Lucky guy enjoys a thorough bathroom session

Lucky guy enjoys a thorough bathroom session
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Sandra stood in front of her mirror. The silky black sundress hung above her knee. She once worried that it wasn't high enough for it to be considered sexy. That was until Liam, or Larry, whatever his name was, showed her how hot it can be to have someone's hand slide from her knee up into the inside of her thigh.

It was like he undressed her and seduced her with touch in the same action. Tonight she was hoping to feel mason's hand run up her thigh tonight. The sundress was tight enough to display her curved 5'6" body and 38C chest. Her bra fit snugly under it, red and lacy, just like her underwear. She pictured herself getting tossed on her back on some bed, having her date's hand viciously tear away the needless underwear.

Then she would be left and exposed to be ravished, to be slammed away by his huge cock. She was hoping he would have a huge cock. She clutched her dress thinking of it, of Mason. How was she going to control herself during dinner? She put the thought aside, forcefully, and continued to brush her shoulder length red hair. If all went well tonight, her perfectly straight and brushed hair would be in Mason's fist as he used it to drag her back while he drove into her.

Arriving exactly 10 minutes after the discussed time, Sandra walked into the high traffic restaurant. The hostess was searched her list to find the corresponding table. "So you're the lucky girl." She said as she found the table. "What do you mean?" She wondered. The hostess smiled, nearly laughing.

"All the waitresses have been eyeing your date. Hoping that you would stand him up." The envy pumped Sandra's heart. "Maybe we'll bring one of yous to join us." She said, clearly hitting the hostess off guard. Even with her tanned face Sandra could see the red in her cheeks.

She quickly put on her "working in the public" smile, "Right this way." She said in her cheeky voice. Sandra had her eyes wander to the restaurant, taking notice of the busser stations, the kitchen, the bathroom, the main entrance. She could feel the heat radiate from her thighs as she saw that nothing would be near them, that they would be alone.

"Here you go ma'am." Sandra could see her cutting a glance towards Mason. She winked at the tanned girl before returning to her post. Sandra slid into her seat across her handsome looking date. His green eyes matched her's only his were lighter. He combed his short black hair back and his face had a short, sexy stubble to it.

He smiled as they looked at each other, "Hey," he said. She responded in kind. "Sorry I was a bit late, didn't mean to keep you waiting." She curved her lips to a smile.

"So what's good to eat?" The dinner had left them feeling satisfied. Luckily the food was more to satisfy the mouth, not the stomach. Neither of them felt full, leaving the night to be open for any kind of strenuous activities. Their table had been cleaned and they were brought a dessert menu. "Do you see anything you like?" Mason asked from behind the list of sweets. Her mind had been going off in raunchy ideas. She wasn't even hungry to begin with.

There was another hunger to her. "I've had my eye on something." She said, grinning to herself. She slid out of her seat, making her way around the table. She stood beside her date, "Scoot over." She demanded. Mason, despite being confused, complied to her command. "What are you doing?" She slid in, making herself get comfortable beside him. "It got lonely over there." Her voice was a mimic of something cute and innocent. She was far from those young qualities.

She lowered her head, looking at his pants, biting her lip. Mason could feel the beating in his chest. Sandra felt a heat rise. Her eyes looked up, meeting his in a silent gaze. "You offered me dessert," She reminded. Her date nervously chuckled, unsure of what to do.

"We're, kinda in public Sandra." He said, looking over the booth to see himself how isolated they are. "Your point?" She said. Without giving him a chance to respond she darted for his pants. Quickly she found the zipper. "This is crazy," he panted, "We're going to get caught." She had pulled him out by now. The panic must be keeping him from getting hard, but even soft he was big, a good 5, 5 and a half inches at least.

She held him at the base of his dick, letting the tip rest on the side of her chin, almost on the corner of her mouth. "I'm not hearing you say no." She said coyfully. She looked up at him with "innocent" eyes and stuck out bottom lip. She kept rubbing the head against her skin.

He looked down at her. The way she looked so kind and playful and young. They were only 22 and still she handled him physically, mentally and emotionally like an aged sex goddess.

She started rubbing him against her lip. Drops of pre-cum leaked from his cock. Like lipstick she ran the liquid around her lips, enticing him deeper. Mason was breathing hard already, unable to decide what to do. Below him, Sandra kept slowly playing with him. She slowly pulled back on the skin, exposing more of his sensitive head. Crossing into temptation, she stuck out her tongue and gave the underside of the tip a long warm lick.

He shuddered besides her, cursing under his breath. "Uh fuck yeah go, do it." He allowed. She pulled back the skin more, with her pursed lips she took in the very tip of him, still moving as slow as ever, enjoying his ever twitch.

Inside her mouth her hot tongue flicked over his small hole, sucking lightly. More pre-cum oozed in her mouth and happily she swallowed it. Her hand began to jerk him, gripping him tight and starting the routine of dragging the skin up and down. Mason tried to cover the sounds of his moans. She knew that this was still a tease and that he was aware of that too. His cock started to get harder.

Slowly she stuffed her mouth with his semi-hard dick. When he looked down he saw that his penis had disappeared into her mouth, her lips were against his pants and still her tongue wandered out of her mouth and into his pants, licking the skin of his balls. Moaned as he twitched inside of her, feeling it bulge against her tongue.

He was getting harder, filling her mouth more and more. The need to gag was never an issue with her, even now as his hardening cock pressed against the back of her throat. Retracting her tongue and shutting her lips tightly around him, she sucked hard while lifting her head.


"Holy fuck, we're going to get caught." He gasped. She smiled and felt him slide out of her neck. The tip left her mouth, her lips pursed as she sucked him completely until he was out. The waitress was nowhere to be found, reliving Mason to focus more on the moment. Sandra looked to the stiffened cock in her hand. She gasped under her breathe as he grew tremendously, having a good 8 inches outside of his pants at least another inch or two inside his pants.

Her legs trembled as she imagined all of him thrusting into her tight pussy. Shivers went down his back as he felt her warm breath against the length of her shaft. Her eyes shot up, looking into his. Through her smile she licked her way up his cock. At the stop her mouth enveloped the tip, never breaking eye contact. Their gazes still locked even as she continued to deepthroat him in the booth of some resturant.

He knew that she was still smiling. She smiled when most girls would be gagging. "Are you guys- Oh my god." Their gaze broke. Mason turned white, looking the waitress who's skin was the same shade of shock. "Uh, I- uh." He managed, moaning softly. Sandra continued to slide her luscious lips up and down his tasty cock. Her moans and suckling noise filled the silence.

She looked up at him, seeing him frozen in his fear. His eyes darted back and forth between the ladies.

Sandra laughed, removing her mouth but not her hand. She jerked him off as she turned her head. "Hi there," Her slim fingers held him tight, rubbing the part under his head with her thumb. "We'll take the check now." She said to the waitress who could no longer move. Sandra gave her a wink and returned to her dessert. The first inches of his dick were pressed against her face. She loved the feeling of the moist skin against her. She shuddered.

The receding step of the waitress haven't been heard yet. Again she turned her head to see the frozen woman. "Would you like a turn?" Sandra asked, quite sincerely too. "What? N-no," She spattered. "Not that I think you aren't attracted sir I just… I'll go and get your check." She said, backing away slowly, still unable to turn away. "Sucks for you," Sandra said, her hand gliding against his shaft.

"I really wanted to make out with her with your cock between us. She has those kind of lips." Mason stared at her, unable to form words. She sat up right, moving her body close to his. "That just happened." Mason uttered, returning to reality. Her chin rested on his shoulder, looking at him, keeping the rhythm of her strokes.

"It sure did." She said, completely unfazed by the accident. "Did you take a cab here?" She wondered. "What?" He asked, turning his face towards her. "Did you drive here or did you take a cab." "Cab. Why?" She kissed him, prodding his mouth with her tongue.

He was broken of his trance. Returning the kiss, Mason moved on from the incident, remembering the pleasure he was given. Sandra smiled, biting her lip as she moved towards his ear. "Because I really want your cum." The cab driver said that it would be a 20 minute ride. Mason confirmed this, saying it was the same time getting there. It was so smooth how she acted. The way she walked out knowing that everyone on the staff knew.

She just smiled along like nothing. She grabbed him the instant they settled down in the cab. He was still as hard as she left him back in the booth. She undid his pants and fished him out all while he told the cab driver the directions.

The cab driver didn't seem to mind, saying nothing of what happening. He just turned up the music slightly and hummed away. Sandra too was humming, bobbing her head in long strokes, working his cock to the sluttest degree.

Mason held her by the hair, helping her reach the deepest she could, burying her face against his pants. God she wished she could play his his balls.

Suck on the, take them both in her mouth and let her tongue run wild among them. She had a thirst for his cum. Leaving the restaurant, hailing a cab, teasing him subtly, all that allowed his balls to build, setting her up to get a massive load like she desired. Both her hand and mouth moved together in unison, her wrist twisting as she dragged the skin upward with her mouth sucking on the tip, and then Mason's hand would press down on her head.

Sometimes she would just stay at the top suck the tip, waiting for him to shove her down and feel her throat grip around his shaft. Sandra was titillated, like a fire was lit up her legs.

Her legs were spread open. Her hand slid under the soaking panties, dripping with her juices. She rapidly rubbed her clit, intensifying the moment. No shame was had in that cab that day. Sandra moan loudly with the her head on Mason's lap, a giant cock against her lips, her own fingers bringing her pleasurable sensations.

Mason grew closer to his climax, his sounds telling her of the soon to be truth. She jerked him ferociously, sucking hard, moaning louder. 'I need it,' she thought. Kneeling up, she went to kiss him. The focus on his cock never went away, her speed and grip never fell. Their tongues danced with another, exploring each others mouths and feeling one another moan. Sandra took Mason's lower lip between her teeth, playfully giggling as she bit down. He winced through his smile and no doubtedly enjoyed it more than he should have.

"Cum for me," She gasped, "Give it to me, all of it. I want it." Her words were breathless but true. Mason could see the crave in her eyes. It was one thing to have a woman not mind cum, but to have one beg for it was completely different and beyond thrilling. She squeezed tighter around his cock, pumping it as fast as she could.

He started to feel it, the tension rising in his body, his calf muscles flexing, the toe curling signal that he was about to explode. "Cum," He managed between the kissing, "I'm gonna cum." Instantly, Sandra dove to cover his cock with her wet, warm awaiting mouth.

Mason felt his body become tight all over, he felt his ball surging until the moment snapped. He shoved her down on dick with no warning and released his load into her throat. Rope after rope, surge after surge, his body suddenly became loose, winding down after shocking itself in ecstatic ecstasy. He flooded her mouth entirely, leaving him in his climax longer than usually.

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Down in her throat his cock twitched, grinding against her mouth, pleasing him all the more so. Sandra kept her mouth shut closed around his cock, not allowing a drop to be wasted.

She let the substance stain the back of her throat, having it travel down her stomach itself, moaning loudly as it happened. Not all of his sweet deliciously warm cum was shot into her stomach, she scavenged him, sucking him still and jerking him tightly to squeeze every last bit out of him. Small glops protruded from his cockhead, collected into her mouth with her tongue.

Mason was struggling to stay conscious, her mouth continued to suck him. The sensation was becoming too much for him and he wanted to scream.

It felt too good for him, yet he was not about to ask her to stop. Sandra had finished sucking him dry, gathering the splatters of cum around the back of her mouth and swirled them.

She looked up to Mason, smiling, and then proceed to swallow the remaining cum as he watched. He grinned while he gasped for air, his body completely drained. Sandra felt like electricity, wanting to suck the next load from his gorgeous cock right now but she knew better. His load temporarily satisfied her desire. It was so much cum for her, yet she wanted countless loads more from him, same as the one he just gave her.

He didn't allow her to savor the delicious and salty taste of his cum, though something about her shoving her down, letting him cum down the middle of her throat gave her pussy a tingle. "Yummy." She said, her green eyes wide and animalistic. "Call me when you have another load for me." She said, almost demanded in that suave, constant seductive voice of hers.

The cab had to a halt then. Mason gave a small laugh, not believing the turn of events of that day. He stuffed himself back into his pants and suddenly he was decent for the public. "Definitely," He said, "Most definitely." He gave her his smile and proceeded to leave. She sank into the leather seat, on her way down from her high of pleasure, slowly stroking her pussy, already impatiently awaiting his call.

"Where to now miss?" The cab driver asked. She told them the address, "I don't suppose you would like me to come up there and suck the cum from your cock?" She wondered, half serious half bored. The cab driver laughed, holding his hand up. "Married, sorry." How honorable, yet disappointing. "Goddamn it." She whispered, sinking deeper into her seat.

Softly she drifted away, still stroking her drenched pussy until her cab came to its final halt, leaving her to wait for the next opportunity of lust ******************************************************************************************************** It had only been a few days since Mason. His rod and load left Sandra to think of it as she rode a pocket rocket to bliss at night. He had sent her a message, *Hey, I was thinking dinner again, Thursday, 7PM?* She laughed to herself while reading it.

There's no way he wanted dinner. *My house, Thursday 5PM. You're fooling no one with dinner.* She sent, straightforwardly. She knew what she wanted, and it wasn't dinner. Her phone went off moments later. *I thought that would be crude.* Again she laughed, *I like crude.

You can come, but I want to try something.* She sent. Sandra thought of Mason as the perfect person to help her delve into something she had been wanting to do. Hopefully she hadn't scared him off. Again, her phone rang. *What is it??* Should she tell him?

If she did he could not want it and lose such a lovely cum harboring package. *It's a surprise. You could always say no.

If you do say no, just remember that I don't ;)* Ugh, why did it have to be Thursday, why not tonight. It felt like forever since she's been royally fucked. Mason's cock could do just that, she thought. Her phone interrupted the thought of things to come. *Where??* She smiled, knowing that he wouldn't be able to resist her, enough to the point where he was likely to agree to what she had planned.

******************************************************************************************************** Mason didn't know exactly what he was feeling. He sat in his car, burning the time out. He was early, and nervous, and excited. His stomach felt all knotty, his heart blasted in his chest, his half hard dick throbbed. It didn't help that she left things mysteriously. She did say he was allowed to say no, but he felt as if he did she wouldn't be into it like last time.

Well last time she didn't really care when a waitress walked in on her deepthroating him. Maybe that's what she wanted to do. Maybe she wanted to go to a bar or club and have him fuck her in some corner. Mason thought that to himself and wondered if he was up for the challenge of doing so. She just had to be so amazing with that mouth of hers.

Mason pulled out his flask, took a big breath and proceeded to drink. The sting of the warm liquor followed him down to his stomach, leaving it to dissolve into his blood. Nothing changed in the tempo of his heart, and his mind was barely lifted from its worry, though it gave courage to his legs. He quickly popped a mint in his mouth and exited out of his car.

Sandra was inside, putting her daily tasks aside to make time for her date. She waited, dressed casually, not wanting to give anything away. She wore loose fitted joggers and a guy's band T.

Effortlessly she surfed the channels, never giving her attention to what flipped on, knowing that it wouldn't be long before Mason arrives. Her attention snapped to the door when a knock sounded off. She shut the tv and trotted along to answer the call. She turned the unlocked the door and saw it was Mason. He wore a plaid shirt buttoned up to the second to last button, exposing his collarbone. She looked down to see his jeans that was the right amount of tight, letting her see the outline of his penis.

She bit her lip, feeling the wetness spread. She grabbed him by the midsection of his shirt and pulled him inside. Before the door could shut she was already on his lips, her hands planted on his face, locking them together. Her feet started to move. Mason, who couldn't break the kiss, followed her, nearly tripping every step of the way. They were in the living room now. Sandra explored the recently visited region of his mouth, grinding against his tongue and allowing him to do the same.

They had finally arrived to where she wanted them to be. As they stood in front of the couch her hands lowered themselves down to his chest.

One push later and he was sitting. She straddled him before he could do anything. With each of her legs spread out to either side she wondered if she could feel him. She lowered herself as much as she could, moving her hips against him. Slightly, only slightly could she feel his dick against her and it nearly drove wild. She remembered what it was she wanted to do. Behind her back, tucked away into her waistline was a blindfold. Her hands crept around her and retrieve the cloth.

"So that thing I wanted," She spoke her lips never leaving his. Mason pulled away, looking at her with curiosity. "What is it?" Trying to hide the fear of the unknown. Between them she held the blindfold, taking his gaze away from her and onto her hands. Mason thought about it, who was it that she wanted to be blindfolded? Everything had been going to Sandra's plan. She knew from the start, knowing he would not resist the kiss, dragging him to the couch, putting him and keeping him there until she proposed her idea.

She even managed to sneak a feel of him before the real fun began. Mason laid on the bed. His senses would have to do without sight. Which is a real shame considering he's never seen her fully naked.

Either way he agreed to it, even to be tied up by each of his hands and feet. If only he knew where she went. 'To change,' he remembered her saying when she left. That was an hour ago. If she went to change maybe the blindfold would come off, hoped Mason. Sandra was standing in the corner of the room. She saw all his little twitches, the way his leg shook in anticipation. The only thing he wore was his boxers.

Even though It didn't fit him tight the outline of his penis was very defined and thick. How long would she wait. It only took a few minutes to get all dolled up. It was for herself more than him, she wanted to feel the part. And she did, looking like those seen in magazines, a black corset with a red bust, lace black underwear and matching stockings. This whole time, practically, she has been watching him wither. above her panties and bust she touched herself, enjoying that freedom she had over him.

Yet it grew tiresome, she would have to challenge herself not to throw herself into the simple pleasures of sex. Slow was the way to go. And slow she went. Carefully she traveled to the bed. Up close she could see the hairs standing on their ends. As softly as she could, she laid down her index finger against his ankle. The sudden touch made him gasp a little under his breath.

A smile made its way to his face. She ran her finger up the length of his legs until she was now in contact with his boxers. He was thrashing a little under the restraints. He craved her touch, only more of it. Waiting was not exactly his strong suit, obviously. Sandra slipped her finger into his boxers, deciding to throw this big ol' dog a bone. Up and down his hardening shaft she ran her finger. Tiny moans slipped through the cracks of his lips.

Her very own desires wanted to rip that monster out of those tease of underclothing and take all of him in her mouth in a single gulp. As hard as it was she fought the urge. Mason was enjoying her touch, a little too much thought Sandra. She quickly whipped her hand out and scratched his inner thigh, leaving a red trail of abused skin. He gasped again, not expecting to be met with pain. "Don't get too smug baby." She said in a voice so soft and enticing.

Mason almost moaned at the sound of her. Once more she laid down her hand. Her palm was flat against his stomach. She sat down next to him, careful to not have her body touch his. Up and up his torso she dragged her hand. She stopped at his collarbone. Her fingers were spread and Mason wondered if she was planning on choking him.

A part of him, a rather large part, wanted her to. Inching her way upwards, her hand finally laid on his jaw. Leaning into him she squeezed his cheeks, causing his mouth to open.

It has been too long since she's felt those velvet lips of his. Granted it had been a little over an hour but she has been soaking her lacey panties since then. Instead of diving into his lips with hers, Sandra decided to rub his lips with her thumb.

He followed the movement of her touch, even kissing her thumb as she pulled away. Smiling, of course, he controlled his desire, trying his best to lay still. It was noticeable to see him be so smug, that deep down inside he's smiling a much bigger smile, all while there's a fire in her stomach that can only be put out by feeling him shoot his warm cum into her.

'That's it, he's being smug,' She decided, and that is grounds for physical retribution. She hovered over him, her face just centimeters away from his. Her hair fell all around them, she could see him trying to smell her, fueling the intensity even more. Again her hand gripped his face. This time she took his bottom lip and bit down on it, hard. He moaned and groaned at the same time, enjoying the pain. She moaned at the force, of how she's marking him as hers.

HIs lip slipped from her grip, the mark of her perfect white teeth was embedded into his lower lip. She smiled to herself, thriving off of the brutal biting she gave. She wanted to devour him again, the urge screaming even harder this time, wanting him until the sun rises. Which had her thinking, 'I never said when I'd let him go. I could keep him here for as long as I wanted, to use him whenever.' A new thrill and wave of pleasure washed over her. 'My little boy toy.

Should I tell him. I wonder what face he would make, would he struggle to leave? Will he get turned on at the thought?' She ran her hand up from his hip back to his face. She forced him to face the other way. His neck was completely exposed to him. 'What to do?' She thought. The desire to lick him came, along with biting and kissing him.

It wasn't much of a choice in doing either which one, but a choice in which one to do first, and how much of his skin did she want to bruise.

She darted her face into his neck, the tip of her nose bent at his skin. She smelled him, having the aroma entice her, excite her more and more. Through her teeth she breathed shakily. Kissing would be first, planting her lips at the top of his neck, below the ear. She went about it softly, trying to tease him even though her lips were pressed against him.

Both of them wanted her lips to be pressed somewhere else. KIsses after kisses she made her way down to the base of his neck, that's where she took him inside her mouth and bit down again, harder than before. He ached in pain, his body trying to run away but can't, he laid there having to take her vicious mauling.

Over and over again she bit down on him, working up and down his sore neck. The whole right side of him was red, purple bruises littered his neck. She giggled at the sight of it, turning Mason on with her sounds. She licked him all over the sensitive skin. The tip of her tongue flicked against his ear lobe, moaning into his ear when she was done. He could feel her breath run down his body, she stayed there, softly moaning at the growing wetness between her legs. "You know, I never said when I was going to let you go." She giggled again, "W-what do you mean?" He asked, panicked.

"It means that If I want your cock for hours on end, I'll get what I want and fuck you for hours on end." Mason couldn't see the wicked smile that was on her face. Sandra on the other hand could see the expressions change on his face, first worried, than excited. "Oh," Her hand found his nipple, she pinched it while whispering into his ear, "these sick and twisted desires of mine.

Just think of all the fun we'll have together, with no one to stop me." She released him from her grip. "I'm starting to think that this was more for you to have fun than for me." Mason said, even though he was told not to speak unless allowed.

Sandra quickly lunged back towards his neck, biting him aggressively on his battered skin. The pressure she put into the bite was enough to make him hold his breath, waiting for the pain to be over.

He gasped for air as she released him, yet again she dove back down and took more into her mouth. A small scream slipped through his lips, shooting ecstasy through her small and curvy body. She hated this patient thing, but she loved the power it gave her, it was a rush being the boss, the mistress in which he has to listen to and obey.

She reeled back her attack, lifting her hand to caress the wounded skin. Then she slapped him on his stinging skin, leaving it to throb with every heartbeat. The pain and pleasure riddled his body, the feeling emanating from above his shoulder to down his chest. He was left breathless on the sheets, collecting himself for what's to come. Never did he think pain would be so lovely, nor that this feeling would come from a woman so small and innocent looking. She was far from it.

Bringing him all that pain and pleasure must of set something off in her. Down his chest she found new places to mark him. The pain was so vivid for him, like he could feel each of her teeth become embedded into his skin. Both of them loved it.

Mason had never done anything like this before. He questioned why he never had. Sandra loved kissing him, biting on his skin like a dog and its toy. She loved seeing the masculine man succumb to a tiny woman's lust. This had surpassed physical.

Sandra was satisfied deep in her mind, not knowing she could feel such a thing. To think she was nervous about doing this, something she too has never done before. She looked at him, wondering where else can she have her fun. His torso looked like it lost a fight to a pitching machine, his neck just screams 'I'm owned.' Focus was put on his midsection, or better yet just below it. "I hope these aren't your favorite." She said.

WIth a strong yank and pull with both hands, the fabric of his boxers was ripped open, leaving him bare in front of her. She giggled, letting a small moan afterwards, as she bestowed her eyes on his engorged cock.

Slowly she stroked it, running her hands up and down his shaft. Electricity flowed through both their veins, amplifying the sensation of her touching him. Deciding that she might have gone overboard with the biting, she thought that she would reward him for being a good chew toy. SHe gripped the base of his cock, feeling how hard he was, like a rock.

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Closer she leaned towards him, her warm breath on his penis, making him thrust as much as he could upwards, he still couldn't reach her mouth. "Someone want it bad doesn't he?" She said in that innocent tone. "Are you going to tell me how bad you want to feel my throat against this big hard cock of yours?" She turned her head to see him wither in such anticipation that it seemed internally painful.

"Bad, really bad." He answered. Sandra smiled to herself, happy to hear him beg. Back to his dick her head went. She lowered herself and licked him just under the tip and left a narrow wet streak along his shaft.

Mason moaned with satisfaction, waiting the whole time he was there to feel her mouth again. Despite how sexy she looked, Sandra thought that she should be more comfortable.

Standing up, leaving Mason to groan at the fact she stopped, she undid her corset, stripping herself of all clothing. "It's a real shame you didn't get to see me." Her voice itself was a tease. Mason knew how sexy her body was, it did upset him that he didn't get to see her all dressed up for this moment. "Now, what was it that I was doing?" She asked, fully aware of what she was doing. One hand slid down her body, feeling the slimness of her shape.

Finally she worked her way down to her pussy. The amount of wetness surprised her. She barely brushed against her clit and already her fingertips were coated in her juices. "Taste the fruits of your labor." She commanded. And so she raised her hand up to his lips, tracing them before he took them into his mouth and eagerly sucked them.

He moaned at the taste of her, savoring every bit of it. The feeling of his tongue working her fingers made her think of how else he could apply himself. Enough was had, she removed her fingers from his mouth, leaving him wanting more. With those same fingers she traced her lips, slightly sucking on the tips. Suddenly she was reminded of what she was doing before she disrobed, her mouth watered. Without warning she climbed on top of Mason, her ass to his face. The sudden skin contact sent shivers down his spine, loving the feeling of her on his body.

With her pussy so wet she was making a mess all over his chest, smearing him in her juices. She loved grinding her hips against him, spreading herself everywhere.

One of her hands found itself in front of her tight cunt. She rubbed herself with her palm, coating her hand as much as possible. When satisfied she used the same hand to grip his hard cock. The wetness sent a moan through his body, and allowing her to effortlessly slide her hand up and down.

Her spare hand went to work on her clit, rubbing it slowly for she didn't want to cum just yet. "I hope you don't mind the mess. I'm just a filthy, dirty girl aren't I?" She moaned. Her head dipped down, her lips against the tip of his throbbing cock.

She allowed the tip to enter her hungry mouth, sucking tightly against his sensitive cockhead. "Aren't I?" She asked as she lapped away at his cock. Every lick caused him to spasm in pleasure, "Y-yes you are." He answered between gasps.

Finally they both got what they had been craving. She finally had her hands and mouth wrapped around his 10 inch gorgeous cock.

There was none hiding, being completely naked she was allowed every inch of his rod. Still she was taking it slow. Deep down she wanted to fuck her mouth senseless with this huge thing, it would turn her on even more if he was the one who fucked her throat rather than herself, but she happily traded getting pounded for power over everything. Mason was in heaven, the feeling of her tongue slowly make its way down his shaft and onto his balls was pure bliss.

She tended to his balls, licking them, sucking them into her wet mouth, massaging them with her tongue while she had a mouthful of him. Rubbing her clit faster, she began to deepthroat his dick. At first she went sucked half of his cock in her mouth, moaning and letting the vibration run through his body. Sealing her lips around the harden shaft, she sucked as hard as she could, bringing her head back up, leaving the tip in her mouth while she flicked it with her talented tongue.

"Your cock tastes so good." She moaned, before taking another inch into her mouth. The movement cause her hips to rub back and forth against his muscled chest.

Wanting to feel his mouth on her, she reared herself back, inching her ass closer to his awaiting mouth. She stopped the instant she felt his chin against her smooth asscheek. "How bad do you want to lick my tight ass and cunt huh big boy?" She wiggled her ass, always having him be reaching for her desperately. "So bad." He answered, sticking his tongue out in a futile attempt to touch her. "Doesn't sound like you want it bad enough." She said, sliding forward.

"No I want it. Please, please give me your cunt to lick." He begged, which caused her to press harder against her clit. Her pussy was throbbing and in need of a hard pounding.

But both of them would have to wait for that. "Soon baby," Mason groaned under his breathe as he felt her slide forward on his chest. "First, you have to do something for me." She informed.

Her hand had a steady speed working his cock, priming him for the pleasures to come. "What is it?" He asked, desperate to please and get the chance to taste her pussy with his eager tongue.

"First, you have to feed me that big load of cum of yours." Her hand shifted down and massaged his balls. His moans approved of her actions. Before he could answer she stuffed her wet and warm mouth with his cock. He was so deep into her, its curved perfectly into her throat. The hand that was on her pussy moved faster, getting off at the fact that she was having her throat fucked like she had been craving since the restaurant.

Her other hand gave his balls a little squeeze before moving to her neck. The bulge of his dick was easily felt. She pressed her hand against her neck and began moving it up and down. "Holy, f-fuck." Mason gasped as he felt her slowly jerk him off while balls deep into her mouth. While she didn't have a gag reflex, she purposely gagged on him, pretending that his thick cock was choking her.

The sound peaked the pleasure of everything she was doing. Ever so slowly she started to move her head upwards, leaving a mess of spit on the entirety of his penis. The crave for his cock was so bad that she rubbed her face against it, covering herself in her own spit. The dirtiness made her cunt clench, sadly his dick wasn't in her for that.

"I'm making such a mess. If only you could see my face covered in spit from gagging on your thick cock. It's almost too much for me to suck," Again she dragged the tip of him all around her face, spit flowing every which way on her pretty face. "Almost." An orgasm was building up inside of her. All this dirty, sloppy head was making her feel better than anticipated. Soon her breath was becoming hastily. She still hadn't received the massive load of cum that she had been craving. It had come to the point where she was almost begging him for it.

Both her hands worked faster, her fingers drenched in her juices while working away at her clit. The other hand was jerking the huge cock before her, slowly working it up to explode all over her mouth. "You are going to cum for me. Don't you wanna shoot that heavy load into my mouth, my watering mouth? Isn't my deepthroating good enough for you?" She asked so innocently.

"It feels so good, I don't want it to end." Mason managed to say, breathlessly. Instantly she swallowed the length of his cock, having him moan loudly into the sex filled air. "Oh God," He whispered. Sandra lifted her head up, having his dick plop out of her mouth. Her hand found her mouth, plastered in spit, "I didn't ask what you wanted," She said harshly, rubbing her fingers all around her mouth, spreading the accumulated spit. 'So dirty,' her mind thought, 'So goddamn dirty.' Sliding down her chin and onto her chest, she began playing with her tits, coating her hard nipples in her saliva.

This made her rub herself faster and faster. Her orgasm was coming fast and she wasn't about to stop here. All of her attention was on herself now, grinding against Mason, rubbing her throbbing clit, squeezing her wet tits.

Her climax was getting closer and closer. The moment had came just as she slid her pussy up his chest and on top of Mason's lips. Without hesitation he began tonguing her, licking the length of her pussy with a strong tongue. She started to spasm, her toes curled, her hand stuck at the speed of which rubbed her clit. She had to prop herself up as the waves of intense pleasure struck her body, screaming as his tongue ran over her pussy, flicking her clit with just the tip of his tongue.

Her cum started to gush out of her, covering Mason's face in her delicious cum. Still he lapped away, swallowing whatever he could manage and still keep in pace in savoring her cunt. "Fuck y-yes oh god, yes Mason, don't s-stop, don't fucking stop. Ohhhhhh God fuck yes!" She shouted, grinding against his mouth. The lips of her pussy were kissing his own lips, soft to the touch. As he moaned she felt what the vibration in her clit, adding new levels of intense ecstasy.

carelessly, her body slid forward, making his tongue run down her pussy and onto her asshole. Mason reacted as if nothing happened and began licking away at her puckered hole. A new wave of pleasure struck Sandra. It matched what she was feeling before but was entirely new.

She has fingered her asshole before, even stuck a dildo or two up there, but it was nothing compared to the swift licks of his heavy tongue. She was catching her breath, trying to collect herself from the major orgasm she just had.

Breath after breath she tried to get back into the groove of things. But Mason's lips and tongue on her ass was making it hard to move on from her orgasm, his oral fixation extending her climax. "Yeah baby, oh fuck that felt so good. Don't stop. Lick away boy toy.

oh yes. Yes." She moaned, wiggling her ass closer to his face, still trying to catch her fleeting breath. Through the excitement of having her ass being cared for, she remembered that she still craved his load of cum. Sandra had to lean completely forward so Mason could still prove his worth in giving her head. The 69 position allowed him to not only lick her asshole but the bottom part of her dripping pussy, and it allowed her to still be able to swallow his cock whole.

This time she didn't work up to speed. The second her lips parted she began to shove all of his cock down her throat, one of the places it belongs. Both of them moaned into each other's sensitive area. But Sandra noticed that his moans were beginning to get louder and more intense. Still he didn't stop him from pleasing her. Her pussy felt good against his chin, grinding on his mouth, feeling his tongue poke inside her cunt and ass. "Is my boy toy going to cum for me?" She asked after swirling her tongue around his cockhead.

She felt his head move from under her, saying yes. She was so excited for his load. With how long she had been playing with his cock it had to build up to massive proportion. She even felt worried that she wouldn't be able to swallow it all, but she was determined. "That's right, cum for me. Eat my pussy and scream under me while you bust your nut in my mouth," The dirty talk was working for the both of them, Mason secretly loving how filthy she is, wondering how messy she looks covered in all her spit, smiling lustfully at him.

It was driving him closer and closer to his release. Her hand could not move any faster, her tongue was swirling wildly around his dickhead, rubbing the underside of his cock against her tongue. Mason's body started to tense up, his calf muscles tightening, his back arching, his balls getting ready to send a huge load of cum down her throat. His loud moans of climax were buried under her thick ass. In her hand she could feel his cock tense up as well. Giving her a second of time to prepare herself.

The first rope of cum was the thickest. She mangaged to get his spewing cockhead in her mouth in time. Cum had covered the walls of her mouth, swishing around, having its taste seep into her mouth. Before he could shoot another rope of cum she took his cock into her throat, much like the first time he cummed in her mouth. "Oh fucking hell oh fuck." He shouted from under her pussy. His cock kept convulsing in her throat, shooting more and more cum into her stomach.

She loved feeling the sticky substance slowly go down her neck, having it be shoved down by more cum. He must've cummed for 10 seconds straight.

Sandra thought she would pass out from him stuffing indefinitely. Her clit pulsated every time she felt his cock twitch in her mouth and release another shot of cum into her.

Finally, he exhaled onto her drenched cunt, having the last of his spasms cease. Sandra wrapped her cum covered lips against the base of his cock and gave one long slow intense suck. Her hand followed her mouth, squeezing his shaft hard so the rest of his juicy, yummy cum comes oozing out and into her mouth.

It was a huge and long glob of sticky, thick, white, tasty cum that dropped onto her tongue. It filled near a third of her mouth. Her tongue gathered all the cum in her mouth, swirling it around to get the taste of it stuck in her mouth. Proudly she swallowed it, feeling it travel down to her stomach.

She let out a loud moan, her hands touching her body, "Mmmm that was so good. I'm going to want more of that," She said, wrapped up in her world of carnal desire. Her stomach was full of his cum yet it wasn't enough. She wanted more, so much more, enough to satisfy her hunger and cover her whore lips and and her 38C tits. She also wanted to feel her pussy be stuffed with his cock and cum, to have it shoot straight into her cunt. A part of her even wanted to feel a warm load trickled from her freshly fucked ass.

"So much more," She announced. "Well you're going to have to give me a bit of time." Mason said, his tongue still working its oral magic against her pussy. She shifted her body so that they were face to face. Sitting on his chest, she reached for his blindfold.

She allowed him to see again. The first thing he noticed was a long strain of spit hanging from her chin. Her makeup was running, her hair was nearly untouched, her face glistened in the light, every inch covered in her spit. She looked like a used whore and it made his cock twitch. Their eyes locked and she spoke softly yet demanding. "You are going to get hard again, very soon.

And then I'm going to ride you until you fill my tight, wet, waiting pussy full of cum. I'll give you three minutes. If you're not hard by then, you're getting punished." Her hand softly stroked his cheek, watching his expression go from satisfied to a mixture of fear and excitement.

She shot off a quick smile and then proceeded to lower her pussy onto his lips. The taste of her was so fresh, so potent. Her body smelled like she had just taken a shower, smelling feminine and arousing. His tongue had gotten stiff, yet he said nothing, due to fear of being punished and because he craved to lick her until she could no longer take it.

He waited too long to have her that he would not bow down to an aching tongue. Playfully, Sandra ran her hands through his hair. When he hit the right spots with his talented tongue, she pulled on his hair, forcing him to lick her deeper. She would hold his head in place while she used his tongue to get off. At those times he wasn't giving her head, but instead he just laid still and allowed himself to be used like a toy. "Your three minutes are almost up." She reminded, her breath escaping between words.

Mason knew he wasn't hard. He spent his time focusing on her, on her pleasure rather preparing himself for God knows what she had planned for him. His mouth enveloped her clit, sucking on it tightly before letting the sensitive bundle of nerves slip from between his lips. "I noticed how much prettier you look with your spit all over your face." He said, trying to spark her attention, and hopefully his. "Oh yeah?" She asked.

He nodded under her. "You like the fact your cock turns me into a dirty little slut? Gagging my throat, feeling you twitch in my mouth, you like that?" She questioned, her voice having the right amount of sultry and innocence to excite the body and mind.

"Yes I do," Mason said like a good little toy. "I really do." He added, feeling his penis get slightly harder. Knowing her that wouldn't be enough. She wanted him as hard as he was before cumming. A half stiffy won't satisfy her in the slightest. "You make such a good whore," He tried, "So cock hungry, desperate for cum," She smiled through her soft moans. Her hand still had a fistful of his hair, holding him in place as she steadily moved her hips back and forth on his eager mouth.

"Desperate?" She repeated, secretly turned on by the accurate description. Mason nodded, "Definitely desperate, so willing to become a filthy woman, the kind of woman who only looks good bent over or down on her knees." Surprised was her reaction. Quickly, he felt like he bit off more than he could chew, his heart pounding under her lovely ass.

'Fuck it,' he thought, might as well go big. "Don't look so shocked," He said, still managing to lick her between words, between alluring insults. "You know you're that kind of girl, the one who's been sucking cum from cocks since she learned what dicks are." His tongue pressed against her cunt as hard as he could and licked her completely, challenging her almost. Something deep down inside of Sandra was churning, not only were these remarks degrading, they were true.

She remembers going into highschool and sucking off seniors before the days end. She remembers being a senior herself and sucking off the physics teacher during their lunch break.

She remembers seducing a retail worker and having him fuck her brains out against the one way mirror in the clothing room, their prying eyes staring at her tits and the joy in her face.

She even went into the watching room and licked the glass clean of cum. His words were just igniting this fire that's always been burning in her heart.

He was being so mean and blunt, if it was possible, she got wetter every time he called her a name. "You're so right," She admitted. Releasing him from her grip, she snaked her lovely waist down from his chest and onto his hips. They were face to face now. "I've been such a dirty girl my whole life," Her fingers moved along his lips, neither one of them gave ground with their stare.

Her voice so sweet, admitting her past, saying these indecent things about herself, was doing the trick. Mason was getting harder by the second. "All I know is how to suck cock and be a pretty little hole to fuck," Her other hand slid down his body, leaving a trail of ice on his nerves.

She had stopped right before reaching his cock. She did it to tease, though he was glad that there was still time to get hard. "Does that excite you Mason?" She rubbed his stomach, "Does it make you horny knowing that I want, no," She licked his lower lip, "Crave that great big cock of yours?" She went on to kiss his neck, being soft on all fronts. Still her hand remained at his waist.

"I think it turns you on," Mason went, matching her intensity. "Knowing that all you are is a cum dump. A cheap, filthy, and easy whore in need of a load to swallow." Despite being on the verge of cumming again, Sandra kept her cool, only for a second.

The hand on his face was quickly struck down on him. Now his cheek was stinging, a handprint barely visible. She was so shocked, so turned on too. No one has ever talked like that to her.

"Everything you've said," She said with an angry lustful look in her eyes, "Is completely true," Her smile is what did it. Mason instantly got hard as she so proudly admitted to being a whore. She leaned down to kiss him, her tongue sliding into his mouth. She could easily taste herself as her tongue rubbed against his. "I knew gagging you wasn't a good idea," She uttered.

"More," She asked of him, trying not to sound like she was begging. "Tell me more," Mason's mouth moved down to her neck. There was a subtle taste of perfume on her skin, yet he kissed her feverishly. "You're a piece of trailer trash," He went on not holding anything back.

"Who opens her legs at anyone who gives you the time of day." He managed between kisses. This might be the only chance he gets at kissing her body. It felt as good as he imagined.

"Mouth," She said, correcting him. "I open my mouth easier." Every nerve in her body shot off as she continued to be verbally abused. Her body crawled up on his, her chest near leveled to his mouth. "I wouldn't expect anything less from you. Only a true worthless slut can deepthroat a dick like that." More pleasure spread amongst her. As if the words themselves were kissing her.

"Damn right," She shoved her chest towards his face. "Suck my tits." This time she used a demanding voice rather than her cute tramp voice. Mason had no problem doing what he was told.

They were a light peach color, only a shade darker than her pale skin. Her nipples were hard and wet yet they were a joy to divulge on. "Fuck me that feels good, oh god. You're so good with your mouth." She gasped. Mason sucked hard and flicked her tit inside his mouth. He would give anything to grab her ass and make her grind up and down on his waist. Nothing could stop her moaning. Between the floozy thoughts and Mason's underappreciated mouth she was in complete bliss.

"Fuck me like a beast and I'll be your harlot." She offered. "Aren't you always?" Mason snapped back as he switched breast. Sandra giggled at the truth of the matter. "So true," slipped from her lips. She reached out for his cock, finding it to be harder than before. "Are you going to give this harlot the fuck she wants?" She felt his moan on her suckled nipple when she stroked his cock.

"God knows this cock is quite the beast. Oh god, you make me feel like such a streetwalker, such a tramp." She added, feeling the tingle in her pussy that desired to be split open by a certain monstrous dick.

"Tramp is putting it nicely," Mason clarified. His face moved up towards hers, planting a kiss firmly on her lips. "Let's hope your pussy isn't as loose as you are." He said tauntingly.

In return to that comment she bit his already bruised lip. At this point that pain was a numbing feeling. Enticed by his smooth insults and luscious kiss, she mounted him.

Her body was his to see now, and he loved seeing every bit of it. What was one under a corset was a toned stomach and defined hips. Both of which turned Mason on incredibly so. Before anything, Sandra wanted things to be dirty again, to feel a messy dick enter her even messier cunt.

Mason's shaft was laid against his stomach, when Sandra mounted him her pussy was at the base of his cock. She smiled, knowing there is no part under her that's dry. "Why don't I lube you up a bit." She flirted while rubbing her immensely sopping pussy against his shaft. The warm wetness left him feeling pleased and relaxed, though it was her face that kept him hard. She had such a genuine smile while drenching his entire throbbing member.

"Lookie here," She started, "Aren't I just a messy fuck? I mean look at this, your cock is practically damp 'cause of my pussy," She jerked him easily now, adding to the tease.

"Maybe I should lick it up, don't you think so?" She asked, not really waiting for permission. With her body sliding down his legs she once again felt him in her mouth. She didn't hold back this time. Leaving her mouth open, she went on to gag herself on his harden dick. Spit was falling out in a stream and tears went down her face as she forced herself to choke. 'Such a whore that you have to pretend to gag.' She thought to herself. It was simple to see that Mason enjoyed the theatrics.

This time around he decided to help her by thrusting as much as he could into her. Though he couldn't, he imagined what it would be like if he could just hold her in place and proceeded to fuck her mouth senseless. A part of Sandra wishes for the same. He could see it now, her head hanging off the bed, his cock bulging out of her neck, a mess of spit running down her face.

His cock spasmed against her throat as he thought this. She giggled again, with her mouth filled to the brim with his dick. The sound bounced all over his cock, causing him to shiver in place. "Oh no," She said so innocently, him slipping out of her mouth. "I think I made things worse. Tell me," She said looking up at him. "Is my face a mess too?" Like a picture out of a skin mag she held her finger up to her mouth, portraying some giddy school girl.

Long blobs of thick saliva hung from her chin. Her finger rubbed around her mouth, it escalated to her hand rubbing her face from her chin up to her forehead, drenching her whole face in her sexy spit.

Her face was a magnificent disaster, lipstick smeared, runny eyeliner, all in addition to the new mess she made from throating Mason and his near foot long shaft. "Maybe I could wipe myself clean," Her hands found his thick rod. In some foolish attempt to "clean" herself, she rubbed the drenched member all around her face. By the time she was done she had strains of spit hanging down to his cock, leaving her in this web of a mess. "Did it help? Did wiping my face with your lovely cock make me cleaner?

It sure felt good." A wicked smile came to her face, a contrast to her voice. Her hand was just as dirty as her face. She used it to wipe down all the webby strains of spit before going to jerk off the wonderfully large bed snake before her. Even if she was as dry as a desert Mason would have no trouble sliding into her tight fuck hole. He was so slick he could have penetrated her asshole with ease.

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"I think it's about time you make a mess," Suggested the woman. "You are going to make a mess, inside of me." Again with the giddy giggle, like this was all fun and games to her, part of her free spirit and all. Kneeling above him she aimed the rather long dick.

Slowly she backed up, feeling his tip slide between her lips. Biting down on her lower lip, she teased the poor man by rubbing him against her pussy. "This disarray of spit and cum has made things quite slippery. I wonder," She said in her schoolgirl voice, "If I can slip this whole cock of yours in me in one go." She smiled, preparing herself for the heaven she had been waiting for since she had him cumming in her mouth in a booth. His tip was lined up perfectly. Despite being as easy as she is, her hole was as tight a prude's.

With just the tip he split her open, her screams of ecstasy confirming this. Still she didn't stop. More and more she slide him inside, her heat and skin engulfing him by the centimeter. "O-oh fucking hell. Oh my G-god. Fuck you're thick!" She exasperated. A smile came to Mason's face.

Sandra's had a face of complete utter amazement. It felt like he was balls deep the second he entered her body, yet to her own surprise she edged on. "You're pretty tight for a loose streetwalker." Mason said. He felt her tighten at the sound of his insult. "You sure are taking that dick like a true slut." Again she tightened around him, pleasing him even more. "Look at that, your pussy clenches at the sound of me insulting you." She groaned, only halfway in.

Her pussy was on fire, the nerves being touched in all the right ways. "I bet you love it when it hurts, let's you know your cunt isn't some beat up old jerk off rag." She moaned, her hand gripping his rod as tight as her pussy did. All she could do was moan at his remarks, and then later groan as he slides in deeper into hot sloppy pussy. She could feel the veins that pop up from his shaft, she was so tight around him she could feel the heartbeat on his cock.

It made her happy to know that his heart was racing. "Goddamn it baby, you're fucking ripping me in half." She managed between winces. For fun, Mason thrusted upwards, driving at least another inch into her. A scream erupted from her chest, from pleasure or pain, it was unknown. More than likely it was both. "You're loving my tight little cunt. Benefits of being a head whore, pussy stays tight." She revealed. Mason wondered how tight her asshole would be, wishing he could take her as he pleased right then and there.

Now he was biting his lower lip, pleasure slowly crawling down his embedded shaft. "I thought a call girl like yourself would be able to take me." Mason said, throwing his head back at the tightening around his cock. "It feels so good when you say things like that," She looked down to see his cock poking out of her tiny waist, and still there was around 4 inches left to go.

"Well today you're my whore, my pretty little harlot," He went on, she smiled, easing more into her. "Quit being a bitch and just sit on my dick already!" He commanded. Sandra's inner slut did the only thing she could do, listen.

At once she shoved her body, as hard as she could, against his hips. In one motion her destroyed pussy took Mason in in his entirety. He moaned out loud, feeling her wetness run down his cock, her convulsions running through the length of his engorged member. She screamed out, mostly from the pain of having a 10 inch cock shoved into her tight and tense pussy.

When the pain subsided and she began to gyrate her hips, she felt the pleasure of such a man be in her presence. Every square inch seemed amplified, an inch felt like three inches, her entire pussy was thriving with pleasure. G-spot be damned, feeling a cock that huge slide in and out of her was enough to bring her to a climax. She looked down, wondering if he was deep enough to be in her stomach. She saw the space below her tummy bulge outwards.

She loved seeing that, same as when she rubbed him through her neck. "I think this time I rather be fucked than suck." She said, trying to hide her true emotions and convey her schoolgirl character. Mason was out of it in the good feeling. It felt euphoric to him. The way she clenched against him, he had 10 inches of cock rubbing inside the wonderful feeling of a tight cunt. The simple fact that she took him in one slide turned him on. She would moan when his cock twitched in her, her body jerking upward from the sudden feeling.

It didn't take long for her to work up to a fast pace. Soon there was no pain at all, the split open sensation turned into a sense of sexual gratification. It was out of his control, his thrusts had a mind of their own. Somehow both of them wanted each other deeper. He could feel her lips and clit rub against his pelvis as she dropped down her body and shake her hips.

Yet it felt like he could go deeper, that 10 inches wasn't enough. Maybe it was the wait, it had made him hunger for it so bad, she felt the same, she had to wait for this too. Now the wait is over, and it's as great as the expected it to be.

She longed for him since she heard around the office that we was hung like a horse. That longing became a cardinal necessity when she pulled his cock out and saw that the rumors were true. She had to be patient, building her own suspense and desire. The longer she wait the better it would be, she believed. Yet as soon as the tip prodded inside her cum desperate pussy, she felt like she didn't have to wait, that it would be amazing regardless.

To Mason the hour and a half wait was well worth it. To make things better this would be the second time he's hard, making cumming a bit more difficult this time around. She was as tight as he had hoped. Hearing her say how much of a whore worried of how well she kept herself. She most definitely took care of herself. "Why couldn't we have done this in the restaurant?" She wondered, collapsing forward, propping herself up on his chest. Feeling now how marvelous she felt he too questioned why they did not spring into lust the moment they laid eyes on each other.

Even if it was for a single moment while someone called the cops on them, the heat and passion for one another would have been enough to bust inside of her. "oh, ohh, ohhh hell, I t-think i'm gonna make a big mess, s-ssoon." She whimpered. Mason couldn't wait to feel her cum all over his cock. He started thrusting as much as he was physically allowed, rushing to feel her explode on him.

Her pace quickened. "That's right, fuck yourself good on my cock." Mason said, his moans more in control than hers. "Is that what g-good tramps d-do?" She questioned.

Her head lifted from his chest, and were now nose to nose. The intensity between them could be felt a mile away. He kissed her before leaning into her ear. "The best sluts fuck themselves good on dicks like mine. Be the strumpet you are deep down." He whispered in an attempt to be dominate given his position. He had hoped that this would speed her along. It did. She started screaming, not caring for who might of heard outside those walls.

She could feel that rush again zooming through her body. She straightened her back, howling into the world, letting all that are around that she is cumming. Unlike before, when her pussy clenched it stayed that way, gripping him tightly. Mason looked down to see the surrounds of her cunt cling onto his shaft as she lifted herself up in the air. A surge of cum erupted between them, her pussy shooting jets of her liquid into Mason's waist.

She continued to fuck herself on her boy toy, slamming herself down on him, shoving his cock deep inside of her. The sheets were soaked by now, Sandra had collapsed on top of him, her hand rubbing her clit until the feeling of her unbelievable orgasm washed over her. Until then her lungs would scream for air, her body would jerk, her cunt would cling itself to him, all of which pleased him on some level.

He simply continued to thrust into her and enjoy the feeling of making her cum. It wasn't long before the feeling subsided. When it did she practically passed out on top of him. Her body was completely still except for her hips which moved only ever so slightly. The little that she did still felt great, the inner walls of her cunt sliding against his sensitive cock.

It was almost as spectacular as her sucking him to the point of being balls deep in her mouth. "Sandra?" He voiced his suspicion. She made a low moaning noise, indicating that she is indeed conscious. "I made another mess," She said sleepily. "Oh it was so much fun making that mess. Agreed?" Turning her head she came face to face with Mason, who gave the most approving smile of all time along with a nod.

Sandra tried lifting herself, feeling the wetness all over her stomach and chest. "How much did I cum?" She wondered, struggling to straighten her body upright. "Quite a lot. Seems reasonable coming from the most filthy fuck i've ever had. Figures you'd be a squirter." Another smile. In a matter of a few words, she went from sleepy to horny again. "Oh really? No other girl has been the dirty with you?" A shake of the head.

"How sad," The schoolgirl said. "I'm glad we changed that," Another look was had at her figure, noticing her glassy body. At once she started to touch herself, slowly moving her hips to please him. A supple amount of cum resided in her fingers as she rubbed her body down. "Tell me," She started before placing her wet fingers in her mouth, "Does my mess taste good?" A smile came to her, tasting herself on her fingers, enjoying the taste as much as the taste of his own cum, which she still wanted.

"So good." He admitted. Quickly she removed her finger from her mouth and placed them on his lips. Without thought he began to suck on them, not being wary of his spit, realizing that dirty just means better sex.

A giggle erupted from her chest, feeling the wet tongue ride up and down her slim fingers. As a schoolgirl would, she jumped up and down at the good feeling. With his cock still buried in her, Mason enjoyed her excitement. "You know we could make things more messier," He proposed, she suddenly intrigued, "I still have to make that mess inside of that pretty, heavenly cunt of yours." Like a christmas tree, her face lit up.

"Will it be a big mess? Please let it be a big mess." She begged playfully. "Well," he thought, realizing the position he's been put in. "I'll give you a big mess inside of you, if," He paused, letting her schoolgirl character time to bounce up and down in excitement. "If you free both my hands." A panic entered his mind, what if she decided to punish him for trying to weasel his way out? He wanted to stay in her, to fuck her senseless, but she could go on another tease tour and leave him needing a fix from her.

She too let the anticipation build. While putting on a thinking face, her hips moved back and forth, it was hard to concentrate but she loved feeling him move inside her that she couldn't stop. "Okay!" She said, quite happily. Mason was starting to like this schoolgirl persona. Maybe he could get her to wear the blindfold and be tied up. Leaning forward, she fumbled around with the simple knots she made to hold him.

Still her body rocked back and forth, moaning slightly under her breath. Mason was laying back, her tits dangling over his face. He did what anyone else would. He started sucking on them, adding to their pleasure. "I thought you wanted to be free, that's kind of distracting." She pointed out.

He didn't listen, he simply went on sucking her tits. It felt so good to run her nipple all around his mouth, feeling how hard they were. She freed his left hand and instantly it went to grab and squeeze her luscious tits. It felt incredible to finally be able to touch her and her ever soft skin.

Soon after his right hand. That one instantly went to cup her ass. Again the feeling of it was far greater than he expected. Both of his hands were full and he loved every second of so. She giggled at his lust for touching her. It made her feel good about herself, she felt wanted.

"So any chance I can get you to beg for the sticky mess?" Mason tried, still suckling on her tits. "I guess you earned it," He looked up from her chest to see her smiling down at him. She took his head in her hands and looked dead at him, "Please baby, please, make a mess in my pretty pink cunt. Explode inside me, paint my insides white, fill me with your cum and look at me while I finger myself and watch me suck on those fingers.

Please, I'm begging you, fill me up with more than just your cock. Give me your next big load." She begged, it helped her case doing it in her schoolgirl voice, it was impossible to say no, not that he wanted to to begin with. He just wanted to hear this woman who did what she wanted, to beg.

"I can see why you like this whole begging thing." Mason remarked. "You liked me begging?" She wondered, wanting reassurance that he's sure she doesn't need. "It's always fun to see a bad girl beg, especially," He stopped to kiss her lips, "When," he prodded her mouth with his tongue, "They are a big of a nympho slut like yourself." He said, feeling the tightness once more around his cock. She smiled at the strange compliment, feeling proud rather than shameful. Mason slid down the bed, propping his legs up, giving him more leverage than before.

"Now, I can really give it to you." He pointed out. Her sinister smile came back, full of libido. "Oh really?

Now you're gonna fuck me like the cheap piece of tail I am?" She slowly grinded against him, rubbing her tits and wetness across his chest. "You're damn right about that, time to make you mine." He said.

He kissed her deeply, his hands running down her back and onto her ass. Gripping her tightly, he started to slowly thrust in and out of her. It felt a certain great way when she fucked him.

But now that he's doing it, it's a different kind of amazing. He was in control now, he stops when he wants to, he decided how fast or slow. He decided to start slow to build up the moment. She didn't the build either.

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She could still feel all of him inside her and that was pleasing enough. Even with his best efforts he could only get half of his huge dick out of her. Ever since he first when in the tip of his dick has not been outside of her. He wanted her to feel every inch of him slide in and out of her, to feel that initial feeling again.

He tried to lift her up by her thighs, ben even then the tip stayed inside her, the place where it belongs according to her. "I can't even fully pull out." He mentioned. "I guess my tight pussy wants your cock just as much as my mouth does. I hope you don't mind me wanting you to be in me. Doesn't my pussy please you baby?" She started to grind her hips, having her pussy rub up against him in all ways possible. "It does more than just pleases me." He answered, making her smile before kissing him.

"It feels good going slow, but," She brought up. Mason slowed his tempo, focusing on her words more than the stunning feeling of have a cunt grip his cock like tape. "But?" He wondered. "But I want to feel you fuck me." She laid him down completely, hovering over him, putting his hands firmly on her ass, which she smiled about. "Now, completely ruin my cheap cunt." She whispered, not in her schoolgirl voice, but instead one that truly understands and pines for lust.

Behind his kisses he smiled. After a little prepping and getting comfortable he was now ready to attempt to fulfill his maiden's request. The first shove into her should have done most of the. It honestly felt like he was splitting her open, that he was parting her body in two parts. Mason always loved the first thrust. It was always unique in the way that they only feel that sensation once every time someone has sex.

It's the most anticipated, in most cases. In some cases you get a filthy cum whore and anticipates him emptying his load multiple times.

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To start it off he went at a slightly faster tempo than before. He wanted to control himself so he doesn't cum too quickly. Her twat made that a hard reality with how tight it is. Not to mention that his hands were placed on her absolute stunning ass.

Her skin was so smooth, he just wanted to rub his face against it, occasionally give her a quick lick against her hole to keep things exciting. Thinking about her ass wasn't helping him.

He was soft with his thrusts, with all the cum and spit everything glided with ease, his foreskin rubbed against her walls so easily. She could feel him intensely and with more pleasure due to the lack of friction. She clung to him, feeling her tits bounce up and down his torso. It made her feel a tingle in her cunt knowing they are wet from his mouth.

She wished for him to be able to do everything at once. She craved his cock in her, but also in her mouth, and she wanted to feel his tongue against her clit and even her asshole.

It was an overall desire for him, bringing forth pleasure in many forms. Mason started to thrust faster, her moans becoming louder. With his hands wrapped firmly around her ass, he lifted her up while sliding out of her, and the moment he would thrust in he would slam her down on his hard rod.

She was taken back the first time he did it. "Oooh, woah, w-what was that? I feel like a rocket was shoved in me." She moaned, her head buried into his shoulder. Mason smiled, "No rocket.

Just me." He answered, quite smugly about it. "K-keep doing it. F-feels great. So much of y-you is in me. I can't believe it." She gasped between hastily breaths.


After that his actions became rougher. He slammed her down harder, sending a shock into her pussy along with his dick. He rubbed against her in all the right ways, her shouting yes confirmed this. Every once in awhile he would smack her ass, making her yelp. "Y-yes, spank me. I deserve it. M-make it hurt." She begged, forgetting who was suppose to be the dominating role here.

Mason didn't care. He did what felt good and what he was asked of. He loved smacking her ass, feeling it jiggle in his palm. He kept spanking her, her moans growing with every hit. Both her ass cheeks were red, stinging with a throbbing pain, she loved it. "P-punish my dirty whore a-ass." She said between yelps. Harder he brought his hand down. Her voiced actually screamed out "ow" but she never asked him to stop. How far can she handle this? He thought. He quit wondering, becoming focused on pounding her pussy and slapping her lovely ass.

He didn't even realize how things became suddenly fast. Suddenly, he was slamming into her, driving his cock to find a deeper feeling of her cunt. His hand came down on her with almost every thrust. The mixture of both of them was starting to make Sandra feel good in all the right places. She loved being treated roughly, she loved it when her ass was literally dominated.

As soon as Mason's godly cock entered her constricting cunt she had become a toy for him. She bowed down to the massive rod that was now stomach deep in her. The desire for him was too strong for her to fight. "M-make me your bitch babe. Hurt me!" She demanded.

After smacking her ass as hard as he could he decided to do something different. His penis was so long that she practically rode him on his stomach. This left him to have a lot of leverage and space to man handle her ass.

She wanted to be owned, that meant that her ass is his. He ran his hand down between her spread cheeks. Without warning he slipped on of his wet fingers into her asshole. There was no warning, no way to tell what he was going to do. Immediately she let out a loud moan. With her not saying stop, Mason stuck his finger deeper into her ass. She looked at him in a non playful way, letting him know how much she craves him.

He continued to finger her ass without slowing the tempo of his massive cock being shoved inside her with every thrust. Sandra was in a state of bliss. She's never had anyone in her asshole but herself.

Still his fingers seemed much thicker and longer when inside of her. It filled her with such love and lust. The feeling of his finger rubbing against his cock while inside her sent her into a wild mind set. 'Another finger, stick three in me. God this feels so good.' She thought to herself. With a tight grip, she held his head in her hands, keeping him still while she kisses him as deep as she could. Her lips and tongue wanted to show him how much she lusted after him.

It was so much for her that she started to move along with his movements, enhancing the feeling of his giant cock tearing into her. They thrusted so hard their hips became sore. Surprisingly Mason had not cummed yet. He wanted to fill her cunt up, to flood it wall to wall with his essence. But he knew that the bigger the load is the more satisfied she is, so he didn't try to end anything early, especially not when he realized she loved his finger in her ass.

The bed they laid on grew tired and beaten, the force of their lust was nearly sending the bolts flying. With their new found vigor, his dick brought back the feeling of ripping her apart.

Maybe his finger in her ass made her clench for the whole time. She felt so tight, even tighter than when he first entered her pretty pink cunt.

It had gotten to the point where it was hard to thrust in or out of her, she gripped him too tightly to let him slide either way. Still she moved her hips aggressively against his, feeling the walls of her pussy drag against his foreskin, the friction between them sent shivers into both of them. It felt even greater when he decided to stick another finger in her ass. This time it was harder, his finger wasn't so wet, leaving him with nearly forcefully shoving his finger into her, which she wouldn't have minded.

But she offered to help. "Give me your hand," She demanded. A deep moan came forth from her as he slid his finger out of her ass. She grabbed his hand and started to lick his fingers. She especially enjoyed the one that had been in her. Just like with his dick, she sucked him with such passion for the action, she swirled her tongue around the finger, licking it up and down the length of it. Before he could return to claiming her ass his, she grabbed hand and put three of his fingers in her mouth.

Enjoying the newfound taste that came from her ass, she did her best to slobber up his fingers. By the time she was done with them it had looked like when she fucked her throat with his cock. A massive sting of spit connected her lips to his fingers. She giggled that giggle over her moans, trying to look innocent and not like a horny floozy who's savoring every bit of her partner's member. "Dirty is better, and I-I love the taste of my a-ass. So dirty. Now stick them in m-me." She demanded breathlessly.

He didn't have to be told twice. Just like before he slid in his middle finger effortlessly, she smiled through a moan as she felt him enter her again. Anticipation was high for her, wanting to feel all three of his fingers in her. Next was his index. This time around was much easier.

She knew how to lube things up, how to make a mess of things. This time she let out a small yelp, feeling her virgin asshole stretch. Feeling how tight she got with every finger that went in her, Mason almost didn't wait to shove the next finger up her perfect ass. His ring finger had trouble going in, she was already so tight and her hole wasn't giving any leeway.

She grabbed his attention, trying her best to maintain contact while bouncing on a cock that is suddenly to big for her tiny pussy, when their eyes met she simply said "Force it in me." The fixation on her ass was becoming something that both of them wanted to explore.

WIthout being subtle, Mason shoved the third finger into her ass. It felt good to be able to rub her from the inside. When her ass stretched to accommodate the third finger, Sandra screamed in a thriving pleasure.

It was so new and taboo and best of all dirty. Already she wanted to grab his hand and suck on each finger for hours until the taste of her has disappeared. Instead she just reared her ass back, making his fingers go deeper into her ass. The intensity of her moans were building, the same with Mason. His body could barely contain himself. He was three fingers deep in such a beautiful ass of a beautiful girl and because of those fingers, the pussy he has been constricting his dick which happened to be 10 inches deep in her.

It was a wonder that he hasn't painted her white yet. But it was coming. Sandra started to feel her third orgasm near. Her nails dug into his shoulders, her moans became high pitch squeals. "Gonna cum!" She shouted, before screaming into the air with delirium. Like before her body became like a hose, spouting juices that covered both of their torsos. It was a torrent of ecstatic euphoria for her.

She held him tighter, their bodies against one another. She held him there, repeating phrases that expressed just how intoxicating he makes her feel. "My tits a-are soaked. Why don't y-you suck t-them clean b-baby?" She requested through the aftershocks of exaltation. Mason was trying so hard to keep it under controlled.

He didn't want any of it to end. Sucking the cum off of her tits pushed him over the edge. With her nipple still in his mouth he shouted his warning. Before he knew it his body became tense, every nerve on edge. His balls tightened. She slammed down on his cock as fast as she could, locking him inside of her as deep as he could be.

"I can feel you tensing up inside me. Give me your cum, fill me up now." At that moment Mason felt his entire body spasm in intensity with every shot of cum that spewed from his cockhead. This wasn't as long as it was before, but it still felt like it lasted for quite awhile, longer than the usual.

"Mmmmm yesss!" Sandra shouted as she felt the flood of hot cum inside of her cunt. It filled the narrow spaces between the enclosing walls of her twat and his still hard penis. It filled her up a plenty. After the fourth rope of cum it started to leak out of her used up cunt. Slowly, she lifted herself from him body. She moaned loudly as the cum started to drip down her vagina. Once she was off his cock she quickly mounted her mouth onto the tip of his dick.

Like before she squeezed him as she jerked him upwards. There was one last blob of cum which she hungrily swallowed. After ingesting the delicious cum of his she began deep throating the entire length his member. Since he just blew his wad his penis became overly sensitive to any kind of physical touch. Her warm tongue and wet mouth was driving him up a wall, it became so intense when she took him balls deep and started to rub the back of her tongue against the underside of his head that he pulled her off by her hair.

She looked at him, not mad at his actions, but slightly more attracted to him. "I think I'd like it if you pulled me closer to your cock by my hair. I love a good hair pulling," She said with a serious tone, trying to be subtle about what she wants from him now. "Sorry, it's just it started to feel too good for me. I couldn't take it." She climbed up towards his face. "No don't be sorry baby. I liked it. It's like your dick is now forbidden fruit and fuck do I wanna sin," It sounded like a joke but she was very much serious about this.

"You tasted so good right now. With our cum mixed together, and have it be on your cock, it was beyond satisfying to taste," She admitted, looking awfully lustful for a woman who just finished cumming. "Quick, give me your fingers, I just remembered where they've been," She giggled, reaching out for his hand.

"Now isn't this dirty?" She asked with her schoolgirl voice. Slowly she stuck his middle finger into her mouth. While sucking on it hard she moaned, savoring every bit of taste it had. It wasn't long before the second finger went into her mouth, then the third. Before he knew it, she was trying to deepthroat all three of his fingers.

"You're very dirty." He answered her. "Wait, I have an idea," She announced. WIth the same hand she guided him down to her throbbing pussy. Quickly she manipulated his fingers to enter her freshly fucked cunt. He felt their cum coating his fingers, the warmness and thickness of his while hers was more lighter and more wet.

She left him in there, using his hand to bring her pleasure. After she was satisfied, she returned his fingers back into her mouth. "Is it dirty that I love this? Our cum, my ass, all on these three fingers. Am I supposed to feel shame for wanting to taste our sex on your fingers. I'm sucking these harder than I did to your cock. That's how much I love the taste." She admitted.

There was no part of Mason that didn't want her at that moment. The way she carries herself, the way she turns it into a sexy fantasy playing out before him, it all made him want her more and more. "I like it when you're down my throat." She continued. "You feel so good when you're in me. Is it wrong that I loved it when you shoved your fingers in my tight little virgin ass?" So coy, so deceiving with her virginal tone.

Mason had nothing to say. If he hadn't stayed hard after cumming her would most definitely be hard now. "It hurt, but it felt so good. I felt so kinky feeling you in both my holes. I think my ass feels kind of sore," She positioned herself on all fours in front of him. When she turned around behind her she had this pouty face on, acting all pure and virtuous.

"Kiss it to make it feel better? Please?" Her ass alone was undeniable. Paired with her verbal ways and it's only a matter of time before his lips make contact with her sore ass. He leaned forward, his out stretched neck was barely enough for his lips to reach her fingered asshole. He could smell the mix of sex coming from her twat.

He planted a kiss on her poor ass and before he could move her hands held him in place while she backed her ass onto his face. There was no protest. Immediately his tongue went to work on her virgin hole.

The soothingness of his talented tongue made the throbbing pain go away. When he stuck his tongue inside of her she felt pure pleasure, no pain anywhere. His saliva spread to all over her ass. She constantly shook it with his face tongue deep in her. He could hardly control where his wet tongue went. His hands gripped her thighs, bringing her closer to his eager mouth. He realized that he too loved the taste of her unspoiled ass. This was the freshest, newest thing she could offer and he wanted it.

"Take off the ties on my legs," He muffled from between her cheeks. "Oooooh, so demanding, so strong," She went on, undoing the ties that restricted his legs. Once free he acted, springing into action. She was still on all fours when he positioned himself to a kneel behind her.

He grabbed a fist full of her hair and forced her towards him. Her body was now upright, leaning against his chest.

"Oh no, stop it hurts," She joked, laughing as she said it. "Please baby make it hurt more. Really yank me." She asked of him. His grip became tighter, and he lifted her up to his face by her hair.

She winced behind her smile, she was having all the fun being tossed around. "What are you gonna do big boy? Just toss me around like some doll?" She tested him, giving up her position of power and wondered if he would take it. Mason smiled, knowing that he could have whatever he wanted. A laugh came from Sandra, realizing that it's his ballgame now. She could not wait to be his dirty, pretty fuck hole.

"You gonna use me? Gonna fuck my pussy again, make it feel like it's tearing me in two with that never-letting-up dick of yours?" She tapped his shaft, letting them both know that it's still as hard as it was 10 minutes ago.

"Gonna fuck my mouth? Gonna be rough and slap me with your third leg, make me worship it? I can do that. Oh Mason, I love your cock, it's what I live for, I get up in the morning to serve it's every need.

I go to sleep dreaming of how tomorrow will be a new day to please you," She joked, laughing while still hanging in his grip. "Come on just tell me what you're gonna do to me. Is it gonna hurt? Will it be fun for both of us or just you? Actually scratch that, there isn't anything I haven't said no to yet.

In case you were wondering, I hardly say no," She winked at him, enjoying herself with her jokes and happy manner.

He let go of her hair. She fell with a pout, "I was hoping for more." She said. "hang your head off the bed." He demanded plainly. "Oooooh, hopefully this means what I'm hoping for." With a slick smile she got into position, her head upside down and off the edge of the waist high bed frame.

He could feel her excitement as she made herself comfortable. "You really enjoy sex don't you?" He questioned as he moved himself off the bed. "I sure do. What's not to love about it. It feels good, it's sexy, dirty, adventurous, revealing, passionate." She listed off. "Passionate?" Mason repeated. "Yup. Passion. Like my passion for sucking cock. I love it. I want it. Some days I just plainly need it. Are you gonna give me what I need?" Another wink came from her.

Her mouth was already partly open, waiting for her mouth to be ravishingly used. "Go ahead. Satisfy us. Use me like the whore I am. Try your hardest to choke me." With her eyes closed and her mouth open, Mason angled his cock for her mouth. He started with the tip, taking it slow to enjoy all that he could. She sucked it happily, moaning while her tongue swirls over the tip relentlessly. He was still slightly overly sensitive to touch. But he stayed with it, fighting the overwhelming pleasure that was coursing through his veins.

He could feel her intensity, the way she sucked with pride. She truly loved the feeling of his hard cock in her mouth. A bit more was slid into her mouth. The feeling of her tongue around the shaft sent him chills, his nerves on fire with every flick of her tongue. She handled him with ease, deep down she wanted him to throat her already, but it was his rules now and she would have to wait.

Mason edged deeper into her mouth, he could feel the back of her throat, the space in her mouth getting tighter as more of his hard meat filled her up. Her moans became deeper, coming from the depths of her stomach.

The thought to use her hands came to mind. Slim fingers ran around his balls, lightly touching them, exciting them. One of her hands gripped him at the base of his dick, softly stroking him, jerking him into her mouth. He slid in deeper, about halfway now. On his shaft and tip he could feel her breath, shuddering at the feel of the warm wind pass by him. Still with no trouble at all she continued to suck him, engulfing his rod with her tongue in any and every way she could.

Mason threw his head back, his soft moans filling the air around him. The slow softness of her method made him feel so at peace. The pleasure was soothing rather than exhilarating, though that feeling would come soon. Deep his cock slid into her throat, clogging most of her airway. She still didn't complain or fuss, to her it was all about pleasing the wonderful dick, embracing it into her body and allowing it to enter the depths of her throat.

The curve into the neck is what she loved the most, the way it contorts to flow into her mouth. He was now about ¾ of the way into her mouth. She left the tip of his member be pleased by the tightness of her throat, her tongue worked at whatever it could.

She can still taste the mixture of their cum, the salt and bitterness. Tasting it again made her wish that he would blow a load into her mouth right now. Despite how sexy it is for him to cum straight into her stomach she wanted it in her mouth. If he did cum in her mouth she would swirl it around, spit it out all over her chin and lick it up. Whatever she didn't lick she would clean with her fingers which she would then proceed to suck clean.

That is what she wanted, but now instead of demanding it she would have to hope that he would be thoughtful enough to blow his load into her mouth, not having his whole cock shoved down her throat, not that she wouldn't mind. A small tickle came from her neck, causing her to cough. The vibrations added to the experience of having him penis be slowly throated by a very talented cockwhore.

Something in him made him enjoy her every cough, enjoying the fact that he decides how easy it will be for her to breathe. Right now he hoped that she would have trouble. He wanted to see tears form in her eyes, to see spit shoot from her mouth as she chokes on him and having it trickle down her face.

He wanted to see how red she can get, and ever so slowly slid out of her mouth, prolonging the moment to the last possible second. He had to hear her choke now. He quickly thrusted into her mouth, his balls hanging in front of her admiring eyes. The bulge in her neck was clearly visible. He placed his hand on her neck, feeling the pressure from his hand on his cock inside of her.

Pressing down, he moved his hand up and down. Though the feeling was slight he marveled in the pleasure, knowing that it must of been hard if not impossible to breathe.

So far she hasn't struggled, she hasn't flailed about desperate for air. His grip became tighter around her throat. Maybe he needed that extra effort to get the choking sounds he desired. He started to slowly fuck her mouth, moving his hips back and forth into and out of her mouth. Still nothing. He dragged his cock out, watching the glistening spit shine in the light.

He let his penis fall, rubbing against her face. She took it a step further. Her hands clutched him and slowly rubbed his shaft around her face. She wasn't exactly covered in spit, but it was a start. Her makeup was still ruined and it helped give that "used whore" vibe. She opened her running eyes, their green optics locking together. Those soft velvet lips capable of sending the deepest of shivers into his spine formed a smile, a sort of cocky one.

Mason could still see her smile even as he sank his engorged cock into her mouth. He never noticed how enticing her smile could be, he certainly never thought to imagine it while he occupied her mouth, but it was quite the sight. Once inside as far as he could, she sealed her lips around the shaft and began sucking.

She would move her tongue in the back of her throat, which would grind against the sensitive part of the tip's underhead where the skin comes together. Teasing that spot filled her with such happiness, it also allowed her to feel more of him while in her mouth.

His thick penis filled much of her mouth, by default her tongue was always pressed against him. Still no choking sounds. Her messed up makeup face looked smug, like she knew he couldn't get what he wanted from her. He glided out of her, she groaned as it slipped out of her mouth.

Mason leaned slightly forward, having his balls hang over her mouth. She didn't need any direction. Automatically her mouth sucked one of them in, softly running her tongue against the flimsy skin. Proving her worth, she sucked both of his balls into her mouth, the feat had surprised him, that is until he felt how good it was to have both of his balls be licked inside of her warm mouth.

After feeling the extent of her talent, he backed away, dragging the wet skin across her face, making her moan and the degradation. Mason aimed his cock for her mouth, this time he wouldn't go slow. He rammed inside of her, his tip crashing into the back of her throat.

She made a choking sound as her mouth was suddenly full. Quickly he pulled back out, a strand of saliva hanging from his penis. He wiped it off on her smiling face, she practically begged him to do that. He lined himself up again, once more ramming into her throat, she choked again, followed by a hurtful little groan. When he pulled out he still left the tip in her mouth, he hastily picked up the pace, first he simply throated her, but now knowing that speed is the trick her began fucking her face.

Everytime he crashed against the back of her mouth she would gag on him. Her mouth was always open for him, leaving her spit to seep out or get dragged out by his slick cock. Before he knew it the pace in which he fucked her throat was near brutal. It was fast and meticulous and completely selfish on his part, not worrying about how she felt at all.

He treated her mouth like a simple hole to fuck, she loved every second of it. Between the thrusts where he would come out fully, she would smile and ask for more. "More cock more cock more cock," She giggled as she chanted. "You like it when I treat your mouth like your pussy?" He asked her, leaving the tip to rest on her lips.

She gave a quick kiss to his dick, letting it fall back onto her face. "I love it, you should feel how wet I am." She informed. He entered her mouth again, resuming the brutal act of degrading her mouth and throat. Once she even tried to speak while he was balls deep in her.

"I love your dick in me." She garbled as he massaged his dick through her neck. She never ceased to amaze him with her talents. Her eyes screamed this innocent look to her, like this was nothing out of the ordinary. It thrilled him to see how abusing her mouth to his will was something she wanted, and how it didn't affect her in the least. She didn't look like she was having her throat fucked raw by a dick longer than her arm, she instead looked like she was having a blast, always smiling when he exited her mouth.

He decided he was done with her mouth, he wanted to test her limits with this next task. Grabbing her by her hair, he hoisted her up to face level.

Her face glowed with drool, a mess was her face and hair. Wincing and smiling at the same time she awaited what was next for her.

"Are you going to fuck me now? I think I still have some of your cum in my pussy. Are you going to add more to it?" Mason said nothing, he simply spun her around and bent her over the bed. Her bare ass grinded against his penis, exciting her by the mere touch.

"I left it really wet and messy haven't I?" She went on in her ways. "You're going to be thankful you left it so wet." Mason told her. Instantly she knew what she was in for. She squealed, backing her ass up against him, more than ready to attempt to take him. "You better do what I think you're going to do." Turning her head she looked at him once more, like the whole time she had a smile on her face. Her eyes were no longer that innocently playful like they were before, now Mason could see the true desire of her lust.

"Don't forget to make it hurt." She reminded, wanting to feel everything she could, including pain. Mason gripped his hefty dick, the height was perfect. Her virgin asshole was in the perfect spot. He rubbed the tip against her hole, she had left the tip incredibly wet, kissing it sloppy kisses and relentlessly spitting on it and herself.

There was enough to coat her asshole and still leave some on his dick. Slowly he thrusted forward. No avail. He continued to try, but his cockhead was to large to even open up her hole, he simply pushed the area of skin in. "It'll fit if you make it." She mentioned. Mason was still in shock about how much she was into this.

WIthout wary he thrusted harder against her. The screams that broke out from her chest informed that he was making progress. Not even half of the tip was in yet she was screaming her head off. God knows why. It was a slow process, filled with shouts and words of encouragement. "Fuck my ass, own it, tear it up. Make it hurt, don't hold back." She would say, always without breath.

She would yell out ow countless times but she never wanted to stop. At some point, when he had at least half of the tip in her ass, she shoved her body backwards, forcing a good inch into her virgin ass.

"It's all yours baby. Take it. Be the first and most memorable. I want all of you, please." His rod twitched at her sultry requests. She obviously felt that twitch, she screamed out in pain. "Oh God I felt that. It was so vivid, it felt so good. Give me more." Her hands balled in the sheets, her lower lip bruised from her biting it to keep her from screaming.

The tip was in now and some of the foreskin. You could tell at how tight she was by seeing the skin hug his cock. "Uhhhh, this feels so much more intense than when you fucked me.

You feel so much bigger." She said, thrashing in what she calls pleasure. Mason became more aggressive, wanting to see himself disappear into her. He wanted to feel her squeeze against him as he thrusted back and forth. More and more was pushed inside of her. Part of her burned, part of her was being touched in places she never knew felt so good. "It hurts really bad. Don't stop. It feels so good too. Uhhh, uh fuck. It hurts." She winced. Gripping her by her hips, he slowly pressed against her as he moved her back.

More of his wet shaft entered her ass. It felt like his dick was being choked, it felt even tighter than her pussy, it felt crushing in the best of ways. "Fuck I'm such a slut. Here I am wanting to get impaled by that gorgeous cock of yours. Who else would want an entire dick shoved up her virgin ass? Who else would want to suck that same dick clean after it's torn my ass apart and filled me with its seed." His fingers dug into her ass, his member twitching inside of her with every word she says.

Every movement of him sends a wave of intense pain and ecstasy to her. Without thought, he smacked her ass. It felt good to smack her again. The shockwave that jiggled her ass also sent a good feeling to his half buried dick.

She screamed out, in pain this time clearly. "Why did you smack my ass?" She questioned. "Because you can't take my cock like a decent piece of tail would." He said, portraying anger quite well.

She winced again, "Hit me again. Teach me a lesson. Make me a decent two bit whore." She requested. Again his hand struck down on her skin. hard enough to leave an imprint. She yelped, holding back the tears that are starting to form in the corner of her eyes. With spanking as a distraction he managed to stick ¾ of his entire cock into her tight puckered hole.

This was all him. She has gotten fucked every which way a whore would. Yet her ass remains as his. He felt special about being the one who helped her see this new side to sex. He could be as rough as he wanted to be as well. He didn't want to push for the final inches yet. Instead he started to slide out of her. It stirred him up to see the way her asshole was being pulled along with his shaft, showing just how tight she was.

"Oh yessss yesss. I can feel you slide out. I can feel you so much. It feels so good." As she was bent over in front of him, Mason grabbed her hair. Pulling her back made her clench her muscles below her waist. Enticing him even further.

Her asscheeks that were spread open just for him came back together to bury his dick between the softness of her skin. While one hand held her by the hair his other slithered down her body and between her legs. Off to the side she caught a glimpse of herself in a mirror. She saw how much control he had over her. She saw what a mess she was, naked with smeared makeup, a face covered in tears and her own slobber and her hair which was wrapped around a man's hand. She called herself trash but now she looked the part too, Every bit of her body tingled at the sight of herself.

She had looked the like essence of what it's like to be the ultimate whore. A feeling of satisfaction and completeness washed over her, easing away the pain of the cock that was still 6 inches deep into a hole she has hardly stretched out.

"Hey, remember when I was in charge and in control?" Her eyes stayed glued to the mirror, thinking back about to when she pretended to be someone else, someone dominate. "That was before we realized you're better off on your knees, not in charge." He said between the kisses he gave her on the neck. His words were harsh the way he kissed her, elegantly planting his soft lips against her pale skin, it was with such care. Still, no matter how he felt about her, she would submit to his wishes.

He was right. She enjoyed the few moments of having her skull be fucked by a 10 inch cock more than the whole time she was being dominating. Sure the power felt good for a moment, but in that whole time she could have been getting completely wrecked by his remarkable horse-like cock. She smiled as she returned to reality, loving the image she saw in the mirror.

Her hands gripped his between her legs, clutching to what has brought her joy in the bed. "You should go about fucking my tight little ass. The quicker you dump your load in me the quicker I can get into cleaning every inch of that dick of yours. And isn't that what you want? To cum inside my virgin ass, feel my body constrict around your big meaty cock, and have me softly run my tongue against your skin, licking you clean and being the dirty girl we both know and desire?" She questioned.

"Of course. I almost cummed just hearing that." He indulged. She chuckled under her breath. "I know, I can feel your cock twitch inside of me." "I just thought I'd do this for you first." He admitted, slightly turning red at his small act of chivalry. "Awwww," Sandra went, jovially. "Wanna do something for me baby?" The free hand of hers reached behind her, holding his head close to her back. "What is it?" He wandered, lost in the smell of her.

She felt a lewd smile creep on her face. "Get back to splitting my ass in two with that hardcore cock of yours." She said, using whatever remaining dominance she had. "As you wish." He prompted. He was about to bend her over again when she stopped him.

"Wait!" She shouted. Carefully she leaned away from him. Her ass slowly letting him go bit by bit. Mason couldn't help but moan as the constricted foreskin rubbing against her entire asshole. Finally he plopped out of her, leaving a stinging soreness behind. Like lightning she dipped her head down, engulfing him with her mouth. Sucking tightly against him, she raised her head back to his head, her mouth making a loud slurp sound.

She went back to face him eye to eye, licking her lips as she did. "I had to taste," She smiled at him, comfortable with what she craves. "It was better than I thought," She said, bending over in front of him. Down on all fours she glanced back to him, "Your 10 inches, my ass.

I want all of it. More for me to suck afterwards." Already he was lining the tip up with her asshole. She didn't care for the throbbing, stinging sensation she felt. Apart of her felt like if he could just fuck her hard enough there wouldn't be any pain, but a numbing pleasure. She wanted her legs to buckle, her body to be used up and sore, and most important another load of his hot sticky cum somewhere in or on her body. Her mouth was itching to suck on him again.

The sample taste she got from her quick suck wasn't enough for her. She wanted to be dirty again, to feel her mind be consumed by the filthy things she often ached for, and finally she had met someone who is turned on by her kinky desires. She smiled to herself, feeling his broad hand on her ass, wondering if he's going to give a good luck slap, maybe he'll give her a swift lick on her ass before indulging in his sexual inclination, So far she only felt one hand on her.

It was his right and he often squeezed her, gripping her almost. She felt the tip against her opening. Relief was spread among her body as she felt the wetness that surrounded the tip.

It coated her easily, allowing him to enter her with more comfort than before. Still she winced half heartedly, feeling her skin stretch to accommodate his immense girth.

"It feels better this time, deeper." She requested. Mason thrusted faster, feeling the tight flesh open up for all that he is. It felt the same for him, an entrapping tightness that seemed to swallow and grip his rod like a vice. HIs hands were on her hips now, slowly easing her back against his efforts to penetrate further. Sandra moaned, feeling him prod deeper into her, not knowing what to expect to feel at all from this experience.

It was often said that it'll be easier if the person just relaxes. This was far from her mind. Her body was excited, wanting to proded deeper, as deep as his 10 inches can go. What if she just shoved herself like she did when she rode him? No, he didn't want to take that away from him.

This was a part of her that she wanted to give fully to him. Even if he did move slowly about it. Mason was still keeping it steady, being cautious with her stretching skin, trying not to damage it permanently. HIs body was gung ho on pounding her to the ground, but he knew better. Slow at first, then pick up the speed.

Much like how this day started. He had reached the depth of where he was last time. With care he plunged himself deeper, closing the gap between his waist and her spread, captivating cheeks. "Ohhhhh fuck me, oh god. Keep going. It feels amazing. Ohhhh." She moaned loudly. This time around her body relished in the gratification of his never ending cock. Every subtle movement feels like he jammed himself into her. Though pain was present, what she felt most was the joy of being gently penetrated.

She didn't need to look at her asshole to know how tight her skin gripped to him. She could feel him even more clearly than when we was deep into her pretty tight pussy. The friction burned when he moved to fast, yet she could feel his dick move inside of her, deriving the pleasure from that feeling.

The fact he was in her so deeply was enough to set her on her way to climax. More and more as her body gets accustomed to act of anal sex her nerves in her would soon light up with glee, instead of pain. "I thought being nut deep into your pussy was good, but this tightness is just mindblowing." Mason whimpered breathlessly. Less than an inch away from being completely inside of her. With the same amount of caution he pushed just a little bit hard.

Sandra had been thrashing about less this time around. Her moans were most likely from pleasure, basking in the throes of first time anal sex. This was nothing like using a dildo on herself, those little things were peewee sized. Nothing has ever felt so deeper inside of her.

"Damn how much more of you is left?" She questioned, softly rubbing her hand against her clit to help with the pain. "That's all of me baby. How do you feel knowing that all of me is stuffed into your lovely tight ass?" He moaned, running his hands down her back and over her rear.

"I can feel you in my stomach. It feels so good now that the hard part is over. God it turns me on knowing I took all of you. You're not lying are you?" She questioned, her head spinning to see his face.

"No, trust me, I'm all there." He said, smugly. "Is it normal to feel like my insides got torn apart and the pleased by it?" The thought she had on her mind.

"Sounds like the kinky way to enjoy it." He remarked. She witnessed the smile come across his face. Wiggling her shapely ass towards him, she looked at him, a smile across her face too. "We like kinky don't we?" She brought up in her sultry voice. Harder she wiggled her ass, feeling his cock move within her. It stung at first but then when the pain went away she was brought pleasure by the nerves that rubbing against Mason's fairly large dick. "This is starting to feel better," She stated.

"Am I ready for a swift pounding yet?" She arched her back, hoping to spark a fire in his loins. "Patience." He answered. "Fuck patience." She whispered, yet loud enough for Mason to hear. HIs hand quickly smacked her ass cheek, surprising her and arousing her. She gasped at him, her mouth open yet smiley. "What was that for big boy?" She wondered.

"That little remark you whispered under your breath." He clarified. "Oh, you mean me saying 'Fuck patience?' That remark?" Again he slapped her hard, never breaking eye contact with her. He saw the surge of tingling nerves make their way to her face, which smiled at the physical contact. Trying not to moan, and failing at doing so, she kept her stare up.

"We should fuck patience more often if you're gonna be like that." She was getting excited knowing what's coming next, she bit her lip, waiting for the stinging of her well earned spanking. Mason wasn't one to disappoint, his hand flew through the air once more, leaving nearly all of one cheek completely red.

"Mmmmmh," She moaned loudly into the air. She turned her head back and tried her best to completely arch her back. Her ass was high in the air, wiggling slowly back and forth. "Come on, you know you want to fuck this ass. Pound it, break it." She practically squealed at him to do what she asked. With his hands returned to her hip, he started to pull away from her. "Oh my Goooooodddddd. That feels beyond amazing.

Slow down just slow down a bit." She begged. "What happened to a swift and fast pounding?" He questioned her. "This feels too good to rush, and there's so much of you to pull out too, God yessss," She whimpered. Slower than before, he continued to remove himself from the grip of her not so virgin ass.

The best part was watching her ass stick to his shaft, the way the skin pulled against his retreat. "It's like the pleasure just builds on itself, getting better and better with every centimeter that slides out." She moaned into the sheets, eyes rolling to the back of her head.

"Good news is, I'm not even half way out." Mason revealed. "Oh fuck me yessss. This is going to feel so damn good." She screamed ecstatically. The pain was now only around the hole itself. Mason wondered if it would take long for her body to be ready.

Does this thing take days to prepare for? A few hours? a few minutes. Best case scenario is there is pain but she likes it anyways. Her moans grew in volume the more he removed himself from her.

He was about at the start of the shaft when her sounds of simple joys turned into screams of ecstasy. It seemed as if she was nearing her climax when there wasn't anymore of Mason to slide out. She turned to him, almost with disappointment on her face. "That's it?" She questioned "Well, yeah." He said, with not much he could really say.

"Well get back in me. Again, all the way just like now." She demanded. He found this amusing, seeing her so desperate again. "It almost sounds like you're begging," He pointed out. "So that's the game you wanna play huh? Ok," She did the same routine of sticking her round ass in the air, she rubbed it against his protruding cock.

"Please stick that monumentally sized dick you have in me. Do it again please. I crave you deep inside me, poking your way into my stomach. Come feel my tightness again, My ass is all yours baby." She cooed. Satisfied with her pleading voice, he lined up his swollen tip with her freshly fucked ass.

Everything felt so raw for them, so pure. It was new and that's part of the reason why both of them feel exhilarated to even think of it. The tight elation returned to send spasms down the length of his penis and into his spine.

Her hole had become more flexible, requiring less of a thrust to penetrate her. "It's feeling better now, there's hardly any pain," She exclaimed. Testing her theory, Mason quickened his pace, inserting his cock at practically a normal thrusting speed.

Before both of them realized their hips had bumped into each other, seeing that he had fully penetrated her. He relaxed and reveled at the feeling of having his entire member be enveloped in such a tightness. It wasn't as wet as her vagina but there's no beating the level of compression that he felt.

Plus the sight of seeing her bent over, back arched, asshole refusing to part with his dick? This was the highlight of the day. "That felt euphoric, I felt all of you just flowing through my body and into the pit of my stomach.

How is it that you could be nearly a foot in me and I can still want more of you in me? Don't pull all the way out, leave in the tip in. This time, trying ramming me. Please, ram yourself into my astonishing ass." She begged, she said herself that there was hardly any pain now.

Leisurely, he slid his cock out of her, feeling the waves of glee hit her with the building pleasure of hers. "That is so much better than I imagined it would be.

You should have bent me over the second you saw me. Goddamn it did I want you in me that day. The second I saw your dick I knew it had to be in me. No one has ever gotten all of my holes before. It's sexy having you be the one to be able to pick whichever hole you want.

They're all yours. Anything to feel you so deep inside me." She explained through the pitched moans. The moment was soon to come, the freedom to slam into her, his cock sliding into her faster than her body can process it.

Still, he took his time removing himself from her, enjoying the fading feeling of compression. Sandra knew when he was only a tip inside of her. She was eager to feel him take her as he wanted. "Just slam into me. I want to feel everything at once. Oh this is going to feel amazing." She expressed, dying to find out what it feels like to have a man the size of Mason ram into her newlyfound fuckhole.

Both of them prepared themselves. He gave no warning. In one rapid movement he shoved all 10 inches of himself deep into her ass. The feeling was beyond words for her. It was so sudden and unexpected, her voice no longer worked, she simply shook as the feeling unfold within her body.

"Again," She whispered, "Again." When he heard her soft voice asking for another thrust he quickly dragged out his cock until only the tip resided in her. Once more he rammed his whole self into her, the feeling of her tightness multiplied rapidly as he traveled through her body. The feeling was the same for Sandra, only able to manage the single request to repeat the action. Suddenly he didn't need her to tell him to plunge himself into her. Her body could now handle the size of his cock and no longer did he worry of hurting her.

All that was left was to please her. Mason started off quickly, wanting to preserve the feeling for Sandra as she was in such a state of bliss that she could no longer speak but make a low moaning noise. Very quickly he started to pound away at her ass.

Every stroke of his ended up with his hips slapping against her bare ass. Each push he made into her caused her to make a whimper, her body still in a catatonic phase. It was awhile before she snapped out of it, her mind brought back to reality as another climax was nearing her.

She gasped for breath, unable to move, like her muscles were this foreign concept she didn't understand. Yet she had been rubbing her throbbing clit the whole time. The combination of the severe force of his drive into her ass and the stimulation of her clit brought her to an orgasm faster than she's ever hard.

"Cum," She spewed, "I'm gonna cum!" Tension rose within her. Her body jerked wildly, yet still her hand never left space between her thighs. She collapsed onto the bed, leaving her ass hanging in the air as Mason continued to propel himself into her stomach. She erupted in a geyser of cum, spraying herself and the bed.

With her fingers moving back and forth it made her cum spread everywhere, making a silly wet mess of herself. "O-oh," She started, her voice cracking as she gets impaled by a massive cock. "I-I made a m-mess again. How d-dirty of me." She managed in that special tone of voice.

Feeling her body pulsate against me brought Mason closer to his own orgasnm, "I'm close to making a mess of my own." He added. "Ohhhhh!" She screamed, giddy with so much excitement. "Fill me right up baby." she moaned. His grip around her waist became tighter, the last of his plunges were as hard and as deep as he could manage. It wasn't long before his tremendous cock bursted in cum. The hot feeling of his spunk felt even better in her ass. This load was just as bountiful as the last two, feeling like a gallon of his sperm was flowing inside of her.

Faintly, he leaned his hips back, his softening cock being squeezed out of her tight asshole. Almost instantly his cum started to leak out. A bead of his seman was dripping down her thigh. Thinking aside, Sandra's hand promptly scooped it up. Glazing in the light she stuffed her finger doused in his cum. Her ass gave it a special taste, a specific combination of fluids that will drive her to want to finger out every drop of it and savor its exquisite taste.

More dripped out of her, all of it finding its way into her starved mouth. 'I never thought cum could taste so good,' Her mind went. 'And there's still still his scrumptious cock to suck clean.' She looked back at him, her fingers knuckle deep in her ass.

She decided there were much bigger things at hand. Swiveling on her knees she faced him, barely keeping herself from springing on him. She raised her index finger to him, motioning it for him to come to her. Half of her finger was dipped into the dripping pool of cum that was pumped into her ass. Sandra quickly cleaned herself up, sucking the taste from her finger. When she was done Mason was now right in front of her. Her wicked smile came back to her face, both her hands rubbed his chest, before pushing him down onto the bed.

"Time to finish up." She announced, before grasping his half limp cock and indulging in her kinky conquest to suck him perfectly clean. Mason was too tired to protest, his body spent yet still sensitive to stimulation. His penis was sore, having cummed 3 times in the matter of an hour and a half. She spared no time in cleansing him, turning him on with the sounds of her suckling and rapid tongue movement. The plan was to start at the tip and work her way down.

The tip was the best part for her, it never left her body, meaning it would be the most stained in her aroma, and whatever pre-cum oozed from his cock would most likely end up on the tip.

It was a bouquet of smells and flavors. There was something bitter on his cock, more than likely it was his own cum. Hers tasted sweet most of the time.

She expected to taste herself near his base and balls. The feeling of his drooping sack banging against her pussy flashed in her mind, too distracted and her asshole stretching for his behemoth sized dick. Despite wanting to savor every bit she could, her mouth worked at lightning speed. She was halfway down his penis already. Every so often she would move to a different angle to suck on his shaft. She could feel how tight her body held onto him, she had to suck him from every possible angle to ensure she left him feeling clean.

Mason had his eyes closed, remember that he started today's journey being temporarily blind. It heightened his other senses. Suddenly he could hear every tiny noise that escaped from Sandra's mouth.

Her kink fueled moans, the slurping she made when she sucked him as hard as she could. The sense of touch was also highetend for him, feeling the lightest of touch from her tongue with full blown intensity. Some of her technique was almost too much to feel for him, his swollen head becoming more and more delicate by the minute.

Luckily for him, she was done working his tip. It was torture letting her suck him like she was a vacuum when he his body was overcome with extreme bliss. But now she was almost done, a few inches from the base. He decided to spend the rest of the time just letting her do what she pleased, internally getting off the cadence of her steady moans.

Sandra could still feel the radiating warmth coming from the cum still deep inside her. 'How much did he fire off into me?' She wondered, feeling two thick globs running down both her thighs.

Her desire for man meat in her mouth was greater than the voice that urged her to scoop it up and rub it all over her lips and display it like a trophy.

The reward of being a desperate cock slut. Speaking of which, she had just finished cleaning his dick. All that was left was to suck the dried up cum of hers from his balls. Her cascade of cum shot everywhere, there was no doubt that his balls got hit in the crossfire. She lowered her head between his thighs, and tenderly wrapped her tongue around one of his balls, retracting it into her awaiting mouth.

She tasted something salty and something sweet. It made her insides feel warm knowing that she could distinctly taste her cum on his balls. With every suck she pulled him more of his sack, that is until she had sucked both of his balls into her mouth.

She ran her tongue every way she could, flicking the tip of her tongue just for the pleasure of it. Her mouth drained whatever little essence of taste it had gathered. Feeling fulfilled, she kissed the tip of his cock so gingerly before climbing up his body and resting her head on his shoulder. They laid together, still, his arm wrapped around her and her body coiled up next to him.

"I was not expecting this when I drove up here." Mason admitted, breaking the silence between them. "I'm just glad that rumor about your dick was true." Sandra admitted. They both laughed, feeling the peace spread all around them. "So what now?" He asked, not sure of what it is she wants him to do. "Now… We nap.

And when we wake up we'll cook ourselves a late dinner and you bend me over the kitchen table and then we forget that we were hungry." She announced. "By the way you can decided what hole you want to fuck first." A gleeful smile stretched across her face, knowing that when she wakes up she won't have to go far to get what she wants.

And she will always want to be his personal fuck slut.