Girl showered in golden piss

Girl showered in golden piss
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Poster's notes This is a series originally posted on Nifty by a friend of mine. On his behalf (because for some reason, he couldn't get an account here), I'm posting it here. He reckons people who read here might like it too. The tags for this story aren't specific to any one chapter, but are general for the entire series.

It's a work in progress, with currently 8 chapters and counting. Chapter 1 serves as a prologue. Chapter 2 is the actual start of the story, with Chapter 3 onwards containing the real meat of the story. I will be posting each chapter exactly as it is found on nifty sans my friend's author's notes. He highly appreciates feedback, criticism and encourages people to spot any typos or errors and if you wish to email him he's at: [email protected] I hope you enjoy his story.

PS This is the latest chapter. It might take a month for the next one to come out. I hope you guys will still continue to read my friend's stories after the wait. This is the second to the last chapter. Posted here for your convenience is a link to my author's page, so you can see his other works and also mine. Also, if you wish to view the chapters through nifty, here's the link: ___________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 9: The Investigation Team "So, what about this?" "Uhm…I dunno it feels kinda off." "What if I grab it from the top like this?" "Now it feels like you're my mom when she drags me off to go with her when she's shopping for shoes or whatever." "Oh…yeah, you're right this is kinda awkward," William said, blushing while grinning sheepishly.

"Hey, let's do it like this…okay?" John replied gently. "Yeah…that feels…better. Nice. This holding hands thing is weird…but…good weird," William said, and his bashful gaze met John's as both boys smiled.

Their hands were clasped together in the fashion of two romantic lovers. The pair was sitting together in the Junes Mall food court that Monday afternoon. They had agreed to meet there after school let out in order to catch up with each other during the times when they weren't exactly on speaking terms.

Both had a lot to say, but they held off most of the discussion until their group was complete. William had been thanked by Carl Rogers that day for helping with Johnson's situation. William, with a sudden stroke of inspiration, invited Carl and Johnson to their little meetup. He thought that the two other boys were also inexplicably involved in the things he was going to discuss with John, and therefore had the right to be included. Carl and Johnson were running late however; Carl mentioned something about a late library book and both he and Johnson didn't join William and John in coming to Junes.

When William arrived at the mall with John, he told the younger boy about his reconciliation with Johnson. Since then they passed the time glancing goofily at each other and trying to work out how holding hands worked. "Where's Carl? It's been almost an hour…I'm getting really cold." "They'll be here, don't worry.

You're right…its getting way too cold," William said as he looked at the glum, cloudy sky. "I don't even understand why a food court is on an open rooftop. What if it suddenly snows? What kind of mall is this anyway?" John complained. "I think it's a branch from a famous Japanese mall or something like that. Anyway, it's not like you haven't been here before. And it's the closest mall we've got, so chill already." "Yeah I got the 'chilling' part covered, thanks very much.

I hate this weather," John grumbled. "Well, if it makes you feel any better, I can help keep your hand warm…" William blushed again as he grasped John's hand with both of his own. John squeezed William's hand in reply. At that moment, a voice in the distance grabbed both boys' attention. "Hey! I hope you didn't wait too long-" Carl started, but stopped after seeing that William and John were holding hands and had their foreheads close together.

William and John, with all the appearance of being caught red-handed, quickly let go of each other and straightened up. "Hehe…I guess we came at a bad time?" Carl sniggered. "Hello to you too, Carl," William replied, his eye slightly twitching. "Guys, it's totally, okay. See?" Carl said as he gestured to Johnson Masters, who was behind him. Johnson seemed a bit sullen, and looked like he would rather be somewhere else. "Jim," greeted William. "Will," Johnson acknowledged with a curt nod.

Suddenly, Carl grabbed his hand in the same way William held John's hand a moment ago. Johnson's expression radically changed, his face suddenly becoming relaxed and a goofy smile forming on his lips. He blushed intensely as he looked at Carl, then at William and John, then at the floor.

Carl and Johnson sat down, the former with brimming exuberance while the latter was nothing but awkward. William and John smiled at each other, understanding the meaning behind Carl's gesture. "So uhm, Jim, are you and Carl…er…you know…" John asked, his speech impeded by nervous giggles. "All I can say is, we understand you guys way better now," Carl replied on behalf of Johnson, who was still blushing and bashful. "Takes one to know one and all that," he said with a wide smile.

"Oh and before you ask, yes, you and John were too bloody obvious. That's the whole reason I helped coach you guys with your thing," Carl continued. "Yeah, thanks for that…" John smiled in gratitude. "We owe you for that. I'm glad that everything's cool with you and Jim now," William added. "Yeah, that's thanks to you. So I guess that makes us pretty even with you, Will, isn't that right, Jim?" Carl said as he nudged Johnson gently with his elbow.

Johnson's reply was a sheepish grin at William, one that the other boy returned just as awkwardly. Both of them were still getting used to the fact that they weren't enemies anymore. "Hey, if you guys don't mind, I'm still kinda left out here," John said. "I still don't really get what went on between you and Jim, and what Will and I had to do with it," he said to Carl. "Well, it's a long story, but I suppose that's what we're here for anyway 'aint it?

And I love telling stories anyway," Carl laughed. "Okay, tell us, from the beginning. How the thing with Jim all started and how you figured we could help and what happened after, you know. I mean you guys being all cuddly and stuff now," John giggled.

"Alright, if you insist," Carl replied with a smile. He started to tell them how Johnson's problems started. He only gave them the necessary details, like when and why Johnson's behaviour became problematic. While Carl was talking though, his mind was elsewhere. Talking about his experiences with Johnson made him relive in his mind his entire history with the boy whose hand he affectionately held.

****** >>>>>>> Johnson Masters wasn't the easiest boy to get along with. The first time I met him in second grade, I threw a spitball at him because he said I was annoying. To be fair, I think I really was because I kept badgering him so much that even a nun, with all her patience, would have been tempted to throw a pew at me.

Johnson was a snob, and I was eager to make friends. We were sort of like opposites. His constant rejection of my friendship ironically motivated me to pursue him more. There was something about him I liked…something I didn't understand yet. I stuck around him as we got older, like some annoying fly buzzing around his ear. At first he was annoyed, but eventually he got used to me just always being there. Everyone around us got used to it too.

They all thought we were good friends, even though it wasn't really the case. But I guess, it was some kind of peer pressure thing; Johnson started acting like we WERE friends, as if we knew each other well all this time. It's almost like we suddenly became friends out of nowhere, a sudden understanding that we never even talked about. We became best friends, and we didn't exactly know how or why.

Before I knew it he was telling me everything about himself. Johnson, or Jim, as I'd taken to calling him, was an incredibly smart boy. He was naturally diligent and was a fast learner; he was even good in sports.

It was for these same reasons that Jim wasn't a very social person. His parents pressured him to be an outstanding student, driving him to the bone even. He would get scolded for getting a B, he was forbidden to play during schooldays, he was hardly ever allowed outside if it wasn't for a school related reason. Jim's early years were nothing but studying.

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He was lonely, but he was brilliant, too brilliant even. He was always the top of the class, the most acknowledged and noted student; ironically his brilliance isolated him from the rest of the kids. I knew it then, he wanted someone to come on to him, someone who wouldn't mind putting up with his un-fun habits. And I, being ever friendly and curious, couldn't help but be drawn to this smart, lonely boy.

>>>>>> I guess he rubbed off on me; without meaning to, my grades improved as well and at the same time, Jim and I became really close. Again, to everyone around us, it just seemed natural. They all started calling him 'Jim', just like I did.

I even kind of forced myself on his parents; after visiting so many times they got used to me being in their house at any given time. Seeing Jim having fun with me seemed to mellow out their standards a bit.

One of Jim's happiest moments, he tells me, was when his parents allowed him to have a sleepover with me, which was apparently something they were firmly against before I came along.

"It's funny, a year ago I wouldn't even dream of having sleepovers because of my parents. But here I am now, sleeping on the same bed with you." "It's not called sleeping if you're still talking, Jim…" "Do you really have to be sarcastic about everything, Carl?" "It wouldn't be me if I wasn't…hehe" "Oh, you…!" When he was with me, Jim experienced his unguarded moments.

He was most like a kid when it was just the two of us; and I guess that night, the kid in him decided it was a good time to wrestle me off the bed. Of course, he was the better-built boy and had the upper hand, but somehow he fell off the bed. His stifled shout told me he landed on something other than the floor.

Well, I was never known for cleaning my room much anyway. "Ok, calm down, Jim, lemme have a look!" "Ack! It stings like crazy! Careful, don't touch it!" "Whoa, that's jammed in there good.

Hold your breath, I'll have to take it out." "Gah!!" Another stifled scream later I showed him what I had just pulled from his left buttcheek. It was a tack tinged with a little blood.

The pointy end went through both his pj's and underwear, and buried itself in his buttcheek. "Oh, man up. It's nothing. I'll have to use some rubbing alcohol on it though.

Take off your pj's and your undies." "What, no way!" "Jim, stop being a wuss, you're gonna get an infection if we don't clean that up. Anyway, we're both boys aren't we?" "But, dude! You're gonna see me naked!" One could say that I was sort of expecting this line of thought, so I already planned the appropriate response: I stripped in front of Jim.

What can I say, I have a naughty streak in me. "Now you can see me naked. It's not really that big a deal, to be honest." Jim stared in shock at me as I walked to my drawer and got the alcohol and some cotton, my dick wagging around freely as I went. My nakedness was enough to persuade him to strip down too, and in a few minutes I was rubbing the bare butt of my best friend.

It felt funny…like I really wanted to do this…keep on rubbing his butt. "Hey, Jim." "What?" "You have a nice ass." "Uh…thanks…I guess?" His blush was unmistakable. He liked it that I liked it.

"You like it when I compliment your butt?!" "W-well…hey! Bastard!" It was all he could manage to say, being flustered like that. It was in situations like these, in the moment of friendly practical jokes, that I would deserve a light punch on my shoulder.

But since he was on his tummy, Jim decided to do the next best thing: shove his ass at my face. "What the?! Mfff!" "You deserved that, Carl, you bastard." Jim was still grinning. I would have too, but having someone's asshole suddenly shoved in front of your face isn't such a spectacular experience. Quite the opposite, really. "As usual, you're good at being an ass. Pun intended." We both laughed a bit but then a total look of shock formed on his face.

"I-I'm sorry, Carl. I shouldn't have done that…it was…that was really gay." "I don't mind…well actually I do mind because, damn that's gross, but you get the idea." "Carl, serious…please don't tell anyone I did that…I…I mean, I'm just like this…you know, different when I'm with you.

It's because I trust you. I don't mind if it's embarrassing if it's with you but with anyone else…I don't want anyone else to know." Trust. It was a big word for kids our age, but its profound meaning wasn't lost on us. "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. And even if I do, it'll be because I trust you to trust me." "Thanks…wait what?!" Of course I meant it as a joke that time, and it didn't even make a lot of sense. After that we just sort of fell asleep naked.

We'd just laugh about that experience in private, and many more sleepovers followed, some of them for studying, others just for fun, and almost always I'd make a snide remark about him being a good ass, which always instantly won me whatever arguments we had. After all the time we spent together as a pair, me as the extrovert and him as the misunderstood genius, I couldn't help it…even though we were just twelve, I realized I was kinda maybe falling in love with him.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Something wrong inexplicably happened one day. Jim, for the first time in ages, was late for class. Jim just shrugged me off saying it's because he was studying. But it happened more often as the days went by and he also always went home as soon as possible, sometimes outright disappearing from the classroom as soon as the last bell rang.

I would have believed him if he wasn't acting out of character too. Jim isn't the most social person in class, but at the same time, he was never blatantly mean to anyone.

In the days that followed though, he became more irritable than a mad rodeo bull. There was something wrong, but not too many people cared about Jim enough to bother asking what.

Again, there was the collective assumption that Jim was always a dick, because supposedly people take it for granted that most smart people were snobs. He was always singled out to be the superior student before, and that made people keen to hate him when they had an excuse to. Jim was a regular Ender Wiggin.

"I know there's something up with you, Jim. You know you can always tell me about it, right?" "Yeah, I know, Carl. But, there's nothing going on that you have to worry about." "At school you're like a zombie and out of it you're a hermit in your room. How can I not be worried?" "Well, I just need my space sometimes, okay? I just…need my privacy." And so went every conversation we had about the matter.

Jim asked me to understand. I really wanted to say then that it's hard to understand something you don't know, but I just agreed with him. I was losing my head; why wouldn't I when I'm seeing the boy I'm falling in love with biting back tears because of some problem I don't even know?

I've never felt so helpless and useless in my life, and it was frustrating. It was painful. >>>>>>>> "Abe, I'm lost." "Care to elaborate, little brother?" I talked to my older brother, Abe, about my little predicament. I didn't even hesitate to tell him that I liked Johnson a bit too much than is friendly.

Big bro Abe was chill with it though, we're tight like that, even after he left for college. After a rather lengthy sap story about the where, whats and hows of my best friend's issue and my resulting frustration, Abe gave me a solid piece of brotherly advice: "You want to understand him but you can't because you haven't experienced what he has.

At this point, you're more different from him than you could ever be. Honestly, if he doesn't say anything, there's not much you can do. The only one that could help him right now, is someone who's going through the same thing, someone like him." Of course he made sense. He's smart, he's in college and he's my brother. I didn't know who else I could ask to help Jim, but I figured that if I had to find someone that was having the same kind of problems, that someone should be acting a little bit the same.

It was a long shot, but the answer hit me like a dodge ball thrown with extreme prejudice. Abe pointed out how next to impossible it was to find another guy who was going through what Jim was going through, since I didn't know what the problem was in the first place. For the first time in my life, I disagreed with him.

>>>>>>>>>>>>> I've been friends with William James and John Watson since the fourth grade, when we first became classmates. They were a cool bunch of guys, and I easily became friends with them.


I couldn't compete with their bond though; they said that they've been friends for as long as they could remember, and their bond really showed.

The easiest way to describe their relationship was, if William was there, John was surely there too. I didn't think much of it at first, but when I realized that I was feeling a lot more than just friendship with Jim, I reckoned that it was kinda like how William and John were.

It was a guess, but, I think they were the same as us. The two of them could also be kinda in love. That was all the more reason why I thought that they could be the kind of guys my brother talked about. It started when William was suddenly acting like a jerk and coming late for class. It was just like Jim.

That wasn't the end of it though; even John was acting the way I did: concerned but clueless and helpless. I made up my mind at that point. Although their problems might not be the same, Both William and Jim have something in common: their problem was bad enough that they couldn't tell their best friends about it. Since William and John were going through the same time like I am with Jim, I knew that they were the best guys to help Jim out.

Before I could ask them though, they had that incident during PE. William had that little fight with Jim. Although William did start it, for some reason, again, the common belief was that Jim was just being ass and was the cause of it all. Of course, the boys saw what really happened, but I guess they didn't really care. I knew there had to be a reason why William and Jim fought.

Jim wouldn't tell me what it was, but I guessed as much that something must have happened between him and William, something that really struck a nerve. Just like that, I had my master plan.

Guilt. It was a powerful feeling to get anyone to do anything, like say, talk to someone they have a grudge with. I knew William wouldn't tell me his deal either so I opted for the next best thing: guilt tripping him to talking with Jim. William was easily persuaded; I just had to remind him that the fight was his fault. The fight they had might have made them sort of enemies, but they still had something in common; the fact that they both are acting like bitches because of their problems.

I knew that Jim, with all his smartness, will pick up on that and it'll make him want to talk. Misery loves company, or so they say. Well, of course I'm just assuming Jim won't beat William to a pulp.

As a backup plan though, the little 'passcode' I gave to William will let Jim know that I mean business. It wasn't an overnight thing. I waited for nearly a month, during which I had to put up with Jim's attitude. I clung on to him and he seemed grateful for my company even though he still didn't talk about his problems with me. There was even a time my plan almost fell apart and I had to intervene a bit when William and John had a row of their own.

I basically told them to not give up on each other, just like I was doing with Jim. My pep talk seemed to motivate William a lot; at the same time it became obvious to me that both he and John had a thing for each other.


I knew then, that my plan was definitely going to work. >>>>>> Finally, on one fateful Saturday afternoon, I got my results.

Jim came over to my place all of a sudden, and he took me straight to my room and locked the door. I think at this point, I can be forgiven for having a boner. "Carl…I'm not really good at this kind of thing but…I'm sorry…" "Sorry for…? Gotta be a little bit more specific there, Jim." "Well, you know…acting like a jerk and stuff…" "So, that's it?

You're just saying sorry, end of story?" "Damnit, Carl! You're making this too hard for me! Look, I know that it was hard for you too. I'm sorry I never thought about how you felt." "About time." "I didn't want you to know because…I was scared you might…not want to be friends with me anymore if I told you…that you'd think I was weird or gross or-" Jim never expected what I did next.

I hugged him, hard. For a few good seconds I just held him in my arms and we didn't say a thing. His body seemed to sag and submit to the embrace. In that moment I think he understood that I was trying to say, "Welcome back." He told me everything. He was starting to get curious about sex, so he spent a lot of time 'researching' on the internet.

He found out that the internet is for porn. Then he learned to wank to porn. It would have been simple if it was just that, but it wasn't. He got more and more curious. He was starting to get more curious about boys rather than girls. His porn shifted from having just girls, to having boys and girls then just to boys. Then he met someone online who offered him more gay porn, the kind he couldn't get anywhere else, in exchange for stripping and jerking on cam.

He accepted. It turns out the guy Jim met also went to our school. From wanking on cam, it became live wanking sessions at school with him whenever they thought they could get away with it. Jim felt guilty and confused; he doubted himself and his preferences. This was also why he had his fight with William in the first place; William provoked him by asking to see his dick, but Jim thought it was gay; he was scared of being gay.

He was scared he was doing something wrong all this time. He was scared that he couldn't stop it. It made sense, I guess.

Jim's irrationally bad behaviour all stemmed from him not knowing what he was anymore, and having no one to talk to about it, because he was too scared to be found out. With all the expectations and pressures that a grade A student like him carries, it must have been rough. "Jim, you don't have to be scared, alright? I won't stop being your best friend just for something like that.

Not for anything. I'll always be here for you and you never have to feel alone." "Carl…" I just hugged him some more. Jim's chest heaved and he returned my hug. I then wiped his moist eyes with my sleeve, and I let my fingers trail down his wet cheek. We were just looking at each other that whole time, our eyes saying things words couldn't say.

Then I put my hand gently at the back of his neck, and leaned forward. >>>>>>>>>>>> ************ Carl finished his tale, ending with a trailing silence. For a moment after he finished, Carl seemed lost in his memories, gazing lazily at a far-off wall. It was as if the story he told was the short version, while he kept all the sweet little idiosyncrasies of having Johnson for a friend to himself. Though Carl only gave out the barest details, it was enough to cause curious speculation, as demonstrated by William's flabbergasted question.

"Whoa wait, so when you were in your room, did you kiss?!" "Cripes, yeah, yell it out some more, why don't ya? I don't remember saying that I wanted the whole mall to know!" Carl shushed William while Johnson looked around in panic. "I didn't even say it outright but you jump to conclusions fairly quickly." "Well, it sounded a lot like you did, and you guys are holding hands like you're together now too, so…!" "It's only obvious to someone who's done it before, Will, thanks for admitting that," Johnson snickered.

"Wha.hey! I didn't mean…!" "I dunno, it's kinda sweet, Will. And don't be too surprised, I mean, kissing felt nice…" John said, blushing deep crimson and looking at the table. "So I was right. You guys did stuff too, huh?" Johnson said, still with his grin. "Oh, you guys it's alright, cat's out of the bag now, no use trying to hide anything…" Carl said amusedly in response to William nudging John with his elbow.

"It's amazing and a bit creepy though, how it looked like you were planning everything all this time…" William said as his left eye twitched slightly. "Well, from a certain point of view, I guess this has all been an elaborate plan I made so that Jim would get gay with me." "Hey," Johnson started. "Relax, I was just kidding, brofriend," teased Carl. "Er, alright. Sorry, I'm just not used to uhm…finding out that a lot of the people I know are…uhm, you know," William said sheepishly.

"So, erm…what else…did you do…?" he asked Johnson. "Oh, well… I'm sure it isn't new stuff for you guys," Carl answered with a sly smile. "What, what kind of stuff?" William asked insistently.

"Will, you horny bastard, it's none of your-eugh!" "It's 'those' kinds of things, Will," Carl said, as he groped Johnson's crotch, cutting the latter off mid-sentence. "Carl, we're in public!" gasped Johnson, who was blushing heavily. "I know, but then again, you're still getting hard…" Carl replied with a mischievous grin. "Guys, guys, relax, okay?" John called out amid William's incessant giggling.

"So, let me get this straight. Carl, Jim wouldn't talk to you about his thing so you planned for Will to talk to Jim, because you thought Will would understand him and vice-versa.

Will, you talked to Jim and you made him realize that he was being an ass to Carl. Now, Jim, after some sudden moment of clarity, decided to fess up and now we're all cool with each other, right?" "That about sums it up, yeah," Carl answered, nodding along with William and Johnson.

"Will, Jim already told me what you talked about with him. Again, I can't thank you enough for it." "Hey, I promised, didn't I?" "Thanks for keeping it," Carl answered with a smile.


"So from what you told Jim, both of you had the same 'wanking on cam' problem, eh?" "Yeah pretty much. That's why I had you two come over here with us. We need to do something about that," William said, adopting a serious tone. "What do you mean?" Carl asked. "The guy I wanked for recorded me, and he's threatened to leak the video more than once. I know who it is, and I'm thinking if we plan this right, we can get back at him and maybe even get our videos." "Our?

Wait, I'm getting confused," Johnson said, scratching his head. "Jim, I saw you going with an older student during lunch, once. You were going to the gym, and I'm guessing it wasn't for any sports practice," John stated matter-of-factly. "You…you saw us?" "Yeah." "Ok, so yeah. That guy who gave me porn…his name's Peter McMahon.

That time you saw us he was…he wanted me to wank for him. He's this tenth-grader who's also on the swim team and-" "Jim, I know. I've met Peter, intimately," William said, getting curious looks from Johnson, Carl and John. "Intimately?" John asked. "You mean-" "Yes, we know each other. And yes, he took me to his house and buggered me. It's a long story," William confessed, offering an apologetic look to his shocked friends, mostly to John.

"More importantly, because of that, I think that he's the stranger I cammed for. From what you guys said, he's also the one who cammed with you, Jim." "That's just…wow. Funny coincidence right there," said Carl, though his expression was less of amusement and more of shock.

"It's a small world. Anyway, I'm pretty sure he also records you when you cam for him," William continued. "Damn…I never thought about that. Gods, I've been so stupid…" Johnson muttered. "It's not your fault, Jim," William consoled the other boy. "He played us. He even blackmailed John and me to suck each other on cam," he continued, blushing along with the rest of the boys. John, meanwhile, squirmed in his seat. "Er…right.

So, now what? Do we like, jump in a Jaeger and blast him with a plasma cannon or something?" asked Johnson a bit sarcastically. "Nope, nothing like that, we don't have a spare Gipsy Danger or anything in the garage," William mused, making the others laugh. "But honestly I don't know what to do. I know where he lives though, so I was thinking we just take his computer or something…" For a couple of minutes the boys were silent as they tried to come up with ideas.

William looked up at the gloomy sky, while John fiddled with his glasses. Meanwhile, Johnson muttered under his breath while Carl stroked his chin. Suddenly, Carl said, "Hey guys, I think I have a plan." ****** Night had already fallen, and cricket noises echoed inside William's room.

After their meetup with Carl and Johnson, William invited John to come to his house; his mother would be coming home late and it gave them the opportunity and venue for a more private conversation. William sat cross-legged on his bed, opposite John who was doing the same. John silently listened as William regaled his adventure with Peter last Saturday. William couldn't help but feel a bit guilty telling John that he had allowed someone else to mess around with him.

John, meanwhile, saw William's pained expression as discomfort at having to remember a distasteful memory, and squeezed the older boy's hand in support. "So…uh, how'd you reckon he was Pbear, exactly?" asked John after William finished. "I noticed some weird things, the whole time I was there. Then again, I wouldn't have noticed them if I wasn't thinking of Pbear in the first place. He's like a pro gamer so I'm sure he plays Dragon Sorcerer Kingdom Wars too, even if he didn't mention it.

He said he uses his mom's credit card for his games, so that explains how he always has new exclusive items for me. When we cammed with that girl, he never turned off the webcam even after we were done, as if he was still recording the stuff we…you know. Also, the way he talked, it almost felt like he knew me more than he should, like he knew stuff only he'd know if he knew me for longer…or if he was Pbear." "And in any case, what Jim told us today confirms that Peter does cam with him.

We know that Pbear is someone from school, who likes to see younger boys do stuff. Well, that narrows down the number of people we know who fit that description to…well, just Peter actually," William concluded. "It makes loads of sense, but I'm scared. What if we thought wrong? What if Peter was just coincidentally creepy and we go through with the plan? We'd be four ways screwed," John said.

"That's why the first part of the plan is getting a bit more evidence, it's not just a distraction, you know," William reassured the younger boy.

"Right, right. I know. Geez, I'm just real nervous, going through with this plan and everything." "Don't worry, we're going to prepare.

We have two days to pull this off; we have some time." "Time…right. Will…I don't think I have much time either," John whispered morosely. "What, what do you mean?" "Will…it's my dad.

He…well, you know how things are with him right now. He got really angry that day you came to check up on me. Mom and dad, they had a fight. Will, my dad's moving me to Denver, just like he said he would if I didn't stop seeing you." "Wha…?

No way dude. NO EFFIN WAY! But your mom, your mom's on our side!" "She is, Will. But…dad had his way. I don't know what happened, but mom hasn't been coming home since last Saturday.

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Dad said it was because she wanted to cool off at granny's, but I have this feeling that it's more than just that. Dad looked like he was happy she wasn't at home, like he could get his way. Mom just texted me that she loves me and that she's doing things her way," John lamented. " much time," William asked, fighting back tears and trying to maintain his composure.

"How much time do you have left here?" "Next Saturday…Dad said he was preparing everything already, like getting a school for me there." "Heh…he cared just enough to let you go on the field trip on Friday, huh." Both boys looked at each other. It was obvious that both were trying hard not to break down in tears.

A sad silence permeated the room as they let the gravity of the situation sink in. William closed his eyes; they were moist. He suddenly felt John scoot over closer to him. The younger boy gently pushed William to lie on the bed; William let him. In the next moment, John was hugging him. "I don't want to leave, Will. I don't want to leave you." "Can't we do something? Anything? I don't want you to go.I want you here…" "I don't know…dad's determined.

All I know is, I want to be here too, with you. I …Will, this sounds sappy as crap but, I don't know how else to say it…I…lo-" "Shhh…" William whispered just before he put his lips against John's. It was a silent agreement. John didn't need to finish the sentence for William to understand it. His reply was a kiss. For a few seconds they were unmoving, both their lips pressed against each other as though communicating some intangible message through contact.

John broke it first, looking into William's eyes. "Uhm, wait, let me just take off my glasses…" "No, John, leave them on…you're cuter that way." They kissed again, both their eyes shut and allowing their sense of touch to guide them. This time, John sucked on Wiliam's lower lip. He put it between his lips then moved on to do the same to William's upper lip. John's tongue lightly grazed William's lips as if by accident. William signalled his approval by meeting John's tongue with his; they had just discovered how to French kiss, and they didn't even realize it.

Their tongues were now part of the fray, as their kissing became more passionate. There was tender longing in their body movement; both of them had been deprived of each other's attention for so long.

It was akin to a long awaited reunion, and the dance of their tongues inside each other's mouth expressed their heartfelt joy. It was an awkward dance at that, just as with all the things boys do for the first time. But that same awkwardness in their kissing, sucking and tongue movement was what made every first anything worth remembering.

"John…" William whispered as he broke their kiss. "That time I was doing it with Peter…it felt weird, like I didn't really like it as much as I should have. When I thought about it, there was something missing. Now I know it's you. I wasn't as comfortable doing stuff with him as I am with you. And…I guess I don't like doing it to anyone else but you." "You know, I haven't done anything at all since I stopped hanging with you.

Not even wanking. It just, didn't feel right," John replied. "John, is it alright if I…uhm, if I suck you?" "Only if you'll let me do it to you too," John said with a smile.

Both boys stripped. William had John lie down sideways on the bed so that the younger boy's legs were draped over the bed's edge. He then stood between John's legs and leaned on the younger boy, kissing John's neck. John was giggling as William kept on kissing him, inching lower and lower with every kiss. William licked John's nipples, which caused John to cringe; apparently it tickled him.

William giggled then went on giving tiny kisses to John's abdomen, and after that, his crotch. John seemed to like the treatment; his three inch dick was already hard. William was aware that he was doing what Peter did with him, back when they had done it in the teen's room. But William reasoned to himself that this was different. While Peter licked, William kissed. While Peter was brusque, William was gentle.

And as he put John's glans in his mouth, William was sure it felt different. It felt right. Despite his misgivings that day, William learned from Peter. He learned how to tease the underside of the glans, licking John's pulled back foreskin and frenulum.

He teased John's piss slit with his tongue before licking and poking at the shaft. John made no effort to stifle his moans and grunts, wantonly gripping the sheets with both hands. William's borrowed techniques gave John no pause for breath; it was evident that they made the entire experience so, so much better. William concentrated on sucking and licking the hard member in his mouth.

His eyes were closed and his head was bowed as he knelt beside the bed and fervently pleasured John. John looked at him a couple of times, and to the younger boy, it almost looked like William was in a gesture of prayer.

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William almost looked solemn. John's breathing had become uneven and William knew he was close. William picked up the pace and sucked harder, making sure that his lips were pursed tightly so much that he could feel the contour of John's shaft.

John groaned in approval, and tensed up. William then wiggled his finger around John's bottom; he was rubbing on the younger boy's virgin hole, and it caused John strange, new sensations. William then used his fingers to stroke John's shaft firmly, in sync with his sucking of the glans. With a final arch of his back and unintentionally thrusting at William's face, John's climax exploded in him, with waves after waves of pleasure expressed by his madly twitching boydick.

William slumped to the floor. Though slightly tired, he revelled at the sight of John's post orgasmic bliss. John was completely wiped out by the intense orgasm he just had. His head felt light and he heard a slight ringing in his ears. It was almost as if the intense pleasure temporarily overloaded his senses. He supposed that it also had something to do with his long period of sexual abstinence that past week.

It took him a few seconds to realize that William was gently calling him; the remainder of his senses were preoccupied with watching his dick go soft before they functioned properly again. "John, you okay? You looked like you died or something there," William chuckled. "Man, it felt like it. I thought I was already in heaven," John replied, smiling. "You…you learned a lot since the last time." "Well, I picked up a few stuff from Peter. I reckon I'm putting the things I learned to better use on you." "It certainly felt loads better.

What was that thing with my butt?" "Oh that. Peter told me about putting your dick in another guy's hole…it's supposed to feel good even if it doesn't sound remotely like it." "Did you want to do it to me?" "No, well, I dunno.

I'm not sure how to go about it. I just thought teasing your butt would feel nice." "Well, I guess it was…" John mused.

"Anyway, it's your turn now." Both boys hugged, then William let John lay him on the bed. This time John was the one kneeling and staring intently at William's dick.

He started to caress William's hard three and a half inches, letting his soft fingers lightly rub across the entire shaft. William was already panting from the light stimulation. It was less of the pleasure, than it was the eroticism of the act that made William's heart skip every other beat. "I haven't learned anything new, but I wanna surprise you too. I guess I have to get a bit creative," John said, as he started to stroke William's penis.

He started with a firm grip, stroking very slowly but keeping his hand focused on applying pressure on William's entire shaft. William grunted with each stroke, wiggling his toes and thrusting his hips, begging for John to do more. After some experimentation and some audible gasps from William, John had confirmed that William liked it better when he was stroked with a fist rather than with just fingers.

William also liked it when John played with his balls, but not when John sucked them. John was getting to know William in the most intimate of ways, finding out all the little things that would make William's libido peak. John then sucked sensuously on William's red helmet head, slowly suckling on the tip then, inching ever so slowly down the shaft. William was practically writhing on the bed.

John was making him feel very, very good, but not good enough to stop him from wanting more. It felt like John was teasing him and it was pleasurably agonizing. John took the time to lick every part of William's dick, from every angle and side, almost as if he was studying every crease, every curve and every surface.

He was not unlike an archaeologist regarding a museum curio, if archaeology involved in-depth oral penile examinations. John would suck, then get off and just lick, then suck again, then wank slightly then vigorously, trying to find out which of those made William moan the most. "John, you're killing me, bro. You tease me way too much!" William moaned. "I'm not teasing…I'm just…appreciating. You know, the last time we ever got to suck, we didn't exactly have the luxury of time to do things the way we like, " said John, referring to their first blowjob session while they were being recorded under threat of blackmail.

"Yeah, you're right. So, uhm…what do you reckon, I mean, do you…like…uhm, my dick?" William asked sheepishly. "I think it's perfect," John said with a big smile. "It feels perfect in my mouth, and I just can't get enough of sucking it. It feels…natural," he said before diving down on William again.

It was only now that John appreciated the finer details of sucking a dick. He never really thought about it before, but William's dick didn't taste like anything. It was like he was sucking on his thumb, but it felt better to suck because it wasn't bony or too hard.

It was just nice and soft, yet with the firm rigidness of a hyper-stimulated boner. William's glans had the texture of rubber to John, and he spent some time probing that rubbery head with his tongue. William was beside himself with sensation. He wanted that feeling to continue, to intensify, but then, John stopped. "Dude, what…something wrong?" William asked. John was licking his lips, and wore an expression of slight confusion. "I tasted something. It was this thing on your piss slit I think…it's salty.

Will, did you just sperm?" "Oh, it's 'that'.erm, no it's not sperm. It's precum…it comes before the sperm…" "Oh… it tastes…weird. Like water with too much salt or something. Actually for a second there I was scared you just peed yourself," John said as he smiled.

"No, ew! I wouldn't ever do that to you! And I'm on the bed!" William said, laughing.

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"Please, suck me more, John&hellip." "Well, you're lucky I kinda like that salty stuff. Kinda. Are you like gonna sperm now? I've never seen you sperm before…" "I don't think I can sperm yet. Hey, John, let's call it 'cum' and 'cumming' 'kay? Uhm, I dunno but 'sperm' sounds kinda lame if we keep saying it." "Hmm, well, I don't really mind, but sure, no probs.

'Cum' is easier to say anyway," John said just before he resumed sucking William. In his pursuit to try new things, John decided to try taking in William's entire length in his mouth, something he'd never really thought of before. Slowly, but steadily, he took William's entire shaft in his mouth, until his lips were touching William's pubic mound.

John slightly gagged; he was definitely not used to this. His mouth felt impossibly full and it felt like William's glans was hitting something that was making him want to throw up. He slid off William's dick and gasped for air. "Uhhh!" William whimpered.

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"What, did I do something wrong, Will?" "No, No…that…that was amazing…so amazing! That feeling of my whole dick…in your…and then you went up and…wow." With a triumphant look on his face, John did it again, sucking on William's dick until he got it all in. He readied himself so that he wouldn't gag, and he did it a few more times until he got used to it. Every time he would slide his mouth up to try it again, William gasped.

John had discovered that deep throating was what turned on William the most. Also, John had discovered deep throating. It happened all of a sudden.

John slid down William's entire length really fast; at the same time, William instinctively thrust his hips, pounding into John. The force of it combined with the girth in his mouth almost staggered John, but he had learned to accommodate William's whole dick already.

What he wasn't prepared for though, was the warm spurt of liquid that suddenly invaded his mouth. It didn't taste like anything at all; it was possibly the blandest tasting thing John had ever tasted. Its consistency was that of stirred jello, but smoother, and definitely slimier. John got off William's dick, and with a nervous gulp, swallowed the small amount of boyseed in his mouth.

He looked at William, and saw that the latter was lost in a daze. William's dick was still hard and slightly twitching, the shaft glistening with John's saliva. "Will, that was…that was your cum, wasn't it?" "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to! It…it just came out all of a sudden! Did it taste bad?" "I …don't think so, I mean, it didn't really taste like anything.

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It was okay, I guess, but uhm, warn me next time, 'kay?" "Yeah, no probs, I'm just, wow.I'm sorry…" "Oh, don't be too sorry, there wasn't much to swallow," John teased. "Hey!" William pretended to pout, then sat upright on the bed. "That was my first you know…my first cum. I've never done it before." "Wow…that kinda makes me really happy, knowing that I got your first," John said with a wide grin. John got on the bed with William and they kissed while hugging.

They spent a few minutes just lying there in each other's arms. After a while, they were already fully clothed, with John ready to go.

"I don't want to say goodbye yet&hellip.I mean we just…I wish we could've done this kind of thing sooner," William said from where he stood at the porch. "I know, me too. But it's already eight, I'm in for it as it is, dad will ask me why I'm late coming home." "Will you tell him you went with me?" "Bugger that, I won't tell him nothing. I'll just makeup an excuse…whatever; I don't care what he says. This was all worth it." "I still can't believe that you're going away…" "It won't be until the weekend…let's not think about it right now.

We have a whole week. Maybe…maybe we can come up with something, yeah? I just want to remember this moment as the happiest moment of my life," John said, beaming. "Alright.

Take care, brofriend…" William said as he bade John goodbye. With a final embrace, the younger boy started the walk home. After seeing John off, William went back to his room and turned on his computer.

He had to prepare for their plan to get back at Peter McMahon. In a couple of minutes, he was already chatting with Carl Rogers on facebook, discussing their strategy. William wasn't sure if was any good at theatrics.but he reasoned to himself that worrying was pointless. After all, in a couple of days, he was going to find out.