Oral job acquires followed by sex hardcore and blowjob

Oral job acquires followed by sex hardcore and blowjob
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The Truth about Nikki pt7- the good life begins It was now early January 1998 and I was now "legal tender" as they say because I had turned 18 years old in December. Anna and I both agreed that our new life was almost perfect if you ignored the fact that we were both still whores. It was weird living this way, we had a schedule, so and so at 12:00, another guy at 3:00, dinner and a dick at 7:00.

It varied every day; some days were full with maybe 5 or 6 guys to service, others would have maybe 1 in the morning and another way late in the afternoon or evening. I had so much free time and was making such good money that I asked Kevin for permission to attend evening classes at the college.

He rearranged my whole schedule so that I would not only have time to go to class, but to have study time too. Anna and I both fell into a routine of working 4 to 5 days a week instead of the agreed on 3 to 4, but this was truly different.

None of these men had ever hurt either one of us, we were getting well paid for our time, we were living in a nice place for free, and I was enjoying the sex again. I was meeting black men who I had seen on local TV, and once in a while enjoyed the company of one who I had seen in magazines.

Most were just normal guys with normal jobs, but I really enjoyed it when Kevin would pick me to service one of these high rollers as he called them. Several times Kevin would have to load me up and take me downtown to get a beautiful gown or outfit for these dates, as I would actually be out in public with them. It was wonderful to look like a real lady in a beautiful gown, be treated to a wonderful dinner in a nice (but out of the way) restaurant, share a bottle of wine, and some pleasant conversation before retiring to his hotel room to service his every desire.

The added benefit of these outing with the rich and famous was that the tips were always big. On time, one of these men left me $500.00 for teaching him how to enter a woman's behind (it was my pleasure to do so as he was a natural). Guys would leave me their cards with their private phone numbers and tell me to call if I ever got here or there (right, like hoes do a lot of traveling), but I filed them away, just in case. The months slipped by, the men came and left, my college was going well, Trev was talking and walking, and Anna and I had become a family.

I had never been happier in my life; I looked forward to each day, not with dread, but with an anticipation of another great day.

Kevin had quit setting Anna and I up for stops like the men's clothing warehouse that I had done the first day out, he now had both of us servicing his higher end clients and professional men, not always the way rich muckity mucks, but men who had money and stature in the area.

This meant that we had more evening dates, because they were "working late" and could get away with it. One night Kevin came by for what I thought was just a visit, but he told use that both of our "dates" for that night had been switched to other ladies. We asked him if we were in trouble for something and he said no, he just had a special request for young white pussy and he had chosen us, and one other of his ladies for the job this evening.

I didn't know what was going one as I had never worked with any other girl and this was starting to sound like some whacko wanted some girl on girl shit, which was going too far for me, and I told Kevin so. Kevin looked at both of us and told us it was going to be a cock and pussy thing so we were not to worry about it, just to get ready, and to dress like sluts.

After leaving the apartment, dropping off Trever at his grammas, Kevin explained that we were all going to one of the hottest clubs in town, where a certain well off brotha was throwing a party for one of his bro's who was getting married, and that we were the last meal so to speak before he said his I do's.

We stopped at another apartment building and picked up another blonde girl named Sandy who was beautiful and tall, with legs that made me green with envy. I could tell the second that she got in the car that she was only about 16 tops.

Anna and I exchanged a quick look with each other and her assessment was about the same. Kevin made the introduction as he drove and went over rule number 1 again, which was to keep our mouths shut about who we were going to see and do tonight. He then sweetened the evening by telling us all that our cut for this night was to be $1000.00 each. Now that amount of money shocked us all, but I couldn't stop wondering how much Kevin was getting if he was willing to dole out a grand to each of us.

It's a question that I still don't have an answer to, because I didn't have the guts to ask him then, and he never offered to tell us We drove by the club's front and I instantly recognized the name, it was indeed one of the top places in town. I had never been here before, but just listening to the music as we drove past made my pulse rise a bit, it might turn out to be a great night after all.

Kevin drove around to a back entrance, told us to stay in the car and disappeared into the back door of the place. A few minutes later he emerged and led us into the thundering din of the club. I had of course heard the term VIP room before and the sorted stories of what happens in them, but this night Anna, Sandy, and I were destined to be key players in another VIP room saga, We just hadn't figured that out quite yet.

Kevin led the way through the back halls of the club as if he had been there a hundred times (maybe he had), he turned left up a stairwell and we climbed to the second floor and emerged through another door into a spacious room resembling a grossly oversized living room with a bar across on end of it.

My heart skipped a beat as I noticed that there were over 20 black guys ranging from about 20 to over 40 years old milling around drinking and laughing. I thought, "oh shit 20 divided by 3 equals a lot of cock".

I heard Sandy mutter under her breath something of the same and remarked "amen sister". Kevin stopped, turned to us, and said that once he had made the intro, we were on our own, we were to socialize and whatever else these men wanted from us, then he looked directly into my eyes and said "that means girl on girl if that's what they want Nikki, don't fuck this up". That remark made my breath catch in my throat as I could see the steel in Kevin's eyes and knew he was damn serious.

He then walked us over and introduced us not only by name, but also by age. I couldn't believe it when he told everyone that Sandy was just 15 but had been one of his bitches for almost two years. I had assumed that Kevin would be leaving after dropping us off but he just walked to the Bar, got a drink and sat down at a table with a few other black guys and began chatting.

I was going to try to hang with Anna but all three of us were almost instantly led away by guys.

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The guy who had taken me by the arm and led me to a smaller group of guys was about 25, damm good looking and built like a tank. His broad shoulders and defined chest stretched the thin material of what I think was a silk shirt.

He towered over me by at least 4 to 5 inches and looked just too familure but I couldn't place him. He asked if I wanted a drink or something and I told him that I liked wine coolers. He told a passing waiter to bring me one, and then preceded to introduce the five guys he had walked me over to.

They were all built very similar to him, which made the thought pop into my head that "these guys are going to fuck me to death". I felt so exposed, these guys knew why I had been brought here, yet were playing these chit chat games to drive the point home to me and the other girls that they had the power, we didn't. I felt like a piece of raw meat in a lion's den and I didn't like it much. This guy introduced me to each of the other guys and even though I am not a sports fan, I recognized most of their names, they were all big time jocks who earned like a zillion dollars a year to pound on other zillion dollar a year jocks.

I didn't get more than a couple of polite sips from my wine cooler before these guys began giving my ass and breasts a squeeze every so often.

The conversation quickly turned to me, my assets, and what a hot looking little black cock slut I was. One of the guys asked me flat out if I fucked white guys, I didn't have a coy reply so I just told him the truth, that I had never fucked a white guy.

All of the guys congratulated me on being a real live black cock slut. Another guy left saying it was time to get the show on the road and returned in just a minute or so with another hulking black guy of about 30.

He just introduced him as the groom to be and told me to get down and suck his cock because it was his night and he got first shot at the three of us before anyone else could wear our Asses out.

This was such a different situation that I was just totally embarrassed and it must have shown because one of the other guys stepped up behind me and said "let me help you bitch" and began peeling off my top. Then another guy knelt and pulled my skirt and panties down to my ankles where I just stepped out of them. Within seconds I was totally nude listening to all of these men make remarks as to how fucking hot my ass, tits, and cunt looked.

Someone behind me put his hand on my shoulder and pressed me down, as I was kneeling in front of the groom another hand relieved me of my wine cooler with the remark that I was going to be drinking something much more potent than wine coolers from now on. I found myself looking straight at the bulging crotch of this hulking black mans pants and I guess instinct just took over, I found my hands popping his belt and trousers button, un zipping his pants and then pulling them and his jocky's down to the floor where he calmly stepped out of them.

As soon as his beautiful 8" cock dropped from his jockey shorts I could feel my heart rate begin to accelerate and my pussy twitch. This is what I had come for, the chitchat was over and now I was in my realm. I leaned forward and slid my mouth down his cock while sliding my hand down his shaft and around his balls, which had already tightened up to his groin. The men above and around me began cheering me on to suck his whole fucking dick.

I just kind of tuned them all out and began sucking that hardening, pulsing cock, urging it to deposit it's thick cum into my throat. One of the guys yelled out to bring the other bitches over to us and I soon felt Anna and Sandy kneeling down on either side of me as I sucked this guys fat drooling cock. Some guy pulled my mouth off of this cock by my hair and pushed Anna's head forward onto him. I was transfixed as I watched Anna slide her mouth down over that fat black cock shaft until her nose flattened against his belly, then slid back down and off of it, only to repeat this again and again.

I had never before been with other women in a situation like this and for some reason; I felt a bit self-conscious about it. I glanced over to the side and found that almost all of the men had shucked out of their clothes and were urging Anna on.

Soon it was Sandy's turn on his pulsing cock and she too swallowed it to the hilt before gagging and pulling back off. I figured that I was to be next in line and readied myself to deep throat that cock when the groom suddenly pushed Sandy from his cock, grabbed me by the hair and said to get on my knees. I turned in place and bent over feeling him kneel behind me and drive his fine cock into my soaking wet pussy. He made some remark about having to fuck one of us now or lose a load in one of our cock sucking mouths.

He instantly began to pound me hard and fast, knocking me forward each time he bottomed out inside me.

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I was just getting into it when a climax came out of nowhere and dropped me to my elbows in a shuddering orgasm. The guys surrounding us were hooting, hollering, and cheering the groom to bust his nut into me. I didn't even have time to fully recover from my first climax when I felt another one racing up my spine. When it hit even more hoots rose from the others watching us.

They were calling me a black cock whore and urging their buddy to fill my cunt with his seed so they could sample my nasty white ass too.


During all this I had dropped my head onto my hands and just drifted with the pleasure being pumped into my body. Another climax was building and I finally mustered the energy to announce my impending climax and to ask him to cum in my pussy. That was it for him, hearing me ask for his cum must have put him over the edge as within just a couple more hard strokes he gripped my ass cheeks like they were in a vise and exploded deep within my pussy.

His grunts and groans as he pumped his entire load of semen into me brought cheers and hoots from the gathered men around us. His grip relaxed on my ass cheeks and he pushed me forward and off of his cock like I was just some condom that he was discarding. He announced that I was ready to party and told his buddies to enjoy me as long as they wanted.

As strong hands lifted me up I was able to see this guy pull Anna's head to his cock as he told her that she was fucking next to service him, then I lost sight of her and Sandy as I was pushed down onto an ottoman and another guy shoved his cock into my pussy while still another pulled my head back and stuffed his cock against the back of my throat.

I was on my back spread over this ottoman with two guys fucking me, and I realized that I was having fun. I was feeling an orgasm building between my legs, had a wonderful fat cock in my mouth, and I just couldn't think of a better place to be right then.

I reached around and fondled the guy's ass who was now pumping his cock into my mouth with a steady rhythm and was rewarded with a moan. He said that I was a fine cock sucking little white bitch but he wasn't going to waste a load in my mouth. About this time I was consumed with another powerful orgasm and had to pull my mouth from his cock so I could breathe. The brotha pumping my pussy Almost screamed loud enough for the people downstairs in the club to hear as he lurched into me and added his sperm to that of the groom.

I could feel the hot mixture begin to leak from my pussy and dribble down the crack of my ass but there wasn't anything that I could do about it because just as soon as he pulled his limp cock from my womb, the guy who I had been sucking plunged his cock into me and began fucking me like a madman.

He lay atop me whispering into my ear how he loved fucking my hot nasty white cunt and how he was going to flood me with his seed. His nasty talk and hard fucking pushed me back over the edge and I came hard, holding him tightly to me as I bucked on his hammering cock between my legs. As my orgasm waned I told him that I needed to feel his hot seed fill my pussy and again within just a few more hard thrusts he too ached back on stiff arms and emptied himself into me. As he withdrew from between my legs I expected (even wanted) another cock to slam right back into me, but it didn't happen.

It was then that I realized why, the groom was less than ten feet from me pounding his cock into Anna's pussy while every guy in the room cheered him on. The guy who had just fucked me was standing just feet away, his cock dripping sperm onto the burgundy carpet, cheering for his friend to "fuck that bitch".

I took a moment to look around the room and found Kevin waving me over to his side. I walked to him un-noticed by the other men who were transfixed on Anna and the groom. Kevin just handed me a hand towel and told me to wipe my nasty fucking cunt off and to keep it wiped clean.

He then leaned in close and told me that no one liked fucking a nasty looking cunt and mine was too cute to look that nasty.

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I glanced down and saw exactly what he meant. One or more of the guys had wrung their cocks out on me after pulling out and I had huge lumps of cum on my tummy and the inside of my thighs.

I quickly wiped up the mess and went back to watching the show. I could tell the groom was within minutes of Cumming but Anna robbed him of those as she chose that very moment to climax and began slamming her ass against his groin pushing him over the edge. He gripped her so tight as he pounded himself into her that her knees were off of the carpet for a few long moments. I found myself transfixed to their image of pure lust, Anna's wild gazed eyes and his grimace of release made my heart skip two beats and my pussy flood itself again.

It was beautiful, two people locked together at that ultimate moment of pure sexual joy. Then it was over, he pushed Anna from him just as he had done me, turned to face Sandy and announced to everyone " now its your turn young slut, I saved you for last so I could spend some fine quality time in your young white cunt". Then he went on and told her to suck Anna's cunt off his cock.

I didn't get to watch anymore as more hands pulled me back toward the ottoman. As I was lying back down I could see Anna lowering herself onto another guys cock over at one of the sofas. I was glad to see that my only friend seemed to be enjoying the evening as much as I was. During the rest of the evening I spent my time either flopped over the ottoman servicing a black man from each end, or on my knees beside it doing the same. During the brief lulls in this marathon gang fuck I was able to look around and check in on the other two girls.

What I found was that Anna was being kept as busy as I was yet Sandy was spending most of her time sucking guys off of 'fluffing' for Anna. I didn't understand the reason for this then until I overheard a couple of guys who were waiting to fuck me talking about her.

The just of the conversation was that they both thought that Sandy was too young, they kept calling her jailbait. Cock after cock entered my pussy and later on, my ass was also brought into play. It would be an easy to lie and say that I lost count of the number of men that I serviced as the evening went on, but I kept count of each one. Not one of these men was hung much better than the average range but as the evening drew on I found myself becoming so weak and shaken from the constant series of orgasms these men were giving me that I thought I might pass out at some point.

I did lose count of the number of times that I climaxed that night, but I would guess that I came at least twice with every guy on the average The hand towel that Kevin had pressed into my hand was now soaked in the combined fluids of the nine men who I had serviced. All it was good for now was smearing the lumps of semen being sprayed all over my body and face into a glaze of cum frosting.

One of the guys fucking me even remarked that I looked like a glazed donut with three holes. Finally the party began to wind down and I was able to get to the ladies room to potty and complete some dearly needed clean up on myself. As soon as I saw my reflection in the mirror, I shuddered.

My hair which had spent much of the night hanging back from my face as I lay over the ottoman was now spiked up in the air not only from my perspiration but large lumps of semen were matted into it, firmly gluing it in place. My face wasn't much better; there was a thick drool of drying sperm running from my right ear lobe all the way to my collarbone. My breasts had been squeezed and rubbed so much that they both glowed bright pink against my white torso.

The rest of my body showed the same basic damage almost all the way to my knees. I quickly filled the sink and just doused myself with handfuls of warm water to rinse the worst of the mess off.

Following this impromptu shower, I quickly pottied then returned to the VIP room. The groom was getting ready to leave and called for all of us to come over and suck his cock as a team. So we all arranged ourselves as we had been the first time and quickly fell into a rhythm. I would do three or four deep strokes then pull back to be replaced by Anna who would do the same before Sandy would take her turn.

We made a fine team and within five minutes the groom to be, was moaning loudly and humping whoever's mouth that was on his cock. Sandy was the one to take his load with a thunderous moan from the groom.

He jammed his cock balls deep into her mouth and held it there while he emptied everything he had. He must have kept her head mashed against his groin for at least 30 seconds before his grip finally relaxed and she was able to pull from his cock and regain her breath.


This must have been the final signal to everyone that the party was over as within just a few minutes the room was nearly empty. Kevin was sitting in the far corner with a couple of the guys, one of whom I had serviced on the ottoman earlier.

An envelope was passed to Kevin then they left. Kevin waved us over, so the three of us walked, nude, disheveled, and sperm soaked, to the couch and sat down on either side of him. He looked over each of us before he spoke, and when he did finally speak, he was smiling broadly. Kevin told us that we still looked great even after servicing a total of 24 healthy ebony gentlemen. Kevin went on to say that he was sorry that Sandy didn't get more action than she had, but that it turned out that there were only about 4 or 5 men who had a taste for her.

He asked her how many she had serviced and she shyly told Kevin that she had been with only 4 men, but had given them all 'total access", which was one of Kevin's little terms that meant she had been done in every hole. Kevin looked at Anna and I then remarked that we really did look good after the workout we had had.

It was either his remarks about our workout or just the adrenaline in my system returning to normal, but I felt suddenly very tired. Kevin had gathered up our clothes and we slowly dressed as we chatted. The waiter came, took our drink orders, and returned in seconds with the first cool drink that any of us had had in many hours. We all gulped our sodas down and Kevin said we should go before the housekeeping staff came on.

As he led us back down the stairwell he said that he couldn't wait to get the copy of the video of the party that had been promised to him.

I asked if I could get a copy from the video too, after all I was one of the stars. His response was quick and curt; he just looked at me and said, "Fuck no".

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I asked him why not and without looking back this time he said because it could fuck up some big careers if it ever got out, that tapes like that were only given to certain people and I hadn't made that list. I kept my mouth shut but I vowed to myself to broach this subject to Kevin again some time when we were alone. I was stunned when Kevin threw the back door of the club open and the light of dawn flooded in. After Kevin had started the car, the dash clock said it was almost 7 am, no wonder I was so tried; we had truly been fucking for the entire night.

Kevin first dropped Sandy off then took us to our apartment. I had just assumed that he would just drop us off and leave, so it surprised me when he shut the car off and came with Anna and I.

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He told us both to take off our soiled clothes and he would meet us in the shower. True to his word he had the shower running hot and a washrag at the ready. He asked Anna to come in and asked me to just have a seat on the toilet.

So I sat and watched my pimp tenderly wash every inch of Anna's body, he even washed he hair being careful not to pull it in any way. As Anna climbed form the tub she looked refreshed but still exhausted, we said our good nights and she slipped out to her bedroom.

I was expecting the same wash job as I stepped into the tub with Kevin and he did go right to work scrubbing me down. Then he began telling me what a fucking hot little cock whore I was, and how he hadn't been able to take his eyes off of me as I fucked all of those men, how much he had wanted to fuck me all night.

He reached around me and massaged my breasts with the washcloth as he began kissing and nibbling my neck and ears. I was totally surprised at my self when I began to feel that horny little tingle begin making my pussy quiver again. I had fucked so many guys and was so tired that there was no way I should be getting aroused again, but I was. Kevin's soapy hands began roaming up and down my body from my breasts to my pussy and everywhere in between.

It took only a brief few minutes of this fondling; kissing, and hot words spoken softly into my ears bring me back to life. I turned to him and kissed him deeply as his hands now squeezed my ass and pulled me to his body. His massive cock poked straight into my belly as our body's merged and its pressure sent shivers up my spine.

I slid my right hand between us and began stroking his cock while I drove my tongue deep into his mouth. The hot water felt superb, but my entire body wanted to be locked together with Kevin in a horizontal position. I stepped from the shower grabbed a towel and told Kevin that I would wait for him down the hall. I scampered to my bedroom, drying the water from me as I went. As soon as I got inside I pulled the covers down and slid into the middle of the bed to await Kevin.

Almost before I had even gotten myself into position Kevin was upon me, pushing me flat on my back and entering me instantly. He told me that he had needed this for too many hours to wait any more as he thrust his fat nine inch cock into me several times before he was fully seated. Kevin's cock still stretched me to new limits, even after all of the hard fucking that those other men had given me. This amazed me but pleased with the way his cock seemed to fill every tiny little bit of my pussy to its limits.

Kevin moaned into my ear that he loved the way my cunt felt as it was super slick inside with all that hot cum. He went right to work, pulling his cock almost clear of my pussy then jamming it completely back in, making a wet smack every time.

He was using his whole 200 pounds to drive that wonderful black cock into me, as his body would drive down onto me it would force the air from me, making me breath in cadence with his hard fucking.

This was no slow gentle fucking, he was pounding me hard and fast and my pussy was going into overdrive, it just felt so good. He bent his head down and sucked one of my nipples into his mouth and firmly bit down on it. I fucking exploded into a huge bucking climax, I heard him yip a few times but I wasn't aware of why for several long seconds as I surrendered to the waves of pleasure.

As I began returning to the real world I could hear him telling me to take my fucking nails out of his back, I hadn't realized it but I had been digging my fingers into his back. As I released my grip he moaned that I was still the hottest little fucking slut he had ever laid pipe to, and that he was going to lay my ass good. He went right back to his pile driving and I couldn't help but tell him how much I loved it when he fucked me like this.

My pussy and his massive cock were making horrific slurping and smacking noises as our two bodies pounded against one another, The smell of sex and sweat was filling my nostrils, and that twitch between my legs was turning into a sledgehammer beat. I came again on his thick hard cock, begging him to fill my pussy with his cum, but he didn't, he just continued to pound me into the mattress while I came again and again on his cock. Finally I could tell that he was close to filling me with his cum, his breath was coming in short raspy gasps and his fucking was getting faster and more frantic.

I begged him to pump me full of his seed and he moaned back that he was going to, but that he just wished that it would breed me with his child. Then suddenly he stiffened and I felt that first huge lunge into my very core and I came with him, clutching his body to mine as I felt him lurch into me over and over, flooding my already filled pussy with more sperm than it could possibly hold.

I felt a river of semen erupt from my pussy, forcing its way around that fat cock that was plugging it and run in what felt like a steady stream down my crack to puddle underneath my ass.

It felt so perfect, so right, and his words flashed back into my mind that he wanted to place his child inside my womb. Those words touched me just then and I realized that I wasn't at all against having his child.

As Kevin lay gasping on my chest, I knew that I would always be nothing but a whore in his eyes, he had seen me do too much with too many to ever think of me as anything more.

But at the same time, I liked the idea of having another beautiful black child, my son was two now and he should have a brother or sister to grow up with, not alone like I was. My mind was still pondering this line of thought when Kevin finally rolled off and to my side and we drifted off to sleep immediately.