Horny guys ready for bareback

Horny guys ready for bareback
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" Housewife's Dream" By Blueheatt __Connie was a lonely housewife.

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A typical guy didn't give her a second look&hellip.but… I did. She had nice tits but dressed sloppy.

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A sexy comfortable look about her. I first talked to her on the phone, and she had a captivating voice. Sexy sounding and I was attracted to a voice with no judgment on how she looked&hellip.but I got this picture of her in my mind I liked. I had been fooled before, but she had something so sexy to me&hellip. I had to find out.

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Instead of sending an employee out fix her washing machine, &hellip.I went myself. When she opened the door, I looked past the sloppy clothes and at her.

Damn, she had perfect skin and beautiful short black hair. She wore black square glasses, beautiful eyes and lips.

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I introduced myself as her smiling eyes locked on mine. We recognized our voices as she invited me in. She was immediately extra friendly. She grabbed my arm and led me to the kitchen where the washer was. She said: "Oh I have a wish." I asked smiling: "Oh, what's that?" She didn't answer right away but poured me coffee. We stood there smiling with eyes locked on each other. "I wish…I had a man like you that would come by and just visit with me…maybe a…loving hug &hellip.maybe some friendly holding and what ever else came up…you know like a love in service ?&hellip.do you have a… like…secret service like that?" Connie's thoughts&hellip.

(I hope he doesn't think I too desperate for some affection, but loneliness will do that to a girl. I explain later about my boyfriend not being home but 3 weeks a year. He makes great money but I need a man, and J. is that man. I know he sees it in my eyes that I want him so bad&hellip.) I was hot for this woman, and it was a match as I felt she needed some sexual action. I said: "I have that service your looking for." I picked her up and carried her into the big couch and placed her at one end.

I sat down and placed her legs on my lap as we talked and I rubbed her legs.

She wasn't expecting this and was smiling and out of breath. She was very horny and squirmed as I rubbed higher on her body. She grabbed my hand and pulled it under her sloppy sweater right to her tits. I turned and laid right on top of her with my mouth right at her tits. She raised her sweater up all the way. I gazed at her no bra tits. I began with her hard raised up nipples. Her legs came up and around me. I know she didn't expect things to happen this fast but she was eager to get what she wanted.

She moaned beautiful as her hands unbutton my shirt. I moved up on her a little at time kissing her all the way. She was livid with excitement and tried to undo my pants. I pull them down for her and pulled her slacks and panties down and off. She shook as I kissed her tummy and then the insides of her legs&hellip. Connie tried to think&hellip. (Oh god yes… my body is so hungry for a man to kiss me all over.

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It's happened so fast, my whole body is tingling…my pussy has been waiting for this day and here it is. Lick my neglected pussy and make it happy…I sure hope this isn't a dream. Oh damn…there he goes his wonderful warm wet tongue teasing my clit…I've got two handfuls of his hair and my hips are driving my pussy higher to meet his tongue…) She was neglected ok, love starved, affection starved and sex starved.

Her smooth body was lighting my fire as she pulled my hair and then&hellip.all of sudden she quick scooted down and held my cock.

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She licked it and in her mouth it went. She had me all primed to cum in her mouth and she was not disappointed. She was a small girl but her hands were strong as she dug her fingers in my ass cheeks. No time for anymore foreplay…I had to cum now.

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I don't know where she put it all but she had my cock all the way down her throat. She jerked my ass cheeks as I pumped my cock in her mouth&hellip.


she began to moan…as I felt my big load launched in her mouth. My cock just kept cuming&hellip.she moaned loud and said: ''Yes!" and in a flash pushed me down on her as my cock was still cuming, and stuffed it in her pussy.

Her pussy was fucking so fast like a vibrator. She was no desperate housewife, she was a genuine nymphomaniac…and I think I was her victim. She kept saying: "Oh there…oh yes!.there…yes, yes, yes! ". The bottom of her pussy would go wild if I touched it with my cock. I finally collapsed on top of her as she kept slow fucking over and over digging her fingers in my ass and back…… When I came around,&hellip.

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still out of breath, she had clamped her body to mine and was still slow fucking&hellip.we took our time feeling every inch of our bodies&hellip.my hardon never went down&hellip. __ We played with our bodies until 'it' came back up, only we switched and I got her on top…she loved the variety. This time she took control and deep fucked me. The contentment look on her face was priceless&hellip.feeling those nice tits rubbing on my chest was wonderful…seeing her pubes working up and down was awesome.

She tucked her legs under mine and started huffing and moaning&hellip.she kissed me then she let out with a "Oh my god, I'm gonna cum&hellip.".she drove her pussy tight against my dick…and 'squeeeld'… till I thought I couldn't see&hellip.as we both cried out like two wildcats&hellip.and the cum flowed&hellip.and flowed.


---------(night time, pitch black)--------------- ___"I hope you didn't have any other appointments"&hellip.a voice said…I smiled with her sliding lips all the way down to the longest hardon I've ever had…&hellip.my hands felt two lips envelope my dick and it was time again…&hellip.

for the cum to flow&hellip.