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Fantastic sweetheart from bangkok gets fucked hard brunette cumshot
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(If you have not read parts 1 & 2, it would help the continuity to do so, however I will give a short introduction below.) INTRODUCTION My wife and I had taken a vacation of 7 to 9 days at a lake cabin for the last 20 years. After last year's vacation we discovered my wife had advanced cancer.

She dies a couple of months later. A few days before she died, she made me promise I would go at least one last time without her. I had arrived on Saturday.

Sunday I had sex with Sarah, one of the young housekeeping staff, who wanted to thank me for helping her with her basketball skills the last five years. Monday I had sex with Maggie, another one of the young housekeeping staff, who wanted to thank me for helping her with her math course over the last five years. She had finished 2 years of college mathematics before the end of high school and now had completed 2 full years of college.

She was on schedule to get her bachelor's degree in just 3 years. CURRENT TIME I woke up Tuesday morning ready for my 3rd full day of vacation. I suspected it would not be as pleasurable as the last 2.

I was meeting some of my wife's relatives for breakfast, then spending the day with them. I left a note for housekeeping stating what I wanted done along with a generous tip. I arrived at the restaurant, a nice local business, not one of the national chains.

My wife and I would eat there 2 or 3 times while on vacation. I went inside and waited for her aunt and uncle to arrive. I ordered a cup of coffee. This was unusual for me. I am not a big coffee fan, but my wife had made me try the coffee here. It was perfect, not bitter, but smooth. I put a little sugar in it, my wife would "not approve", she thought coffee should be black. "Hi Drew," came the voice of my wife's aunt breaking me out of my reverie.

I looked up to see my wife's Aunt Carol, Uncle Walt, and a third person approaching the table. I had seen her aunt and uncle several times. Some years when we were on vacation we had a meal with them. Sometimes at their home, others at a restaurant.

The third person looked familiar, but I could not put a name to the face. I stood up and gave Aunt Carol a hug and shook Uncle Walt's hand. "Hello, Aunt Carol and Uncle Walt. It is good to see you," I said. "Do you remember our daughter, Cindy?" Aunt Carol asked. It came back to me. I had met my wife's cousin a couple of times. Cindy was very friendly, and very attractive.

We shook hands before we all sat down at the table. Cindy sat next to me with Carol and Walt on the other side. We ordered and then chatted until the food came. While we ate I learned that Cindy had recently lost her husband to a car accident almost a year ago.

Carol kept bringing the conversation back to Cindy. I began to feel uncomfortable seeing this meeting as a setup. The food however was excellent as always. After we finished we left in their car to visit one of the nearby state parks. We spent several hours hiking and talking. Aunt Carol continued to bring the conversation back to Cindy. She kept dropping hints like "how lonely Cindy was" and "was I feeling lonely".

Cindy spoke very little. She almost acted like she was embarrassed to be there. We left the park and had a light lunch before playing a couple of rounds of mini-golf. Uncle Walt was an avid golfer and did far better than the rest of us. Cindy seemed to be bored and uninterested after the first round. After we finished they took me back to my car.

Aunt Carol asked if I could give Cindy a ride home since it was is the direction I was going and they were going grocery shopping. I agreed.Cindy and I got into my car and she gave me directions. Just after we got going Cindy said, "I'm sorry about that. Mom is pushing me to start dating again, but I am just not ready." Relieved I responded, "I could tell your tell mom was trying to push us together.

I'm not ready to start dating either." We talked about how our lives had changed since our spouses died until we arrived at her house. She asked me if I would like to come in. I agreed with a little reservation. We went in, sat down, and continued to talk. She offered me a soft drink. I accepted. We continued our conversation for a couple of hours.

It was interesting how we had been going through the same struggles and emotional rollercoaster. "Would you like to stay for supper?" Cindy asked. "Nothing special, meatloaf, potatoes, and green beans." "That sounds wonderful," I answered.

"What can I do to help?" "Nothing. The meatloaf and potatoes just need to be put in the oven for an hour," she responded. "The beans just need to boil on the stove for the last 10 minutes." She left for the kitchen.

I suddenly got suspicious of her motives. However it was good to talk to someone who understood what I was going through. In a few minutes she was back. She turned on the television. We watched the local news broadcast. It had all the normal segments national, state, local, weather, sports.

Cindy had an opinion about many of the stories. It was the first time she seemed relaxed enough to start and control the conversation. She was knowledgeable and her views were well thought out.

I was surprised how much her views matched mine. I enjoyed discussing them with her. Then a timer went off. "Time to get the beans going," Cindy said. "Would you mind setting the table?" "No, not at all," I answered. I followed her into the kitchen. Everything was very neat and organized. She told me where everything was and I arranged them on the small table just outside the kitchen.

She continued to work in the kitchen. "Would you like some wine with supper?" she asked. "Yes, I would," I answered although I seldom drank wine. One of my uncles was an alcoholic and I had seen what it had done to my aunt and my cousins. Then he died in a car crash with a blood alcohol level of .20. The timer went off again and Cindy started putting the food on the table. I watched as she bent over to take things out of the oven.

Her rear end was very round and firm. Her breasts, although not huge, were large enough to be very noticeable as they hung there.

She put the meatloaf on the table. I watched more intently when she bent over to retrieve the potatoes. When she stood up she noticed me watching her and smiled.

She put the potatoes on the table then went back to retrieve a bottle of wine. Again I watched intently as she walked away. She retrieved the bottle and a corkscrew. We sat down, I opened the wine, and poured 2 glasses. She served me some of the meatloaf, au gratin potatoes, and green beams. The meatloaf was excellent, better than my wife used to make. The au gratin potatoes were also wonderful.

The green beans were good, I found out she had frozen them after picking them from her garden last year. I had seen a large garden out in the back yard.

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It was too early for anything to come out of it this year. Over dinner she told me about her children, a girl and a boy about the same ages as mine. They were both married and lived nearby. She had no grandchildren yet.

I had one grandson. She then changed the subject to living alone. I refilled our wine glasses for the second time. She spoke about how hard it had been for her when the kids married and moved out. My wife had also gone through a difficult time when our kids had moved out. She quickly drank the wine and got another bottle. The wine was very smooth and went down easily. I uncorked the second bottle and again filled our glasses. Cindy got a nervous look on her face and visibly tensed up.

She drank her wine and began to relax. "How … how long has it been since you were with a woman?" she asked. The question took me by surprise but I answered, "It's been some time." I purposely kept my answer vague. I didn't want her to know about my encounters the last two days with the young women at the resort.

She paused then said, "I haven't been with a man since my husband died. Almost a year now. I … I miss the closeness. I … I miss that feeling of ecstasy. With . With someone deep inside me." She paused again. She looked at me, waiting for a some response. She leaned back in her chair.

Pushing her chest out. She was not large on top, but she was not small either. She sipped some more of her wine finishing her current glass. I am not sure what she read from my face or body language. But my penis began to react positively to what she seemed to be suggesting. It began pressing against my pants. She noticed and leaned forward. She began rubbing her fingers along the length of my rod. This caused me to stiffen further. "Would you like to go to the bedroom?" Cindy asked.

I hesitated. My body was definitely saying yes, but my mind was saying no. I didn't want a difficult relationship. But Cindy was so attractive and desirable. Cindy must have realized at least part of my dilemma. "I'm not looking for any long term commitment. Nor anything that could get complicated," she said. "Also, just so you know, I had my tubes tied after my youngest was born. No surprise pregnancy." She took my hand and led me down the hallway to the bedroom.

It smelled flowery. She pulled down the bedspread and sheet. Then She pulled off her top over her head. I removed my shirt. She turned to face me. Her breasts were larger than I thought. She moved close and we kissed. Her lips were soft and supple. I put my arms around her, hugged her tight, pressing her bra covered mounds into my chest. My penis was straining against the front of my pants. She ground her hips into me as our tongues explored each others mouths.

Cindy moved back slightly and I felt her hands as the unfastened my pants. She tugged on them dropping my pants and underwear to my ankles. I slipped off my shoes and kicked my pants to the side. I unfastened her pants and pulled them and her underwear over her round hips. I grabbed her hips and pulled her groin to mine. Cindy moved her lips slowly down my body. She paused and kissed and sucked on my nipples. They hardened and became very sensitive.

She then moved to her knees and took my rod into her hand. She wrapped her fingers around it and slowly stroked it from tip to base. She moved in and kissed the head of my penis, giggling as it jumped at each touch. Cindy cupped my balls with her other hand, rolling them around tenderly, lightly caressing them with her fingers.

I moaned my approval. She must have sensed that I was getting close to climax. She took me deep inside her mouth. Her tongue swirled around my member. I felt the pressure building, but held off for a short time more. She made one last move taking the remainder of me in. I groaned as I exploded several jets of hot cream into her throat. She sucked hard swallowing all I had to give her. I moved and collapsed onto the bed, before I fell over.

"Good to know I haven't lost my ability," Cindy said as she joined me on the bed. "I … I should say not. That was wonderful," I said still catching my breath.

She was laying on her side facing me. Her breasts were right in front of my face. I kissed the nipple closest to the bed. It was erect, hard, and longer than most. I took it into my mouth and circled my tongue around it and across the tip. "Oooo, that feels so nice," she said pressing it firmly into my mouth. I sucked hard and continued to use my tongue. "The other one is feeling left out," Cindy stated. I moved to the other one repeating the process.

It became hard and erect. "Oooo, that feels nice to," she purred. I moved my hand until I found her pussy.


She lifted her upper leg allowing me easy access. I traced my finger around the outside of her pussy lips. She already swollen and very wet. My fingers became moist and slippery. I moved them along the length of the crack between her lips. "That feels much better," she said as her breathing was becoming more rapid. "It's been so long since a man has touched me and kissed me in those places. D … don't stop." I pushed my fingers between her lips.

The hot moisture oozed out coating my fingers and dripping onto the bed.

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I moved to the top of her slit and encountered her clit. Cindy jerked and let out a squeal of delight. I circled around her clit and she moaned deeplypushing it up against my fingers. I lightly pinched her clit and again squealed with delight. "Oh, it's been so long since someone made me feel so good," she exclaimed. "Keep going." I kept my thumb on her love button and slowly began to push a couple of fingers into her love hole.

She was surprisingly tight and her vaginal walls alternatively squeezed and relaxed around my fingers.

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I pushed them in all of way and she moaned again. I began pumping my fingers in and out of her. She rolled on her back and began writhing around. My mouth lost contact with her nipple. "Use … use you mouth down below," she demanded. "Please, please use your mouth on me," she pleaded. I moved down between her legs with my lips just above her steaming pussy. Her musky scent was so entrancing. I breathed it deeply to appreciate her odor. I continued pumping my fingers in and out of her as my tongue reached her clit.

I licked the tip and she moaned loudly in appreciation. I circled my tongue around and over the top. "Oh, yes! Oh, yes! Don't stop!" she exclaimed. I sucked hard, bringing her clitoris into my mouth and gave it a light nibble. "OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!," she screamed.

I felt her body shudder. She clamped down on my fingers inside her. She lifted her head, shoulders, a legs off the bed. Then it broke over her. Cindy shook, spasmed, and writhed as I continued to tease her with my mouth, tongue, and fingers. Her juices flowed out freely, dampening her skin and the sheets below her.

She relaxed for a few seconds, then she arched her backed into the air a number of times screaming "oh my God, oh my God". I maintained my pleasuring of her until she said, "Stop!

Stop!" I stopped, removing my mouth and fingers. She continued to shake and writhe for some time, while trying to catch her breath. "It been so long since I had back to back orgasms," she said.

Once she recovered she opened her arms for me to hug her. I moved purposefully up her body kissing as I went I paused at her bellybutton. She giggled and jumped slightly. I moved to her breasts cupping one with my hand and taking the other into my mouth. I sucked hard and her nipple stiffened in my mouth. She moaned and she pushed the back of my head pressing me tightly into her. After a few minutes she pulled me up and we kissed.

I loved the feeling of our bodies pressed together and her stiff breasts pushing into my chest. My penis had begun to come back to life and was pressing against her pussy lips. I could feel the heat emanating from inside her. As we continued kissing Cindy began moving her hips, causing my penis to harden further.

It became uncomfortable so I lifted my hips allowing it to straighten. Cindy helped me out and positioned me to come inside her.

I cautiously lowered myself into her, experiencing her tight hole with my willing rod. "This is what I have been waiting for. You feel so big inside me," she exclaimed. I continued to push inside. I began to push in and out going deeper with each stroke. Cindy moaned and sighed in appreciation.

I soon was fully inside her. She tightened around me. It felt extremely wonderful as she squeezed and relaxed around me. I had to concentrate on not cumming to quickly. After gathering myself I began pumping into her in coordination with her contractions. She gave out alternating "ooos" and "ahhhs".

We both quickened our pace as we bumped pelvises. I felt the pressure building, my balls tightened, I exploded into her as she arched her back and let out a shriek. "Yes, yes, yes! Keep going.

Don't stop!", she screamed. Her body shook uncontrollably.

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Her vaginal muscles twitched around my pumping member. I shot multiple loads into her hot tunnel. Cindy arched her back again, her body shuddered, and she clamped down on my penis like a vise. I slowed down but didn't stop moving in and out. She continued to move to the rhythm we had established. The satisfied look on her face deepened as she went limp on the bed. I hugged her tight for a minute or so, then rolled on my back beside her on the bed. After some time she rolled on her side a snuggled against me.

"Thank you, so very much.

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I had nearly forgotten what that feels like," Cindy whispered. "Thank you!" "I am glad I could help.

I think I enjoyed myself as much as you did," I responded as I caressed her back. We lay with our arms around each other as our bodies cooled down. Cindy got up first and went into the bathroom across the hall. I heard the water running and then the toilet flush. I watched her coming back into the room admiring her toned shapely body. She caught me staring appreciatively. "That makes me feel almost as good as the sex," she said.

"I have an early appointment for a fishing trip tomorrow," I said sitting up. "I didn't expect you to stay the night. Beside, I am going to be sore after today's activities," Cindy said. I got up and we hugged before I went into the bathroom to wash up. When I returned to the bedroom Cindy had gotten dressed.

I dressed quickly. Cindy was waiting for me in the living room. One more hug and I left. On my drive back to the cabin I kept thinking how lucky I was. For a vacation which I had been reluctant to take I was having an unimaginably great time.

Sex with 2 women in their early twenties and now with an incredibly lovely woman about my own age. I wondered what the remaining 5 days would bring. I walked into the cabin and closed things down for the night.

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I went into the bedroom and got undressed laying my clothes on the king-sized bed. Then I noticed a note on one of the pillows.


It read: "Hi, Mr. Thomas. Sorry I missed you today. I had something I wanted to give you. Hope to see you before you leave. Love, Sammy" I went to sleep wondering and imagining what she wanted to give me.