Cute babe fucking with horny guy

Cute babe fucking with horny guy
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?Daddy, Daddy, please can you help me? shouted Amanda from upstairs. Bob got up from his armchair and walked to the bottom of the stairs and looked up. Amanda stood at the top, she had certainly grown up in her seventeen years on earth. She was 5ft 8inches tall, long blond hair, firm 34C breasts and a pair of long legs that seemed to have no ending.


She was a product of two beautiful people, Bob and Martha who was away on a work seminar for two days. Amanda was standing at the top of the stairs with the window behind her, dressed in her little white tennis skirt and a tight polo shirt, her long blond hair draping across her right shoulder. Bob made his way up the stairs and as he neared the top she turned and went into her room. Bob swore he could see a little tussle of blond hair at the top of her legs as he ascended the stairway, but this was his daughter so he dismissed the thought quickly.

When he got into Amanda?s room there was the drawer of her dressing table on the floor with underwear spread all around. ?That?s underwear?? thought Bob as he spied the quantity of thongs distributed across the floor, ?they look more like string? he thought to himself. ?I was trying to get some underwear out Daddy,?

said Amanda, ?and the drawer runner broke and they went all over the floor. I can?t seem to get it back can you help me please.? The little tussle of hair he spied on the stairway flashed across Bob?s mind. Maybe she really didn?t have any underwear on. He felt a little guilty at the thoughts of his beautiful daughter but nevertheless it did rouse him slightly and the thought plagued his mind.

?The runner is broken, I will have to lay underneath and fix it? said Bob as he lay on the floor underneath the dressing table.

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?Alright? said Amanda, ?but do you mind if I put my make up on while you are doing it??


Bob replied ?of course not Darling? and proceeded to put his hand up to straighten the runner. Amanda approached the dressing table and started to apply her make up. Bob casually looked out at her and could see directly up that short dress. What he saw surprised and aroused him, there was his little daughter standing over him, legs parted slightly with no underwear on. The light from the window illuminated through the little white dress and he could clearly see a beautifully formed vagina with small trimmed yellow pubic hair.

The lips were pink, slightly folded and he thought to himself, what a beautiful sight, so soft, so tight and he found himself getting erect under his pants and his mind wandering slightly from the job in hand. Amanda had noticed the bulge in her Father?s pants and the casual glances he was making up her skirt.

She turned a little to give him a better view and moved further forward towards the mirror. Bob was going crazy now, he was looking at his daughter but the guilt was being replaced by lustful thoughts.

Amanda too was getting quite excited at her Fathers interest in her body. ?Do you think this top is too tight, Daddy?? Bob shuffled out a bit from under the dresser, ?too tight thought Bob, hell no? it displayed Amanda?s breasts perfectly and it appeared she was not wearing a bra. Before Bob could answer she said ?Well I have another one?, let me just try that one and see what you think.

She turned around with her back to Bob all the time still providing him with the sight of her beautiful pussy this time from behind. She crossed her arms and took off her top.

Bob could see her bare back and the swelling of her breasts and this only aroused him more. She grabbed another top put it on and turned around. This one had a vee neck and without a bra her breasts could be clearly seen through the gauze material of which it was made.

Her nipples had hardened with the interest her Father had shown in her body with the gauze material hugging them perfectly. ?Daddy, do you love me?? she asked. Bob was shaken back into reality and stood up from his vantage point.

?I need you to help me with something else?

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she added. ?Of course I love you Darling, what is it that I can help you with? said Bob. The whole series of events being put in the back of his mind as his daughter became an object of care and not lust. ?Well, Daddy, I have been out with boys, I have even touched their penis but they are so clumsy and rough when touching me.?

I have read that I should lose my virginity to an older man as they are tender, caring and would think of me not just themselves.

Do you think that is right??

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Bob swallowed as he remembered the sight between her thighs and thought how virginal the sight was and how some lucky man would eventually penetrate it but had obviously not done so yet.

?Yes, Darling? said Bob, ?I think your first experience should be a good one, one that you will remember fondly for ever.? Amanda said ?Daddy, I have another question?, Bob enquired ?What is it Darling?? ?Well if you love me and I love you and you are an older experienced man, would it be wrong for me to want you to be that man??

Bob?s head started spinning, this was his beautiful 17 year old daughter asking him to deflower her. He was fighting with himself and his feelings but before he could say anything Amanda lifted her little dress and said ?I saw you looking Daddy, it was OK I did it on purpose.

I wanted you to see how I had developed and I saw, too, how it aroused you.? Walking over to her Father with her skirt lifted in one hand she sat next to her Father on the bed and took his hand.

She guided it to her vagina and said ?Please Daddy, just feel me, touch me like you touch Mother, I have seen you making love with her and it seems so tender and meaningful?.

Bob felt the smoothness of her vaginal lips, Amanda gasped in excitement as Bob ran his fingers along the lips and felt the dampness surging from her.

Amanda dropped her skirt and felt for Bob?s hardness. He was almost bursting from his pants. She took his hand away from her moist dampness, got on her knees in front of her Father, pushed his legs apart and felt for his zipper. ?This cannot be true? thought Bob, he was guilty but highly aroused and was totally under the control of his 17 year old daughter. She unzipped him, looked at the swelling in his underpants with the little wet spot where some pre-cum had seeped out, stopped for a while to look and then prized his hard penis out.

She leaned forward and kissed it gently. ?It is OK Daddy, I have been planning this for a long time and I have thought it through, you must be the one to deflower me, but first I want to give you some pleasure?. Bob lay back on the bed knowing that he could fight it no more as his daughter went to work. She may be a virgin he thought but she certainly knew how to excite a penis.

She licked him, kissed him and eventually as a little pre-cum oozed it?s way out she placed her mouth over the head to catch and taste it. ?Mmmmm, Daddy you taste so good?, she said licking around her mouth. She put his penis in deeper and deeper and Bob felt the pleasure of his daughter?s mouth reaching down his cock. She stopped momentarily.

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?I have been told how to do this and seen it in movies? she said ?but please let me know if I am not doing it right. I want this to be perfect for you too?. Bob did not reply but just moaned with pleasure. After a while Bob was getting close to ejaculation and the thought of coming in this beautiful little mouth certainly was a temptation but he decided it was time for him to take control.

He had now given in to the fact that he was destined to deflower this beautiful virgin and he was going to make sure that it was going to be the best experience of her life. Bob stood up, picked Amanda up and pulled her towards him.

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He kissed her lovingly and passionately. He reached down and pulled her sweater off over her head exposing her beautiful firm breasts. They had small hard nipples and were perfectly rounded, ?just perfect? thought Bob as his mouth enveloped one of the nipples. As he gently sucked and licked Amanda started to moan out loud, ?Oh Daddy, that is so good?.

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He went from one to the other pausing occasionally to kiss his daughter on the mouth. They happily exchanged tongues before he returned to work on the hard nipples.

After what seemed a lifetime of pleasure to Amanda, Bob picked her up and carried her on to the bed. He gently removed the little white skirt, all the time caressing and kissing her smooth white body. Amanda was fairly shaking with excitement as she felt her Father move towards her pussy. Bob kissed the inside of her thigh, she shivered, the anticipation was sending her crazy as Bob moved up her thighs and eventually gently ran his tongue along her pussy lips. ?Oh, oh, oh, she moaned?

as the wetness was now fairly running in her pussy. Bob, seeing and tasting the beautiful juices from this virginal pussy, pushed his tongue gently in her crack and moved forward to her hard little clit. After several minutes he gently put his tongue on her clit and Amanda screamed out.


?Are you OK Darling, muttered Bob?? ?Oh, Daddy I have never had such pleasure, please, please don?t stop.? Bob went to work on her clit gently pushing his fingers in and around her pussy.

After a short while Amanda arched her back, thrust her pussy into her Fathers face and as he felt the waves of orgasm in her pussy she shouted ?Daddy, oh Daddy, I?m Coming, I?m coming?. Bob gently took her through her convulsions until the waves of orgasm stopped, he gently removed his fingers and went to Amanda?s face and kissed her softly. He whispered in her ear, ?that was just the start Darling?

and proceeded back to kiss her pussy again. After the second wave of orgasm bought on by more kissing and tongue work by Bob, Amanda shouted, ?Daddy, Daddy I think I am ready, please, please put your cock inside me?. ?Ready indeed? thought Bob, his face covered in his beautiful Daughters pussy juices. Bob, positioned himself on top of Amanda, he kissed her mouth passionately, sucked on the perfect nipples and gently pressed the head of his cock against Amanda?s pussy.

He felt the damp warmth of her pussy lips and gently rubbed his cock head along the length of her pussy. When it was covered in her pussy juices he gently pushed it into her opening, stretching it. Amanda gasped, Bob said ?Does it hurt honey?? ?No?

said Amanda, ?just very filling?. ?Well tell me if it hurts at all? said Bob, I will be very gentle. He pushed his cock in a little further, it was extremely tight but very wet.

The feeling to his cock was wonderful as Amanda?s beautifully tight little hole embraced it tightly. ?Daddy, Daddy, push it all the way in will you, I am ready, I no longer want to be a virgin?. Bob, urged on by the words slowly pushed his cock all the way into his Daughters pussy.

She yelled out ?Oh, oh, I think it hurts but please don?t stop?. Bob gently eased in and out of her pussy as the initial pain turned to obvious pleasure.

?oh Daddy this is every bit as good as I had hoped it would be?. ?Ooooh, oooh? she cried ?I.I ? I ?. am ?.coming ??again?. This time Bob felt the convulsions around his cock as Amanda had her first penis penetrated orgasm. She writhed with the excitement and Bob could hardly stop himself coming in unison. ?Once more? thought Bob, then I will have to come or burst in the process. He resumed the motion of his cock, putting his hand down to gently massage Amanda?s clit.

She gasped again, arched her back and quickly came to another climax. Bob?s balls were aching and he could feel the pressure on his cock as the orgasm waves passed through Amanda?s pussy. He felt the start of the pumping of his semen and he said out loud, ?Amanda, Amanda, I?m coming inside you?, with that she felt the pumping and the spurting of his hot semen into her pussy, bringing on another wave of orgasm for her.

Bob collapsed onto Amanda?s body, both exhausted and satisfied. ?Daddy it could not have been better, thank you for a wonderful first time? said Amanda. Bob said ?You are hardly my little daughter anymore, I am happy that I was the one to show you the way?

as they lay side by side on their backs on the bed. Bob kissed Amanda on the lips, on her breasts and on her pussy only to see a trickle of his semen oozing out. This excited him but he knew this was a one time episode and could not be repeated. ?You are now ready for the men in this World? said her Father, ?choose wisely and find someone to make you happy?. Amanda too knew that this could only happen once, or did she?