Sexy asian gf teasing and stripping outdoors

Sexy asian gf teasing and stripping outdoors
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The High School Ensemble by aliveinpr My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies. Please read and enjoy this fictional writing. Tom Williams was elated as he drove home from Elmhurst High School. He knew his wife, Janet, would be thrilled at his news. Tom is 32, trim and athletic, with blonde hair and towering at 6'7". He was the right size, but never played basketball as he was uncoordinated in sports.

His wife, a fiery red head was the one to be athletic with a well defined figure. She was 30, 5' 7" and turned heads when entering a room. Both, Tom and Janet had studied music which landed Tom his job at Elmhurst High School as their musical director.

Janet had her own business at home teaching piano. Tom pulled into the driveway as he saw Janet watering the flower bed. Janet saw Tom as she turned off the water and ran to the car. As Janet threw her arms around his neck, she asked, "So, what is this big surprise you said you had?" Tom said, "Let's get inside and I'll explain everything," as he handed her an envelope.

Janet followed her husband to the house as she opened the envelope and discovered several airline tickets. "What are these?" asked Janet, "there are fourteen airline tickets here." Tom took her hand and led her to the couch where they sat facing each other. Tom then said, "Our ensemble has been chosen to represent the state to compete against the other forty nine states high school ensembles/choirs. The annual competition to honor the state with the finest voices. This would mean that we would perform at sports events, state dinners, and maybe even the White House.

This is an honor I have honed my students for and I feel they are ready. We have taken honors at our state high school competitions, and now on to the national competition.

Janet hugged Tom as their lips met in a very sensual kiss. Janet then pulled back and began to jump up and down as she screamed, "TELL ME, TELL ME, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE?" Tom pulled her back down on the couch and said, "I have seven girls and five boys in the ensemble so I will have five rooms.

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Three double bed rooms for the girls and one room with double beds and a cot for the boys. Then there will be my room for me and my accompanist. I've heard that she is a real looker and close to my age. I wonder if she will share my bed for the three days we will be there?" Janet gave a scowled stare and said, "What do you mean, I am the only one in this marriage that can sleep around." Tom then waved the airline tickets in her face and said, "You have been chosen as our accompanist, so be ready to share my bed." Janet grabbed Tom's crotch and said, "Not funny.

We agreed a long time ago that we would swing with only other men." They then laughed as Janet led Tom to the dinner table. Tom pulled Janet away from the kitchen and asked, "Can you keep dinner for tomorrow night? I think we should go out and celebrate tonight." Janet then turned and began to put the planned dinner away. She looked at Tom and said, "Let's get ready, this excitement has me hungry and horny." Tom smiled and said, "Go get that sexy dress on, I want everyone to see my sexy wife as we stroll into the restaurant.

You know I like men to drool over your sexy body. You are always in a very sexy mood when you are excited over good news." Janet asked, "Should I wear panties, or do you want me to show off under the table to excite other men?" "Wow," said tom, "that's a great idea, You will be ready and hot for me when we get home." Janet went to get ready for their night out and she knew the restaurant they were going to.

The food was fabulous and the table cloths were short where their legs could be seen from the other tables. She was beginning to tingle as her pussy was oozing her juices.

She loved to show off, but not quite a true exhibitionist. Janet loved the raw and wild sex with her husband. Being in a motel room with her husband for three days would also be a fun pleasure. Her only reservation was having Tom's cock only when they were in their room away from the kids. She would also have to curb her flirting and teasing other men. Janet and Tom had a great dinner as Janet noticed the men at two tables kept glancing at her. She was sure to part her legs knowing that her short dress would not cover the view to her bare shaved pussy.

As they kept glancing at her, she teased by spreading her legs wide for a minute and then close them to a three inch gap, then spread again. She knew they were having images of passionate sexual intimacy with her. Tom knew her habit and he smiled the entire time they dined.

As they left the restaurant, Janet cling tight to Tom and as they approached the car, she pressed her pussy hard against him and said, "Fuck me right now. I don't care if anyone walks by and sees us, I'm hot and want cock." Tom held her tight for a second and then said, "You will have to wait until we get home to continue our celebration." Janet gave her pouting face as she got in the car. In her mood, she was quiet on the ride home, she was ready and wanted to be fucked hard.

The day arrived. Janet had rescheduled the piano lessons for the week and bought some very sexy night gowns for her husband. She wanted as much time with him in their room as possible. Two of the other parents helped with the transportation to the airport for a very grateful Tom for the help.

The flight to California was smooth and several of the kids entertained the passengers with a rehearsal as the surprise to Tom and Janet. Everyone was happy with the room arrangements and they gathered in the dinning room for dinner. As dinner was finishing, the kids began to wander to their rooms supposedly for a good night's rest. Tom and Janet knew they were too excited and would probably be up all night, phoning, texting or watching TV.

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Janet and Tom got to their room and Janet immediately changed into a sheer white hip length night gown with no panties. Tom undressed quickly and began to pinch her nipples as he buried his face in her pussy. Janet pulled Tom up to her as she was having a climax and insisted that he fuck her hard and deep.

Janet was having her second orgasm as Tom was holding back as long as he could. Janet then begged, "Fuck your cum into me. YES, FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEE HARD." Tom could hold off no longer and his cock began to swell and throb as his cum was pumped deep into her womb, causing Janet to have her third orgasm.

Tom's cock was still in her pussy as they laid together to settle and then sleep. Tom jerked as he heard a knock on the door and he pulled his softening cock from Janet's pussy. Janet laid quiet as Tom went to the door. Jacob, one of the members of the ensemble, asked him if he could talk with him. Tom glanced at Janet and she nodded her head 'yes'. Before Janet could pull the covers over her half naked body, Tom had Jacob enter and sit on the second bed.

Jacob noticed that Janet was exposed, but tried to keep looking away. Janet thought, 'what the hell, if he looks, I don't mind.' Tom didn't notice that Janet was exposed as he wondered what was so important for Jacob to see him. Janet noticed that Jacob might be ready for bed as he was wearing a 'T' shirt and loose shorts.

Without thinking, Tom returned to his bed and was sitting behind Janet, causing Jacob to look past a beautiful half clothed woman. Tom asked Jacob what was wrong and Jacob began, "I don't know who to talk to, other than you. I have a problem getting along with other people. I seem to be pushed away and the guys at school call me a 'sissy' since I sing in the ensemble." Tom looked at him and said, "There's nothing 'sissy' about singing.

Men sing all the time, in church, those that act in movies, and at parties. Well, at parties, lousy if they are drunk, but great most of the time." Janet then sat up, swung her legs over the edge of the bed which exposed her pussy and said, "Jacob, why would you feel singled out? How about the other boys next door?

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Do they feel alone and 'sissy'?" Jacob said, "They are in their own 'click' and seem to leave me out of their discussions." Janet asked, "How about your girlfriend?" Jacob's eyes enlarged as he noticed Janet's legs spread wider. Janet noticed where Jacob's eyes were focused, but then thought, 'I like him looking, I don't care, he's a big boy'.

Finally he said, "I don't have a girlfriend. I just don't know how to approach them. There are two in our ensemble that I really like, but I don't know what to say." Tom asked, "You are a senior this year, right?" "Yes," Jacob said.

"I turned 18 just a month ago." Janet thought, 'Hum legal, he's trying not to look. I'll get his attention.' Tom leaned to Janet and whispered, "He has a hard on, let him see more pussy." Janet was hot now as she scanned his loose shorts to see a very large bulge. She then turned more toward Jacob and spread her legs further apart hoping he could see Tom's cum seeping from her pussy. Janet asked, "Do you like looking at naked ladies in the magazines?" Jacob blushed and looked at the floor as he said, "Ah, well, yeah, I like them." Janet then asked, "Do you jack off looking at them, and wish you were fucking them?" Jacob turned a deep shade of red, and put his hands on his lap to cover his bulge and said, "Ah, er, yeah, I guess." Janet said, "It's not a shame to look at their pussies and want to fuck them.

Do you like to look at my pussy?" She spread her legs wide for him. Jacob's eyes were now wide as he looked at her pussy. Janet then asked, "Can you see my husband's cum leaking from my pussy. He just finished fucking me before you came to see us." Jacob said, "Really? You guys just got done doing it?" "Yes," said Janet, "I'd like to see how you jack off.

Maybe we can give you some helpful hints so you can hit on the two girls in our group." Jacob said, "I can't do that, not in front of anyone." Janet said, "I'll show you how girls masturbate." She now spread her legs wide so he could fully see her shaved pussy. She spread her labia with both hands so he could clearly see her vagina. She said, "Jacob, come over here and kneel in front of me so you can get a good look at my pussy." Jacob looked at Tom and saw Tom smiling as he nodded his approval.

Quickly Jacob got on his knees in front of Janet's spread legs. All the time he tried to hide his hard on with his hands. Janet ran her fingers around the labia as her other hand began to strum her clit. Janet soon began to ooze her juices as Tom's cum was now flowing. Janet said, "Take off your shorts, I want to see your hard cock." Jacob hesitated a moment, then stood and began to shove his shorts down his legs.

His cock sprang up as the elastic of his shorts freed his cock. Janet's eyes enlarged as she saw his huge cock with pre-cum glistening from his piss hole. She licked her lips as he was still standing and she scooted forward and sucked his cock into her mouth.

Jacob was shocked and began to fall as his legs trembled.

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He didn't know what to do as Janet's mouth sealed around his shaft and she sucked hard. Janet was now holding on to his hips to steady him. Tom said, "You will like the way she sucks cock. Soon you will feel the head of your cock in her throat." Janet reached and grabbed Jacobs hand and placed it on her pussy. Jacob got the hint and began to insert his fingers in her pussy making her moan with the pleasure. Janet began to suck harder as she fondled his balls.

Jacob said, "I've read stories of this, but I thought it was just stories." Tom said, "Most women like to pleasure a man by sucking his cock. Wait until you cum and she swallows all your semen." Janet and Tom smiled as they noticed Jacob's legs begin to shake and his hips lunged forward as he then spewed his seed into Janet's mouth. Janet said, "Jacob, you will learn to hold back, not to cum so fast.

Make is last for the two of you." Jacob sank to the floor as his eyes were glued to his view, the sight of a woman's open legs, her pussy open and showing white gobs of cum.

Janet said, "You have a beautiful cock, larger than most. Once girls know you are 'hung', you won't have trouble getting a girlfriend. Probably several wanting to be your girlfriend." Janet noticed that Jacob's cock was recouping and was quickly enlarging. She said, "You're lucky, you are young enough to where you can get an erection quicker than most men. Women like that too." Now Janet laid back and spread her legs wide and said, "Fuck me Jacob, I want to feel your cock." Jacob looked at Tom, and Tom smiled and said, "She wants to feel your cock, she wants to be fucked." Jacob looked stunned and Janet said, "Come here." She was sure that Jacob, being virgin, was not sure what he was supposed to do.

As Jacob approached, Janet grabbed his cock and guided it to her pussy. Jacob instinctively knew to push when he felt the bulbous head between her labia. His cock entered easily and Janet felt how large his cock was as her pussy was stretched. Once Jacob was pushing against her cervix, Janet grabbed his ass and pulled him tight to her.

She then placed her hands on his shoulders and pulled his head to hers and then said, "God, you have a nice cock, it's bigger than Tom's. Once girls know you have such a nice cock and know how to fuck, you won't be lonely." Jacob then began to slowly pull out and then push back in, Janet said, "Yes, baby, fuck my pussy, I want to feel your cock slam against my cervix.

God, you feel so good." Jacob then began to fuck his first pussy. He was excited to feel a pussy around his cock instead of his hand, a feeling he liked immensely. Jacob thought, 'my cock surrounded by a warm mouth, and now squeezed tight inside a warm wet pussy. I hope she's right that I should be able to find girlfriends.' Tom watched his wife being fucked by one of his students and his cock was seeping pre-cum knowing that Janet would soon have another load of cum deep in her womb.

Janet was now moaning as she looked down her torso to see a young cock pumping into her pussy. Soon, she was screaming, "YES, YES, FUCK ME WITH THAT BIG COCK, FUCKKKKKKK MEEEEE." Her body began to shake and her legs spasmed as her vaginal juices flooded from her pussy.


She turned her head toward Jacob's neck and began to kiss him. Then she felt the boys cock shift and she pushed her pelvis hard into him as her lips locked onto his neck.

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She had never had such a strong orgasm before, this naive boy was fucking her in a way she never imagined. Tom watched his wife overwhelmed in her orgasm and his cock spewed his own cum in his boxers from the excitement as his wife was being fucked by his student. Janet felt Jacob's cock swelling and she pulled him tight as she said, "Cum in me." Jacob said, "I'm ready, I'm going to cum." Janet yelled, "YES, FUCK ME, SHOOT YOUR CUM INTO ME." Tom then said, "YES, fuck her good.

I want you to fuck your cum deep in my wife. FUCK HER, FUCK HER." Jacob's legs began to shake, his ass cheeks spasmed and he yelled, "I CAN'T HOLD IT, HERE IT COMES." Janet and Tom both chanted, "Fuck yes. Fuck yes." Janet felt his cock throbbing as he was pumping his cum into her womb. She was shaking at the feeling and biting and sucking his neck at the same time.

Jacob was finally spent and his cock began to soften.


Janet kept holding him tight, her klegal muscles were squeezed tightly, she didn't want to let his cock leave the confines of her pussy. Jacob's cock softened where Janet couldn't hold him any longer, he was separated where he and Tom watched a flood of cum draining from her spread legs. Janet just laid back, relaxed with a smile as her hands fondled her own breasts. Tom told Jacob that they couldn't tell anyone what just happened, he could lose his job, even tho Jacob was of legal age.

Tom said, "We need to keep quiet, but sometimes, you can come to our house for 'voice lessons'." Jacob promised that he wouldn't say anything and thanked them for teaching him about life and how to treat a woman.

Janet said, "when you get back to your room, it will be late and the other guys will see the hickies on your neck. When, and they will, ask where you have been, just tell them you found a girl and you were on a quick date. Tom said, "When you visit us next week, I will teach you how to please a woman with your tongue." Jacob didn't understand until Janet said, "A woman loves to have her pussy eaten and tongued, it's a real turn on before, and sometimes after, your cock goes into them." Jacob asked, "You mean you put your mouth on her pussy?" Tom said, "She puts her mouth on your cock, so why not.

They love a mouth and tongue on their clit and pussy." Janet noted that Jacob was erect again under his shorts and wanted him again. She reasoned that since it is so late, the guys in his room would have too many questions.

She gave him a hug and kiss as he left their room. The next morning, Janet and Tom left their room for breakfast. Janet noticed the two girls that Jacob liked and she said to tom, "I'm going to sit with the girls. You should join the other guys." Janet sat at the table with the girls and gave the waitress her order. As they were all discussing the upcoming competition, Janet blurted out, "Oh, my God.

Do you see that?" The girls seemed confused until Janet said, "Look at Jacob. He must have gotten lucky last night. His neck is full of hickeys.

He must have something special about him to have a girl that excited." The girls began to squirm in their chairs as they looked at Jacob. "Oh, wow," said one of the girls. "Yeah, I wonder who he is going with," said another. Janet knew she had planted the seed for Jacob. The competition lasted longer than the three days, It was tough between Elmhurst High School and two other schools.

Both Tom and Janet watched Jacob as he was now being stalked by the two girls he liked. On the fourth day, Jacob went to Tom and Janet's room and told them that the girl he liked the most had cornered him and felt his cock as she gave him a passionate, open mouth kiss.

Jacob said, "She kept rubbing her pussy mound against me. She knew I was interested when I pawed her breasts and pushed harder against her." Janet was thrilled with his news and went to her knees and pulled Jacob's cock out and began to suck hard.

It didn't take Jacob long before he was pumping cum down her throat. The days progressed before flying home. Jacob informed Tom and Janet that both girls have now given him their phone numbers for dates when they get home. Jacob informed Janet that both girls have sucked his cock and told him that they never saw a cock as large as his. Janet said, "You have to realize, you are going to need to make a choice once you fuck them. You will need to choose which one you will date on a regular basis.

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Well. there are times where a guy can have two girls, it's rare, but you might be the lucky one." Elmhurst High School won the competition. There was an all school greeting when they got off the airplane. Janet and Tom noticed that Jacob was holding the hands of both girls as they deplaned. They both knew he was going to be one tired boy in a weeks time. They knew that he was also going to be a popular Senior, especially once the other girls learned his secret.

Janet squeezed Tom's hand as she whispered, "I hope he won't be too tired to learn how to eat pussy."