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Boy fucks boy slow and cum in his ass raw and young teen fucking
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This is a true story that happened to me just a few weeks ago. I couldn't wait to write it out and post it here.

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Names are the only things that I have changed.

Very often I spend weeks and weekends with my girlfriend. Whether I stay at her house, go on vacation with her and her family or we cruise around town.

This story comes from one particular weekend when we stayed at her Aunt Sandra and Uncle Robert's house in the mountains. They were hosting a family get together, which they often host several times in the year, where many members of different branches of the family gather for a good time.

This was my first time at one of these gatherings though, so I was the only one there not related in someway. However I met many of the family members on two or three occasions prior, so I knew at least the other Aunts, Uncles and Cousins.

During the day, we sat around and talked, watched TV, played some games, and had plenty to eat.

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It was your typical summer party. When the night approached, everyone got more comfortable in pajamas and gathered on the porch to just talk some more, listen to music and drink, of course. We sat there for hours, more than I can count, juyst having a grand time. From time to time, my girlfriend would get up and leave for good amounts of time at once, leaving me there with the family. We exchanged jokes and stories and as I looked around the table I was sitting at with all of the older women, I noticed that Aunt Sandra was always staring intently at me.

It wasn't a kind of look I was used to getting, only from my girlfriend wen she was in the mood. I half shook the look off and continued talking.
 Aunt Sandra is in her mid-to-late 40's, and quite the bombshell.

Blonde hair messy in such a way that it looked good, thin body, and great sized tits to match it. They sagged only the slightest bit, but in such a way that you could tell they were nothing but real and wonderful.

As the night went on, I noticed Aunt Sandra was still taking a good look at me every chance she got. It was odd that she kept doing so, but it felt good, like I was being admired, especially by someone as attractive as her.

But I knew that couldn't be, and she must have been just staring off into space.

Eventually, everyone was beat so we decided to call it a night. We decided who would sleep where since there were so many of us, and I was given one of the couches in the living room, next to my girlfriend. We said goodnight and everyone went off to bed. I don't remember exactly what time we went to bed, so I didn't even know how long I had been asleep before I was being woken up.

But the house was still dark, no sunlight was coming in through the windows. I thought my girlfriend had woken me up, but she was still sleeping on her couch.

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I looked up and there was Aunt Sandra, looking over me.

She was wearing a loose, red night shirt with two or three buttons undone, revealing more of her tits that I have ever gotten to see. I asked her what was the matter, and if everything was alright, but she just smiled and put a hand on my face, asking "Are you feeling better?"
The whole day I wasn't feeling well, but after I was woken up I felt totally fine.
I responded "yes, much better.

Like I wasn't even sick."

"Good," she said, "in that case I want you to follow my to the basement."
Confused, I obliged and got up off the couch and followed her downstairs.

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I noticed the time on the DVR box as I passed it - 4:00 AM.

We headed downstairs and I was instructed to close and lock the door behind me. I did so. The basement was fully furbished and felt like a whole extra house. It was complete with a TV, mini kitchen, sofa, bathroom, and even a bed. I began to wonder why no one was sleeping down here.

"I know that you've been looking at me all day", began Aunt Sandra, "I caught you staring at my chest on more than two or three occasions".

This was true. As I said, Aunt Sandra has wonderful tits, and it was hard to keep my eyes off.
"I thought it was only fair to tell you that since you were checking me out.I was checking you out too. And I like what I see."
Aunt Sandra began walking closer as she said this and placed her hands on my shoulders and began to run them down my arms, onto my thighs and reunited them both at my crotch.

"I know you've gotten hard ons as you stared at was pretty obvious. Oh look.your getting one now." My cock hardened as she began to play with it through my thin pajama pants, and soon I had a huge tent sticking out.
"I-I dunno what to say", I began to try to tell her, "I-I'm sorry. I won't look anymore."

"Oh no," she said, squeezing my crotch a little harder, "I like it when you look. In fact, I thought I'd let you get a better view."
 At this, she backed up and began to unbutton the few buttons fastened on her shirt.

When they were all done, she slowly and skillfully removed the shirt in the most sexy fashion, revealing her beautiful tits in all their glory.

"Well?" she asked.

There were no need for words from me. My dick did all the talking as it went from pitching a tent to erecting a full skyscraper.

Aunt Sandra giggled as she saw it grow even harder. "Why don't we do something about that?"

Aunt Sandra walked forward, took my hand and led me to the vacant bed. She managed, somehow, to pull off both my pajama pants and underwear at the same time, while pushing me onto the bed's edge. There I sat, with my rock hard dick exposed to my girlfriend's gorgeous aunt. Aunt Sandra gave me a smile and swooped down onto her knees, taking my dick in her right hand.

She began to play with it, stroke it, and fondle my balls which were growing more sensitive with each touch.

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I tried to say something, tell her she was still drunk or that this wasn't right, but pleasure got the best of me and I couldn't do anything but make sounds of pleasure.

"Do you like this?" she asked. "I bet my niece doesn't do it this well, does she? I bet she doesn't even do this."

And at the end of that sentence, I felt the warmness of her lips on my cock head.

It was true, my girlfriend never gave me a blowjob, and I was experiencing absolute bliss. By this time, I couldn't think of calling Aunt Sandra by her formal title anymore, and thought of her only as Sandra.
She began slow, licking my head and the top of my shaft, but after a few minutes she began to get rougher.sucking faster, taking more of my dick in her mouth, and it was the best feeling ever.


The more noise I made, the faster she would suck.

Suddenly, Sandra took it out of her mouth and said with a smile,
"I bet you want to cum already, don't you?"

This was true, I was ready to blow my load in the back of her throat, and I would have had she not stopped to ask.

I could only nod my head 'yes'. "Well I have a special place for you to do that", she said.

Sandra crawled up on the bed besides me and began to make herself comfortable on her back.

"Fuck me, now" she commanded.

I was terribly reluctant.

I was horny as hell and ready to pound her raw, but my gut feeling told me it was wrong, that it would be a crime against my girlfriend.

So I was able to stammer out "I don't think I can.I's not right."

Sandra got a frustrated look on her face.

"Look, your horny, I'm horny, and you're gonna fuck me. If you don't, I run upstairs yelling right now that you grabbed me on my way to the bathroom and made me come down here to suck your cock. I don't think you want that, now do you?"

Damn it. Well my options were clear. Fuck the gorgeous woman or get run out of the house and be short a girlfriend.
I took choice number one, obviously.

I saw her lift her lower body up for me to make my decision, and while hardly thinking about it I lifted her panties up and off of her.

"Do I need a condom?" I asked.
"No, I'm on the pill.


You couldn't get me pregnant if you tried" she replied.

Not like I had much of a choice since there wasn't a condom to be found in a family basement.
I gathered my breath, got on top of Sandra, and pushed my dick inside of her beautiful pussy.

She began to moan instantly, and I felt like I was ready to cum already. But I knew it was too soon, and I made myself stop.

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Using the same way she sucked me off, I fucked her.

I started slow, poking at the very inside of her pussy, and as she moaned more, I picked it up.

"Faster, ohhhh faster" she moaned. I complied.
"Harder baby, harder!" she commanded. No holding back now.

I started pounding her, shaking the bed and watching her tits shake up and down in a mesmerizing fashion.
"Ohhh yes fuck me!

It's so fucking good, fuck yessss" she yelled.

I was in total bliss by now. I stopped my train of thought, I hardly remembered what I was doing. All I knew was that something felt fantastic.

"Sandra.Sandra I need to cum!

.Are you ready?" I asked with a short of breath.
"Yes.cum inside me! Fucking shoot your cum inside me!" she demanded.

She didn't even need to finish her sentence before my cum was pouring out inside of her soaking wet pussy. I hadn't jizzed in over a week, so the cum was pouring out like there was no tomorrow. I didn't want it to stop.

Both of us, short of breath and exhausted, laid there on the bed breathing heavily for a good five minutes.

Then, Sandra spoke up.
"You better clean up.before you go back to my living room." I complied, and went to the bathroom and returned myself to a sweat and cum free state. When I exited, Sandra walked in next.

"Sleep tight." she said, and closed the door. I guessed that was my cue to go back upstairs.

I did so, and went back to my couch-bed. My girlfriend was still sleeping soundly. The DVR clock said 5:30. It sure seemed shorter than that. Exhausted, I had no trouble falling asleep.

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The next morning, everyone was up around 10 AM. We all took turns using the two bathrooms on the first and second floors, and we packed our remaining things to hit the road.

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We said our goodbyes to the Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, and when I got to Sandra and she leaned in to kiss me on the cheek, she whispered "I'll tell you if I ever have the house to myself for a weekend."
I replied, out loud, "Nice to see you too!" and smiled.

As we were walking out of the door, I head one of the cousins shout from the basement:
"What smells like sex down here?"

At that, I hurried the hell out of the doorway.