Huge titted shemale gets screwed in the ass on the couch

Huge titted shemale gets screwed in the ass on the couch
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I traveled around the country for the rest of that year and most of the next without seeing my granddaughter. I talked to her on occasion when I would call, but only for a brief amount of time. In my paranoid guilt, I imagined that she was having second thoughts about our last encounter and I kept an eye out for that day when a cop would either pull me over or come to my door with an arrest order. When I did talk to her, nothing was ever said about our time out on the road, not even a hint of any impropriety.

It was as if it really didn't happen, like I had had a very wonderful dream.

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I loved that dream, I felt close to someone again. Someone really loved me. I was not alone. But here I was, alone in a campground, sitting in my 45' pusher diesel wondering what I was going to do today. It was late winter when I received the call from my daughter asking me the favor. I was planning my move from Arizona, through Texas, over to northern Florida, around Pensacola, to a campground I had discovered a few years back.

I had made this trip for two years now and was really looking forward to it. The people were nice, the weather was perfect at that time of the year, the fishing was fantastic and it gave me something to do.

When the favor was asked, at first I was excited, but then I was apprehensive. My daughter had been give a cruise to The Bahamas as a gift from her company for "Outstanding Achievement" but after she had booked the cruise, they sent her on another trip to Chicago for a meeting. Some reward, so she asked, if she made the necessary changes, would I consider driving down to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, meeting my granddaughter Kristy and using the cruise tickets in her place?

It was only a three day cruise and in was no big deal if I didn't want to go, but since she had the tickets anyway and since I hadn't seen Kristy for over a year, I decided I would take her up on it. Kristy was a sophomore in high school this year and she was old enough to get her driver's permit. I just couldn't believe she was getting that old.

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My instructions were to meet Kristy at the pier before embarkation, as the cruise line had made transfer arrangements for her. I waited around for awhile then a thought crept into my brain. I didn't know the size of the cabin we were to share or if she got her own cabin or the sleeping arrangements or anything and I didn't know how she felt about sharing a cabin with me.

I was in a panic, so I thought I had better check it out. I went up to the check-in desk and asked the agent about our cabin.


After checking, she said we had a single cabin on deck 5 to be made up in a twin configuration. I thought for a moment and then, making a snap decision, I asked the agent, "Is the "Owner's Suite" booked on this cruise?" She looked and said, "No, not on this cruise." So I said, "I'll take it instead of the other one," and broke out my American Express Gold Card.

After securing our cabin, I went back out to the loading area and waited for the bus to arrive from the airport and waited and waited. I asked one of the porters about the delay and I was told that they were waiting on one more transfer bus to arrive from a flight from Kansas City that was delayed for an hour or so. If I was waiting for someone from that flight, I might as well go aboard and wait for them there.

I told him that it was an under aged girl, my granddaughter I was waiting for and I didn't want to abandon her.

He asked for her name and a brief description of her. My gosh, what does she look like? I gave him the best I could and went on board and straight to the bar to clear my mind and wait for her arrival. After I had my third Captain and Coke, I heard my name paged over the ship board intercom and headed towards the purser's desk to meet my grand daughter.

When I first got a glimpse of her, my heart skipped a beat. I saw her before she saw me and the vision of her burned into my mind and will be the last thing to ever leave it. It will be a vision that I will cherish until the day that I die and I hope that that day is a long way off.

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But if is happened today, I would have an angel to guide me to heaven. For you see, I had not seen Kristy in better than a year and I did not realize the changes she could make in that time.

She was, in a word, beautiful. She had matured into an angelic vision that took my breath away; from her long blondish hair that she was wearing in a pony tail, to her fair, perfect complexion, her knock dead body, she had the complete package. I stood there with my mouth agape, sharing at her until she slowly turned and saw me and then she made a mad dash to my waiting arms.

"Gramps," she yelled as she jumped into my big hug and a kiss. "I'm so glad to see you. I didn't see you down at the pier like Mom told me you'd be. That darn plane was late getting here and then we got here and you weren't there and …well anyway I found you and now we can start our trip," she exclaimed all in one breath. "I'm glad you made it and you found me, now I've got a surprise for you so let's go see our cabin," I said enthusiastically.

Off we went to the elevator and up to the 9th deck and to our suite. Opening the door, I led her in and watched her mouth drop open. "This is for us?" she asked disbelievingly.

"It sure is," I answered proudly. "Mom never told me that we would have a suite," she exclaimed. "Your mother doesn't know we have a suite." I told her. "I thought that maybe you'd want your own room," I added, testing the waters. She stopped and the look that came over her face told me volumes.

"But Gramps, don't you want to sleep together?" she asked almost with a tear in her eye. "You mean you do?" I asked hopefully. "Don't you? I've been looking forward to this for a year and a half. Now you tell me that you got me a separate room because I would want my own bed? Gramps, I want to sleep with you so we can…ah…you know, make love.

I got some pills so I won't get pregnant and everything. Oh Gramps, this weekend will be special," she said excitedly. "Kristy, I just thought that maybe you had changed your mind or something. You never mentioned anything about last summer when we talked on the phone so I thought that maybe you might not want to continue with…you know, our lessons," I offered.

She came right up to me, gave me a big hug around the neck and said rather seductively, "Gramps, I don't care if we never leave this room all weekend long," and raised her head and gave me the warmest, most passionate kiss imaginable. That kiss took all of my apprehension away. It was going to be a great weekend. She continued to kiss me with parted lips that moved with feeling as she reached on her tip toes up to generate more pressure into the kiss.

I took her deep within my arms, placing my right hand on the small of her back and my left on her shoulders as I pulled her into my embrace.

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She melted as her crotch and breasts squeezed into mine and I, once again, felt completely at home with my granddaughter lover. As I rubbed her shoulders, all I felt was the pleasure of her bare skin. I then remembered that she was wearing a cotton sundress, one that fit her around her bosom and was strapless. It was a floral design made up of light pastels with the length coming to her mid-thighs. As I found the zipper in the back where my hand was, I slowly released it as she continued to lip massage me.

Feeling it release, she intensified the kiss as she moaned through her open lips and backed off just enough to allow the dress to fall down to her waist. She was wearing a strapless bra that was held up by the firmest breasts one could imagine.

Her breasts had grown along with the rest of her. They had expanded to a fair handful but they were the firmest, yet softest things that I ever remembered feeling. Encased in the free formed bra cups that nestled them gently within their confines, her every breath caused them to swell and grow smaller in size but remain firm and pliable to the contours of their captors. As I found the clasp and released the restraint, they shot out into the fresh air and stood proud for my eyes to explore.

I eased the dress over her developed hips and as it fell to the floor, her white hip hugger cotton panties made their appearance. They were tight across her crotch area, exposing just a hint of the dimple effect indicating the area of the pubic hair growth.

I looked on, trying to keep my composure. Just then, there was a knock at the door. I looked at her and indicated that I needed to answer or else risk the possibility of the steward walking in on us. As she hurriedly made her way into the bedroom, I tried to hide my excitement as I answered the door. It was the steward, stating that our baggage had arrived to our stateroom and he brought it in and placed it near the door.

I gathered Kristy's luggage and took it into the bedroom and went to the bathroom door and told her that her luggage had arrived. I left the room to curse my bad luck. After a few moments, Kristy made her appearance from the bedroom wearing a full length casual dress or cover-up or something like that; all I know is that it tied around her neck loosely, it showed off the freedom of her breasts and she look like a million bucks in it.

She smiled as the ships horn blew indicating that we were about to leave Ft. Lauderdale. She took my hand as we headed for the door to go top side and to join in on the bond voyage party.

We walked out onto the pool deck to the sound of reggae music blaring from the band and I accepted a tall rum drink from a waiter. Taking a sip for myself, I looked at my smiling granddaughter, cuddling up on my arm and offered her a sip.

She looked almost embarrassed, but giggled and took a long slurp on the straw and kind of choked on the alcohol as she shouted thank you and squeezed my arm even harder. I joked with her, "I had better be careful because someone might think that I am prying my date with alcohol so I can take advantage of her." All she said was, "You don't need to get me drunk to take me to bed; I'd go with you anytime." She squeezed my arm again as she rubbed her cheek against my shirt sleeve.

I felt a surge of blood rush to my cock. There were more than a couple of curious looks as we made our way around the pool deck. I just smiled and let them all wonder. It was none of their business anyway. I walked with Kristy up forward as the ship broke out of the harbor and out into the open sea. We stood there watching each other and the ocean as the sun set behind us until she started getting a little chilled. I could tell by her erect little nipples standing tall and begging me to caress them.

I decide that I needed to get her back into the warmth of the cabin to get ready for dinner. She asked if she had time to take a shower and clean up some before dinner. I glanced at my watch and told her we had about a half of an hour before we were to be seated. She turned on the shower and I changed into my suit and in about 25 minutes, she emerged from the bedroom wearing the cutest little blue dress I had ever seen. It was rather conservative compared to the others she had worn that day, but it was very befitting a 15 year old granddaughter.

It was an over the shoulder, short sleeved dress, just formal enough for our first evening meal but it was not the least bit revealing or provocative in the least. She looked great in it as it seemed to fit her perfectly, both physically and personality wise.

She could look good in anything, however. We made our way down to the dining room and were shown to our table.

We were the last ones to be seated as I made our introductions. I introduced us as grand father and grand daughter and everyone commented on what a beauty Kristy was. She blushed and I beamed because little did they know just how beautiful she was. We enjoyed a wonderful meal, attended the evening cabaret, went for another stroll around the deck and then headed back up to the owner's suite to retire for the evening. It was only 10:30 and neither of us was tired, but we couldn't wait any longer; we had love to make and both of us were anxious to get it started.

She went into the bedroom to change but she came right back out with a grin on her face. "They made up the bed," she said. "But they just made up the one bed not the sleeper sofa.

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Does that mean that we have the steward's permission to sleep together?" I laughed and said that I guess it did and proceeded to take off my tie and jacket. She went into the room and when she finally appeared, she was wearing a full length, white obtuse night gown. You could make out her breasts, her legs and her light brown patch of pubic hair as it contrasted against her white skin. I almost shot my wad at the vision. My God, she was beautiful and she was all mine.

She slowly strolled of to where I was sitting, swishing the skirt of the night gown around as she slinked over. Her hair was down as it cascaded over her white shoulders framing her soft facial features better than any piece of art I have ever seen. The gown was cut low with spaghetti straps that melted under her flowing hair into her neck and tied together there.

As she spun around, my breath caught in my throat as I saw that the back of the gown was non-existent. Between the straps that were hidden from view by her cascading hair to the loose fitting fabric that started again at her hips, there was nothing but her beautiful soft skin. She smiled at my stare and asked, "Do you like it? I picked it out especially for you and this night." "Oh Kristy, my beautiful Kristy," I managed to get out, "how do I deserve this?

My gracious, Girl, you're going to be the death of me." "Well, if you're going to die then it might as well be with a smile on your face," she said as she came directly up and between my knees to stand in front of me. I shuttered as I sat there on the couch and then reached my arms out and around her hips and pulled her close to me. My cheek fell onto her abdomen with just the flimsy material of the night gown separating it from her flesh.

I kissed her right above her pubic area as she melted into my arms. She put her hands on my shoulders and slowly pushed me back on the couch and in so doing, she bent down at the waist and the gown fell away from her breasts.

They all but fell free of the gown but just her nipples stayed covered. My God she has grown into a woman. Those beautiful breasts had enlarged into globes that any woman would be proud to claim as their own; so firm but so soft, perfectly shaped.

It was but a year or so earlier when I saw them last that they were young little protrusions but to see them in all their glory now was unbelievable. As I slid back on the couch and I saw those wonderful globes staring me right in the face, my hands went to first her cheeks and then to her neck as I found the tie and pulled on the strap end and loosened the knot.

As she bent her head downward in a submissive gesture of compliance, her gown fell away, exposing her breasts to gravity and the freedom of the open air. As she brought her head back up and looked into my eyes, a shy little smile came to her lips and then her hands went to my belt buckle and started to remove my trousers. She successfully opened my fly and then went to her knees between my legs.

My hands brushed her nipples to attention and then slid away. She gave me one more smile before she lowered her head down between my legs. She gently removed my hardening cock from my boxers and ran her hand over it softly, stroking it up and down.

As it started to grow from the attention, she bent down, opened her mouth and took the head in between her lips and ran her tongue over it. I shuttered at the sensation and exhaled my breath between my teeth. Hearing the noise seemed to spur her on as she opened her mouth wider and slipped my cock even further into her mouth.

In and out it slid through her wet lips; further and further with each insertion, until she was taking it a good four inches into her mouth. I was amazed at how much she had improved. I had to remember to inquire as to her new found skill and where she learned how to give such a blowjob. I reached my hand down to her chin and pulling her up off of my now erect cock before she got any further.

I wanted to please her too and at this rate it would be awfully one sided. She released it from her mouth and looked up into my eyes for instructions. I pulled on her arms as she rose up and placed her feet on either side of my legs; straddled them standing upright. She bounced a little playfully on the cushions of the couch and her boobs swayed from the movement. She looked a little embarrassed but as I ran my hands up the inside of her gown, her embarrassed looked turned to one of anticipation and thrill.

Both of my hands were on the inside of her thighs working their way up the her junction and as they met at her pussy, she let out a loud moan and her knees seemed to buckle a little.

This brought her down into my touch and I separated her lips to expose the dampness of her opening. Running one finger up her vagina and my thumb slid up her slit to her nubbin and started rubbing it to arousal.

This was more than she could take and she let out a cry for more and started humping my finger. I raised her gown with my free hand until it cleared my head and then grabbing with both hands her butt cheeks; I pulled her into my face as I started to lick her pussy.

She separated her knees around my shoulders and drove her steaming hot vagina into my tongue. I began eating, licking and sucking on her entire groin area driving her wild with passion. She was humping my face with the greed for release that was building within her.

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"O GOD, GRAMPS, I'M CUMMINGGGG!" she yelled out as she spit her juices from her vaginal opening onto my eager, open mouth. I had settled on her clit and was sucking hard on it.

This just intensified her orgasm as she fell over the back of the couch and jack-knifed over my head. She quivered and convulsed for a moment and then stood back up and looked straight down into my eyes.

The look that I saw was one of pure lust as she pulled her gown over her head and threw it to the floor. She never took her eyes off of mine as she lowered herself down onto my lap. She still had her feet flat on the couch but she managed to squat down and hit my cock perfectly at her opening. She was still looking into my eyes as she slowly inserted it into her opening and as it made its way up into her vagina, she closed her eyes and shuttered.

The sensation was unbelievable. She was impaling herself on my cock by her own weight and her vaginal walls were allowing a slow entry.

Gently and slowly it slid in until it came to her cervix and stopped its intrusion. She settled there for a second and she let out the breath she had been holding. She opened her eyes and looked directly into mine. She smiled a breathy smile and kissed me passionately. Then gritting her teeth, she said in a husky voice, "Gramps, fuck me.

Just fuck the shit out of me, as deep as you can, as hard as you can. I want to feel it all the way in me.

NOW!" She started ramming my cock into her vagina by her own weight by falling down on my buried erection. She was pumping her knees and lowering her crotch up and down, taking it deeper and deeper into her. She was riding me wildly as she slapped her wet crotch into mine. With every insertion, I could hear a sloshing sound come from her opening as her juices were forced out of her.

Her head was back, her chin raised and her teeth were biting down on her lower lip as she bounced up and down on my cock. She was crying out louder and louder until I was worried someone would hear her shrieks.

Then, suddenly, the shrieks became silent as she reached for her sexual release. Holding her breath and spasmodically trying to keep her rhythm, she released a flood of fluid out of her vagina all over my lap as I strained to keep up the pace.


The sound that came from deep within my little granddaughter's lungs was un-worldly. It was a guttural sound, almost like a wild animal crying its last cry. Then she exploded into a gyrating mass of unbelievable motion. She was pounding every muscle she had in a different direction, trying to experience the one giant orgasmic conclusion to her true sexual awakening. Although this was not her first time, it was definitely her most intense. She came with a furious climax; one that if you are fortunate enough to experience, then you can truly know the depth of.

When she had finished, she laid her head down on my shoulder, only to fall to exhaustion. I took that opportunity as she rested to remove my pants and sat there naked waiting for her to recover. She stayed in that state for a few minutes and then started to stir. Feeling my still hard, unsatisfied cock inside of her, she scooted around on it and smiled. "Gramps, haven't you made it yet?" she asked as she came back to life.

"I wanted to make sure you made it first," I said softly into her ear.

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"O Gramps, I love you," she said cooing into my shoulder. "Hang on to my neck," I directed and scooted off the couch with my cock still buried into her vagina.

Picking her up by her butt, with her hanging onto my neck, we slowly made our way to the bedroom where I turned to sit down on the edge. She continued to engulf my erect cock as I sat down and it never left her, so I rolled her over onto her back. Now I was going to get my satisfaction. Staying inside of her, I rose to my knees and placed both of my hands on her breasts.

I massaged them with my palms until her nipples became hard again and then I pinched them between my thumbs and fore fingers.

This caused her to mew as the sensation started to build within her again. Having satisfied my desire to play with her breasts until they were stimulated and hard, I moved my hands to the back of her legs; picking them straight up into the air.

Still being inside of her, I pressed her legs together and started sliding my cock in and out of her vagina. She reacted by saying, "O Gramps, I love the way you make love to me. We're so slow and gentle, like we have all the time in the world." I answered as I continued to stroke her pussy with my cock, "Well, we do have all the time in the world, unless you have somewhere to go." "I never want to leave this bed as long as you are here," she cooed and then closed her eyes and enjoyed the slow rhythmic rocking deep into her canal.

I was taking it out nearly all the way now and then putting it back into her confines again. With each thrust of my cock, it became firmer and faster. I suddenly spread her legs wide apart and pinned her knees to the mattress beside her body. Then falling with my full weight down onto her crotch, I began to slide it in and out of her with meaning. She was totally into my urgency by this time as she responded by raising her hips to meet my thrusts.


We were crashing our groins into each other faster and faster, with more force and urgency with every impact. Once again I heard the sloshing sound as she forced her juices out of her opening and around the intruder.

This time I would cum with her but not before her. I bit my lip as I tried to hold my climax until finally I felt the sensation I had been waiting for.

Her walls began to convulse around my cock as I continued to slam it in her. The wetness became a flood and her voice cried out with fulfilled expectations as she released it all in one last, violent explosion that drained her pent up emotions into a gigantic orgasm that sent me over the top. It felt like I hadn't cum in years. In fact, it had been a long time, but when she brought me over the top, my balls felt the release of many a lonely night. I pumped and pumped gallons of sperm deep into her womb.

I felt it splash off of her cervix and ricochet back onto my cock. It slid in and out easier with the added lubrication for the couple more journeys before it started to deflate. I continued its slide but I started slowing down as it became more and more flaccid until I finally stopped all together, as I collapsed there, exhausted.

She lay under my weight totally spent. She didn't move a muscle, not a whimper of protest from being crushed. Sometime later, I must have rolled off of her because I awoke with her spooned into me with my arm around her shoulder, my limp cock between her cheeks. Realizing that she was still asleep, I gave her a squeeze with my hand and cuddled up to her and went back to sleep.