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A couple of weeks later Suzy introduced me to Nurse Anderson. She wasn't what I expected when I first heard her name. She was petite half Asian woman about 5' 3" with a tight body and small breasts. She looked younger than her twenty-five. I figured that Suzy liked her because she was Asian.

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"Yes, I will go with you, but I have my niece to take care of," said Tanya Andersen. "Maybe she can stay with Suzy while we're gone out." Her niece Halley was a twelve year little thing. I hoped to have the same body as Suzy. Tanya arrived at my house later that evening.

Suzy was excited to have someone new to spend time around while I was gone. Halley was just an inch taller and what I could tell her father must have been white. I took Tanya out for a quiet dinner. We talked about where she went to school and where she worked before. I talked about my family and my books and other things I've done.

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I found it odd that Tanya didn't talk about her family and hardly said a word about Halley. We ended the date a few hours later. I invited her back to my place for a few drinks. She declined but decided she'll bring over dinner for the four of us the next night. "Did you get lucky?" asked Suzy. She sounded jealous. "No, she promised to bring dinner over for the four of us tomorrow," I replied.


"That's good," said Suzy she touched my crotch. "Can we do it then?" "Yes, but we'll hold off until Sunday after that," I told her. Suzy took off her clothes and climbed into my bed.


She bent down on her knees with her ass in the air. I stripped off my clothes and crawled up behind her. We lay in bed resting about an hour later when I had an idea. "Can you try to get some pictures of Halley for me?" I asked. The next night the dinner Tanya brought over was decent, even though I could have made it better.

I didn't tell her that. She also had one other thing. Tanya brought over some beer. After eating we went to the living and talked and drank. The girls went into Suzy's bedroom. I have a pretty high alcohol tolerance so I didn't feel buzzed when Tanya started feeling the affects. I surprised her by kissing her. She responded by kissing me back. I led her back to my bedroom. I passed by my computer and saw my digital camera was gone. I kissed Tanya some more and we took off her shirt.

She wasn't wearing a bra so I saw her a-cup breasts. I kissed and sucked them.

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She moaned lightly. I stripped off her pants and panties. She had a little tuff of pubic hair which I loved in women. I went down to finger and eat her pussy and she tensed up. "Go, ahead and fuck me," she said. "I like to a little foreplay first," I said. "I've never been comfortable with that," she said. "We, don't have to if you don't want to," I told her. "I want to, its just I haven't had sex much," she said. Since I was already erect I slid my dick into her pussy.

It was tight and barely lubricated. I pumped in and out she moaned a little. I reached down to rub her clit and she pulled my hand away. I felt myself becoming angry. She was denying me the full experience of her. I pumped into her harder and harder as fast as I could. I saw she was enjoying even though she tried to hide it. She said something next that surprised me. "Don't come in my daddy," she said and orgasmed.

I blew my load. I like young girls, but actual incest was something I didn't want to try. We rested and I held onto her so she would not leave. "Tell me about what you said," I told Tanya. I held her tight so she knew she couldn't leave. "My father married a young woman from the Philippines because he liked young Asian girls. He eventually helped her bring over her younger sister so he could have sex with her as well. When I about 8 my dad started touching me, but he didn't actually rape me until I was eleven.

I had Halley when I was thirteen," said Tanya. "There are days that I hate her." "You have her staying with you," I said. "I was afraid of what might happen to her when she got older," said Tanya.

"I spank her so hard, but that's not all I want to do. Sometimes I want to cram the hairbrush I spank her with into her pussy so she can feel what I felt." "Does she know?" I asked. "No, I hadn't told her why I have permission to spank her so bad," said Tanya. I was erect again. I flipped her over onto her back and nudged her legs apart.

"I want to give you as much pleasure as possible," I told her. "I also want to see you respond a little better." Tanya nodded and smiled. I walked out of the room to get a drink of water. Suzy sat nude at my computer, downloading pictures to the computer. The pictures were of Halley. I smiled and kissed her on the cheek. "Can we do it now?" asked Suzy. I was semi erect, but wanted to be fully hard. I had her turn around in the chair and spread her legs.

I ate her out until I was fully hard and stood up. Suzy stood up and I got into the chair. She mounted me and started riding. Suzy stopped she looked over to see Tanya standing staring. She had a hand to her mouth. "I can't believe you like it," said Tanya.

"He's great," said Suzy. "We should go to the bedroom," I suggested. I pulled up a chair to the bed. "Sit." I told Tanya. She sat down. "Now start playing with yourself." Suzy rode up and down on my cock as Tanya played with herself.

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It took only a few minutes for all three of us to reach orgasm. I lay on the bed with Suzy laying on top of me. I had one more idea.

"Eat Suzy's pussy," I suggested. "I've never tried that," said Tanya.

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I really wanted to fuck her in the ass, but I needed some time to get my strength back.