Dirty Talk Wichsanleitung Deutsch wichsen Anweisung 10

Dirty Talk Wichsanleitung Deutsch wichsen Anweisung 10
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The Anonymous Reader I am a 22 year old male writer who adores sex and dearly wants to gain more experience in the area. My tale I imagine is more common than many people understand. You see I am 6 foot 1 with a muscular physique but not over the top. I guess I enjoy working out more than playing sport.

I am tanned with brown short hair and big brown eyes.

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Some would think my most distinguishing feature is the 11 inch stick of salami I carry around in my jocks. To my way of thinking this is my biggest curse. Yes I read all the stories where girls drawl over guys with dinosaur dicks and guys boast about their huge or enormous cocks but I have just not experienced the sexual fame and fortune that these stories suggest. I am by no means a virgin but figure I might as well be for all the joy my sex life has brought me.

I have been with several girls with very little success. A few girls were drawn to my size but when they saw it close up could not get away from it fast enough. Most of those who have attempted to take me in have bailed through soreness although they were mostly very considerate and apologetic and sucked me to completion but it is just not the same. One poor girl even ended up at the hospital for some repair work. As I mentioned earlier I am a big fan of sex but not in a perverted or shallow and selfish way, I study it and admire it as an art form.

My all time favourite is female oral sex. There is nothing better than watching a well kept pussy twitching and spasming in ecstasy right before it convulses in orgasm and sprays sweet nectar everywhere.

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Nothing better than watching it live as a participant in the event that is; which does not happen that often for me. Up until recently I have enjoyed the age old method of masturbating to movies and magazines. Although movies are more visually stimulating and my more frequent mode of masturbation stimulus I do enjoy the stories that are included in magazines as an alternative. This is what led me on my latest venture I suppose. I have spent my fare share of time viewing internet porn but to be honest watching strings of 30 second clips flash and keep changing just when you think your session is getting somewhere is frustrating and sometimes upsetting.

Stories on the other hand are very entertaining and when well written can place you right there and be very realistic. I decided to try my hand at writing and wrote a couple of stories that were received reasonably well. This had a strange but pleasant effect on me. The thought of other readers enjoying my stories and finding pleasure in them, possibly even masturbating whilst reading them gave me awesome satisfaction.

For a while the positive feedback from readers outweighed any negative and I found it easy to ignore. But after a while people started getting personal and not only tearing strips off the stories but off of me as well. I felt like chucking in the writing as life had enough negatives without these ungrateful ass holes bringing people down that were only trying to provide entertainment for them to start with.

I mean where did these morons get off anyway? The majority of them don't even have the guts to put their name to a comment.

Funnily enough it was reading another author's work that I got tipped over the edge. I was reading about a particular little girl's private after pool party with an older host for about the 15th time and still thoroughly enjoying it.

As usual I scrolled down at the end and read through a few of the comments and was quite pleased for the author to see some of the new positive comments but then became bitterly disappointed by an unnecessary and rather negative personal dig.

Fuck this I thought, there is just no need to say anything nasty. I am not against constructive criticism at all but constructive criticism doesn't come with name calling and personal put downs. It's as if some readers are only on the site to find someone else to bitch about, small minded fucks!

Anyway I wanted to react against this mentality and started to think of ways I could do it. Ai asked a mate of mine, an I.T.

nerd who's hobby was hacking if he thought he could track someone down. He set about doing it. Using key logger programmes and whatever else he was using I soon had located one of the drop kicks putting shit on everyone's stories and set about planning a little revenge.

I watched my unsuspecting target's movements for a few weeks to record patterns and note consistencies and stuff. Surprisingly my target was a very attractive tiny little Asian woman who lived by herself if you count out her annoying little mutt. I made a point of befriending the little hairball when she was out. It soon become obvious that this woman was not overly security obsessed, she did not even have her place alarmed. I had the idea to sneak in and look around when she wasn't there one day which was a plan assisted by her leaving the back door unlocked.

Her place was dark and dingy but quite neat and tidy. I poked around just having a general snoop and was quickly impressed by her porn library. She had a good collection of just about everything; there must have been over 500 DVD's.

The bedroom was fitted out and full of all kinds of sex toys and gadgets including a female real doll (without an attachable penis) which I thought was a little odd. The lounge had a huge wall mounted flat screen and her laptop was still open on the coffee table. Then I saw it, she was still logged in so I moved quickly over to the computer intending to look at her files. She had been at it again and the page still displayed her latest abusive comment. I discovered that this psycho had also stored many and probably all of her comments and also the stories on which she was commenting.

Whatever was wrong with this person was not a little thing and was probably wrong with all of these freaks that put down peoples stories for their own sick amusement, I thought to myself.

Sitting reading some of her shit added fuel to my fire. I hadn't planned retaliation for today but Meh. I was already there and no one was waiting for me at home so what the hell.

I only had to wait another ten minutes for her to get home. I hid in the spare room that looked like it wasn't used all that often. When she came in she slipped a movie in the DVD player and stripped off ready for some fun and games.

I crept into the doorway and from where I was all I could see were her shoulders above the back of the sofa and the DVD playing. It was some a he/she movie which wasn't exactly my cup of tea but seemed to please this freak.

I imagine she was fondling her tits and rubbing her clit softly as I stood and watched her shoulders move ever so slightly and irregularly. Her breathing became faster and she started bobbing up and down in the chair as I guessed she must be ramming herself with a massive dildo. Just when I figured she was headed toward orgasm I snuck up behind her and threw one hand over her mouth and the other hand containing a knife I had gotten from the kitchen at her throat and said firmly.

"Don't struggle; don't scream I just want to talk, ok?" She nodded her head so I took my hand very slowly from her mouth just in case I had to put it straight back in a hurry but kept the knife at her throat.

She had pulled a blanket of some kind across her body but I would get to that after I cuffed her hands behind her back and her feet together.

Once I had done this I grabbed a dining room chair and sat backwards on it across the room from her. "So, a bit of a porn fan are we?" I jeered signalling to the movie still playing in the back ground. "Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my house ass hole" she hissed.

"Now, now Margaret. It's that hostility that brought me here to begin with." "It's not rocket science you stupid bitch, I assumed that was your name all over your mail?" I said mockingly. "Well who are you and what did I do to you, you bastard?" "Aaaah, I'm glad you asked. You like surfing the net a bit don't you?" "It's not a crime" she snapped. "And you like to read the odd sex story don't you?" No comment was returned this time.

"And you like to comment on the stories you read too don't you? You horrible little slut" "I just tell the truth!" she said angrily. "I don't say anything that everyone else is not thinking" "Now that is where you're wrong you poisonous mole. Before I leave this place I am going to teach you some manners." I said getting to my feet and walking over to her slowly.

"Now you will behave and do as you are told or I will make sure every person you have ever been a bitch to in your comments receives your name and address" I said with a grin. "And how are you gonna pull that off?" she replied with a confident smart assed grin " "Well you made that easy by keeping all their stories didn't you fuck head.

And speaking of pulling things off, I'm going to free your hands and you are going to behave and work my cock and then swallow my entire load without spilling a drop, u understand?" "Fuck you" she snarled. "Maybe later" I mocked "we'll start with a blow job and see where we go from there" I said placing the knife at her throat again with one hand while pulling my cock out of my pants with the other.

She nodded and looked at the ground as I uncuffed her hands. She grabbed my flaccid monster with both hands and her mouth dropped open in shock mixed with horror. "You're not going to fuck me with this are you?" she asked nervously "We'll see now get to work" She tugged using two hands until I was in a semi hardened state and then began circling the tip with her tongue.

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Either she had had experience at this or had learned quite a lot from her porn collection. She was quite attractive with very long black hair which despite my anger toward her made it easier to be turned on by her skilful work on my cock. I put both of my hands on the back of her head and started ramming into her mouth as she made choking sounds which actually turned me on more. She gasped and gurgled as my bulbous head poked her in the back of the throat repeatedly.

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She squeezed my ball bag hard making me yell. "Ah fuck you stupid cow. What the fuck are you doing?" "You were choking me" "So fucken what. It's about time someone shut you up somehow. Do that again and I'll ram it all the way in whether it kills you or not.

Understand?" She nodded as I cuffed her hands back behind her back. I grabbed her hair in one hand and my cock in the other.

I slapped her hard in the face with my rigid prick and commanded her to suck it.

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She bobbed back and forward for a few minutes then I removed my cock from her mouth and lifted it giving her access to my balls. She flicked them with her tongue and then sucked them gently into her mouth and then I returned my knob to her mouth once more. She felt so good on my poor sex starved cock, her warm moist mouth and her agile tongue darting around my cock head and shaft. As she continued her work on my cock I pushed the blanket down a little revealing a very perky nice 2 handful sized tits with small dark hard nipples.

I couldn't resist, I pushed her back into the sofa and sandwiched my cock between her glorious tits and began pumping. I ordered her to open her mouth to receive my head as it pushed up toward her from between her tits. I warned her again that I was going to cum soon and she needed to swallow the lot.

I exploded in her mouth and held her head in place as I cannoned hot sticky cum, rope after rope down her throat. I pulled out of her mouth and slapped her face again with my cock and asked "Now why is it that you enjoy giving people that you have never met shit? I mean these people are only trying to provide a service for pervs and sex junkies like you and me so why bother reading their stuff if you're only going to be negative from the beginning, if u even bother reading the stories that is" "You've had your fun now fuck off, I don't have to answer to an over sensitive fucking rapist" she snarled "Oh I haven't raped anyone here yet and you have to stop putting ideas in my head and change your attitude because I'm not leaving until you do" I said ripping the blanket off of her I staggered back and nearly fell on my ass as I saw the rock hard cock sticking up from between her legs.

"What the fuck." She sat laughing one of those sinister spine chilling sicko type of laughs. My stomach churned and I dry reached as she continued to mock me and said "You want to suck me off now hunny?" I caught my breath and hauled off and open hand slapped her across the face sending her across the sofa. "What are you laughing at you twisted freak?" This had kind of changed my plans a bit.

30 seconds earlier I was ready to fuck her/it's brains out and then it's ass if she hadn't started cooperating but now my usually mammoth cock was trying to escape back inside my body. "What the fuck happened to you?" I asked "I was born like it you stupid son of a bitch" it said with tears welling up. "This will give you something different to crap on about in your next pathetic story wont it" it hissed as it composed itself.

Well it was right this time; it would make a decent if weird story. I suddenly became aware that my cock was responding other to it's naked form lying there with me standing over it or the idea of the story it would make. Maybe a combination of both, whatever it helped me to realise my plans were not destroyed just changed a little.

With renewed bravado I grabbed it's arm and spun it around on the chair with it's ass facing me. I had to admit it was still a very luscious ass.

I pulled the head off my now firm cock with one hand and spread it's legs and ass cheeks with the other and inserted it in it's pussy (yeah it had one). I drove my cock into it as hard as I could; I only managed to get two thirds of the way into its tiny frame. I pounded it from behind "This has been your problem hasn't it you up tight freak. No one would come near you so you're forced to sit and fantasize and play with yourself" The only response was a deep moan.

I thought it would be screaming and crying by now but it appeared to be enjoying itself. I grabbed it's delicious bouncing tits and squeezed them as I hammered away at it's pussy. It leant into the back of the sofa and nearly bit a hole in the fabric as a wave of orgasm swept through it's body soaking me in it's cum.

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I withdrew and then quickly placed my bulbous head at her anal entry and slowly but firmly pushed in making it squeal and gasp. I freed it's ankles from the cuffs so I could get in between it's legs and drive into it more firmly and effectively. I pumped relentlessly and went in search of a clit with my fingers. In the process I found it's cock, only around 6 inches but rock hard and bobbing back and forth in time with my thrusts.

I wanted to let go but my curiosity got the better of me and I stroked it's tiny cock a couple of times making it scream "Oh yes" I stopped stroking and it went back to moaning. I grabbed it hard and stroked a couple more times and it cried "Oh god yes, don't stop" I stopped again and insisted it use it's manners.

"Please, please pull me again" I began to pump frantically in and out of it's ass as well as jerking it off with my hand.

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My balls started to churn as it began to scream. I sank deep inside and held still as I pulled it's cock frantically "aaaah fuuuuuck, oh my god, yes, yes, fucking yes" it cried as it came again. I withdrew and painted it's back with my hot sticky goop and then backed off to sit down and recover. We both sat in silence looking at the floor, I was wondering what next as I had not expected to execute my plans today and was still not finished planning to be honest.

I considered making it write apologies to all the authors she had bagged briefly when my thoughts were disturbed by it's voice "Thank you" it said quietly "Excuse me?" I asked in amazement. "It felt incredible, thank you and sorry I bagged your stories" "Why do you do it anyway?" "Jealousy I guess" it mumbled "Huh?" "It's like you said, no one wants to screw a freak like me.

Look how you reacted" "So why take it out on people that are writing for your pleasure?" "Your stories are all so full of shit. Handsome guys with massive cocks and gorgeous girls with tits the size of watermelons. That's why, it's all fucking crap" she hissed "Oh what so if we wrote about freaks like you that would be ok would it you miserable bitch?" "Well.try and see it from my side and don't fucking call me a freak" "I got news for you, you thing, it's not all a bed of roses for the rest of us.

Do you know how many times I have been knocked back because of this fucking baseball bat between my legs?" I said angrily "I am a woman damn it, a fucking woman. Not a thing or a freak or anything else you call me" "I'm sorry; I have never met someone like you. To be honest I don't really know much about. You know. Why didn't you.isn't there some sort of way to. "What have me fixed?" "Well yeah" I said a little nervously "I'm not fucking broken, I'm just different you ignorant ass hole" "Look don't start insulting me again or I'll jam this bat up your ass, and you know I will" I scowled "Go ahead fag" she said defiantly "I'm not a fag you slut.

You're a .well you said you're a woman" I said lunging at her with a backhand raised and aimed at her face. "Yeah after you had already given my ass a. I put my hand over her mouth and pushed her back in the chair. I was insane with lust for this.woman.

She annoyed the hell out of me yet I wanted to pound her into next week. "No please, please. "Please what? " I growled "please don't rape my miserable ass, is that what you were about to say?" "Please free my hands and feet so I can stroke your magnificent cock and wrap my skinny legs around you" she begged "No.umm yes.umm what the fuck?" "I won't write any more negative comments on your stories.please?" she whined I freed her feet first and no sooner had I freed her hands than they were gripping my salami stick and feeding as much of my cock as she could down her throat in frenzy.

Her tongue swirled around the tip of my knob and then licked and slurped some pre cum out of the split before she nibbled and chewed her way down my shaft to the base.

When there she took my entire ball sack into her hungry mouth and massaged my balls with her agile tongue ass she used both her tiny hands to pump my shaft. "Oh fuck" I groaned I was sure I wouldn't make it past her blow job. This sex starved crazy woman continued her relentless assault on my cock and balls milking me with both hands and sucking my balls into the back of her throat. She began licking my sack all over and then kissed the space between my balls and my ass and suddenly flicked the tip off her tongue straight up my ass hole.


I gasped again and again as she began tongue fucking my ass my balls twitched and began to shudder as her hands went into overdrive around my cock. She felt my balls tremble and quickly jumped into position in front of my cock with her mouth wide open.

I blasted the back of her throat once more with a bucket load of cum as my legs gave way and I fell beside her on the sofa. She straddled me and sat in my lap and pressed her spectacular tits into my face. I nibbled her nipple and tugged it gently between my teeth running my tongue over the very tip making her gasp in delight. I worked on the other nipple until they were both rock hard and then pushed her tits together and sucked on both nipples at the same time.

She moaned and started stroking her cock with one hand and my cock with the other. My mind started racing, what the hell had I gotten into? Why was the thought of sucking this freaks tits while she played with her COCK making me so horny? When my cock was ready for round 2 she spun around and hovered above my cock and then dropped half way down and then slowly sank down until the whole thing was inside of her. She was so small I thought it might come out of her mouth.

She bent right over forward and held onto my ankles as she bounced up and down. The view of my huge rigid cock hammering her stretched pussy was so erotic. I placed my hands on her tight ass cheeks and helped her rock up and down as she groaned in time to herself impaling. All of a sudden I heard a double click and felt a pressure on my ankles that was not my hands.

"Fuck. You crazy bitch, what are you doing?" I yelled as I pushed her across the room. "aww, I thought you liked the cuffs" she said with a shit eating grin "I struggle to get up but finally did but then fell forward and smacked my head on something as I fell. I lay there seeing stars not quite unconscious but not really with it at the same time.


When I the stars disappeared I realised she had cuffed my hands as well. She rolled me over and told me to get up on the sofa. "Fuck off" I snarled. "Suit yourself; I was just trying to make you more comfortable" She stood over me, squatted and then slid down my shaft again and resumed thrusting herself up and down on me.

My hands were now cuffed behind me or under me in this position and hurt like hell with her bouncing her tits off on top of me. "All right, all right I'll get up on the sofa" I whined "Good boy" she said "I don't want to hurt you. You're the best root I have had since.well ever" She climbed up on top of me and spread her legs in my face holding up her bat and ordered me to lick her cunt.

I dry reached at the sight of her tiny balls sitting just above her tunnel and turned my head away. She grabbed my hair and screamed "Lick it" I began to lick with my eyes closed making sure to avoid coming in contact with her balls until I found a rhythm comfortable for us both.

She turned around and bent over forward with her ass and muff right in my face. Now this was much better as I could not see her man bits as I licked her out. She was again rubbing my cock slowly as I started to enjoy the taste of her sopping wet cunt and began to tongue fuck her making her squeal with delight. She started bouncing up and down on my face when all of a sudden she bounced to high and as she came down her puny cock flipped around and went straight into my open mouth and down my throat making her groan.

She did not move and neither did I. I began to panic as I couldn't breathe but then found I could breathe through my nose. "I'm so sorry, but that feels so good I have to.ooooooh" she gasped I lay there helplessly getting throat fucked by this gorgeous yet somewhat freak of nature listening to her puff and pant her way to completion.

When she came I was thankful she did not cum in my mouth but her sprayed all over my face as her body convulsed and her climax subsided. As she collapsed next to me I started to feel a little sorry for her and I knew deep down what this sad and lonely anonymous reader would want next.

So I decided not to make any more misery for her by making it a little easier for her. "Help me roll over and make it fast will you, and leave the damn cuffs on. Know this, if what's about to happen ever leaves this room I swear to god I'll cut your fucking throat, but not before I cut that thing off." "You mean I can?.you want me to?" she said with tears (of joy) forming in her eyes "Hurry up before I change my mind" I snarled She helped me roll over and I closed my eyes as I felt her oil up my ass hole.

She stuck first a finger and then two in which I was kind of grateful for even though she was very small. "I'll never forget this. And I'll be gentle" she said with tears still trickling down her pretty face.

"Don't worry, I doubt I'll forget it either "I said trying to be funny f or who knows what reason. I yelped like a puppy dog as she entered my virgin ass hole and buried my shame filled face into the lounge. I know I was being a baby about it but oh my god did it hurt.

It felt like some creature was in my ass fighting its way out and tearing my ass apart as it went. She started slowly and I resisted the urge to tell her to hurry the fuck up as I knew this may be her only shot at this. In a very perverted way I was relieved when she started pumping faster as it meant the end was near.

She pumped and pounded in and out of my throbbing ass for what seemed like an eternity before howling in ecstasy as she came. She freed my hands and ankles before collapsing in a blubbering mess on the floor. It was kind of hot seeing her lying there exhausted and satisfied after relieving so much pent up frustration.

I pulled her up on to the sofa and knelt between her legs kissing her stomach as she stroked my hair. I kissed her tits and circled her slit with the tip of a finger before slipping it into her. I pulled it out and stuck it in her mouth and grabbed her cock and pumped it a few times with the other hand.

She closed her eyes and her head rolled from side to side. She reached down and grabbed my hand and replaced it with hers acknowledging that I had had enough dick for a straight guy today. I finished preparing my cock for one final assault and stuck my swollen knob against the entrance to her cave.

I rubbed it up and down her slit a few times and then pushed it in slowly. As I started gliding in and out she closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip and letting go of her cock began to massage her tits. Her dick smacked up against my stomach and she watched for my reaction but this time I didn't mind, I was kind of used to the idea that with this particular package came a dick.

She was a woman, a very beautiful woman with an amazing body and a dick. I could tell my non reaction pleased her as she smiled and closed her eyes and began concentrating on the task at hand. I helped her knead her breasts as I pumped faster now and began to cum. Her hips rose and shook as she came and then sensing my approaching orgasm she sat and wrapped her legs tightly around me so I could not escape.

I erupted inside her filling her with my seed as her tits jiggled to a halt and I knelt feeling the last throws of orgasm subside. "I will never write another mean comment about anybodies writing again" she promised "Well good" I smiled "Except maybe your stories occasionally" "You do that and I'll know it was you and I'll be straight around here on your doorstep to teach you another lesson" I said pretending to be extremely serious.

"I am counting on it" she said with a look of complete lust in her eye.