Upps Creampie Überraschung Bernstein simpson

Upps Creampie Überraschung Bernstein simpson
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John and Kathy's 30th anniversary was coming up and both were getting bored with their sex life. In the 30 plus years, John and Kathy have been having sex they had done almost everything. They shared women in threesomes, had orgies, sex in public, and bondage. John had cum in every hole on Kathy's body, as well as her natural 44D tits. Kathy has taken John's 9-inch cock up her ass and in turn fucked John with her 10-inch dildo.

John knows that Kathy sucked pussy and strap on fucked with several of her girlfriends; girls just cannot keep a secret. Kathy, however, did not know that John, every now and then, likes to suck a cock and be fucked up the ass with a real hard dick. Therefore, for their anniversary, John was going to surprise Kathy with a no holes bared threesome. John knew just who to recruit, Steve, a good friend from work. Steve is about 6 feet tall and worked out every day. Most important however was that Steve has a 10-inch long, 2-inch round cock, and John knows firsthand Steve knows how to use it.

When the big day came, John told Kathy that they would be staying in for a night that she would never forget. John and Steve left the office around 2:00 so they could be at the house before Kathy got home. When they got to the house, John told Steve to get comfortable while he got a couple of beers from the fridge. When John got back, Steve was sitting on the couch in his boxers. John handed him the beers and put a movie in the DVD player. John took off his clothes and sat next to Steve, took his beer, and rested his hand on Steve's thigh.

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The movie was showing two guys with monster dicks, at least 12-inches, and a blonde-haired woman with small hips and tits that would give any woman back problems, having sex in every possible combination. Currently the scene had one guy eating bold pussy while having his dick sucked by her boyfriend. John looks over to Steve and saw his boxer's has a large tent. John moved his hand into Steve's shorts and stroked the hard cock he found there. John got on his knees and pulled Steve's boxers off.

John then took Steve's cock into his mouth and put about eight of Steve's 10-inches down his throat. Steve slid to the edge of the couch and while John's head bobbed up and down Steve's cock John put one finger into Steve's ass. John felt the head of the cock in his mouth grow larger and pushed his finger all the way into Steve's hard ass. Just as Steve was filling John's mouth with cum, John heard "Honey I'm what the fuck".

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John looked up at Kathy while still sucking Steve's cum out of his dick. John pulled away and got two shots in his face, but was careful not to swallow.

John got up, went to Kathy, grabbed her ass, and kissed her hard. John opened her mouth with his tongue and let half the cum flow into her mouth, and they both swallowed. "Happy anniversary honey. You remember Steve.

We were watching one of your favorite pornos and got carried away." Kathy looked at John and said, "When did you start sucking cock?" While talking, Kathy removed her blouse and skirt.

Kathy's tits were held up by her red lace bra, which barely held her 44's in. "Quite a while now", John said, "and I like to give and take a hard on up the ass also." John look down Kathy's body to the bald pussy between her parted legs. "Looks like you enjoyed it." John saw Kathy's cunt cream running down her legs.

"When did you take off your panties?" "I did not wear any today.

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I wanted to surprise you when I got home. When I walked in and saw you taking Steve's cum, my cunt gushed a river." Kathy looked at Steve and asked John "Is Steve here only for you or can we all play." "Let's all go upstairs and find out" John said and took both Steve and Kathy's hand and led them upstairs. Once in the bedroom Steve turned to Kathy and kissed her while he reached out and held John's dick and felt it grow. "Well, how do we want to start" Steve asked when he broke the kiss.

"Since this Kathy's surprise, let's let her direct for now," John said.


Kathy smiled and crawled to the top of the bed. "I always wanted to watch two men get off," Kathy said as she removed her bra. With her tits free, she rolled her nipples with one hand while she pushed three fingers into her wet pussy. "John lay down and Steve get on top in a 69 position." John and Steve did as told and Steve took John's cock into his mouth.

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John licked Steve on his taint and put his tongue as far up Steve's ass as possible. Steve moaned around the dick in his mouth. John looked over at Kathy who was now using both hands on her cunt, licking her cum off one while fucking her pussy with the other. "Steve, make John cum and then you can fuck his ass," Kathy moaned. Steve sucked harder while John sucked his ass and balls. Soon John could fell his cum rising in his balls and just let go. As John was shooting what seemed like buckets of cum down Steve's throat, Kathy was howling through a long and wet orgasm.

Steve moved over to Kathy and rammed his cock into her sloppy fuck hole saying, "This needs to be good and slick in order to go into his ass." After a few strokes, Steve put John on the edge of the bed with his legs in the air.

Steve lined up his cock with John's asshole and pushed in to his balls in one stroke. "You have done this before," Steve told John.

"A few times," moaned John, "but never with a cock this big." Steve began to thrust in and out of John's asshole, and Kathy said, "That is so hot, but my pussy needs attention right now." John told Kathy to come and sit on his face. As Kathy lowered her pussy to John's mouth her cunt juice flowed into John at a rate he had never seen before. While John sucked Kathy's cunt, Steve was making John moan, which made Kathy's clit feel on fire. John began to lick Kathy from her asshole to deep in her pussy folds.

Steve's thrusts picked up speed and John felt the cock in his ass grow. "I'm cumming," yelled Steve and filled John's ass with hot cock juice. "I'm cumming," howled Kathy as she filled John's mouth with so much of her girl cum that John could not swallow it all. Steve pulled his cock from John's ass.

"Would you like a taste," Steve asked Kathy.

Kathy got off the bed and put her face close to John's ass. Cum was starting to leak out and Kathy put her lips to John's asshole and began to suck the cum out. Steve moved up to John's face and licked Kathy's cream off. "She has a very sweet cunt," said Steve, "can I fuck it." "That is up to Kathy, but I sure hope so," said John.

Kathy looked up licking her lips, "And pass up a chance to get fucked by that cock, not a chance." Steve lay on the bed and Kathy crawled between his legs and took that monster cock into her mouth.

When it was good and hard, Kathy put it into her cunt. After riding Steve for a few moments, she leaned forward and told Steve to suck her tits hard. Kathy then turned to John and said "Get up here; I want my ass filled also." John moved up and Kathy sucked on his cock to get it hard and wet.

John got behind Kathy and worked his cock into her asshole.

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Once in John and Steve fucked in a rhythm that had one cock deep inside Kathy and the other almost out. Kathy was soon screaming through one orgasm after another.

Kathy was gushing so hard she almost pushed both cocks out of her. Steve pushed deep into Kathy's perfect fuck hole and held his cock there as he filled her cunt with cum. When John felt Steve's cock blast off, he pushed into her ass and flooded her with all the cum he had left. John pulled out of Kathy and looked at her beautiful gaping asshole. Kathy rolled off Steve and pulled her legs up. John knew what she wanted and started sucking cum from both of her newly filled holes.

While John feasted on Kathy's fuck holes, Steve sucked John's cock to clean it off. When Kathy had one last small cum they all rolled onto the bed. "That was the best sex I have had in a long time, and the two of you together was so hot.


Let's do this again soon," Kathy said. "I'm game," said Steve, and next time maybe my girlfriend Cindy can join us." John just smiled and though "We would love the chance to fuck and suck both cock and pussy."