Tomoka matsunami nasty in car domination lingerie

Tomoka matsunami nasty in car domination lingerie
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Voyeur Love Jack woke up at 5:30 AM on the button. He did so every morning, like clockwork. He opened his drapes, and sat in his chair, looking across the narrow space between his house and the one next door. He was 65 years old, and by some standards, was an old man, though he didn't feel that old.

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He still walked two miles every day, played a mean game of golf and was active in several community service groups. But one of the highlights of his day was about to begin. He watched the window across from him, intently.

His room was still darkened, and he sat back, behind the shades so he couldn't be seen. Just like clockwork, at 5:45 AM, the shades across from him were opened, and a gorgeous, voluptuous redhead stood there in a shorty nightgown; her breasts stood up proudly and her nipples poked through the thin garment. Jack picked up his powerful binoculars, and focused them on the lovely sight. Before long, she had removed the nightgown and began her daily stretching exercises, completely nude.

Her taught breasts had small, but hard nipples and the areolas were in perfect proportion. Her ass was tight, with firm globes and her crotch was completely bare, save for a small red triangular thatch that grew just above her slit.

Jack felt his erection growing at the sight, and he stroked it, absently, but did not consider letting himself get carried away at this time; he knew the best was to come…later. As he watched the lovely body move effortlessly through a series of bends and stretches, his memory drifted back to the days when he could pleasure a body such as that to supreme ecstasy.

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He could remember being able to stroke those firm, upright breasts and kiss those luscious lips and bring moans of pleasure from his companion. He could almost taste the moisture of those sweet nether lips and feel the quiver of pleasure as he licked the small, hard bud that was hiding just under the folds of that wet opening.

He continued to watch and savor the memories, then sat quietly as she went into her bathroom for a shower; her morning ritual.

Soon, she came into the room, again, naked, and began to slowly dry off and then she slipped on a pair of tiny bikini briefs and a half cup bra before putting the rest of her clothes on. He knew the show was over for the morning, so he got up and went to his bathroom and wiped the droplets of pre-cum from the tip of his penis and then stood patiently over the toilet until his weak stream began; sighing in relief as his bladder emptied.

Then he went to the kitchen, fixed his pot of coffee and headed for his shower to start his day. He looked out his window as she backed from her drive, and left for the day and he quietly wished her well. His day was the usual with errands to run and grocery shopping and a visit with some old friends.

He had been widowed ten years before, and lived alone, now. In the afternoon, he timed his visit to the mailbox perfectly, as the beautiful redhead came out to retrieve her mail.


"Good afternoon, Mr. Johnson" she called sweetly. His heart fluttered as he looked at the gorgeous face with bright blue eyes and saw her perfect body, even fully clothed.

He felt a slight swelling in his groin. "Hello, Melanie" he answered back. She reminded him of his granddaughter; and also of other women he had known. But none could compare to this lovely creature; he would have given his soul to the devil to be just twenty years younger.

He could show her pleasures that she had never known, he thought. They smiled at each other, like old friends and then retrieved their mail and retreated into their respective houses. Jack fixed himself dinner and settled down to watch television, patiently waiting for ten o'clock, when the real entertainment began. Promptly at the hour, he went into his room, undressed, and sat in his chair with the drapes open and his light off.

Soon, the beautiful girl came into her room and turned the lights on beside her bed. He watched as she undressed and carefully put her clothes away, or put the soiled ones into her hamper. Then she began to do her exercises, again; once more in the buff. His cock was hard, but he waited. Finally, she finished her stretches and sat on the end of her bed, which happened to face his window. She lay back and slowly began to massage her breasts; first one and then the other.

Her right hand came down to her waist, then drifted lower, as her fingers began to slowly stroke her Mons, then lower. He had a perfect angle to view her opening. His hand began to stroke his erection; the tip was wet from his secretions and his cock was firm and strong. He used the binoculars with his free hand to focus in on the pink wet slit between her legs and he saw her finger slip into the opening.

She raised it to her mouth and sucked it a moment before returning it to continue the gentle stroking of her clitoris. Her left hand was squeezing her nipple and her right began to move faster; whipping side to side over the sensitive little nub. He could see her mouth open, her head move from side to side and her chest rising and falling more rapidly as her excitement grew. Her hips undulated in a steady rhythm and her legs rose slightly; her feet lifting off the floor and her stomach muscles tightening.

He knew she was near her climax and he could feel his own cum rising as his hand stroked quickly, in time with her rhythm. Suddenly, her head came up and she arched her body in a convulsive spasm as her orgasm hit and he could see one, two, three, four spasms, before she collapsed back onto her bed. He felt his own release, warm and wet, flood over his hand and felt the delicious pleasure wash over him, like a comforting blanket.

He was breathing heavily, and felt just a bit dizzy. Finally, he was able to grab a tissue and wipe himself, before getting up and going to the bathroom. He washed up, and tried to let the gentle quivers fade before slipping on his pajama bottoms and crawling into bed. He was sound asleep in no time. This was not a new experience for Jack; in fact, it had been going on for several months.

Melanie had moved next door almost a year before. He had introduced himself to her at the mailbox one day, and they had visited, briefly, on a few occasions. He knew she was divorced from an unhappy marriage, apparently had a good job with a firm in town, but said she had "sworn off" men, because of her husband's abuse. She knew he was a widower and did not see any ladies at the present time.


She didn't specifically tell him, but Jack estimated her age as about thirty, and if he was any judge (and he usually was), she was a prime physical specimen. It wasn't until she had lived there about four months that Jack had first observed her naked in her neighboring bedroom.

At first, he was ashamed to be looking, but the arousal she caused in him was such a pleasant memory from the past that he couldn't resist. He would never harm her in any way, and if anyone, including her former husband, had tried to hurt her, Jack would have done everything in his power to stop them.


But nothing like that had ever happened. Instead, the displays, and his watching, became almost a ritual. He was certain that she did not know he could see her.

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She would have been too embarrassed to be seen by that dirty old man next door. But the pleasure she was giving him was indescribable.

He hadn't been able to get a really firm erection since his wife's death, until he began to watch her, and now, his releases were as strong as any he had ever experienced. On some evenings, she would sit on the end of the bed, with her legs apart and read something on a sheet of paper.

It may have been a different sheet each time, but before long, when she had finished reading, she would lay back and finger herself furiously, masturbating as quickly as she could until she was overcome by a tremendous climax. He could almost hear her cries of pleasure as she spasmed over and over. Occasionally, she got a small silver tube from her bedside table and began to rub it on her clit and insert it into her opening, pumping it rapidly in and out until she came.

Jack finally figured out this was a dildo; something his wife had never used. It was these occasions that Jack sometimes had trouble keeping up; one time he would cum too early and another too late. But most of the time, he could time his strokes so that he climaxed in unison with her. Those occasions left him in exhausted bliss. He often wondered if there was any way he could let her know the effect she was having on him.

Perhaps she would welcome the attentions of an older man. He was well off, and he knew his experience could bring her immense pleasure.

Even though he was not as robust as someone her own age, he was certain the quality of his ministrations could more than make up for the quantity. Then he dismissed such foolish thinking. After all, she could have her pick of men, and besides, if he were to let on he had seen her, she might shut her drapes and he would lose the most important pleasure of his life. So he never let on. And each day, they would speak and smile to each other at the mailbox; he keeping a secret and she in ignorant bliss.

One evening, Jack was in his room, awaiting Melanie's arrival when she walked in with a small package and unwrapped it, setting the object on her bed. He couldn't quite tell what it was, but he waited until she had undressed, worked through her exercises and lay back on her bed.

Through the binoculars, he could tell it was a large, flesh covered object that she began to slowly rub over her slit. As he watched and stroked himself, he became aware that it was a large, artificial penis; in fact, it was almost the same size as his own penis when he was fully engorged. For just a moment, he felt a pang of jealousy; then that was replaced with a feeling of excitement.

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He had wondered if she could accommodate his size. He had always taken pride in his manhood, and his wife had loved the feel of it when he filled her up. He always felt he was a little bit larger than most men, but he tried never to boast about this gift of nature. He watched as she slowly began to insert it into her slit. It only went a little way, and he could tell she had an uncomfortable expression on her face. He was worried for her. But then she pulled it out and immediately plunged it back in even deeper.

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With each thrust, the large object went in deeper, and her face relaxed into a look of pleasure and Jack felt his own pleasure rising. He watched as her strokes quickened and his own strokes became ever faster, keeping time with his lovely mistress of pleasure. He felt his own cum start to rise, just as her body began to jerk and convulse and he watched as she pushed the artificial penis all the way into her pussy and her mouth opened in a scream he could only imagine. His own ejaculation erupted, squirting onto his stomach and hand, leaving him breathless and satisfied.

It was an incredible feeling. Jack started to get up to go to the bathroom to clean himself, when a sudden heaviness overcame him. He felt a huge pressure on his chest and he couldn't catch his breath. He stumbled and fell, and his heart was racing in his ears. He felt dizzy, and then blackness overtook him. It was two days before anyone called 911 and the police finally came by to check on Jack.

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They didn't get an answer at his door and could see nothing through any of his windows. But with his newspapers and mail piling up, a supervisor finally authorized a forced entry, and Jack was found dead just inside his bathroom door. The police said nothing about his condition or the scene, and Jack was pronounced dead of coronary failure. The announcement in the paper was noted by friends and acquaintances from near and far and a reasonably descent turnout showed up for the funeral and the interment.

Almost everyone there was about Jack's age. Except for one young, strikingly beautiful redhead who sobbed through both the funeral and the graveside service; she was the very last to leave the grave.

Everyone wondered who she was and what Jack might have meant to her.