She Broke Her Window In So She Can Get Nutted In

She Broke Her Window In So She Can Get Nutted In
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This is my first attempt at writing any kind of story. That being said i know there will be mistakes and i apologize in advance. I tried to catch all the spelling and grammer errors but im sure i missed a few. I know this is for the most part an erotic stories site and that this chapter doesnt really have any. Rest assured that there will be plenty in future chapter if i get a favorable response. I appreciate constructive criticism so please feel free to let me know what your think.


Prologue Let me start by saying that I had always been a quiet person. I was always more likely to sit back and watch people have fun and act like idiots. I liked the way I was; I was happy and comfortable, at least mostly.

It made me feel safe being on the outside. I guess getting adopted into in a large family as a middle child just outside of Baltimore MD might have had something to do with it. No one really knows where I came from. According to the orphanage's records I just showed up on their doorstep with no memory as to who I was or wear I was from. As best they can tell I was about fourteen at the time. The only thing I had with me at the time is what I'm told is an onyx armband shot through with jade that I still can't get off my left arm.

Growing up with seven brothers and three sisters was an experience to say the least. Constant fighting and arguing amongst ourselves but if an outsider hurt one of us they had to watch out for the rest. My main problem was boredom. There is almost nothing to do in Baltimore especially for a night owl like myself. All night life shuts down at 2A.M.

There is nothing. No bars, no nightclubs, and no movies. Hell you can't even buy a beer in Maryland after 2 A.M. that's right ladies and gents Baltimore was no place for a night owl. But for some reason I stayed; so most of my life was spent in boredom or online either surfing the web or playing WOW. That's right I'm a real geek. I played the dreaded MMO. FOR THE HORDE! Now before I scare anyone else away with how sad and pathetic my life was; let's just say that is changed with a well timed phone call.

I was working a shift as a security guard at a rundown shopping center in west Baltimore when my friend Justin called me. Now I have been friends with Justin since I was adopted at fifteen. At twenty five we know almost everything about each other. Three years ago Justin moved across the country to Las Vegas Nevada and has been trying to get me to move out there ever since.

The funny part is that I don't really know why I didn't. The first words out of my mouth? "What's up Big Sexy? How's Vegas treating you?" "Not bad Rye. Just another day in the dessert. Bout to head into work was wondering if I could convince you to come in for a drink." Justin said. Now this had been a long standing conversation between the two of us. Since I was seventeen I had always wanted to move to Las Vegas and Justin knew this.

"Wish I could bro but twenty five hundred miles is a long way to travel for a beer as good as it sounds right now" I said. "Come on superman you can do it. Besides if you moved out here it would be a little closer" "Justin you know I can't afford a move like that right now. Besides I don't know the area, would have to find a place to live and a job." This was my usual argument for when he decided he wanted to push the subject and usually it worked.

Apparently it wasn't going to tonight. "Look Rye I already got it figured out. You move out here and you can live with me. That takes care of the place to live.

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The city is one big grid so it's not hard to learn and as for a job I already found you one to get you started." Now I have to admit I was intrigued. "What kind of job are we talking about Justin?" He was quiet for a long second.

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"It's as a doorman and a titty bar called The Villa. It has bad music and worse dancers. You'll love it!" I let Justin know I would think about it but not to get his hopes up. We continued to talk about random topics for a few minutes until he had to finish getting ready for work.

We said our goodbyes and hung up. I finished my shift at the shopping center and headed home not thinking much about my conversation with Justin. My week continued about the same as usual; going to work coming home and since I was renting a room from my sister Laura and her girlfriend I would also playing with my nieces.


Saturday rolled around and as I was getting ready for work my sister said she needed to talk to me. Figuring that it was about some trouble she was having with her girlfriend Kris I told her to go ahead. "We're going to lose the house. We can't afford the place anymore and we're going to have to move out by the end of the April so we have Three and a half months." Needless to say I was a bit dumb struck by this.

"Wait I thought. Then why did you have me move in here? I had a decent place that I could afford. I only moved in here to help you and Kris with the rent I thought you said that was enough to help you catch up on your bills." "Rye I'm sorry it was just too little too late. You're just going to have to find another place." " Ya think. I never would have guessed." Heading to work, I started thinking about what I planned to do from there.

Work was the same boring job it always was. The occasional gunshot but it was expected for the area I was in. It wasn't until about three hours into my shift that I figured I would give Justin a call and tell him what was going on. "Hey Big Sexy." I said in way of greeting.

"You're not going to believe this shit. I have to move out of the house because even with me there Laura can't afford the rent.

I have till the end of April to find a new place." Justin didn't miss a beat. "So you're gonna move out here now right? Three and a half months should be more than enough to get enough money together for the move." Still not sure about moving across the country I told him I was still thinking about it. "Bro what exactly is there to think about? You hate your jobs, all you do is work, you don't have that many friends that are still in MD, you're miserable there, and you've been talking about moving to Vegas since you were seventeen.

If you move out here it will be a fresh start. Besides doesn't your friend still live out here? The one you had a crush on as a kid. What was her name again Tiffany, Terri, Taylor…" "Tialynn you mean and yes she does as far as I know; though that's not really a reason to move out there. I also haven't talked to her in almost 3 years.

The point is I'm not gonna be moving out there just because of a female I don't even know anymore. Nice try though." "I had to try something Rye.

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You're miserable out there and I miss you Lunchbox. I need someone out here that will help keep me out of most of the trouble I'm prone to." Lunchbox? Really? We continued to talk for about an hour.

The entire time thinking about what I'm going to do for a place to live. The longer I think about it the better moving to Vegas sounds. Before I bring the topic up again I see three men walking toward a business that is obviously closed. I quickly let Justin know that I need to get off the phone and why. Hanging up I look closer to see that the three are tall, lanky, and are wearing ragged dirty clothes with sunken eyes behind the cheap masks they have on.


One man was carrying a breaker bar and looked to be in charge. The other two had what looked like small sheath knives at their waists.

I was more worried about Mr. Breaker bar with his five foot steel rod. Somebody was over compensating. I quickly called Sgt. Brians with the Baltimore police and let him know that I believed three armed with a breaker bar and knives where about to break into the small electronics store in the shopping center.

"OK I'll send over my closest patrol unit over as soon as possible. Someone should be there in about five minutes and Blackburn I've checked into your military record. I've never seen some much blacked out in one file. Do not approach these men. This is a police matter.

Unless bystanders are exposed to a direct threat you are to stay away." I hate when people call me by my last name.

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That's all I was called until I left the marines eight months ago and how the hell did he get my military records. "I know Sgt. Brians and please call me Rye. I responded to Blackburn for six years of my life and don't want to anymore." "Fine just stay safe and keep your eyes open." Brians said. "Will do see you soon." I switched on the pen camera in my tactical vest and stood next to my little ford explorer and waited. Parked about one hundred twenty yards away from the store front I could see very clearly when Mr.

Breaker bar shattered the store front window then pried the steel grate away from the window frame. He was quick and efficient. After the two with knives climbed through the window Mr. Breaker bar leaned his name sake against the side of the building and pulled a compact handgun from his waist band and stood outside waiting, hiding the gun behind his right leg. The little red head that walked around the corner of the building probably chose the worst time all week to go to the laundry mat.

Why a sixteen year old little girl decided it was a good idea to wait this late to do her laundry I'm still confused about. You would think that at three A.M.

this cute little white girl would be locked in her room fast asleep especially in such a rundown neighborhood on a Monday morning. Mr.

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Breaker bar saw her and moved out of her line of sight while the girl kept walking closer to him struggling with her burden oblivious of the trouble she was about to walk into. One hundred yards, eighty yards, sixty yards, by the time the girl walked past Mr.

Breaker bar's little hole in the wall I was twenty yards away. He grabbed her from behind as she saw the broken window; left hand going over her mouth and the right pushing the gun into her ribs behind her right arm. The distinct sound of the hammer on the gun being drawn back stopped her struggles.

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He whispered in her ear then moved his hand from her mouth and followed her into the building through the broken window. Where the hell is a cop when you need one right? Pulling the Beretta 96A1 from the tactical holster on my thigh, I moved to the window. Mr. Breaker bar had moved fast. In the ninety seconds it took me to move the twenty remaining yards to the window unseen, he and one of the goons had the poor girl on the ground bound and gagged with her own dirty clothes while the third stood watching holding Mr.

Breaker bar's gun. Her shirt and bra where cut open and her skirt pushed up around her waist. She had started struggling again. We both knew what they planned. The static that filled me then was familiar and for once welcome. Before, any time I got in a fight when I was young, or had to "do my duty" while I was in the service, this is what would happen.

A place for my conscience to go while the rest of me does the bad thing that has to get done. A shrink told me once that she believed it was a defense mechanism so that in a combat situation I could do what needed to be done and survive.

I really hope that's all it is but I have my doubts. I aimed my forty at goon number three still holding the gun pointed at the girl. "Don't move" I said. The gun raised and started to swing my way.

I fired two rounds into his chest. A look of shock and confusion crossed his face as he tried to continue to bring the pistol up to aim as he started to fall backward.

A third hole appeared at the bridge of his nose. He hit the ground next to the girl splashing blood and other things across her face and chest. Therapy, this poor girl was gonna need a lot of therapy. My gun swung to the remaining two robbers and would be rapists.

They didn't move still staring at the friend lying on the floor as blood and grey matter leaked onto to the floor. I could see red and blue lights flashing in the building coming from the parking lot.

"Both of you slowly move away from the girl get on your knees facing the wall and lace your fingers behind your head." In a daze both men slowly did as I said. Two uniformed officers entered the store side arms drawn and pointed at me. Great of course they would see me as the threat. "Drop the weapon and put your hands behind your fucking head. " Even better a rookie and another I didn't know. I moved my arm out to the side further away from Mr. Breaker bar and his friend flicked the safety on and dropped it to the floor.

I was pushed against a nearby counter, relieved of all other weapons after telling them where they were, and then hand cuffed. The officers were doing the same to Mr. Breaker and his friend when another squad car and Sgt. Brians pulled up. I told Brians what had happened in detail and the girl whose name I found out was Angela Moritz corroborated with what she had experienced.

I asked Brians to call my boss to explain what happened and to send someone to relieve me. It was a long night after that and an even longer three months.

The pen camera made the court case very easy for the DA. Mr. Breaker bar and his friend signed confessions and were sentenced to fifteen years. Angela did need therapy.

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And I ended up with a justified homicide on my record and my name and picture in the paper. Just what I always wanted, right!

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I had decided to take Justin up on his offer so during the three month trial I had continued to work and save my money as much as I could. My boss had given me a bonus because I had gotten the companies name in the paper and the good press had helped business. I made plans to make the move on April twelfth and Justin decided to fly out and make the drive with me. The twelfth came around I said my goodbyes and we hit the road at about eight P.M.

"What do you mean he's coming out here, as in to party with a few of his friends?" Tialynn asked her friend Laura confused as to why she was bringing up her old heart ache on their once a month phone call. Why would laura bring up her brother Rye coming out to Vegas for a party with friends. She hadn't heard from Rye in three years and she hasn't seen him since he went to basic training. Shortly after basic she and her adopted family had had to move to Las Vegas because of work.

They had two years together and then he disappeared for the most part. "No as in he's moving out there with his friend Justin. They left about five hours ago.

I tried to get a hold of you sooner but someone doesn't like to return phone calls." "Why is he moving out here? This city isn't the best place for him if he is anything like I remember." Memories of the quiet thoughtful young man she remembered flooded her memory. Always willing to stick up for family and friends. "He's changed a lot since he got out of the corp. He can't talk about where he was or what he did. He's Rye. All quiet and brooding willing help his friends and family but there's something hard about him now especially since the incident three months ago." "What incident three months ago?" the question coming across as a little aggressive.

"Well he was doing his guard dog thing and three idiots broke into one of the stores in the strip mall he was guarding. It wouldn't have been a big deal but after they broke in a girl walked in front of the store and was grabbed by one of the men before Rye could get there. By the time Rye got to the building one of the men had a gun drawn while the other two were trying to rape the girl.

The man with the gun ended up dead and the other two are already serving fifteen years." Tialynn was shocked. How could the young man she knew almost seven years ago kill someone.

She understood the why and had killed for less but she just couldn't see Rye killing. What would he think if he knew what she was and what she had become. Not only was she unseelie sidhe but she had been attacked by a rogue vampire shortly after moving to Vegas. Yeah that's bad but it gets worse. The rogue turned her. Tialynn didn't get it easy though. After 6 days of agony which was four more than most have to endure for the change she finds that her sire is dead at the hands of vampire queen Valentina.

On top of that she doesn't get to be just another vampire; she is a succubus, something that hasn't made in twelve hundred years. It's so rare because to create a succubus a sidhe has to be drained of blood almost completely and then exchange blood with a vampire.

A vampire has to consume human blood to survive along with eating normal food. A succubus has to consume strong emotion any will do but to fully satisfy the hunger lust or rage are required which is where the stories about female demons seducing men come from. Well most of them are just men looking for an excuse to sleep around but it started with the sidhe vampire half breed. "Tialynn?

Tialynn are you still there?" " Yeah sorry I was just lost in thought for a while there. Did Rye talk to anyone about what happened?" Tialynn asked. " No other then the police and while in court he hasn't talked about it to anyone that I know of. Hey Kris just got home from work so I'm going to get ready for bed.

I call you again soon OK?" " Sure laura thanks for letting me know whats been going on for the past few months. You and Kris get some sleep. I'll talk to you again soon. Bye." Tialynn hung up her cell and headed toward Valintina's rooms.

She didn't know what Rye being here would mean but she would have to tell her queen. Valintina had taken Tialynn in after she was turned, teaching her about the Vegas underworld and how to control not only the power that came with being the undead but also the unseelie powers that came to her all at once.

The mental strain of sidhe magic is not meant to occur until after the twenty fifth year of life after the mind has had a chance to fully develop and only one at a time. No one knew why the change caused all of the abilities to manifest at one time and when she was only nineteen. The first four years had been challenging and dangerous to anyone who got close to her. Valintina was the only one willing to risk helping and training her for her new life.