Xxx story bf 2019 xxx bg hind

Xxx story bf 2019 xxx bg hind
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Chapter 2 - Keeping it in the family Manny opened the door with his usual charm and Luke high-fived him, Claire went straight to the kitchen and Haley went to the lounge room where Jay was watching a game.

"Hey Grandpa, how are you?" Haley asked, sitting down and putting her phone away. Dylan was annoying her and she didn't want to talk to him right now. "I'm all good sweety. Manny, the nanny, not your cousin, has gotten Joe singing some weird song, but he knows how to mumble it, so I'm happy about that. What about you?" Jay asked her, he sipped on his scotch and leaned back on the couch.

"I'm alright. Dylan is annoying me, so I'm just going to take my time before I blow a fuse" Haley told him, she pulled her phone out and turned it off, which was a rare turn of events, as she usually kept her phone on, even in the movies. "Ok pull over, I don't want anyone to catch us, and I did say I was driving" Alex quickly stopped sucking her dads cock and wiped her mouth, Phil had cum a few times along the way and he had a goofy look on his face.

"Oh yeah, whoops" Phil laughed, he put his cock away, it was covered in Alex's saliva and moved seats, Alex took a few deep breaths and drove off. "If you don't mind stirring the bowl for me please Claire, I need to change, Joe spit up on me and I don't want to eat with spit up on me" Gloria told Claire, she nodded and began stirring, Gloria made her way to the stairs as Phil and Alex came into the door.

"Ola Phil and Alex" Gloria sang, waving at them as she made her way up the stairs, Phil didn't try and flirt with her, which was odd, but she didn't pay attention to it and went to her room. "Ok, new clothes, a dress or a shirt? Dress or shirt?" Gloria said to herself, she pulled her current top off and threw it in the dirty pile, which was building up, as Joe threw up a lot, and took her bra off as well. Gloria had 38 DDD- cups, and they hurt her, but at least she was all natural, unlike some women she knew, she loved her body and she loved the way her husband played with them, she even liked it when other men looked at her, it felt nice that she still had that power.

"Ok new bra" Gloria uttered to herself and pulled a red one from her draw and laid it on the bed. "Achoo" a sneeze came from the closet that frightened her, making her cover her chest. "Who's there?" Gloria growled, she moved to the closet and opened it. Luke was standing there, his pants down, cock out and a camera in his spare hand.

"Luke what the hell are you doing?" Gloria was a little angry, but also turned on that her nephew was perving on her. " this isn't the kitchen" Luke tried to play dumb, but he knew he had been caught out and it wasn't helping that his cock was throbbing in his hand.

"Luke" Gloria glared at him and removed her hands from her tits, trying to hide her smile, as he watched her tits bounce. "I was perving on you.

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I do this whenever I see you go into your room and change. I'm usually very quiet, just there was dust in my nose this time" Luke admitted, he kept staring at her chest, her bright pink nipples were in his eye sight.

"What does Manny think you are doing?" Gloria asked, knowing that they usually hung out before coming down to eat. "I distract him by getting a girl's number that he likes and telling him to have a conversation with them. It has worked every other time" Luke said, his cock was pulsating and Gloria could see it and she was getting horny. "Very clever. Well being that I caught you, what should I do? Call your parents?" Gloria suggested and saw the panic in his eyes.

"No not that. Please anything but that" Luke begged. "Or should I fuck your brains out in the closet and make you cum in me?" Gloria looked at him and saw his face light up. "I suggest fucking me. I'm a virgin, but look at this cock, I know I can be a great fuck" Luke beamed. Luke had a 7 inch cock and it was very thick, Gloria knew it would get the job done.

"Gloria, what's taking you so long? Food's almost ready" Jay called out to her, he opened the door and she quickly closed the closet and turned to her husband, her tits bounced and he grinned ear to ear. "Have I told you how much I love you, and that you're lucky it was me that opened the door and not Manny or Phil" Jay chuckled, Gloria laughed in reply and squeezed her tits for him. "Sorry honey, I was trying to find an outfit that didn't have puke on it. I want to feel pretty" Gloria explained, and leaned in to kiss her husband.

Luke's breathing was becoming rapid, his cock was still rock hard, he tried to be as quiet as possible, he wanted to fuck Gloria, but he didn't want his grandpa to kill him. "Ok well, hurry up and before you cover them up" Jay put his face in her cleavage and motor boated her for a few minutes, making her giggle, then kissed her passionatley before going out of the room.

"Ok, get over here and onto the bed, pants off" Gloria demanded, looking over at the closet, Luke opened it, his pants were already off and his cock was still hard, Gloria licked her lips and watched as he got on the bed and laid down, twiddling his thumbs in anticipation. "Do you want me?" Gloria asked him, she pulled her pants off and stood in her pink g-string, Luke could see they were stained a little and grinned.

"I.I do" Luke said nervously, he reached out and touched her leg and rubbed her soft skin. "Hold on, I'll lock the door. I don't want to be interrupted or caught" Gloria told him, she turned and went to lock the door, wiggling her ass as she did, Luke was enjoying the show and couldn't believe his luck. "Right, now hold tight, this is the best pussy you will ever have Luke" Gloria purred, she removed her g-string and Luke saw her clean shaven pussy lips and they were glistening with her wetness.

"I'm ready" Luke replied, his heart was pounding and his ears were ringing. Gloria kissed all over Luke's body, kissing his cock once, then all the way up his chest and on his lips, her pussy was inches away from his cock and Luke felt her drip on him. "Oh holy fuck" Gloria moaned quietly, she lowered her pussy down onto Luke's cock and it engulfed it hungrily.

Luke put his hands up and down her body, rubbing her tits and kissing her nipples, making them extra hard with his tongue, Gloria bit her bottom lip and thrusted her hips up and down, his balls hit her perfectly round ass.

"Mmmm're amazing" Luke groaned, feeling his cock tighten, his hands went on her hips and he quicked his pace, Gloria leaned backwards, her tits bounced and her hair flowed behind her. "You're cock is so much better than Jay's. Sweet fuck" Gloria crowed, she put her hands on Luke's chest and thrusted harder she felt her pussy walls tighten and was beginning to feel light headed. "Fuuuckk.I'm about to cum" Luke told her, his hands went on her ass and pulled her deeper into him, causing her to squeal.

"Me too.just a little longer" Gloria uttered, she dug her nails into him, causing him to flinch but not stop his momentum. "Yeah?" "Yesss!!" "Uhhh" "Yess!!" "I'm cumming" Luke moaned, he gripped her ass and his legs raised off the bed. "Me tooo" Gloria leaned back and her legs squeezed into Luke and her pussy squirted all over his cock.

"Wow.that was.holy" Luke babbled, he was feeling light headed and couldn't stop smiling as Gloria layed her head on him and was kissing his chest softly. "I'm glad you think we have to hurry up and get down before people start asking question. I haven't heard your mother complain yet" Gloria giggled and rolled off Luke, taking a few seconds to catch her breath. Phil was sitting on the couch, listening to Jay complain about the football, he just grinned as he read up on the stats before hand and was winning and going to make a stack of money at work.

Haley was watching as well, but she was just paying attention to how hot the players were, she was sitting by herself and twirling her hair. The front door opened and Mitchell, Cameron and Lily came through the door, Lily had a backpack and Mitch's phone rang as soon as they entered, he pulled his phone out and answered it. "Hello everyone, sorry we're late" Cameron announced grabbing everyone's attention, as Lily ran off to Haley and hugged her and began talking about make-up.

"Food's not ready yet, so not really late" Jay replied, raising his glass and waving at them.

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"Well we bought a bottle of red, a 73!" Cameron pulled the bottle out and waved it around, Phil grunted and rolled his eyes. "We are at a family event right now, but when we are done, you can come over and we can have a few drinks. Ok, talk to you later. Cam, that was Sal, she and her husband broke up and she needs a glass to drink from" Mitchell told Cameron, following him to the kitchen. "Well who couldn't see that coming. Hopefully she doesn't make a scene tonight" Cameron said, he loved Sal, but she was a huge drama queen.

"Ok guys, food is ready" Claire announced, as Gloria came downstairs in a plain shirt and pants and helped her set everything up, Manny and Luke also came down. "Sorry, I just couldn't decide what to wear. But thank you Claire" Gloria smiled at her and Claire just nodded and rolled her eyes. The meal ended and the whole family were sitting and chatting about the events of the week, stuff that happened at work, at school and what happened to Mitchell at his new place of work.

Alex was sitting next to Phil and she had her hand on his leg and was rubbing it up and down, Claire was on the other side of him and doing the same thing. Luke couldn't help but stare at Gloria, and she kept winking at him. "Well it was lovely catching up with everyone, but we need to leave, as Sal is depressed and she needs to be cheered up by her friends" Mitchell explained, he and Lily got up and she hugged all of her family members.

"I need to go home and study as well." Alex hinted, Phil quickly caught on and cleared his throat.

"We need to go home as well. I have an early open house tomorrow and I need to prepare my wow factor for the clients" Phil told everyone, he got up and kissed Claire and waved to everyone, as Alex also got up and pulled the keys from her pocket. "Ok I'll see you guys at home. Dad and I need to talk about work as well. Bye sweethearts" Claire waved and downed her wine. Phil let Alex drive home, he teased her by stroking his fingers on her stomach and he didn't want her to have his cock until he got home.

"Can I suck your cock again daddy?" Alex asked, turning the corner and trying to slow her breathing as her dad's hand was feeling her under-boob.

"Want to suck it, or do you want to be fucked with it?" Phil suggested, going under her bra and feeling her nipple, making it hard and making her heart flutter. "F.fuck. Absolutley get fucked by it" Alex stuttered, she pulled into the drive-way and leaned in and kissed her dad passionately.


"Then get inside and I'll give you the time of your life" Phil purred and he undid his seat belt and opened the door and unlocked the house. Alex got out of the car, locked it and skipped inside, she closed and locked the front door and walked up the stairs, her dad was at the top of the stairs, he was already naked and his cock was fully erect. "Take your clothes off and put them in your room.

I'll wait for you in my room" Phil told her, he kissed her quickly and smacked her ass, then dissapeared into his room. Alex had removed all of her clothes, she was stark naked and she opened her dad's bedroom door and he had lit a few candles around the room and a huge grin on his face. "Is this all for me?" Alex asked, she was tearing up a little and her pussy was puckering, leaking down her leg a little.

"Sure is, lie down and open your legs" Phil told her, Alex did as she was told and opened her legs as wide as she could, she jumped a little, as she felt her dad's tongue slide into her pussy and flicked her clit, his hands slowly slid up her body, till they were teasing her nipples. "Oh.daddy yes.oh fuck yes" Alex wailed, her hands were on his head, pulling his hair in the process and buck her hips. Phil's tongue was lapping up his daughters pussy, if she was anything like Claire, then she had the same sensitive spots on her, and she did.

Alex couldn't control her legs and they were beginning to rise up off the bed, her pussy was building up to a large orgasm and she didn't know how big it was going to be. "I'm almost there.daddy.keep going daddy.

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Oh tongue fuck me daddy." Alex pulled her dad's hair and pulled some out accidentally. "You're a dirty girl with an amazing pussy" Phil uttered, fingering her just to get a breather, he took two deep breaths and then went back to eating her out. ".I'M CUMMING.DADDY I'M CUMMING" Alex screamed, her hips buckled and sprayed all over her dads face, her orgasm lasted 20 seconds, before she fell limp on the bed.

"Did you enjoy that?" Phil asked, licking his lips and climbing on the bed next to his daughter, who was trying to gather her mind. "Damn straight I did. My heart is going off the rails" Alex replied, she turned and ran her hand up and down her dads side. "Excellent, now ready for a pounding?" Phil beamed, he pulled her left nipple playfully and smiled at her.

"Yes please.


Fuck me good, and fuck me hard" Alex pleaded, she leaned in and kissed him for a few seconds. Phil got up on his knees and got on top of Alex, she giggled and reached down and grabbed his cock, slapping it over her pussy and gasping as she did. "Fuck me daddy" Alex begged, Phil smiled and slid his cock in, not all 8 inches, but about halfway, Alex caught her breath and watched as her dad put her legs over his shoulders and slid all the way in.


Phil put his hands on her ass, and pulled her deep into him, his cock was all the way in her pussy and he quickened his pace, he watched as Alex's face was screwed up in pleasure, the candle light shone on her skin and he could see her beginning to sweat.

"Fuck me daddy.oh" Alex moaned, her tits bounced around and her hands went around her dads neck, she grabbed her ankles and couldn't believe how deep he was inside her. "Take it you bad girl. Who's girl are you?" Phil teased, he raised her up and was using all his strength to hold her off the bed. "Yours daddy.oh fuck.I'm nearly there!!" Alex cried, she leaned up and kissed him and moaned into his mouth.

"Almost there baby!" Phil uttered, he put her back on the bed, put her right leg down and held her left leg in the air and powered down. "Oh fuck.I'M CUMMING.

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DADDY, OH FUCK ME I'M CUMMING" Alex screamed, echoing around the room and leaned back and came heavily into her father, Phil held her tight as he came as well, his cock exploded in her tight and wet pussy and filled her with his hot jizz. "I better get out of here, before everyone gets home. Thank you so much daddy.

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I will want more, trust me" Alex giggled, she kissed Phil and peeled herself away from him and waddled out of the room, swaying her ass in the process. Phil looked at his phone, Claire hadn't messaged him, so he decided to clean up and have a shower. To be continued