Fucker gay sex boys full length Alan Parish flip flop smashes Tommie

Fucker gay sex boys full length Alan Parish flip flop smashes Tommie
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So it was winter and it was snowing since last 3 days continuously. I and mom were stuck at home. I am Mark and I am 18. My mom is 40. She is a clerk. I had always admired her. She looked kinda sexy. It had been 3 days since we were stuck at home and we had nothing to do.

We had a series of awkward encounters between us as we had never spent so much time together. But we were mostly frank to each other. We knew most things someway or the other. We knew a bit about the partners we had but we never interfered. I was mostly reading and browsing and jacked off few times. Being so much at home made me saw mom in awkward forms, sometimes in a thong or towels too, but we ignored. Mom too once noticed my hard on.

But mom got herself involved in watching TV. At the end of 3rd day, when the snow didn't seem to stop, my mom came to my room.

"See, I am getting bored. Can we play something?" she asked. "Are you a kid?" I asked her. "No no, I meant something mature like poker" she said. "Really? Ok. I would join" having nothing to do, I thought it won't be bad to play. So we started our rounds of poker.

I started to win tricky hands and made high value wins while mom kept on losing. But there was no fun after all as all money was between family. No one was really gaining. So she spoke "See lets change the rules of the game. The one who wins, apart from getting money can ask the other to tell a truth or do a dare.

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And it can be anything, no limits and no strings" she said while looking directly into my eye while tying her hairs behind. I went ahead with the plan and began to think what all could I ask her. The very next hand I lost. "Yay I win. I chose truth." she said. "What would you like to know mom?" I asked her expecting a silly question like any childhood mischiefs stuff. But she was in a different mood altogether.

"I know you have been jacking off" she said. It was a moment of epic silence for me. I just started to look down in shame. "No no, it is fine. Don't feel embarrassed." she said. "Ok" I replied in a low voice.

She again said. "See I know you have been jacking off. Did I ever come to your thoughts while ?" she asked keeping a finger on her lips.


"No mom never… I mean yeah once may be but I swear to you &hellip. " I was stopped in between. "Good to know. You are honest. Lets play the next round and be ready for getting embarrassed." she winked at me. Needless to say I lost another round. I had 3 of a kind but she had a flush. "So . " she stretched her "so". "Ok mom, ask.

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You have crossed boundaries today" I said. Her eyes went down to my crotch and she asked "What is the size of it?" she again looked down once. I had no option but to answer.

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"Mmm . I don't know. . mm . 7 . a ah I mean 8" I was stammering. Sharing such a detail was weird. She gave me flying kiss and started to deal again without saying anything but had a wry smile on her face. We were playing the game and it looked I was winning this time. From nowhere I started to get a hard on. "Ahem ahem … 9" she said while pointing towards my hard on and giggled.

I decided to say nothing and concentrate on the game. And this time I won finally. "So …" she was about to say something, but in a fit of rage I screamed "Mom, yeah . I own you now. I want to see your ass" and then there for pin drop silence for next 5 seconds.

"Sure." she said and got up. "Since you did not mention anything else. ." saying this she simply turned around and lifted the extended portion of the pyjama top covering her ass.

"Here it goes . " she kept herself in that position for a while. I could see her ass but of course there was pyjama covering it. "Ask wisely next time honey" she said and started to deal again. I didn't regret specifying incorrectly that I wanted to see bare ass but nonetheless I had knew that I had the permission to do so.

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Rather than hiding my hard on, I let it be without any shame now. "Sure I &hellip. " I said when she was dealing the cards. "Concentrate on game baby" she said giggling once again.

She was clearly in a naughty mood. But this time I played tactically which made her slowly bet most of the coins she had and she was left with nothing. "Care to show? " she asked. "No, I want to raise more." I said. "Well I don't have any more money.


I would pack" she said. "Well …. umm you have your top" I said. Without wasting a moment she threw her top off and she sitting in a plain bra. My eyes widened and I started to look at her breasts in erotically.

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"Ahem ahem . game on" she said. We continued and I lost again. She cashed in a lot of money, enough for next 5-6 games. "There goes my hardy boy" and she had light laughter."Whatever" I said. "Since you have started with my top, I want your bottoms off.

Need to check that 9 inch out. And I said bottoms and not bottom." she said. I got up and slowly pulled down my pants and kept them aside. Next I got off my underwear. I was too ashamed and was looking down continuously. She looked stunned when she saw my cock.

Controlling herself again, "Game on?" she asked. I sat down, naked. My hard on was too huge to hide. She was constantly staring at it. I knew it was good chance to beat her and I did that in next 2 moves itself.

She was sent home packing. She lost a huge sum of money. "So mom, I have the chance now" I said exposing my cock to her and sitting back casually. My cock was independently up my crotch into the air. "Well I will do anything till I have something interesting to watch" she said looking at my hard on. "I have a dare for you mom.

I want to have your underwear, specially the one which you are wearing now" I demanded. I thought she would refuse I was wrong. She got up and stood in front of me. She un did her pyjama and kept it aside. Now she was totally standing in her bra and underwear only. She slowly undid her underwear, with a little bit of hesitation but brought them fully down. The moment she stood up, I could see her fully shaved pussy. She kept her hands on her ass and stood for a moment.

"How do I look?" she asked."Gorgeous …" I said after I was fully satisfied that she was standing without her bottoms in front of me.

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I could not remove my eyes away from her pussy, her shaven bald pussy. It was clenched tightly between her legs and looked slightly wet. She tossed her underwear towards me, which fell straight on my face as I was too stunned to catch them.

I decided to smell it. I overturned it and saw that it was wet. She had been horny. I smelled the wet part for minutes before regaining my composure. When I looked up, I saw her in her pyjama bottoms. Apparently I had forgotten to mention anything about them and hence she put them on. My dick too was releasing precums all over. "Mr. Pervert, game on?" she said dealing the cards. Of course I could not get those panties out of my head and lost the game.

She did not win large but still she had a chance. "So momwhat do you want?" I asked her hoping for some more fun. "Well I want my panties back on … but…" she said. "But what mom .

" I questioned her. "I want you to do that" she said.

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Oh my god, she was asking me to put her panties back on her. I sprang up and stood in front of her. I put my hands on her ass feeling every bit of it. I caught the hold of the top of her pyjama and started to pull them down slowly.

It was a dream for me to pull her pyjama down and find her naked. To make every moment count, I pulled them slowly, feeling her legs more and more. When I tickled her, she laughed a little. I picked up the panties and smelled every bit of them once again. She put her legs in them and I started to bring them up.She stretched her legs a bit.

When I reached her torso, I slowly started to caress her crotch. I started touching from her clit and started to move down, over her wet pussy. She moaned a little. I still moved my palms down until they were the other side. I could touch her asshole now. I slowly pulled over the panties to the right position. "Done". It was way to erotic and horny. She was still standing. "Nice job " she exclaimed. We sat down again to play the game.

But this time she packed in the very beginning itself. "I win again" I said. She just smiled in her bra and panties. "So mom ahem ahem.

" I choked a bit. "Yeah, anything for you" she said in a sexy voice. I kept my hand on her legs and asked "How about a dirty dance?". "Well I have lost the bet and since that is what you want me to do, I will do" she said while getting ready. I got a light themed music on. For that start she came down from stairs like models walk and turned around me once. She started with a sexy move grabbing few candles and rubbing them against her panties repeatedly in a sensous manner.

Then she threw them away and rubbed herself against the edge of couch's handle as if the handle is fucking her. She then climb onto me with her knees on legs and kissed me. I loved the kissing. She bent a bit back and then shaked her large breasts. I put my hands behind her to open the bra. Once opened I removed them away. Oh I could see my mom topless now. She had huge breasts with huge nipples and were bouncing around.

I bent a bit to hold them and play with them. I took one of them in my mouth and licked madly. I also left some bite marks on them. I pulled her close so that my cock could feel her crotch and rub against them. She bent down so that her breasts could hang freely which I tried to milk with great force. I also pinched her nipples. I spit on them and massaged her boobs. She stood up again and started to dance casually. Her topless breasts swayed the way she bent. She took her next move.

She again climbed onto me but this time her back was facing me. So I was sitting on the sofa and on the handles her knees rested. She was in a doggy position.

Once set she started to move her ass in sexy ways. Next she started to smother me with her ass all over my face. I felt as if I was in heaven. Her ass was soft.

I slowly pulled down the panties till her knees so that I can see the ass more clearly. Now she was smothering me with bare ass all over my face.

I stuck out my tongue to lick while she was moving her over my face. I held her with my both hand firmly and digged deep into her ass with my tongue. I was licking her ass now. She started to moan in pleasure. "Aaaaaah ". Her asshole became juicy and wet. I kept on licking it madly for next 5 minutes untilI ran out of my breath. I held her with one and hand started to smack her ass with my palm.

She shouted wildly but I did't stop. I smacked her ass until they became red. She pulled her panties up. I smelled her panties for sometime with my nose still into her ass. Her asshole was way too sexy to lick. She sat on the couch totally nude with myself nude beside her. I could not control myself. I turned her over again and started to lick her. I threw away her panties totally this time and I started to dig her asshole. She started to moan now.

I slowly inserted a finger inner hole while still licking it. Once my finger went inside, I started to make rounds in her hole to loosen it up. I started finger fucking her taking my finger in and out and spitting in between. Her moans became louder. I inserted in my hard dick deep inside her hole.

"Aaaah . fuck me please" she shouted. And I started to pound her in the ass now. With each push I went deeper and deeper exploring every bit of her ass with my dick.

I touched her pussy which was totally wet. I stopped pounding her in her ass. I slowly pulled out and put 2 fingers in the ass. I positioned my dick on her warm wet pussy and I pushed in her pussy now. "oh yeaaaaaaassss " she shouted. So I started to finger fuck her ass and pound her pussy at the same time. I used my other hand to rub her clit. "Aaaaaah . fuck me harder" she shouted.

Probably she got too horny. I kept on fucking her with my full strength. "aerate . aaaah . oh my god … I am cumin" she shouted. I still kept on fucking her in her ass and pussy. Suddenly my other hand felt a warm splurge. She had cummed. "Mom, can I sure it in?". "Yeaaaaaah " she shouted. I couldn't control myself and shot loads of cum inside her pussy. I slowly stopped myself. She was sweating in excitement and I due to the effort. "I hadn't had an orgasm since years" she said. "Anytime mom" I replied.