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Marcy hadn't been sleeping well for the last week or so. School had been very stressful, what with the upcoming graduation ceremonies for her grade, and the prospect of starting high school next year as a ninth grader. There were so many things on her mind that at night it just became hard to get to sleep at night.

This particular night, she woke up and looked over at her clock. It was almost midnight already, and she knew that morning was going to come way too soon. As she rolled over and tried to go to sleep she heard a faint noise. She couldn't quite figure out what it was, but then she heard it again. It sounded like a faint slapping noise, followed by a muffled yell.

Puzzled, she lay quietly for a moment, and the noise was repeated. She sat up in bed and turned to her older sister's bed across the room to ask her if she'd heard the noise also, when she saw that her sister's bed was empty. Her mind still foggy from sleep, Marcy got up out of bed and walked to the door.

She stepped quietly into the hallway, her short little girl's nightgown clinging to her budding young body as she walked out into the hallway to try and track down the noise. It seemed to be coming from downstairs, in the direction of the den. Marcy softly padded down the stairs, not making a sound. When she poked her head around the corner into the den she froze in complete shock. There in front of her she could see her older sister Janette bent over the back of the couch completely naked.

Janette had her arms bound behind her back, with each wrist tied to the other by means of a black silk cord.

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Standing next to her with one hand pressed down onto her back holding her down was their father. He was barefoot, wearing just a pair of boxers, and in his other hand was a leather belt that he was using to spank Janette's already reddened ass over and over again. Marcy involuntarily looked to his crotch, where she saw a sizeable bulge sticking out, betraying his arousal. Stifling a gasp, Marcy watched as her father spanked Janette over and over again with the belt.

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Each stroke of the belt caused Janette to squirm and yell, and Marcy couldn't figure out why Janette's yells seemed so muffled and quiet, when she knew from experience how bad it hurt to have her father use that belt. Marcy had never had it used on her like this, but she'd gotten in trouble often enough before that her father had laid her down over his knee and spanked her through whatever clothes she had on at the time. As she stood there watching, too stunned to make another sound, Marcy saw her father stop and transfer the belt to his left hand.

He reached down with his right hand and slid it between Janette's legs, pressing his hand up against her exposed pussy. Marcy listened in shocked disbelief as he spoke, "Looks like Daddy's little girl is enjoying herself, isn't she? I can feel how wet you are, your body is telling me how much you like this.

Are you ready yet sweetie? Ready for Daddy's big cock?" The only response was a moan, as Janette rotated her hips, causing her little pussy to slide up and down against her father's hand. He chuckled knowingly, then let go of her and hooked his fingers under the waistband of his boxers, sliding them off. Marcy's eyes got wide as she saw his cock spring out. She had never seen one in real life before, and the pictures she and some of her girlfriend's had looked at certainly hadn't seemed this big.

She knew all about what happened between men and women, it had been a big part of sex education. But she couldn't imagine how something that big could possibly fit inside of a woman, let alone her sister, who at fourteen was only slightly larger than Marcy herself. Her father stepped up right behind Janette, bending his knees slightly to lower his hips to the level of hers. Marcy watched entranced as he reached down and put one hand on his massive cock, sliding it up and down over her sister's wet pussy lips, making it glisten in the soft lights with Janette's moisture.

A warm feeling was beginning to grow inside of Marcy, the same kind of feeling she had gotten before when looking at the pictures in dirty magazines.

Warmth started out in her groin and her breasts, spreading out to the rest of her body. She felt her little nipples starting to get hard as her father at last stopped rubbing his cock on Janette's lips, and slowly started to push it inside of her. Janette moaned quietly as their father slowly slid farther and farther inside her.

When he was buried all the way inside of her, he reached forward and grabbed a handful of her hair, jerking her upper body back up towards him. "There, now you've got Daddy's cock all the way inside you baby.


You love it don't you? I know you do, I can feel your hot little pussy squeezing me, just like I taught you to." Her father's nasty words both shocked and excited Marcy as she stood there, still hidden behind the wall as she peeked into the room. Her little pussy started to get moist as she watched her father rock his hips back, pulling his big cock almost all the way out of Janette before pushing it back in again.

Over and over he did so, keeping a slow pace as he fucked his hot young daughter. Marcy was starting to feel very strange herself, as the scene in front of her continued on, hearing the soft slapping sound of her father's hips hitting her older sister's firm ass cheeks, and Janette moaning quietly with each deep thrust.

Marcy's right hand unconsciously drifted up to cup one of her breasts, the fingers delicately playing with her hard nipple through the thin fabric of her nightgown.

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Her panties were starting to get very wet, as her virginal body secreted its moisture. As the pace picked up in the room, her breathing started to get faster. Her right hand was frantically massaging her breasts and nipples, alternating from one to the other.

Marcy's other hand slowly reached under her nightgown and began to rub her young pussy. This was something she had only recently discovered, and she enjoyed it very much. Leaning against the doorway, she tried to stay quiet as she played with herself, though the two people in the room were so absorbed in each other they probably wouldn't have heard her even if she'd been yelling to them.

Janette was moaning loudly now, almost grunting as her father began to pick up the pace, rocking his hips forward harder and faster now, his hard cock appearing and disappearing as he fucked his little girl. The pace gradually became frantic, the two of them rocking back and forth, Janette's slim hips being slammed forward with each thrust, until the couch started to rock back and forth, almost lifting off its back feet from the force.

Unconsciously Marcy tried to match them, the finger's of her left hand rubbing furiously at her little pussy. Finally with a loud groan, she saw her father's hips slam forward one last time, before sliding back and forth convulsively a few times as he came inside Janette. Marcy dazedly realized that she had better get back up to her room before she was caught spying on the two of them, but as she turned to go her father's voice stopped her.

"So Marcy, did you enjoy the show? I know I certainly enjoyed watching you play with yourself while I fucked Janette here." Marcy froze, looking back at her father. His head was turned slightly, and in a panic she followed his gaze and saw his eyes reflected at her through the large mirror in the den. She realized he had been able to see what she was doing the entire time she'd stood there.

He smiled, then stepped back from Janette, his cock making a soft slurping sound as it slid out of her. Marcy's eyes automatically dropped to it, and she could see that it was now much softer and smaller than it had been before, though it was still almost the size of one of her tiny wrists. "Come here darling, there's no need to stand there hiding any longer." Hesitantly she obeyed, looking up nervously from downcast eyes as she approached him. She saw him pull Janette to a standing position next to him, and finally Marcy was able to understand why Janette's moans and yells had seemed so muffled.

She had a small ball gag stuck in her mouth, which her father absently reached over to untie along with her wrists. Janette looked at her little sister and smiled also.

"So, little sis wanted to watch her daddy and older sister fuck, huh? It looks like she enjoyed it too," she said, her eyes locking onto the hard little nipples poking through Marcy's flimsy nightgown. Marcy's face flushed bright red, and Janette laughed quietly. Their father smiled indulgently and walked the crossed the last few feet over to her.

He looked down at his youngest daughter, his eyes gazing appreciatively at her budding young form. Her breasts had started developing almost a year ago and now at almost thirteen they were a respectable size for a girl her age. With one hand he reached up and cupped her chin, tilting her head back to look into her eyes, as his other hand casually locked onto one of her firm young breasts.

Her breath caught as his large hand covered her breast, his strong fingers gently massaging her hard nipple, sending forbidden feelings of pleasure shooting through her body.

"I had planned on waiting a while longer before I let you see what Janette and I do when your mother isn't home, but I guess since you stumbled across our little secret on your own and stuck around to enjoy the show, you're more than old enough now. Aren't you, Marcy?" Marcy just stood there silently, confused at the sensations pulsing through her little body as her father's fingers continued to play with her nipple.

Janette meanwhile came up behind him and leaned against his back, one hand reaching around to caress his cock, still wet from her own juices. "I think she is, Daddy. Look at her, her nipples are rock hard, and I bet you she's very wet under that little nightie of hers." "You think so, sweetie?

Well why don't we just find out?" He let go of her chin and reached down, lifting the bottom of her nightgown up to her waist, before sliding his fingers in under the band of her panties. Marcy gasped as his warm fingers slid over her hairless little slit, sliding easily over her wet lips. He rubbed his fingers up and down a few times, causing her to shiver in pleasure before removing his hand. She watched as he brought his fingers up to his mouth and slowly licked them clean, one by one.

"Yes, she's most definitely wet and ready, and what a tasty little girl she is, just like her big sis. Here, see for yourself," he said, and untied Janette's arms. Janette stepped in front of her little sister and smiled down into her eyes. She leaned over to kiss Marcy on the lips before sinking to her knees. Her small hands reached up under Marcy's nightgown, the warm skin sliding along her thighs until they reached the waist of Marcy's panties.

Marcy stood there perfectly still, looking down into her sister's eyes, unable to make any move of her own.

The panties were pulled down, and without thinking she lifted first one foot and then the other to step out of them. Janette tossed them to the side, then slid her hands back up her sister's thighs, bunching up her nightgown as she went, until her hands were resting on Marcy's firm young ass, holding the folds of the fabric in place, leaving the little girl's pussy completely exposed.

Janette's eyes took in the sight in front of her greedily. She'd fantasized about this moment ever since her father had introduced her to sex over a year ago. Whenever Marcy would be getting out of the shower, or getting dressed in the morning, Janette would always find a way to be around, hoping for a good look at her little sister's firm little body. The teasing glimpses she'd managed to steal in the past though were nothing compared to the sight she had now.

Marcy's little pussy was less than a foot in front of her face, and she could tell by how wet her sister's hairless lips were that Marcy was still very aroused from what she had seen. Leaning forward, Janette inhaled Marcy's lovely aroma, closing her eyes in pleasure at a fantasy finally being fulfilled.

Her lips came to rest against her sister, kissing her wetness gently, before her tongue slid out to softly run the whole length of Marcy's pussy. She felt the ass cheeks in her hand quiver as Marcy sighed in pleasure. Taking that for encouragement she repeated the motion, savoring the taste of Marcy's wetness. She could feel her sister's clit starting to get aroused as she brushed over it with her tongue. Meanwhile their father stood nearby, avidly watching Janette lick his youngest daughter's pussy.

He could see that the both of them were enjoying it very much. Janette had told him before how much she wanted to play with her sister, and he knew that she would be loving this fulfillment of her wish. His cock started to come back to life watching the show, and he decided to take things further.

Stepping over to Marcy, he reached down and freed the folds of her nightgown from Janette's hands.

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Marcy opened her eyes and looked up into his as he drew the fabric up over her body. She raised her arms and allowed him to slide it over her head, leaving her beautiful little body completely naked and exposed in front of him. His eyes glazed with lust as he took in her budding little tits. They were still small, not quite a handful for him yet, but her little nipples were certainly reminiscent of a grown woman's, as they stood out rigidly from her breasts, demanding attention.

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One hand reached down to caress her cheek gently, and a small smile came to her face. "I love you, baby," he said to her.

Marcy turned her head slightly to kiss his hand. She was getting over her shock at everything that was happening, and with the encouragement of her sister's active tongue on her aching little pussy, she decided to just go along with the flow and let them do whatever they wanted.

Her Daddy leaned down and kissed her, and her eyes closed in pleasure. Her lips parted under his as for the first time he kissed her like a woman instead of his baby girl. She moaned against his mouth as one of his hands began to play with her breasts, and her whole body shook in pleasure as his fingers took a nipple between them and squeezed lightly.

Her knees were starting to get weak, and Marcy began to wonder if she'd be able to stand up much longer under this onslaught of pleasure. Her father seemed to sense this, for he stepped back, taking her hand and leading her to the couch. He instructed her to lay back on it, with her ass on the very edge of the couch and her legs spread.

Without wasting any time, Janette knelt back down between them, going back to her feasting like a starving child.


Marcy looked up at her father standing right in front of her, her eyes level with his cock. She really studied it now, noting the little veins under the surface, and her mind was once again amazed at the thought of something this big fitting inside a girl. Tentatively, she reached out her left hand and put it around her Daddy's cock. Her little hand didn't come close to making it all the way around the thick shaft. She squeezed it gently, then ran her hand up its length to the engorged tip.

She could still feel the slickness on it from her sister, and she began to wonder what it would taste like. Leaning forward, Marcy pushed the cock towards her father's stomach and slowly licked the bottom of it, her tongue slowly gliding along its entire length as she savored the taste. She could taste what must be her sister's wetness on it, for it tasted similar to what she herself had tasted like on those times she'd guiltily stuck a finger into her little pussy and then licked it clean.

But there was another taste mixed in with it, a tangier, almost salty taste. She continued to lick the hard shaft as she tried to identify this new taste. At last her dazed mind remembered that boys shot out their own liquid when they came, and she realized that must be what she was tasting.


The feeling of licking her Daddy's hard cock and tasting the mixture of his cum and her sister's made Marcy even more aroused. When she at last wrapped her lips around the head, her Daddy let out a heartfelt sigh of pleasure, reaching down to run his hands lovingly through his little girl's hair. She responded by sliding her mouth farther down, her lips stretching wide as she moved them down past the engorged head. She could only get a few inches of the fat cock inside her mouth, and when it reached the back of her mouth she pulled her head back, keeping her lips tight around it as she let it out almost all the way from her mouth.

With a little guidance from her father she started to bob her head up and down, occasionally pausing as a particularly strong wave of pleasure shot up through her body from where her sister continued to lick at her little pussy. She could sense her body starting to lose control, as she came closer and closer to an orgasm. Her father meanwhile had pushed her back against the couch, and was now on his knees on the couch above her. She lay back submissively and allowed him to just thrust his cock into her mouth, running her tongue along the bottom of it as it slid back and forth past her lips.

Occasional moans escaped her lips, the vibrations further exciting her Daddy. His hips were beginning to jerk forward quicker, almost choking her as his cock started to go farther and farther inside her mouth with each thrust. Janette could tell that both of them were very close to cumming. She was more than familiar with the signs of her father's orgasm approaching, and Marcy's little hips were beginning to raise off the couch, pressing her sweet little pussy harder into Janette's mouth.

Getting a sudden idea, Janette reached up her right hand and slid her index finger inside her sister, thrusting it back and forth several times. When it was covered in her little sister's juices, she removed it and reached up towards her Daddy. His hips froze momentarily when he felt her wet hand reach up under him, and as she slid the slick digit inside his ass he groaned loudly. As she started to work it in and out of his ass, his hips feverishly started pumping forwards, thrusting his delicious meat inside Marcy's mouth.

Finally he couldn't take any more, and Janette heard him say, "Unnnhh! That's it baby… take Daddy's big cock in your mouth, suck on it, Daddy's gonna fill your mouth with his hot cum! Ohh! Here it comes baby!! Take it all!!" Marcy felt his cock swell inside her mouth, then as his hands took a death grip on her hair she felt his cum shooting forwards against the back of her throat. She tried to swallow it as fast as she could, but the giant cock in her mouth made it hard, and she felt it leak out past her lips and cover her chin.

Over and over she felt her Daddy shoot inside her mouth, until with a final moan he slumped sideways on the couch, his semi-hard cock sliding out of her mouth with an audible slurp. Marcy's own orgasm finally took hold of her, and she cried out as her little body shook in pleasure.

Her thighs clamped around her sister's head, holding it tight against her pussy, demanding that she not stop as the muscles inside her spasmed in total pleasure. At last she came down from the bliss she was feeling, and her body sank into the couch.

Janette looked up and smiled, the whole lower half of her face shining with wetness in the dim light. She crawled up the couch and leaned forward over Marcy.

"So little sis, how did you like that? I know I loved seeing Daddy's hard cock in your mouth while I licked you. But look, you've made a mess.

You're supposed to swallow all of this," and Janette leaned down to lick up the cum that had spilled out of her sister's mouth, before kissing her passionately. Marcy's arms came up around her beloved older sister and she surrendered to her, kissing back just as passionately. Their Daddy sat off to the side, a pleased smile on his face.

Life was going to be even better around here now that Marcy was in on their little secret. He looked at her sweet little body and couldn't wait until he had his big cock pounding deep into her.