Ladyboy Apple Sucking Dick and Getting Fucked

Ladyboy Apple Sucking Dick and Getting Fucked
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She's everything, man. She's everything I've been looking for since I was like fourteen. And we're finally getting married. After years of waiting, we can finally do it. For now, we're just living together. We figure we'd do that before we tied the knot just to make sure it's going to work. She's so beautiful. She's about five feet, five inches with bright red dyed hair and the deepest brown eyes anyone has ever seen.

And her breasts. They're perfect. They're just the right size with the most delicious nipples. Her skin is like silk. And the things I'd like to say about that succulent flower… Well, they're far too graphic to be written by such a pristine woman.

Yes, I was extremely close-minded before Emily. I listened to a lot of Liszt and Mozart and, on occasion, Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I was a big fan of Lord of the Rings. I'd had sex with one guy the day he proposed to me. Coincidentally, it was also the day he broke up with me. SO I just didn't bother anymore. Plus, it really hurt. So fuck that. I met Emily at Taco Bell, where only the classiest dine. She was with her friend Victoria, who had a snake with her.

Dirty tramp, that one was. But this isn't about that stupid cum dumpster, it's about my gorgeous fiancée and me. Emily changed my life. I asked her to come over one night. She had just broken up with her girlfriend. Not being gay and only being with one guy for a year made it difficult to come up with ways to console her, but I figured some good old-fashioned girl time would do the trick.

It always cheered me up. But I had no idea what I was getting into. She came over in a beautiful red dress, wielding a heavy-looking backpack. She went straight for my room and set the backpack down on the floor, carefully. I heard glass clinking and liquid sloshing.

"Emily, what's in that bag?" I asked in as innocent a voice as I could muster. "Grape juice," she replied sarcastically. "What do you think it is?" "Well I don't really know…" I muttered.

"Really?" She was surprised. "Have you never drunk before?" "Well." "Wow! And I bet you've never even seen one of these!" Emily exclaimed while pulling a large glass tube with what looked like a stem coming out of it near the bottom. "It's a bong," she explained with a smile. "Or a water pipe if you're in a head shop and don't wanna get kicked out." "Oh!

And you smoke… Marijuana with that?" I asked. "Yes-sir-ree-ma'am," she said excitedly. "And I'm gonna help you take your first rip!" The look on my face must have said everything because she quickly covered my mouth with her palm and whispered directly into my ear. "Don't worry, babe. I do this all the time." That smell on her fingers. Had she just masturbated? As soon as the though entered my mind, I thought I might be sick. I was disgusted. But I was moistening. I bit my tongue hard to escape my thoughts.

I gasped and Emily removed her hand. "What did you do that for? Welp, we're gonna have to disinfect it. Lemme help you out." She plunged her hand into her bag and more clinking ensued.

She took her hand out, it now embracing two shot glasses. She lifted another bottle out, this one labeled "Bacardi." She poured enough into each glass to fill them all the way to the very top. She put one in my hand, keeping one for herself. "Bottoms up!" she exclaimed, shooting her liquid quickly into her mouth, swallowing, while forcing my hand up, sending my shot directly down my throat and burning my esophagus badly.

And I started to cry. "Oh, don't be such a pussy," she said. Pouring two more drinks. "No!" I yelled. "I'm not doing this anymore!" "Fine. But you at least have to try this. It's nothing like liquor. You might couch, but that show might also have numbed your throat. You'll be fine. I promise. I won't let you get hurt." And, for some reason, I believed her. Everything felt right.

She was going to take care of me. She dug in her pants and pulled out a quart-sized bag full to the brim with hairy, lime-green nuggets. She pulled a medium-sized one out and broke it up onto a small, stiff piece of paper. She broke up enough to fill the glass bowl-shaped piece at the end of the stem about ¾ of the way and dumped it right in. "Now. I'm going to light this. You're going to put your mouth at the end of this and inhale slowly until the smoke is about halfway to the top.

Then, I'm going to pull this piece out and you're going to pull very quickly. Then you don't need to do anything for the rest of the night. And I'll be right here.

For as long as you need me." And I almost cried. A single tear rolled down my cheek as I whispered, "thank you." This is what I'd been missing. Someone who cared. Who could ever break up with this woman? She was so wonderful.

I wanted to punch that slut in the face. But I just nodded and put my lips to the glass opening. She lit, I inhaled. She pulled out the piece, I inhaled harder. Just like she said. I kept the smoke in as long as I could before my lungs forced everything out in rage. Everything blurred as I fell backward. Cleverly, Emily had placed a pillow right where my head would land. She knew it was going to happen. She knew exactly how the entire night would go.

She make all the right moves at all the right times.

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I knew what her plan was, as I lay there helplessly. She'd won. But don't you think for a second that I was raped. I let everything happen that night out of pure free will and I don't regret a moment of it to this day. But we're not even there yet. Don't worry, though. We'll get there soon enough, I promise.

Anyway, so I'm lying there on the floor, staring at my music note-clad ceiling and realizing that I'm going to fall asleep soon. And I don't want this. Not one bit. So I ask her if she's got anything else. "Anything to keep me awake," I plead. "I've got just the thing!" she says throwing up a fist with her index finger erect. She then delves into her bag's large pocket and moves to the smaller front pocket before pulling out another bag, this one containing several small purple pills.

"Ex. They're a sort of neopolitan; a mix. They make everything just feel good. The main ingredient in this batch is coke. That'll give you a nice little rush." "Perfect!" I sit up quickly, grad a pill, and pop it into my mouth.

"It works better if you chew it up. But it tastes like battery acid and an asshole that hasn't been washed in three weeks, so have a drink ready." Luckily I had a water bottle close to me because I'd started chewing before she could adequately warn me. I swallowed the purple bits and chugged, chugged, chugged. Emily did the same.

And we both had the same disgusted look on our faces. It was cute. "It'll only take about thirty minutes.

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Next time, we'll crush 'em up and snort 'em. That'll make them kick in faster and hit harder." So for the next half hour or so, we just talked. She told me the story of her and Chelsea, her ex, and I told her the story of me and Jeffrey. Apparently, Chelsea was sneaking around with Victoria.

Remember her? She was Emily's best friend. The one with the snake at Taco Bell. Fucking cunt. She wasn't surprised by my story.

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Rumors had been floating around that he was going to do it. And I didn't believe it at first. But then he proposed to me. Just like everyone said he would.


So I knew exactly what was going to happen. But oh well. I figured I'd just get it out of the way. It's cooler to not be a virgin anyway, right? I mean, I was twenty-one for Christ's sake. But back to where we were! She kissed me. Just like that. All I said was, "I think I feel something," and her lips were glued to mine. She broke the kiss and whispered, "oh yeah?" And that kiss had shocked me.

It was light. It was soft.

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It was even close-lipped. But I couldn't move. She touched my cheek and I wanted to cry. "Emily," I whimpered. "Yes, darling?" she asked quietly. "Fuck me." The words escaped my lips. Or had they? I wasn't sure. I wasn't sure of anything, really. What had I said? I forgot. It felt like an entire minute full of worried and erratic thoughts before she whispered into my ear. "Are you sure?" And I wept like a baby.

I was in love. She was the only person I'd ever met that truly cared about me. And I was going to make love with her. She even understood the tears. She wiped them away, kissed my cheek, and held me.

"I love you, too, " she said. She lifted my shirt up over my head and kissed my lips. She cocked and bowed her head, licking my next in a very small area before closing her lips around it and sucking the area into her mouth and proceeded to bite it softly. She let go and did it again on a spot while her hands found their way to the back of my bra and undid it, letting it fall to the ground.

She worked her way down my neck and started pushing me back into a lying position as she reached my collar bone and continued downward. She kissed around each nipple, being careful to not even brush either one. She was an expert. She licked between my breasts.

I was soaking And then she did it. She sucked on nipple into her mouth, hard. But she nibbled it ever so softly. So much that it was almost teasing. As she did this, she unbuttoned my pants. Her tongue swirled around my nipple and she unzipped them. She switched nipples and started sliding my pants off.

She was always preparing for her next move. She slipped my pants off and shoved her tongue into my mouth I was so ready. She pulled my panties down.

They stuck to me just a little bit. I just couldn't control myself. They were down around my ankles and off in no time, though. Like I said, she was an expert. She didn't really give me much warning. Shed moved my labia the either side with her index and ring fingers while kissing me deeply. I had to break it briefly.

"Be gentle," I whimpered. "Please." She bowed her head slowly and planted her lips on my forehead. For a full minute, she kept it there, assuring me. She bowed lower, next to my ear and whispered, "I love you." And she penetrated me. Just one finger, one time was enough.

I clenched. My entire body shook. I tried to scream but my voice wasn't working. All that escaped my mouth was a short, high-pitched squeak before my body relaxed again.

But then she pulled her finger out. And just before it left me, I came. Again. "Don't," I wheezed between shallow, aimless breaths. "Stop." "Yes ma'am," she whispered, continuing to finger me. I'd never felt anything like it.

But I felt everything. "Wanna taste?" she asked politely. "Yes, please," I replied.

I'd always wondered. And I had no doubt my taste buds would be in heaven. And I was right. She pulled her finger out of me and placed it into my mouth. She repeated the motion from only a moment ago, but this time she did it right under my nose.

I loved every second of it. Her digit touched the back of my throat sometimes, and each time I leaked a little more of my sweet nectar. She kissed down the length of my body, making no stops in any particular part and completely avoiding anything that was crying for attention. But soon she relieved me. When I thought I might kill her if she went another second without touching me.

She spread my lips apart, after lathering my thighs with kisses. She gave me one soft, slow lick right up the middle of my womanhood, resting, at the end, just about my clitoris.

Then she nudged it again with her tongue. And again. And again. And faster. And she was ravaging my clit and I was writhing everywhere. I was convulsing and there was nothing I could do about it.

I came and I was in heaven. It seemed like a gallon of liquid. It was so unlike anything else. "Mmmmm," she delighted. "How'd ya know that was my favorite? Look, I know you can only take one more. So I'm going to show you how I both give and receive the greatest climaxes I've ever experienced." She rummaged through her bag again, but there were no clinks or sloshes this time as all the glasses and bottles had been removed.

Now, this time her hand escaped clutching a small, pink teddy bear. Nothing special. But something about it made me even moister and more wanting. And she noticed. "I knew this would work.

It always does." There was a slit in the back of the bear for her hand. She slipped it in and one finger controlled each arm. My legs were spread wide. She explored my whole body with it, making it caress each nipple and embrace each breast. It roamed until coming to rest on my very kempt and well-managed bush. One of the bear's arms snuck down.


Down between my legs. She applies pressure to separate my lips once more. And then it came to rest on my clitoris. And it moved back and forth. And I knew instantly that I'd never felt, nor would I ever feel again, anything as divine as this. I came. For what seemed like days. I was afraid it might never stop. And it almost didn't. I'm positive it wouldn't have if I hadn't passed out. I felt one hand make its way up my torso and rest with its fingers firm around my neck.

And then they tightened. And tightened.

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And tightened. And then there was nothing.