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Teacher stud sex video and gay boy skinny emo Two daddies are finer
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Chapter 5 It looks like the weather is going to be good for the Michigan 400 this weekend. John's fighting off a cold but says he going to MIS with me even if I gotta carry him. I bought a new pair of sunglasses, the kind that reduce glare. At last year's race, I was one of those poor suckers who had to buy a souvenir sun visor for $35.00 so I didn't go blind.

We were on the south side of the track so the sun was in our eyes all day. I had to make my own breakfast this morning. The frozen stuff Suzi made before she left was good but I left it out on the counter and it's all mushy. I mixed up some scrambled eggs, you can never go wrong with scrambled eggs. I sat down with the eggs and a cold one and started on my task list for the day.

Mainly, it was sending emails out to about two dozen guys who wanted to fuck Suzi's ass on race weekend. I committed to some of them before I sent her off to Phoenix and I'm a man of my word, so I figured I'd better tell them something. I gave 'em all rainchecks and said we could have a big party with her up at my place next weekend. I put the dishes in the sink. Damn, it's getting full and it's only Wednesday.


Maybe I should call someone, one of those Molly Maid places. Also, John hasn't been cutting down on the homework assignments, she's got 2 papers to write when she gets back and it's only Wednesday. Man, things sure fall apart when she's not here. Oh well. I'll be out of the house Friday morning till Sunday night, so at least there won't be more dishes. I'm still a little bit pissed about this whole tattoo thing with Karl. It was part of the deal that they wouldn't do that. I like a few tattoos here and there, but shaving her head?

Tattooing her face? That's nuts. They're going to owe me some money for that. How the fuck do I take her out in public with a woman tattooed on her face??? I mean, I've had her working fast food and cashier to pick up some extra money. I guess those days are gone. John got up early and watched more of the live feed. I slept till ten. I'm getting too old to be up till four in the morning, even if it is to watch your wife getting ass-fucked by a boatload of strangers.

I'll probably click on the live feed in a little while, but I wanted to report for you what John told me he saw.

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After the little orgy in the Commons everyone seemed to get tired and most of them went home. I thought about that. If it was four in the morning for me, it must have been about two in Phoenix, so the actors Karl had playing the townsfolk were probably ready to go home.

No doubt Suzi was ready for a nap too. If my math is right, she's had less than ten hours sleep in the last 3 days. I sent her to Phoenix last Saturday and really didn't keep track of what they did over the weekend, since it was mostly the lingerie and masturbation shots. I *hope* they were letting her get some sleep. And I'm just taking for granted that they're feeding her. I should probably check. I'll send Karl an email. Anyway, here's what John reported to me. My wife lay there soaked in piss for several minutes while the crowd milled around, calling her names and throwing bits of mud and food at her.

That's the fourth time I saw them doing that, it must be something they get off on. Anyway, after a little while, the crowd started thinning out. Three more guys took a shot as her asshole, then they went to get one of the Enforcers. He stood her up and tied her wrists with a leather strap, then lowered an iron ring from the top of the wooden pole and tied the other end around the ring.

He pulled the ring back up until she was standing with her arms over her head, feet together, standing tall but with her feet flat on the ground. The men started drifting off one by one until she was alone in the Commons. John said that they dimmed the whole set then let out the dogs. I want to go back and watch that part. I guess they were pretending it was night time and everyone was home asleep.

And what happens at night? Just like at home, the critters come out. Right away, a little pack of four of them came running up and started sniffing my wife's crotch.

She kicked weakly and chased them off the first few times but they kept coming back and eventually she just gave up. John said she pressed her face into her arm and I knew exactly what that meant. When she gets turned on by something she knows she shouldn't, she doesn't just drop her head or close her eyes, she buries her face against her arm and presses hard. I noticed it a long time ago and never mentioned it.

It's the Gold Standard Tell. I went to the FTP site and sure enough, Karl and his team were uploading in little chunks, it looked like maybe every half hour or so. The filenames didn't help me guess what camera angle I'd get but at least I could tell what time they uploaded them. I only had to open three files tagged five a.m. to get a good look at the action.

My wife's body hung limp from the leather strap. Her feet were together but her knees were open and her thighs were glistening wet. There was a big pool of muddy water around the base of the pole, it coated the tops of her feet and part of her ankles. Her hands were turning red, the weight of her body pulling against the strap. She jerked awake and put her legs together, standing straight to relieve the tension on her arms. She looked around the dark Commons, saw the dogs sleeping in the road in front of her.

One of them was pacing back and forth. I watched him sniff at a garbage can by one of the buildings. He looked up and stared at her for a minute then went back to sniffing the street. Suzi moved her arms and legs some, stretching as well as she could to relieve the soreness. John had watched all of this before.

He told me she would fall asleep for a little while but eventually the pain in her wrists and shoulders would take her up and she'd stand like that, moving around until she fell asleep again.

Karl was playing sleep deprivation games I'd always dreamed about but never really tried. I expect that my wife's life will be very different when she gets back.

I really am a beginner at this. John's called me on it before and now I know what he meant. I downloaded one of the other files, an hour later and a different camera angle. It started with one of the dogs licking hungrily at my wife's crotch.

She had her head pushed hard into her arm but her legs were open wide and her belly was shaking the way it does when she cums. She started bucking her hips I knew she was really into it. I turned up the sound feed and heard her moaning and muttering, "not again, not again." and I got a boner right away.

That was another of her habits - it meant she was on her third or fourth cum. The dog turned his head and licked up and down the inside of her thighs, then sniffed her cunt and went back at it again, his pink tongue darting up and down quickly while she pushed her legs open wider and tried to grind against his muzzle. John explained to me why they were so eager. Turns out that every once in a while, one of the Enforcers -- a female Cadet with a sadistic streak -- would come out and smear handfuls of peanut butter all over my wife's thighs, belly, and snatch.

She rubbed it deep between her lips and pushed it up into both of her holes. The dogs would work at her for fifteen or twenty minutes nonstop, their noses or tongues pressing against her pussy while she came and came.

I fast-scanned through the video. The dog finally wandered off about nine minutes later. I watched my wife standing there, breathing deep, trying to regain some composure, her eyes closed and her head back, ignoring the world around her.

While she stood there, another dog wandered closer. He was a smaller dog, a Rottweiler, but with a wider chest and an aggressive scowl. He looked at Suzi, then at the other dog, then at her again. After a few seconds, he stared at the other dog. They locked eyes and he snarled. The other dog - the one who had been licking my wife's pussy - raised a lip but was quiet. The Rottweiler slowly walked to the pole and raised his leg, pissing on my wife's legs.

I watched it wash the mud off of her left foot and pool around her feet.

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The other dog barked then walked away, vanishing down one of the sidestreets. He'd lost his bitch. At least for now. The clock on the video showed 7:22 a.m. Assuming that was Phoenix time, Suzi had been able to get no more than three hours sleep and that was broken up with her waking and dozing.

The lights were turned up a notch. The geek who wrote the script was faking a slow sunrise. Fucking Hollywood wannabee. Oh well. It made nice shadows across the dirt in the commons. I looked at the clock. Noon for me, so ten o'clock for them. I thought about watching more of the videos, but John told me most of what happened. He watched about fifteen minutes then went to sleep, got up and watched some more, did that a few times but most of the night was just repeats of the Cadet smearing the peanut butter, one of the dogs licking it off, and my wife catching a few minutes of sleep until the Cadet came around again.

I looked at my watch. I should have been at work at eight but nobody was going to notice and if they did, nobody was going to tell. There's four of us and we cover for each other. Just don't do it too often. I decided I'd wash up, get dressed, then pick up some pizza and head in to work.

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No use getting the guys pissed off at me. I'd love to have them come over and fuck Suzi and get some brownie points but I don't like to shit where I eat so the work guys are pretty much off limits. --- Work was a bitch. And then to have to come home and make my own dinner. Fuck. Maybe I should have got more than $5,000 from Karl. That came to $500 a day and that sounded good before she left but it's a lot of work around here.

Every day, I have to take the food she froze and unwrap it, put it in the microwave, then wait for it to cool so I can eat it without burning my fucking face off. Damn. Oh well, it's just tonight, tomorrow then off to the speedway on Friday. I'll survive. I'm getting tired of fucking my hand though.

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That's one of the problems with living with the neighborhood mattress monkey - if she's not available it's you and your hand. I can't go to someone like Randy and say "hey, Suzi's out of town, how about you have Stephanie come by and give me a blowjob?" It just doesn't work like that. Well, at least I'm getting good product from Karl. I guess it's the next best thing to being there.

I thought about going out and finding a hooker but it's expensive and you never know what you're going to get. John's got a few connections but I'm a little embarrassed to ask him. So, guess I'll just get out the hand lotion and get through the next few days. When the microwave dinged that the food was cooled down enough to eat, I grabbed a Bud and headed to the computer.

I fired up the realtime feed. Suzi wasn't tied to the post and there were only a few people and mutts strolling casually around the Commons. I started flipping through the cameras looking for my wife.

I finally found her on one of the indoor feeds. This was fucking freaky. The place looked like a classroom, there were rows of benches and an old fashioned black chalkboard on one wall and charts and stacks of books in the corner. A classroom of some mad scientist's work room. My wife was laying on her back on a big wooden table, her arms flat just above her head, palms on top of each other facing up.

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Two big guys has her elbows pinned to the table. Two more were holding her knees up and open, her feet just dangling, hanging against the back of her thighs. There was a crowd of about a dozen standing in a semi-circle around the end of the table, holding notebooks and pencils and leaning forward to get a better view. The center of attention was a man wearing a long black robe and a small cap. His hands were holding some kind of device between my wife's legs and he was motioning for them to lean closer.

I couldn't get the sound feed and had to guess what was going on. Fuck. What kind of assholes set up their gear? What kind of movie did they think they were going to get without sound? The man in the robe twisted something on the device and everyone's eyes widened. My wife's hips moved, readjusting her to some new intrusion.

I saw that her head was turned, cheek pressed flat against the table, humiliated and ashamed to be so open in front of this small, intimate crowd.

I was able to switch to an overhead camera angle and saw what they were doing. He had some kind of primitive speculum - it looked like wood and brass - and my wife's pussy was a gaping hole, I guessed about two inches in diameter. The man used what looked like a marble pestle and started pressing against her clit. The man pointed with a short stick at her cunt lips which swelled up slightly, then at the soft skin inside which was turning a brighter red.

As she got more aroused, she started moving her hips, her head moving side to side now in total humiliation until finally she raised her hips high off the table as she came. The students clapped and laughed, the man in the robe set the pestle down and patted my wife's pussy gently.

She lay there, her belly shaking as she sobbed, her body relaxing against the table again.

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What the fuck were those guys thinking, doing this with no sound? I looked at the screen again and saw a volume slider, clicked it a few times but nothing happened.


"Fuck!" I said. I had the damn thing on Mute. ".of you is going to get a chance to perform this experiment. Now remember, you are looking for arousal responses at various levels of vaginal distention as quantified by." I clicked Mute back on. I didn't need to hear the details but I got the picture.

My wife was being used as a medical specimen, a classroom tool to teach these guys about female anatomy. The geek was certainly creative. What a brilliant piece of depravity - what better way to humiliate her than to treat her like a piece of laboratory equipment, a chunk of meat to be probed to see how it reacts? The first student put on a pair of rubber gloves and pushed his fingers into my wife's gaping cunthole.

He pulled them out and rubbed them against his thumb, then sniffed them. He made a face and everyone laughed. "Take a swab," the instructor said. He picked up a six-inch long cotton swab and poked it slowly into her, his hand shaking. He kept going and she jerked and gave a tiny scream. "Not the cervix, boy, just the walls," the instructor scolded.

"Get a clean one and do it again." Suzi started moaning now, "no, please." but the instructor gave her a stern look and she pressed her lips shut. When the student finished his swabbing, he stepped back and peeled off the gloves. The next one stepped forward and the instructor said, "open her wider. Two clicks." I sat up and leaned forward. I had no idea how much exactly two clicks meant but I knew that whatever it was, if each of the thirteen students got two clicks, they'd split her open before they were through.

I couldn't watch that. I clicked the monitor to black and went into the other room to see what was on television. When I came back at the commercial break, a student was clumsily rubbing the pestle against my wife's cunt while she flailed on the table, head banging side to side, hips moving wildly.

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I zoomed in on her cunt. She was opened around 10 cm, a little less than 4 inches. I saw that one of the other students had a syringe and was shooting some kind of liquid up into her. I hoped it was just water but couldn't tell, nobody was saying anything. The instructor turned around and quickly grabbed the student's wrist. "I told you, none of that! That's for a different experiment!" He pressed his hand against my wife's forehead, pulled down her lower eyelid with his other.

He leaned close and looked into her face. "Well, no harm done. Not this time anyway." She just stared at him as he walked to the board and crossed off another name. There were four names left. He wrote "9.8" next to the first, then "10.2" "10.6" and finally "11.0". That would be 4.3 inches.

She can take it. I have no doubt about it. I looked at the clock. Seven. Still plenty of time for a run down to the bar and a few drinks with Ed and Joey. I'm curious whether or not they're watching the live feed. I looked back at the monitor. One of the students was wiping the sweat off my wife's body with a square of cotton. I thought he was being nice until I saw what he did next.

He pressed down on her chin with his finger. When she opened her mouth, I saw it was already stuffed with the same type of pad. He pushed that one in and closed her mouth again. I just shook my head. Fucking perverts. .end of chapter 5.