Becca luna vibrator brought to orgasm toys

Becca luna vibrator brought to orgasm toys
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My Dad and I have never really gotten along for some reason, maybe it was the fact that he seemed to spoil me at every possible moment or maybe it was the fact that when he found out I was gay he blamed him self, whatever the reason we always seemed to fight whenever he was home.


Let me give you a brief history of my family. My dad and mom were in the military moving around every 3 years, therefore I never grew close to anyone except family. Before, my dad and I would do all the fatherly and son things (kissing, hugs, tickles, and wrestling).

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But this changed when we finally settled down and he moved to Washington D.C. (to work) and we stayed in Wisconsin.

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There grew this huge tension in the air and it never bothered me but it always made him angry and we would get in a yelling match (by this time I was 18 and he was 48). Well one day, while my dad was home, I had been out with my boyfriend and we had finished having sex at his house. He had fucked my hole hard and I had some hickies from all the passionate humping and making out that had gone on. But I had just gotten home, with cum still in my ass, and it was about 3a.m. When I opened the door my dad turned around from the living room chair, his face had that cold calculating look that a predator gives his prey.

He stood up looked at me from across the room.took a few long strides until he was right in front of me.and slapped me across the face. This was the first time he had ever gone beyond the usual yelling and screaming, it surprised me so much I just staggered back into the chair behind me. The hand that I had known all my life, that had picked me up when I was down and guided me towards the right decision and the same one that had just slapped me, caressed my face, lightly rubbing the red welt that was now starting to sting.

He leaned in close and whispered in my ear, "I know what you were doing. I used to see that look on all the stupid sluts I used to fuck in my day, the ruffled hair, the fire red cheeks. But, it's another sight to see it on my own son." At this point he was scaring me, I was so paralyzed by the fact that he had confronted me about having sex I hadn't noticed him putting his arms around my waist until it was too late. He roughly flipped me over and pulled down my pants (they were pretty stretched out by that time) and pulled open my ass cheeks, revealing my gaping hole and the thick white cum that was still drizzling out of it.

He pulled my pants up and as I was turning around he slapped me across the other cheek, possibly even harder than he had before. "I knew it!" he screamed, his voice seeming to echo in my head. "You take it up the ass like any common street whore, well if you want to be treated like that I'm going to respect your wishes!" He grabbed me by the back of my collar hoisting me up. Now let me explain I'm a pretty average guy 180lbs about 6'0".


Now my dad used to be a stud back in his hay-day, but now he's about 6'1" and 200lbs with a slight beer gut, but decent enough muscles. .pulling me along up the stairs towards my bedroom. He tossed me on my bed like I was a worthless ragdoll and not even worthy of being in his presence.

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As I lay there stunned by the events that had just transpired my dad looked me over one more time with that hateful look of coldness along with a new emotion, lust. He told me to strip, but I didn't comply, I was still thinking to myself "this can't be happening my dad would never do this to me.he loves me.right?" the sad fact is that I had to try and convince myself that my own father loved me. As I was lost in my thoughts my dad lost patience with me, and started removing my clothes for me, first he literally ripped my t-shirt off of me, the threads ripping on my chest and his rough grunts of effort brought me back to reality.

I finally realized this was going to happen to me, I was going to be fucked by my dad.

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Could I call it rape? if I was turned on by the fact that now the only thing keeping my used hole and my dad's cock were a pair of jeans and two sets of thin boxers.


He stared at me again, making me squirm under his eye, maybe if I could get him off before he even entered me I could protect myself from the fact that this might actually be incest.

So, as my dad stared I finally got the courage to sit up look him in the eye and slowly extend my hand towards his crotch. His huge tool seemed to be growing the closer my hand got to it, when I finally had the chance to touch his cock, it was rock hard.

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It seemed to be growing down his thigh, and must have been 10 inches or so. As I rubbed him slowly through the jeans he was moaning, moaning one thing. "I've waited so long for this.". I didn't have much time to think that over as he started to thrust into my hand wanting more friction over his extensive prick.

For some reason, without my realizing it, my hand started to push harder against his covered prick, seemingly wanting to feel as much of this cock as possible.

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My dad closed his eyes and started moaning my name, and it sent chills down my spine, if he had said any other name.ANY other name, it would have been fine, but using my just turned me on. So with my second hand I started to unbuckle his belt and unzip his zipper. As soon as I pulled down his jeans I saw that in fact he had no underwear on, my dad had been going commando all day. When he saw my stare, he told me he had expected this.this whole time he had been expecting sexual favors from his own son.

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It was so unbelievable my mouth was slightly agape as I just stared at the one-eyed monster in front of me. My dad wanting more started thrusting again, and with no hand on his massive dick he almost poked my eye out.

But it had its desired affect, it had me longing not longing, that almost seems to imply a set amount of time I waited, no what I wanted was his cock.ALL I wanted was his cock.I hungered for it. I opened my mouth as wide as possible, hoping to not scrape my teeth on the beautiful piece of mother nature in front of me and took it down as far as I could down my throat. Just because I had been with guys before doesn't mean I'm a cock sucking pro, in fact all I seemed to do was sit there as my dad just grabbed my hair and shoved his cock down my throat until I gagged which was only a mere 5 inches down.

He pulled my head back so I could suck in air and shoved me back down, roughly fucking my throat. And as surprised as I was by this entire situation, I was still amazingly turned on by the fact that the cock that gave me life is now trying to spurt that same seed down my throat. TO BE CONTINUED.(If good reviews)

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