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Busty slut wants dollars for sex
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My Traps This was written by request the material is rough but the best I could come up with. The year is, as near as I can tell, is 1840. I am nearing the Trading Post where I will trade my furs for my possibles which includes Bacon and coffee. Next on the list will be powder and ball for my long rifle.

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Then and only then a shot of whiskey. well maybe two. Of course maybe a woman … If one is available. I have 2 pack mules loaded with beaver and other furs.

Other trappers have told me that the price of beaver has gone down. The Rendezvous is set for next month, folks are saying this will be the last one, "Humph I just may not go." I may just find me a squaw and start me a farm. After all That is what my Pappy did back in Ohio. Yep he was a farmer, guess it is in my blood. Me been a mountain man for nigh on to twenty years. Don't know much else. I thought about it for a bit that would make me about thirty seven, 'bout makes me an old man.

I reach a stream still had a bit of ice on the edges. I decided to make camp and cook me some supper. I built up a small fire, picked up my coffee pot and headed to the stream. I began to fill my pot when I glanced at the image in the water. I jerked my head back, then I laughed. That grizzled old fart I saw looking back at me was me. My hair which once was coal black was now streaked with grey and was wild and unruly. Humph only been a year and a half since it was cut. The squaw I wintered with went back to her tribe.

I chuckled she was a lot more preggers than she was when I traded for her. She was getting old any how. Why she was at least twenty five. My Beard was close to five inches long. Yep I was a good looking feller. I hardly remembered my actual name I had been BoJac for so long that if you called my name I most likely would ignore you. It was still a bit chilly, another cold winter on its way. So I opened one of my packs and took out a bearskin, I chuckled that feller almost got me. I was occupied with my squaw, Tonkawa.

She had dropped her skins to wash her butt. For some reason this set me off, I had just walked in to the cabin and there she was all bent over with her bare butt shining. I dropped my pants and slid right in. She didn't object and begin to move backwards and forwards. I heard a noise I looked over my shoulder and there stood a bear.

I spun Tonka around never losing connection. I had never turned loose of Long Tom (my rifle) I raised it up cocked the hammer and pulled the trigger.

The good Lord was with me that day, thre ball entered the bears left eye and into its brain. It fell dead half in and out of the door. I dropped Long Tom Grabbed Tonka's hips and kept pounding. I am not even sure that she climaxed but I did. I pulled out wiped off and told her to git to skinning.

Which she did, Damn! gonna miss that girl. While she was getting her knives I began to drsg the bear outside once I had done that I was looking for something to eat. There was a pot of stew hanging in the fireplace. I got me a bowl of that. Yep how well I remember that old bear. I Got me a few sticks sharpened and stuck pieces of the rabbit I had killed earlier and I hung them over the fire.

After I had eaten I looked out over thr forest edge not into the fire as a town folk would do. Something was bothering the small game and if it was botherting them then it was bothering me. I could tell where the large predator was by following the small game noises.

I didn't like it. It was circling my camp. I picked uo Long Tom and followed my visitor. I knew it was going to charge, just didn't know when. This camp site has been used before. By me and others there has also been rumored that some never returned from this area. It was a choice site for lone travelers. From the North side to the South was the general way men traveled which also limited the access to the site.

As I had already mentioned to the West was the meandering stream which was quiet deep along the camp edge. The East side was by far the worst area. There was a jagged rim of a deep ravine, once I had walked close to the edge and it began to crumble.

Quick reflexes is all that saved me from the near one hundred foot fall. Once there had stood a stately Oak which now rots below but still leaving jagged limbs set to mess up the unwary.

I backed my way up to the stream making it easier to watch the other areas. Then I heard an explosion of something rising out of the water from behind me. I jumped up and ran forward while trying to bring my rifle to bear. I was hit by a force impelling me to and then over the clift and into the ravine.

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This was the last I remembered. ******* The Creature tells … We try to stay clear and out of sight. but sometime it is necessary to scare them off.


Especially the weak skinned. They wear the skins of animals and even eat them. These we really try to avoid. One has camped near our bath pool and my mate has gone to scare it away. 'It has been a long time, my mate should be back by now.' 'I will wait awhile longer' She was about 7' tall at an estimate weight of 300 lbs.

She was considered by her people to be quite comely. Her body was covered by an abundance of rustic red hair which was about 3" to a foot long depending on the area of the body. She walked with a slight stoop but also with ease and speed. Her breasts were near to the grapefruit size with just a bit of sag. Her nipples were devoid of hair and the rest of her breast the hair was sparse almost like goose down. Her belly, although covered in hair, had a leather like feel to it but was still supple and smooth.

Her crotch, the hair was more silky and when she bent over her the pussy lips were definitely in view. Her back and buttock were quite broad but really not to well defined. Her feet were broad which allowed her weight to be more evenly distributed. Thus no tracks were left to give her away as she traveled thru the woods. Her dark brown eyes were very expressive and her nose was pugged her lips were prominent and her fore head wrinkled and her ears were smalll, anyway it was easy to tell she was female.

She radiated sex appeal. Her arms were long almost touching the ground but when she extended her fingers she touched the ground with ease. Her natural coloring and ease of movement made it almost impossible to see her. She could stand still next to a tree trunk or a shrub and become near invisible.

She was becoming alarmed it had been some time since her mate had called to her. They were newly mated so they they tried to stay in contact. She sent out a silent message. he did not answer. Later she sent a verbal cry.O O OH RAH ee. No answer. She would have to look for him. She departed their cave nest in search of her mate. First she went to the weakskin's camp.

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His bundled furs was there but his mules were not. She found his rope he had staked them out. It was broken. She looked around and by the scuffed earth and fresh fall of rocks and dirt. she guessed her mate and the weak skin had gone over the cliff. She knew the easiest way to the bottom of the ravine.

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It was a fairly daunting task which took over an hour to reach the bottom. She walked thru briars but they didn't snag her hair they passed thru like a comb. She found her mate first he had been impaled by one of the Oak limbs which had been broken leaving a jagged end. She worked and worked to get his body off the limb.

Then she initiated a ceremony that I can not relate other than it deals with why the bodies or bones has never been found. She looked over the area curious as to where the weak skin landed. She finally located his body nestled in a bunch of bushes. He had tumbled thru bushes almost from the very top, she heard him moan. She was in a quandry as to what to do. She looked him over his animal skins he wore were almost all ripped off of him. The thick hair on his head and face attracted her to him.

She turned him over his penis flopped into sight. She was surprised at the length it was twice the length of her mate but not as thick. She picked him up with an arm under his shoulders and one under his knees. As she carried him his beard was brushing against her nipple, it became excited and hardened.

She shifted him a bit. Suddenly her eyes went wide open, her nipple had brushed against his lips. They opened and sucked her nipple into his mouth. She was becoming excited. The closer they came to her nest the faster she moved. She entered and laid him down he continued to suck her nipple, she was getting more excited. She glanced down at his crotch, his penis was beginning to rise but he was still out. She reached up and slowly removed her nipple from his mouth.

She reached down and grasped his penis it was throbing. She was missing the feeling of his sucking her nipple. She fed the other nipple into his mouth and he agan started sucking. She continued to stroke his penis it was getting longer and harder.

It did not bother her that her mate was dead. She just knew he had to be replaced. Maybe by this weak skin it seems that every thing was working. It did not bother her that he was still unconscious, what she needed worked. She swung her leg over his and sank her hips lower she directed the head of his penis to her weeping hole and slide the head inside.

It felt so good to her, she sank a bit lower. Suddenly she was surprised, the weakskins hips thrust upward ramming his penis into her depths. Although still out his body began to react. His hips began to move and both hands reached for her tits and began squeeze them.

He was groping them then his right hand discovered the unoccupied nipple he grabbed it and began twisting. She was in a state of bliss, her old mate had never made her feel like this.

She had already had two climaxes. Although she had never had one nor was she sure what she had felt she liked it.

Her old mate would push her down on all fours, stick it in make a few quick strokes grunt then pull out and he was done. Here the weak skin was still humping and playing with her tits and he was still out. After she had two more orgasms and was nearing a third, he began to moan and twist his hips. He was near she bgan to move in sequence. He let go of her tits and grabbed her hips and thrust as deep as he could.

He began to bathe her insides with his hot cum. It was all she could take and she released again. His upper body had raised up but on his release he fell back and was still out cold. Hours later Bojac began to stir he looked around wondering where he was.

He snuggled in to the bear skin and became aware of his bundles of furs and all his possibles was beside him. He also realized that his pecker was stuck to his leg and he could smell the smell of sex.

He wondered how that could be. He gazed around and assumed he was in a cave and that some type of moss or fungi which was phosphorescence causing a faint light in the cave. Next question, "How the hell did he get here and where is here?" As he gazed around a dark portion of the wall moved towards him. Being a trapper his first thought was, "Wonder how much could I get for that pelt?" Then he realized what was wearing that pelt. A seven foot tall female Big Foot.

As she walked toward him he felt his pecker rising. It had been five months since his squaw had left him. Big Foot or not it was still female. That is if it don't eat him. Some words entered his head, "I don't eat meat." With out thinking he answered, "Good." " What happened?" She told him the story even down to their roll in the hay. "What do I call you?" "She" She did not vocalize but comunicated with telepathy.

One reason why so few had actually been seen, they were able to convince the human mind that they really hadn't seen what their eyes thought they had. Plus they could blend in with their natural surroundings. They could be within five feet of a human and not be seen. The only way we would think they were near is a faint smell they gave off. A reason why in some areas they are refered too as Skunk Apes. She led me to the pool in the stream which was what they had tried to keep away from me. The pool was fed by a hot springs which made it delightful for bathing, I found out they bathed daily, that faint odor was natural.

It didn't wash off. I felt her body from toenails to widow's peak which was just off center on the top of her head. I stroked thru her hair and could hardly believe how soft and silky it was. We acted like newly weds. All she had to do was shake her butt and I would try to mount her. Or I would have one of those instant hardons and she would ne right there ready to go.

I really enjoyed waking up next to her in the middle of the night.

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I would automaticly start feeling of her hair and rubbing her body. I loved the feel of her tits they were so soft and her nippled would get so hard. I would stroke down her belly, Iwas so soft and smooth like a ceremonial set of buckskins that a squaw had taken months to soften by chewing on the skins.

By the time I made it to her belly button ( yes she had one ) she would be awake and have ne by the cock and was pulling me towarde her pussy. She had learned the missionary position from me but had expressed her disdain for it. She prefered doggy style or cowgirl. The first time I tried oral was almost a disaster.

I had kissed down her stomach til I reached her pussy. Although her pussy was well defined there was still a lot of hair. I had licked down her slit then back up to her clit. Which I sucked right in, Having never experienced that sensation her eyes flew open and her legs slammed together. Fortunately she came out of her shock soon enough to realize I was smothering.

After that if I decided to do oral on her I would slide a bale of furs between her knees.


I continued to lick and stroke her belly. She strocked my cock her hands were so soft that when she closed her fingers around my cock it was like being in another pussy. This time she was having none of that. She picked me up and flipped me over onto my back. She straddled me and stood straight up.

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She looked down at me. She stroked her boobs and twisted her nipples whike continuing to stare into my eyes. Next she ran her hands up and down her sides. I glanced down and my cock was standing tall.

She smiled and sank down impailing her self. Her hips began a slow and sensual ride. I looked at her face, I saw a sadness there. Although we had not spoken of it she knew it was time for me to leave. We played the game lovers play long into the night until sleep claimed us. When I awoke there was a silence in the cave.

And 'She' was not there nor was my furs. I stepped outside the cave/nest. There I found my pack horses which "'She" had found weeks before, My furs were already packed aboard them. I looked around but 'She' was not around.

I looked down in sadness I picked the lead rope and sadly began my trek south. Six days later I reached the Trading post. I never sad a word about 'She' The other Trappers had been right beaver furs didn't fetch as much as before. If it had not been for the other furs I would not have broken even.

I had three Buffers, couple of big horn, a few wolves and a bunch of deer pelts. I was going back to find 'She' but didn't get to leave as planned. Morning of the third day woke to a blizzard. Drifts were over 10' deep and it kept coming down. It looked like we were stuck for the winter After the snow stopped coming down. Mason, another trapper and I signed on at the fort as hunters.

Wasn't much pay but gave us a place to stay and the Army furnished us with powder and ball. Every day I wanted to leave and go find 'She' but the voice of reason, Mason, talked me out of it. He really didn't know just what he was talking me out of. Mason was beginning to worry about me. The Trading post which one side was a saloon had three young Indian Madiens about twenty years old.

In Mason's words, "Not good broke in yet" One night I tried one on. She was a pretty little thing maybe 5' 1" weighed about a hundred pounds with coal black hair in pigtails down to her waist. Her eyes were also as dark as coal. I couldn't complain about her body, it was nice and shapely with a nice ass and hand full tits. I bent her over and mounted her from behind grabbing her pigtails and holding on for dear life, I rode her.

She orgasm ed three times, I pulled out and stuck my cock in her mouth and chowed down on her pussy. She had three more orgasms, Finally I rolled over and went to sleep. Some time in the middle of the night she left the room disappointed.


Finally the weather changed and enough snow melted that the trappers could head back to the mountains and their solitude. For me it was my chance to find 'She'. I rode one of my horses and packed the other. It only took three days to reach the old camp site.

It was strange didn't look as if it had ever been used before. No signs of past camp fires. I stripped and waded out to the pool and felt the hot springs. That at least said I was in the right place. I went toward the cave/nest. I couldn't find it. nothing was the same. I kept looking. Legend has it that Bojac went crazy searching the woods around the hot springs. Stories have been told of Big foot sightings in this same area and of sightings of a grizzald old man sighed there later.

Over a hundred years later a Long Rifle and a journal wrapped in many wraps of rotted animal skins was found on the first page "John Crown my Story. Bojac"