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Endearing Latina Girlfriend Fucking Porno
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Prologue: My first intimate encounter with my sister was when I was 9 and she was 7. Wait… Wait! Don't get me wrong, it was completely accidental. We didn't even actually fuck. It was just the contact, there was no passion or even… Knowledge. My dad bought a house back in his college days (he was really well off) just off campus.

He was the big football jock of the school and so was always the one hosting the toga parties; In fact, he met my mom on one occasion and never had to meet her again. For that reason, almost everything in his house was convertible. Couches could turn into beds, chairs could transform into stepladders to reach the booze on the higher shelves, tables could become either study desks or poker tables, and beds… Well, beds would become just another part of the wall. Now imagine, about 11 years later, my parent had been married for 10 years, had a son for 9, and a daughter for 7.

After graduating, my dad got on the board of a small privately owned company, which exploded into a multi-billion dollar sensation on the market, leaving my dad (and the rest of his family) very well off indeed.

The house had not changed a bit since then besides the inevitable technology upgrades like a plasma television, a household stereo system that could blast from inside the bathroom and make the water vibrate, and an awesome computer.


These things don't have anything to do with the story besides for the fact that they're there. All the convertibles are still exactly as they had been since the last party, and that's why my mother asked me and my sister to clean up the mess. Chapter 1: Still the Prologue I woke up one morning to the familiar funk of dirtiness in the room next to mine. It didn't really throw me that much since I had been living with it for 9 years already. It was the only room that my mom had forbidden the housecleaners to clean because it was the room that my dad and mom first fucked in.

Strange kind of memento, I guess. Of course, I didn't know about sex back then and my mom just said that was where she and her husband first kissed, satisfied with my initial disgust. Everyday, remembering that it hasn't been cleaned since, I took proper care to avoid the room. Until today, when my mom and dad continued having their heated debate over whether to clean the room or not. My father was yelling that the smell was the reason no one ever came to their house and that the air in the house was probably endangering and poisoning us as we speak, while my mom was shrieking that my father didn't have any respect for the past, and didn't care about the memories of the good days in college.

Eventually though, my mother gave in and since there were no housekeepers today, ordered me and my 7 year-old sister, Chrissy, to clean it up while they went to the mall in town for groceries and such&hellip.

We stepped into the disgusting room that hadn't been cleaned in over 9 years, my sister held the two rolls of paper towels to avoid the smell. I opened the window at the side of the room to let in some air but even then it was blisteringly hot in the room, so we ended up in t-shirt and shorts. Neither of us ever wore underwear under our shorts. Bad infant habits are to blame. We both just liked feeling that soothing breeze and freedom you can't usually get, and today we really wished there was a window in this room.

Reluctantly I took the paper towels form my sister… And so we began. It started out simply enough, we used a broom to brush off the cobwebs that hung from the light in the middle of the room. I distinctly remember smelling that anti-mold spray and realized that my mom must've been putting it in here for years because even she could figure out that the room was a health hazard. So with no mold to stop us, we went on using a steam vacuum to get all the old wine stains out of the rug and a regular vacuum for the layer of dust that coated the room.

Finally we got to the push down bed. It was already down so we didn't have any trouble getting started. All the cloth of the bed spreads and sheets were full of holes from moths.

It was like a coat that had stayed in the closet too long. We threw the hopeless sheets into the trash along with the unusable pillows. It took about 45 minutes, but eventually we finished the bed and all we had left to do was the space behind the bed. The bed itself was surprisingly narrow for a push down.

It was only about 4 or 5 feet wide and 6 feet long and 1 ft off the ground so the space that we had to clean wasn't that large. The only problem was the there was this small space in the back of this space.

It was probably a storage place for horny college guys to keep their pornos or something. There weren't any pornos now, but there was a dead mouse. My sister shrieked when she saw it, "Oooooh Jonny look!

It's a rat!" "Don't be silly, it's just a mouse," I said, trying to sound brave, but it was torture for me to pickup the thing with a tissue and throw into the trash as quickly as possible.

After that episode we continued cleaning. About 15 minutes later we were finishing up. We were both sweating tremendously, but we just weren't the ones to take a break. I was finishing the small crawl space, and I had taken off my shirt because it was just too damn hot, while my sister, the whole time, was watching me clean the space without lifting a finger, despite my constant accusations of her being lazy. Chrissy must've unconsciously tripped the lock switch that helped keep the bed from flipping up while people were sleeping on it because something happened then that was both frightening and really embarrassing.

Once I finished cleaning the crawl space, I didn't get out, rather I rolled over and sat with my back to the wall, sighing and feeling proud of a job well done.

Then Chrissy said, "Finally, that took forever." "And you didn't help at all, not one bit," I said, glaring at her as best as a 9 year old could, "It's so hot…" Chrissy said with an over-exaggerated sigh, "I'm going to go cool off in the pool now." She looked out the window, and once again sighed at the sight of the sparkling water that shimmered about 100 yards away.

"Come on Jonny! Let's go have some fun." With that she leaped onto the metal back railing of the bed and faced me, directly in front of me, which was dangerous as she could slip, but was even more dangerous since the lock that kept the bed down wasn't locked.

Everything from that point on was in slow-mo for me, but in absolute high definition. I remember the weight of my sister unbalancing the bed and like a seesaw, flipped backwards.

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Had she not been standing directly in front of me, she would've been crushed in between the bed and wall, seriously injured or worse.

Thankfully, that wasn't the case. But the bed did flip back and the momentum carried her straight at me, still sitting with my back to the wall, not realizing the danger we were in. She tripped on the corner of the crawl space and landed hard of top of me, her legs splayed out on either side of my chest. The air was knocked out of me for a second and being inexperienced with that surprise attack of pain, cried for about ten seconds before noticing my sister was crying too. I did my best to try to pry my arm loose from in between Chrissy's calves to wipe away my watering eyes, but to no avail.

I wasn't that strong back then. I quickly accessed our situation as best I could. Chrissy was struggling to stand up but her legs wouldn't budge due to the sides of the crawl space and my arms pinning her thighs down. The bed had strategically slammed into the entrance of the crawl space, so my sister couldn't pull back and get off me. In other words, we were stuck; with my sister sitting right on my lower torso, that is, my 9 year old cock, straddling me on either side. I didn't even know about sex, but it seemed my cock did and it started to grow.

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It eventually became… well a semi hard three-inch erection. I'm sure my sister wouldn't be able to notice, though I didn't know exactly why I was ashamed besides the fact that they were my "private parts." Chrissy's persistent pulling back didn't help either, sliding her covered pussy along the short shaft of my boyhood. Her shorts were damp from the sweat, which was rapidly forming on both our bodies from the increasing heat in the crawl space.

That was another concern, how long would we be able to take the heat until we would pass out.

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That pool would sure look good right about now. The sweat made etchings of her slit and my shaft through the shorts since there were no under shorts to cover it. I was getting red in the face, but realized my sister took no notice of our slightly erotic situation. "Jonny! I can't get up!" Again, she pulled back grinding her small crotch against my dick. "Jonny! What are we going to do?" "I'm thinking," I said, which was true.

Remember, this was about a million times more embarrassing for me than it was arousing and I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

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My dick was merely instinct. "Maybe I can slide up." I tried this, but still couldn't move. It was becoming increasingly hot and Chrissy soon became impatient. She started being more aggressive in pulling away, coming away with half success. If the situation weren't so dire it would be rather comical otherwise. She tried pulling upwards now and each time my dick would try to stick in the air, before my sister dropped back down and smashed it back against her pussy and my stomach.

This happened about ten times and then she summoned enough strength to rise about halfway, letting my dick stand straight up, before coming back down. I felt surprise tightness around my clothed cock before realized the tip of my small cock just barely penetrated the lips of the young girl. She gave a squeal and shot up into the air, completely releasing both of us. We both pushed away from each other as best we and sat a few moments just panting for breathing and wiping the sweat off our bodies.

I stood and looked at her guiltily, waiting for what she had to say. She didn't say anything, she glanced at me and said with little emotion at all, "We need to get the bed back down." After a few tries we succeeded in pushing the bed onto the newly cleaned carpet. We carefully locked the bed back up, and sped out of the room and ran to the pool. We didn't bother taking out clothes off and putting swimsuits off.

We stayed there for two hours before leaving. It was heaven. Then I thought, as I watch my 7 year old sister named Chrissy get a beach towel and drying herself off and looking at the butt that was once on my cock, that I was so guilty and ashamed for what happened though I didn't understand why at the time.

But of course, I realized, if my clothed cock hadn't penetrated that little bit and made her jump, we probably would still be in that crawlspace. I smiled a little to myself and dried off as well, flicking my cock as I rubbed down through the suit. I said, "Good boy." Chapter 2: 6 years later.

What a 6 years it's been since that day. I'll get right to it. Whatever accident had occurred since that day didn't matter anymore except for the fact that I now wish, seeing my sister now, that it would've lasted longer, life threatening situation or not. My sister in the 6 years since then had completely transformed beginning at age 11. Have you ever heard of that girl Saaya Irie?

That 11 year old Japanese superstar with F-cups? My sister was just like her, except probably not as extreme. By age 12 she was wearing B-Cups (I checked) and only grew from there until she wore c/d-cups by age 13. Her breasts have since grown to DD's but, I'll stop at age 13 because it is where the main story took shape. It was a day that would've slightly reminded me about that time, trapped between the bed and the wall, but it had been a while since then so mostly I had forgotten about it.

I didn't think that Chrissy remembered it either, but ever since that day I've felt that I had been getting the strangest looks from her.

And then when I would look up at her she would turn away and walk someplace else. Especially since she started having sex-ed in school when she was 12, then she really avoided me. At these times I would look at her and she would blush furiously and then there would be that awkward moment hanging in midair, but I always spared her by breaking it up. I assumed now that since she was growing up, she might actually have a little bit of a crush on me, which I heard was normal for girls growing up sometimes.

So, I just merely brushed it off and didn't say anything because although she was shy around me, we were still really tight. I would never do anything to upset her or make her feel even more uncomfortable around me, and she would do the same for me.

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We were so fond of each other, that she would frequently abandon her bed on cold or stormy nights in just panties and a bra, and we would sleep in a spooning position.

In the morning I would often find my morning wood had escaped the confines of my boxers and slid in between her ass cheeks. It felt so comfortable and warm, as though it was supposed to be there, and at these times I really wished she wasn't my sister. But I wasn't a pervert, so I would just slide it out, hoping she wouldn't wake up with a cock nestled between her cheeks.

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Besides this slight intimacy, we led practically normal lives. We barely ever fought, which made our parents happy, and when they suggested it, we would go off on one adventure or another, walking down the college campus, as various female students (really hot ones) would point at the two of us and say, "Look, there's Jonny and his sister. Hey Jonny!" I would wave back, embarrassed slightly and continue on down.

Yeah, I wasn't that aggressive. That's because I knew who I was, I probably wasn't the first guy you would go to for a fuck, especially if you were a college girl three years older. Though I have a pretty good build, my face is all fucked up. My pimple years were just beginning and already I had scars from the ones I tried to foolishly pop, I also wear glasses, making the exact formula for geek, though I hated computers.

All in all, I wasn't that popular at school because of 1. I'm a freshmen 2. Am quiet, and 3. I never try. Seriously, I never really cared much for the social life outside my family, I had everything there that I needed already. My parents and especially, Chrissy. Anyway back to it then. So on this hot and humid day, the fact that I had nothing to do was depressing me.

I had completed all of my fucking homework and pretty much wore out my dad playing ping pong (I don't know how. He and mom went to a sports club afterwards.) But I still had nothing special in my schedule. Chrissy seemed to notice this and slowly came up to me and asked with mock sympathy, "What's up doc?" I looked at her with a gloomy look. I sighed and commented, "It's a beautiful day today, but I have nothing to do." "Well, hmmm. You and I could do something." "Yeah, but what?" I asked, looking up at her.

She smiled and showed her white sparkling teeth, which shined beautifully with her long blond hair. "I don't know." Then she jumped up suddenly and clapped her hands, "I got it, you pick something, no ANYTHING you want to do and I'll do it." I thought for a moment. "Well, I'd really like to go fishing, but I don't have the boat key." At the word 'fishing' my sister's smile faded and a look of disgust came across her face.

She hated fishing with a passion, just the concept of putting a slimy worm on a hook and then taking a fish of that's been stabbed with the same hook totally turned her off. But after a few seconds, her smile returned.

"Wait here." With that, she rushed off into the living room and came back a few minutes later with a keychain jangling in her hand. "Where the hell'd you get that?!!!" I yelled, staring at the boat key with joy.

My dad had never let us go near the boat without him, and my current dream was to cruise the lake outside just by myself, or in this case, with my sister. "I'm telling mom you swore," She teased, but then continued, "I found it inside that drawer that dad always locks. His 'durrrty' magazines were there too. He must've just used it before he left, because he accidentally left it wide open." I laughed. "Alright then.

Now we can go fishing." "And maybe some swimming off the boat afterwards." Chrissy said. "Sure." We decided that since we would be in the middle of the lake on this hot day, and would want to get into the water right away afterwards, we would just wear our suits on the boat while fishing. Our father's boat was a classic fishing rowboat, but on this large lake you would need a motor to get somewhere. That's where the key came in.

Soon, we had set off and quickly found ourselves in the middle of the large lake. Chapter 3: Fishing Now, usually the middle of a lake is not the place where you would normally find fish, but this lake was special I that many large sailboats had sunk from a sudden increase in depth, creating a sanctuary for fish to escape the harsh sun.

My dad and I would spend hours just dropping our lines straight down as we would catch '25 inch bass. When we got there, it was deadly silent, and there were no other boats until the shore about two miles back. I immediately took out the line and baited it. I offered it to Chrissy, who hook her head violently staring at the worming on the dangling hook as though fearing I was torturing it.

I shrugged her refusal and dropped the line in and right away I got hits and landed myself 3 good sized bass. About 5 fish later, which included a nice fight against a Northern Pike that won, my sister's interest started to grow. She asked if she could try once, and I said sure but that she would have to bait her own hook. After some difficulty, she was able to do so. She dropped the line in and waited.

I noticed this right away; she had no idea how to fish. Five worms were quickly lost until I said, "Here Chrissy, you want me to show you?" She nodded and I got in her seat and spread my legs so that one was on either side of her. She backed up against me. I noticed that when I moved forward my cock squashed tightly against her backside. I leaned forward over her and took her hands with the pole in mine. Her hair got in my face and it smelled really good. A mixture of shampoo and coconut cream suntan lotion.

The closeness discomforted her and she shifted slightly, causing my cock to fall and be planted under her. She paused but didn't say anything. I said as I held her small, delicate hands. "Okay Chris, first drop the line like you have been…" I paused suddenly and gasped in my mind as I felt my meat start expanding under Chrissy's ass.

I tried to ignore the feeling but it was impossible. "W-wait until about 6 yards… of line is down," I breathed. I was wondering if I should move or not, but that would jsut embarass the both of us, so I didn't move. The smell from her hair was now intoxicatingly sweet and it only added to the sensual stimulation I was receiving. "Ssstop. The reel. Now." My cock was diamond hard now and at full length, though it was a little flattened by Chrissy's weight.

It was currently trying to force its way up through Chrissy's bikini-clad rear. She had to have felt it, but she chose to ignore it. And then. "Jonny, I got one!" She yelled as the pole jiggled and she bounced in the air slightly. It was as if in slow motion instant replay of the convertible bed scene. I saw my cock coming flying up and she came down hard.

Luckily, she came down faster and flatten back down to earth, causing me slight pain, but not more than a wince. Her bikini-clad pussy was slightly wet, and slid down the shaft of my dick when she came down. But she backed into me to regain her balalence, causing my cock to surge even more towards it desire. The reel was losing line fast. I grabbed the pole and stopped it from going any further, involuntarily making me squeeze Chrissy with a lot of force, who was still clutching the pole too.

My bear hug pressed the sides of my arms against the exposed sides of her full breasts from the bikini top. Her skin was so smooth it drove me crazy. The pressing brought her breasts together and emphasized her cleavage, only increasing the fullness of those wonderful globes, as I felt her hardening tits against my forearms.

This also brought my cock to life and through my swim trunks, grinded hard against her ass. I tried to sound casual but excited for the fishing.

"It feels like a big one." I thought I heard her sigh something along the lines of, 'yeah… Really big one.' Then I was shocked when she thrust her hips back at me slightly, instantly drying my mouth and lose almost all sense of where I was.

I moved forward slightly, causing my hard-on to bump against her clit and asshole and once again she thrust back against cock, rubbing her bikini-clad cunt and asshole over my shaft, which was trying to find a way out of my suit. We continued this light grinding while we reeled together. I felt her pussy getting wet as we did this constant bumping.

I looked into her eyes and saw a glazed over look, staring out at the fishing pole, which was suddenly falling from her hands. I grabbed a hold of it. I tried ignoring the feeling of having my sister sweet pubic bone grinding along the side of my cock, by thinking of what fish could be on the line.

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I noticed the line was not straight down as it had began, but now outwards, pulling the line at a more horizontal angle. Usually this meant that it wasn't a bass or large bluegill because they dove straight down. It was probably a walleye.

Just as I thought this, a large fish surfaced and I saw that it was definitely a walleye, pretty big too. It dove back down as we continued reeling.

We got it in to about ten feet of the boat when… BANG!!! The pole was almost torn from our hands altogether, but thanks to my fast reflexes, I managed to hold on. "Whoa," my sister shouted, breaking out of her trance, and grabbing hold of the pole as well.

This stopped the grinding we were in and she settle on my cock with the tip resting on her clit. Something had happened. The thing on the other end of the line had the strength of ten walleye. What had happened? Suddenly I knew. Some bigger fish had latched on to our already big walleye, and was trying to steal it from us. It had to be a musky.

I yelled, "Pull it in Chris," as we both pulled the walleye attached to the musky which to my amazement, refused to let go. We heaved ourselves backwards onto each other, starting a new intense grinding between my steel shaft and her sopping crotch. The heat that it produced was incredible. She banged back against me as I lunged forward, sending me into a spiraling world that made dizzy, thirsty, and horny all at once.

I squeezed Chrissy tighter and practically lifted her off the seat and slammed down, as I felt my clothed cock drive onto her asshole and slightly inwards. Chrissy gasped and sat down hard, letting the rhythm this monstrous fish was taking us on fill our hearts with lust. I felt the tip of my cock strain and come through the front hole, actually touching the smooth skin of my sister's thighs. She felt it to. Never in my life had I felt something so hot, so good, on my cock.

I couldn't take it anymore. All the shyness of girls I had had in the past was gone and all my love of Chrissy came in one swift movement as I grabbed the pole from her and set in the pole holder right as she turned around and pressed her weight against me, toppling us to the boat floor.

We were insane, Chrissy immediately started kissing me all over my body and with her hands rubbed up and down my shaft and balls, which was letting precum out at a glorious rate.

She kissed me while on top, all the way from my nipples, to my neck, and finally to my mouth where I greeted hers with mine. I let my tongue slide into her mouth, wrestling furiously with hers, trying to pin it down. I felt her tongue doing the same as she pressed her sexy, full lips against me, sending me into sexual overdrive.


Delirious from what was occurring, I grabbed her hands, which were done fondling my cock and intertwined them with mine. We squeezed each other as we kissed, as though we could rish being seraprated, not even parting to breathe because we just breathed through our noses and what drove me crazy was her hot, humid breath that I had felt some many times when we slept together, but now it was a panting and raspy gasp that shouted, "DO ME!" My cock was now in total control as it grinded hard against Chrissy pubic bones as she gasped and moaned for relief.

Then my lips parted with hers and smiled at her as I released my cock from my suit and threw it across the boat.

My thick cock then continued to ravage away along the entire crack of Chrissy's amazing ass. Her wet pussy was screaming, "FUCK ME!" as I slid over it.

Not as a request, but an order. I didn't dare disobey it and took my right hand from Chrissy's left and brought it down to her clit and flicked it furiously, alternating between that and sticking my thumb up her pussy all the way to the second knuckle. Chrissy moaned loudly as I finger-fucked her hard.

Her pussy was drowning my hand with fluid, turning her moans into whimpers. With my other hand I tore off Chrissy's top and attacked her full breasts with my mouth, her hard, rosy nipples entering me. I sucked hard, and squeezed her breast. Gently to not hurt her, but not so soft as to not make a point. It was as though I was a suckling baby wondering why there was no milk coming from mommy.

Her warm breast slid in and out of my mouth as I flicked the tip of her nipple with my tongue. This stimulation added to Chrissy's sobs of pleasure. She starting tensing up and arching her back, while I started rubbing her clit almost raw, vigorously, my cock having a mind of it own was now stuck in her ass, moving in and out with the beat of the boat which, swayed violently from our movements.

Then she let out a single moan that reverberated throughout the large lake as she came over my hand and cock, "OOOOOOOOOH!" but I still didn't stop licking the sides and undersides of her breasts.

I was in another world. I took my cock out of her ass and started lubricating it with her cum along her pussy. I teased her slightly, sticking the tip in slightly, getting a feel of the warmth she had to offer, then bringing it out.

And then, without giving any warning jammed it as hard and far as I could up my sister's cunt, burying it up to the hilt and colliding with her pubic bone. Excess cum that was still in her pussy squirted out and dribbled down our thighs. She gasped and I paused momentarily, realizing what I had done. I was holding her practically in a death-grip, and then I held her out before me looking dead into her eyes.

A few moments past before she said, "Jonny…?" "Yeah…?" "Thanks…" With that she broke into a wide smile and sat up without breaking our love connection and started slowly moving up and down my shaft. Progressively, it got faster and harder as my prick slid in and out of my own sister's pussy, sending waves of pleasure through both of us as though we were one person, one unit. She wrapped her legs around my waist and bucked upwards as hard as she could, making electricity spark up and down my spine, and lighting a tremendous fire inside me, as I met her thrusts with blows of my own, creating a powerful drive towards each other that was driving me off the deep end.

My mouth once again found her lips and we enslaved each other in our passion, rubbing our bodies, never parting completely once. Our tongues dueled in an endless battle as we rolled and fought with each other to gain control before deciding it didn't really matter. We broke lips momentarily a she mounted me and started humping the shit out of me. I moaned loudly, and felt my scrotum tighten, "Chris… I'm gonna…" I couldn't get the last words out but she nodded in understanding as she let me roll on top of her and I pounded my engorged prick into her with every thing I had, causing us both to gasp and moan.

As my orgasm drew nearer the blows became shorter but with more force and faster. We locked lips once more and senselessly threw ourselves away to our sexual desires. I remember my last drives into her taking forever as I slid in as far as possible.

I never felt anything so pure before in my life.

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My final two blows came hard and long with my sister clutching at each other and driving us together with so much force you couldn't tell that we were two different people, we fit perfectly in each other's grooves and there was no reason we shouldn't.

I came into my sisters womb with a ground-breaking explosion of cum that rocked the boat as we slammed our crotchs and our faces against each other for the last time. I felt Chrissy' vaginal walls quake and tighten around my cock, milking me of all I was worth. Cum shot out of the cracks of Chrissy's pussy and sprayed her legs, and onto her stomach and tits, making her look like the dirtiest and most beautiful creture in existence. I was cumming in buckets, it never seemed to end, nor did I want it to&hellip.

It was so good… So good… Chapter 4: I woke up about a half hour later, my cock was inside something. I felt sticky and smelly as I traced the trail from my chest, to my cock, to my&hellip.

Sister. I smiled and thought ho beautiful she looked completely naked beside me with my soft cock filling her. I pulled out which, caused her to stir and open her eyes to mine.

She smiled and grasped me tightly as we lay on the boat floor. "That was incredible Jonny," she said, I could feel her breast against my chest as she ground her ass into my soft cock, now hardening again. I let it penetrate the entrance, and then thrust it in lightly, not out of lust, but from love. We both came together again, again you would not be able to tell the difference between our bodies. "You're incredible," I said kissing her lightly on the lips.

She opened her mouth and our tongues came together. They didn't wrestle, but danced like an old married couple on the dance floor who've known each other for years.

She started moving up my shaft again and let it flop out to my disapointment. Then she sat on it and flatten it against my stomach and started the grinding motion that I knew and loved too well. My shaft ran along her pink slit, covering her pussy, asshole, and clit all at once, she let out a light moan before stopping, looking deep into my eyes, and giving me a final kiss that seemed to last for an age.

We parted and Chrissy sat up staring at my body and hard cock, then at her own messy body covered in dried cum. I took the fishing rod out of its holder, to no surprise see the musky had completely devoured the walleye and left.

Aw well. It was worth it. Chrissy stuck her finger in the water over the boat and wiped some of the cum off with a towel. I got up to do the same.

Then she dropped the towel, exposing her smooth back, put her bikini back on, and suddenly jumped into the lake. She emerged moments later completely naked, her suit floating about ten feet behind her, smiling, "So how's about that swim," she said.

I nodded at her without speaking. She smiled and dove straight down like a bass. I put on my own suit as well, preparing to mimic her act.

I needed to first get my own cum off my body before swimming though it didn't really matter. I splashed some water on my chest and crotch. I smiled a little to myself and dried off as well, flicking my cock as I rubbed down through the suit. I said, "Good boy."