, and the beginning of the skirt, which had a split in the middle on both sides, and ended at the top of her shins.

Her hair was a light auburn, scarlet mix, and she had the most beautiful green eyes. Green eyes with no pupils. This stirred memories. He looked into his blade again. He looked very similar to this girl.

Perhaps she could tell him about his past. He strode powerfully toward her, his sword following his stride in the strength that he inherently believed was his right to have. She looked up at him from where she was studying a map and screamed. "Scourge! The Scourge have returned to Lordaeron!".

"Quiet!", he boomed in his hollow, frozen voice. "I'm not going to kill you if you give me what I want." Alyssa looked to man over. He was dressed in what was obviously broken saronite armor.

The chest plate was little more than that, and only covered his breast. Where chain or scale male was obviously meant to be worn, there was none. He looked like a male version of the Dark Rangers, the deeply respected, and even more deeply feared banshee guardians of Lordaeron and the Undercity in particular. "What do you want from me?", she said angrily, trying to shake his strong grip off of her wrist. A soon realized mistake, as the swift consequences were dealt. A sharp pain took her arm as it was twisted behind her, and used to lift her into the air.

She stared into his eyes, and saw the murder fill and empty back out. "Don't struggle!", he moaned through gritted teeth. The factor of the gritted teeth made little difference, seeing as his voice did not come from a larynx, but from a deep power in his chest.

The power that turned the corpse of a legend into a legendary corpse. "I want to ask you some questions.", he said, easing his grip and dropping her as quickly as he had grabbed her.

She saw a bat above them. She opened her mouth to scream, but it was filled with the tip of a sword. The razor sharp blade cut the corners of her mouth where her lips met, and it widened itself.

"I wouldn't do that.", he growled bleakly. "But then again, this situation is very familiar to me." He circled her. "A Scourge soldier, an enemy she had been taught to fear since adolescence. Standing in front of her, holding her fate in his hands. His cold, merciless hands.


She knew that she wouldn't walk away from this. "Who am I", the monster said weakly and un-expectedly. "You're a monster!", she screamed back at him. "I know.", he said. "Who WAS I?" She looked at him, saw the fear in his eyes, the veteran of the greatest war, who'd made the ultimate sacrifice in trying to save the world from the Scourge. His pride and spirit were broken. A veteran shouldn't look like this, self pity in his eyes.

She frowned. "What's your name?", she asked, more kindly, as if talking to a child. "I was Alecgos known as Alecgos in another life." She thought about this deeply. She noticed "Gos" in his name, suggesting his was in the order of the blue dragons, a wyvern, whereas red dragons were wyrms. She didn't know much of dragons, a simple student of magic, and astute scholar. But if she took him to her master. "Follow me.", she said cheerily. She began walking off. "Wait.", he said, a simple one-word sentence.

"How do I know I can trust you?", he said, the argument already waring from his voice. He supposed he could just destroy her if she was tricking him. "You don't.", she said, smiling cheekily, and skipped off. He followed at a steady pace toward the room that had produced her in the first place.

When he got there, she was standing by the great magical item, tapping her feet. "Well, I'm waiting.", she called in the frustrated playful voice of a teenage girl.

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He looked at the artifact, then stared at her soft, narrow face. "What is your name?", he asked gently this time. ".Alyssa. Why do you ask?" she asked in turn. "You know my name. It is only fair that I know yours. To that point she conceded. She was already liking this strange fellow. She put her hand on the item.

Alecgos noticed her bend over, and saw the beautiful heart shape of her ass in the skirt.


She looked around and saw him. She smiled naughtily. "It must have been very lonely in Northrend.", she said in a voice that could melt permafrost. Which is exactly what it did, melting his hard personality created by death and replacing it with an embarrassed blush that was easily covered by his gray, dead flesh and strong cheekbones protruding from his face.

She circled him, aroused by his obvious feeling of guilt. "Don't feel bad.", she said, staring at the saronite tasset. "But isn't it fair that I get to see you since you have such a revealing view of me?", she said with the logic of a schoolgirl.

She let a grin spread across her beautiful, tan face, exposing dimples that accented her long, pointed ears. A hand slipped down his chest and hard core to the tasset. It was easily removed by clicking a button in the middle-front, sort of like a belt buckle.

It fell to the ground with a hard clang, and she winced. "We shouldn't do this in such a public area.", she said seductively. "Follow me." She grabbed his hand and drug him a distance off, to a discreet tunnel that was seemingly abandoned. It was full of human bones, and cheaply fashioned armor that looked to be far to small for an adult.

Likely an old Forsaken hide-out. She proceeded with her earlier intentions, and undid the latches that kept his plate legs together, to find stained brown leather pants laced with dirty white fur underneath. Alecgos, not sure what was happening, took his plate off as well, and revealed a strong shirtless torso. Alyssa stood up from her bending position, and unlaced her skirt, revealing red lace panties.

She took off the shirt, and was found to not be wearing a bra, revealing round tits, naturally tan like the rest of her body and strangely large for the slender race of the Sin'dorei. They were at least 100 centimeters wide, a full chest. She got back onto her knees and undid the buckles of the pants. They were tight fitting on his muscular legs, and she had to pull them down. When she did, she saw the last thing keeping her from her prize, a leather set of briefs with a saronite cup.

The cup was strangely large.

She pulled them down slowly, and a stiff member, held back from it's true stature slapped her face. It felt like a cool belt whipping her. She was momentarily dazed, and he bent to check on her. She was rubbing the sore spot, and he moved her hand and placed his cold palm on it. It instantly stopped swelling. She was puzzled. "How did you do that?", she questioned. "I destroyed the blood vessel and turned it into a clot. I then rupture the clot by pushing blood from another vessel into it." She looked at him, amazed.

She had never thought of the Blood Aspect of a Death Knight's training as a positive force of healing. She re-focused on the task at hand. A quickly stiffening cock was staring her down, growing to it's full capabilities and filling with blood that had been restrained from it for some time by the tight pants and apparently enchanted cup, making it impossible for a Death Knight to be swayed by a seductress such as a Succubus or an enemy woman.

It was done growing now, and she guessed it to be about a foot long. She played with it for a while, nibbling here and there and fondling her right orb, when she finally gave it a warm, sloppy lick. Spearmint. It tasted deliciously like spearmint. Freezing cold and tasting divine, and without the sugary flavor of candy, it didn't give her a nasty feeling in her teeth. She licked it again, savoring the wonderful flavor of the herb on his member.

She looked at him and smiled, giggling a bit, before swallowing the tip. She felt that she was going too fast, and slowly, yet wetly released it, licking the line connecting the two parts of the head all the way to the tip before letting go of it. Then she grabbed it softly, her warm right hand contradictory to the cold feeling of the dead flesh. It felt so wrong doing this with an undead. but he had once been a hero, and she felt it was time for his service to be payed for.

She rubbed it, spitting on the pale white tree trunk that was the Death Knight's dick. The spit lubricated it, getting rid of the sticky friction created. Alecgos released a moan that could have matched the Banshee Queen, Sylvanas.

She continued to rub it, going slowly, praising it like a new toy, wondering how she could play with it best. Veins popped out as she moved a bit faster, not accelerating too quickly, as that would ruin the fun. It throbbed a bit, and she licked it. That was exactly the prompt it needed, and it released a glowing blue liquid all over her face and right hand.

She licked it experimentally. Gooey, and tasting of bitter spearmint, just like the dick itself, she relished it. It was wonderful.

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She licked it all off of her, and slid a finger off of her face to drink it too. His member was still hard, and was covered in it. She swallowed it whole, and licked the entirety of it clean, feeling the soft bumps of the veins and twangs of it matching what would have been his heartbeat, if it was still there.

She put her head to his chest, and sure enough, she heard a bumping sound. There was real life force flowing through this thing. This man.

Her master would be very pleased by her discovery. She kneeled again on the soft dirt floor of the cave and proceeded to jerk his cock.

It throbbed in her hands as she tightened her grip. There was something in that cum. It seemed like a strange aphrodisiac, and it made her horny. She had to some how hide that fact that she still had her hymen.

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She had never given her virginity, much less a blow job, but she had this strange need to. She couldn't resist the feeling anymore, and she licked it again, before letting her mouth be impaled by the strong horn. It tasted so good, and she knew this was something she could get used to. She swallowed little more than the head, and Alecgos was becoming impatient. He looked down at her. Her beautiful red hair shined in even the meager light of the hole in the ground, looking like a crimson torch, let down and flowing straight to her shoulder blades.

He brought his hand down and rubbed her delicate face sensually before placing it on her soft hair. He leaned back against the wall, but even at this position he still stood at least a foot over her. She was busy, licking away at the muscle, when he pushed her head, forcing her to swallow seven inches of hard dick.

She looked at him. She had the impulse to be mad, but she couldn't. She wanted it inside her mouth, she wanted to taste it bit by bit, and she had been teasing him a bit. She smiled through the member in her mouth, and looked back down to what she was doing. She was making a slurping noise at seven inches deep, but she hardly noticed it herself.

She brought her left hand up and fondled his balls. The too were cold, but they hand freely rather than shriveling up like most men.

She felt the need to accelerate, and sucked faster, making the slurping noise louder. Then she felt the throbbing again, and completely by impulse, Alecgos pushed her mouth all the way onto it, cumming deep in her throat. The delicious blue liquid flowed down her throat, and she held the cock in her mouth until it was empty.


She then released his dick very slowly, wanting it to last, wanting more, but she had tasted enough. She wanted it inside her, and she wanted it now. Alyssa stood and looked around. She found a table covered with empty vials and dust.

Alecgos followed, and cleared the table for her with a powerful gust of icy wind that seemed to be everywhere, but coming from nowhere. She sat on the table and spread her legs, feet put together so as to make a diamond shape, and played with her pussy, which was dripping wet inside of her red lace panties. She was so excited. She had always been a bit of a vixen, but she never dreamed of losing her virginity to the enemy, even if he wasn't really the enemy.

Alecgos knew what to do. He put his index and middle finger on the wet spot in her tied lace panties and rubbed like he had been doing so all of his life. Which, very well may have been the case. He still had no idea of his past, and this may have been the only way to find out.

As an added bonus, he had re-kindled some of his life force in this strange ritual. Maybe it wasn't so bad after all. He froze his fingers so they were covered in rock hard ice, and continued to rub her tight cunt through the lingerie.

It felt warm, and melted the ice slowly. His cock was rock hard again, needing to release perhaps decades of cumbersome stress.

He split his fingers, and the seemingly unbreakable ice snapped like a twig under the terrible strength of the Death Knight. He tore the panties off like paper and shoved two long, dexterous fingers into her pussy. They were encountered by a wall.

This girl was a virgin. "I know. I won't be that good. sorry.", she said weakly. He replied with a wicked smile. "That's fine. I remember.", and with that, he brought his finger out. He coated it with a glowing red magical force and shoved it back in. The hymen was covered by the red field, and evaporated instead of needing to be torn roughly and painfully on her part. He then took the finger out and dispelled the blood field.

She gasped as his finger returned, with an ally this time. The index and middle finger drove inside and he went only joint-deep, looking to see if any remainder of her cherry was left. It was gone, and he smirked, arrogantly proud of his work. He brought the two fingers home, going all the way in, responded to with a shriek of orgasmic pleasure from Alyssa. He thrust in and out slowly at first, toying with the beautiful snatch. It was covered in blondish-red hair, shaved neatly into a small triangle, a popular symbol of the elite guard of Silvermoon City, capital of the Blood Elves.

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He rubbed the top, and while his fingers were inside, he brought his other hand to the top of her snatch where the hair receded, and while she had her eyes closed, he began. It started a strange sensation. Then it felt very, very good.

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Alyssa opened her eyes to see Alecgos pinching her g-spot. He massaged it with her pussy. She threw her head back in agonizing pleasure, and felt a strange wetness come forth in her pussy. It flowed out all over the table, and she had convulsions as the orgasm took control. She banged her head against the wall, and that was the last thing she remembered.

When she woke up, lips met hers, and she was french kissed with a cold tongue that tasted strangely of iron. He was laying on top of her, buck naked. It was clear he had been waiting for her to wake up. She looked around, and saw his dick. It was very much still rock hard. She grabbed it, and jerked it a few times. "I'm ready, Alecgos.", she said slyly. He smiled a cold, hard smile, and flipped her over so that her ass was in the air and tits pressed against the table.

He looked at the beautiful mounds and squeezed one. It felt wonderful, squishy and fleshy, and very right. She looked at him for a moment, but was forced to look back toward the wall when she felt a sharp whipping pain hit her left ass cheek. It felt strangely good, and she looked back at him.

"Again! Do it again!", she cried, not caring anymore how wrong this was. He slapped her ass again, leaving a read hand print on her right cheek this time and producing a yowl of pain and enjoyment. Her ass was round, and full, and beautiful, the shape of a heart. It held the tight slit of her pussy, and the even tighter hole of her ass.

He squeezed the marked cheek hard and stuck the tip of his dick onto her pussy. Alecgos had no chance to tease, as Alyssa backed up and impaled herself upon his dick.

It filled her aching pussy, and she had no regrets for it. It was beautiful, hard, painful, wonderful. It was so many things, but most of all it was hers. She had no intentions of letting anyone else in on this dick. It was her first, and it would be her last too. But this wouldn't be her last time with it. She could feel it slamming into her, a thrust, followed by a sharp, "THWACK!", as his balls smacked her clit and his dick drove into home.

She screamed, and he fucked her, Alyssa having her first, and Alecgos having, if Alyssa could help it, his last.

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Alyssa screamed in Sin'dorei, a language that Alecgos couldn't understand, but he got the gist of what she was saying. He slammed home one more time, and Alyssa felt it again. The wonderful throbbing, but this time she felt the goo fill her pussy instead of her mouth. It was wonderful, like a second dick spreading farther in, causing her to have another orgasm as the cum flooded out and consequentially massaged her g-spot.

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It was the most wonderful experience of the Alyssa's life. She lay there exhausted, about to get up and put her clothes back on, when Alecgos put his arm on her back and massaged her pussy. "You want to go again?", she asked hungrily. All he did was smile. She bent over, putting her body in his hands. She expected to feel the beloved cock in her moist, spread pussy again. She was taken by surprise when the tip of the head touched her virgin asshole. The head went all the way in, and she screamed.

"What are you doing?!", she yowled violently. "I'm teaching you. Like I said I would.", he replied modestly, and continued his work, shoving a little more in. "But. that's my ass. You don't do that to the ass.", she said confusedly.

He laughed at her. "Calm down, it'll feel better when I lubricate it. His dick covered itself with blood. She didn't know that at the time, but it felt wonderful in the expanses of her colon.

He shoved more in, tearing her asshole apart. He came only two minutes, in, filling her asshole and letting it leak onto her pussy. It made him feel whole again. It made him feel alive. She smiled, getting used to this unusual practice, when taken by surprise, she shoved the entire pole in, twelve inches of hard, expanded dick in her virgin ass.

He had popped two cherries today, and they had both explored each other a great deal, and this was great. She had dirty feelings about the dick in her ass, and she let them happen.

It felt even better than her pussy. At the moment of that thought, she had an orgasm. She squirted all over Alecgos' legs and balls. She came. to a dick in her ass? She was becoming dirty, and she liked it. This was far from what she expected being sent to deliver a message to Lady. Lady Sylvanas! She had been sent from Silvermoon to give tell Lady Sylvanas that the Sin'dorei would support her against Garrosh! She would surely be punished.