Anal fucking and blowjobs for all in orgy

Anal fucking and blowjobs for all in orgy
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Chaper I - A hot little scene After he was long gone I peeked out to see if my Dad or Selena was out there, but all was clear.

I hurried down the hall, my feet making light footfalls as I hurried to the bathroom I share with her, I went in, locked the door. I let my clothes fall to the floor around my feet then Looking at my body in the mirror and for the hundredth time I noticed my breasts were smaller than Selena's but feeling it now especially. "Pff, what ever." Shoving the idea out of my head I turn on the shower and I reach my hand under the water, feeling as it warmed up before I got in.

Tilting my head back I let the water cascade through my short red hair, hot little streams of water flowing down my back to my ass and down my legs. Over my shoulders. Down my perky little breasts, and flat stomach where my fingers were going back and forth a little. Scratching lightly at my skin and moving lower and lower. I pinched my strawberry pink nipple. Sliding my fingers up and down over the bare skin of my slit, teasing myself a little. Closing my eyes.

One hand on the wall, the other on my breasts. Squeezing. Pinching my nipples. Recalling the feel of the last guy that had done that time. then Imagining my father's hand instead. "Oh. damn" My forearm on the wall, head down I started sliding my fingers up and down my lips.

slowly and gently making the little circles at the top "Mmmm!" that image, his long dick pushing into Selena from behind changed and he was thrusting into me. "Oh. gawd." I quietly whispered. Biting my bottom lip. His cock stretching me as he pumped that long shaft into my pussy, filling me deep.

My petite breasts rocking as he thrust into my. It didn't take long, my fingers moving faster. faster "nnn.


mmMM. AHHh!" Star bursts exploded behind my eyes as I came, hard. breathing fast as waves of pleasure washed over me. the hot water flowing from the shower head cascaded down my body. I finished the tedious work of washing and shampooing, before heading back to my room wrapped in a towel.

Chapter II "I'm glad to see you two are getting along for a change. You've been fighting too much since I got back last week." Angela said two the two young women in the back seat of her crossover who were giggling and laughing together.

"Yea we had fun." Said Selena "Fun? I thought you were studying. I thought that's why you went over there on Thursdays." Yea, but we got done early.

Selena answering her mother again. She usually did the speaking when she and her step sister were together.

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Well what else did you do? Oh just, you know, watched something. Something good? She and Chloe looked at each other and started laughing "It was Awful! You ever see one of those movies that's so bad it's funny?" "Yea it was like the WORST Thing I've ever seen!" That was so bad I think it gave me cancer! Chloe finally chiming in before they started laughing again, their girlish laughter filling the car.

Angela couldn't help but smile because of them. They were nearly home now, their car pulled into the garage and the three women filed into the house. "Well I'm going to go to the basement to finish some work. Probably till late. You two go on upstairs, you need to start getting ready for bed before too long." "OK we will Mom." They said they're goodnights and parted ways, she heading down to the basement and they up to the second story together.

You want to watch some TV or something? Selena asked. Yea sure. They went into Selena's room, closed the door, and turned on the TV for late evening sitcom re-runs.

"OMG I'm glad your mom didn't notice anything." Chloe said "Naw, It's cool. She never notices shit any way." ".And don't Brit's parents ever notice whole bottles of wine go missing?

I am so drunk!" "I mean, either They don't notice or They don't care. You had like two glasses of wine! That's not enough to get drunk. Not really." I had the same amount as you. Exactly. You're not even tipsy? No! "Yea whatever, Selena the badass!" "You just got to learn how to maintain. Be cool. You should drink more often. You're funny" Thanks They shared a smile and the conversation died off for a moment.

So, tell me about this new guy. "What new guy?" "You know what I'm talking about. " "No, I don't." Selena said, staring straight forward, away from her step sister, her tone turning a bit defensive.

Chloe still looking at her, letting the silence hang in the air for a second. "Britney said she noticed it too. You're definitely getting the good stuff. *chucking* the good. stuff." "I am not! You don't know what you're talking about!" "How is he?

It's really big, isn't it?" Selela's facade cracking as she blushed and looked away. Oh my god! You are such a ssslut! Selena covering her face, trying not to laugh. "Come on, who is it?" "No one" The laughter suddenly gone from her. "OK tell me this. How is he?" "What do you mean?" "You know what I mean." Chloe looking at Selena with a real glint in her eyes that made her look away in an attempt to hide her smile and that she was blushing ".Amazing!" "HA!

I Knew it!" Victorious in her ferreting out her secret, Chloe put her hands on her step sisters shoulder holding her as they were both lost in laughter for a moment. as that died down. "But I can't say who.

I really can't." It's a teacher! It's Mr. De Farge! They were both lost again in laughter again for a moment "OH GOD that's disgusting! You can see is back hair sticking out his shirt collar!" "His wife really needs to shave his back or something." "Oh gross, no it's not Mr. De Farge." "Yea, well lucky you any way. I need to find a guy." "Yes you do." "If I don't get a boyfriend soon maybe you can share yours with me?" Chloe laughed at her own joke "Maybe, we'll see." Selena said dismissively at this point she was sat on the floor with her back to her bed.

Chloe settled down, laying on her side facing Selena. "Well, tell me everything. How big is his thing?" "His dick, is huge." Yea? Yea. "does he make you? you know." "Cum? ohh yea." Selena looking away for a moment What does he do? I don't know. after a moment of silence "I got him to smack my ass" "Oh yea? You like that?" "Yea." Chloe smiled, showing her interest. Isn't there any one you could hook up with? Selena asked. "Well, there is some one, but they're kind of not available.

I mean, I don't know if he would be interested." Then trying to redirect the conversation "Let me ask, Did you ever do something with a guy that he didn't like?" "Um, you remember that guy named Ricky? I hooked up with him." "Ricky. Evens?" after a brief searching look passed over Selena's face Oh god. NO! GOD no.


Fuck no! Ricky O. "OHhh! " "Why would you even think that?. He's almost as bad as Mr. De Farge." They both chuckled, Selena laid on her side too now, close to her Step sister. Well, I called him Daddy. I don't think he was into it, then I tried to text him and shit after that but he didn't really.

ya know. You hooked up with a guy named Ricky, and you called him Daddy? ".Yea?" Selena answered tentatively, the obvious implication hanging in the air "Pfft. That's kind of hot. I think I actually saw a porn like that once." "oh Yea?" "Yea, totally" "You ever try anything with, um with a girl?" Chloe made eye contact after asking "No.

Have you?" "A little." "With who?" "uh, Someone from football" "How was it?" "I liked it. I kissed a girl and I liked it" They both laughed Oh that one is a classic.

So just kissed? Chloe was leaning in, pretty close to Selina "No" Chloe leaned in and kissed Selena. and Selena kissed back for a few moments "mmmm" "mmnn" both moaning into their kiss.

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Becoming bolder in their desires they started kissing deeply, their tongues caressing and massaging. Chloe reaching over to touch Selena's breast through her shirt. "mmm Chloe. I don't know." Chloe slid her hand down her step sisters side, letting it rest on her hip white they kept on making out.

A minute later, sliding it back up, she pushed one of Selena's hard nipples in with her thumb mmm. Chloe.

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I. Pushing against it, making little circles "mmmn" gently pinching, squeezing her breast "Ohh" "mmm" They both stopped cold as they heard footsteps coming down the hall. Broke their kiss. Selena put her hand over their mouth. They held each other's gaze as their mom walked past, on to her bedroom. "umm. We should probably go to bed" Selena whispered when she was sure it was safe to say anything.

Chloe stared at her, surprised ".It's really late" "Ohh." Chloe tried to hide her disappointment but didn't really know what to say "So, it's really late." "Yea, you said." " I'm going to go to the bathroom." Selena quickly got up and Chloe followed her out the door into the hall "Well, Um I'll see you tomorrow morning." Selena whispered before disappearing into the bathroom and closing the door behind her.

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Left alone in the darkened hall "fuck" Chloe whispered to no one in particular.