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Brunette Euro Teen Makes Throatlove With Big Cock
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This is the sequel to "Husband's assistant". I suggest that you read that first. When I had woken up that morning I had looked out the window and seen that it was a beautiful day just perfect for spending a few hours in and beside our pool. So while we ate breakfast and discussed last night and how it had changed our life together, I was dressed in my bikini.

After breakfast I got up to clear the table and wash the dishes. Andrew came behind me and tugged at the bows at the back of my top, which fell to the floor. "Andrew, why did you do that?" "Because I want you naked for the rest of today and all tomorrow." "But, I was planning on spending an hour or two by the pool." "Well. You'll be able to get an all-over tan. I'd really like that." "But what if Les or Ken sees me?" Les and Wendy, on one side, and Ken and Sarah, on the other side are our neighbours.

"So what? Let them perv all they like, I say." "You really don't mind other men perving on your wife?" "Actually, I like the idea of other men seeing how beautiful my wife is." "You've changed overnight." "I guess that I have. I hope that you like the new me, because I don't think that I'm likely to change back." Then he tugged at the bows on the sides of my bikini bottom and it fell to the floor too.

"How come I have to be naked but you're not?" I turned away from the sink and slid his shorts down. He stepped out of them. I went outside to the pool and lay on a chaise longue to enjoy the sun.

A bit later I heard our phone ring briefly. Soon after my husband came outside to tell me about his conversation.

"That was Wendy on the phone. She told me that you were outside completely naked. I told her that I had insisted that you remain naked for the rest of the weekend.


She told me that Les was upstairs with a pair of binoculars staring at you. I invited her and Les to come over here for a few beers and a barbeque. I warned her before she answered that I was naked too, and would be for the rest of the weekend. "She asked, 'Do you expect us to be naked too?' 'No,' I said, 'but I certainly would like it if you were naked, and I'm sure that Vera would prefer it if Les were naked too.' 'I'll talk to Les.' she said and hung up." I gave him a tube of block-out and asked him to protect my skin from sunburn.

He covered my whole body and was just giving my nipples extra attention when our front-door bell rang. Without bothering to cover up he went to answer. He came back outside with Wendy and Les. Wendy had on a tiny bikini and Les wore shorts. They were both barefoot. Les was carrying a slab of beer and Wendy had a bowl of salad.

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I got up to take the salad from Wendy and put it on a table near our barbeque Then I gave Wendy a hug and a kiss before turning to Les and giving him the same treatment. As I pressed my body against his I felt a considerable bulge in his crotch. "Thank you Les. I assume that that bulge in your shorts is in appreciation of my naked body, rather than my husband's" Les pulled his shorts down, allowing his erect cock to spring free.

"Yes, Vera, this is the effect that you have on me. Do you like it?" "Les! How embarrassing! Put it away." "No Wendy. I'm flattered that I have that effect on your husband.

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Don't ask him to put it away. We're all adults here, aren't we?" Andrew handed out beers and we all sat around starting to chat when the phone rang again. Andrew went inside to answer it and came back grinning. "That was Ken on the phone. He says that Sarah tells him that we are having a nude pool party. He wanted to know why they had not been invited.

They'll be here in a few minutes." Sarah and Ken arrived, carrying a couple of bottles of wine. They both stripped off the few clothes that they had worn. Wendy was the only one not naked. When everyone had a drink Sarah had a question.

"Andrew, you've never done anything like this before. What's the occasion?" Hoping to avoid embarrassing details about the night before I answered first. "Andrew and I took his client to dinner and ended up signing him up for a big contract." But Andrew wasn't having that. He launched into a detailed description of the evening, although he did not reproduce the conversation between him and Fred, concentrating instead on the interactions between Fred and me.

By the time that he had described Fred finger fucking me in the restaurant all three men had erect cocks. "What a slut!" Sarah said, but the grin on her face said that she might have liked to do the same thing. By the time that Andrew got to the bit where I was being fucked in both holes, I looked around the group, expecting to detect their disapproval, instead all that I saw was arousal.

"Fuck! I'd love to be fucked like that.", was Sarah's comment. "So would I. But of course I could never do that.

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It would destroy our marriage.", Wendy added. "It wouldn't destroy our marriage if I were one of the men fucking you. It sounds pretty exciting to me.", her husband responded.

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"Well, judging by their celebration here today, it does not seem to have harmed Vera and Andrew's marriage." Sarah suggested. "Actually,", I said, "I was pretty worried afterwards, even though Fred signed the contract, but it turns out that Andrew was aroused rather than jealous the whole time with Fred. I've told him that I'm up for winning more contracts and he seems to like the idea." "Yes,", Andrew offered, "I didn't think that I would like seeing my wife with another man but it actually tuned me on big time.

The best part was when I decided to join in." At that point I decided that Wendy should lose her bikini, so I walked behind her undid her top and set it aside. Then I beckoned to Andrew and handed my tube of block-out to him. "Andrew, Wendy does not want sunburnt tits. Would you put some of this on for her, please." Wendy looked shocked at first, but she seemed to enjoy having her tits massaged by my husband because she was purring when he finished.

I saw her look at her husband so I followed her gaze in time to see him wink at her. "Stand up, Wendy,", my husband said, "and take of your bottom.

I'll protect down there too." I was a little surprised when she complied, I've always found her more inhibited than Sarah or me. A glance at her husband told me that he was more than happy with this development. "I can't stand it any longer.", Sarah declared, "I want to borrow your husband, Vera, for a DP. Is that all right with you?" "Sure. It's OK with me provided that we can all watch, I'll fetch some lube for you." By the time that I got back with the tube of lube, Ken was lying on his back on the floor and Sarah was on top of him with Ken's cock balls deep in her cunt.

Andrew was standing behind Sarah, stroking his erect cock and finger fucking her arsehole while he waited for me to bring the lube. "Here Wendy. Come and help me.

You lube Andrew's cock while I put more lube in Sarah's arsehole." I hoped that Wendy would do as I had asked her because, if today was to be as much fun as it promised to be, she would need to lose all her inhibitions.

I was delighted when she stood up, took the lube from me and proceeded to spread it all over my husband's erection, stroking it as she did to spread the lube evenly.

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Meanwhile I put one finger covered with lube into Sarah's arsehole and wiggled it about wanting to apply the lube and also stretch her hole a little. Wendy moved my husband forward holding his cock, which she positioned at Sarah's rear entrance, then urged him forward with a hand on his bum cheek.

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It seemed that Wendy was less inhibited than I had judged earlier, or was it the mixture of alcohol that she had drunk, and sexual tension that was in the air? I didn't really care why. I was just pleased that she was joining in. "Oh! My God! That feels incredible." Sarah seemed to be enjoying her first DP ever.

Les had turned his chair around so that he could watch the action comfortably. Wendy went and sat on his lap, with her arm around his shoulders. He had one arm around her waist, the other hand was playing with her nipple.

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Wendy moved his hand from her nipple to her pussy. "Wendy, honey, I bet you'd like to be experiencing what Sarah' experiencing. Wouldn't you?" "Oh! Yes! But wouldn't that be naughty?" "Yes. It would be naughty. Doesn't that make you want to do it all the more?" "Oh! Dear! I feel so naughty, just for wanting to do it. Are you shocked?" "Shocked No. Not at all. I'm happy that you are feeling so sexy.

When these three have finished I'm going to ask Andrew or Ken to join me, fucking you like that. What about that?" "Ohhhh!" By now Andrew, Sarah, and Ken were fucking wildly. "Oh! Fuck me, you two.


Oh! Shit! Yes!" "I'm cumming." "So am I." "Oh! Me too." They all collapsed in a heap of post-coital ecstasy. Eventually Andrew, Sarah, and Ken came back to the real world and helped each other up.

Sarah and Ken found chairs, while Andrew organised a fresh round of beers for every one, before sitting down too. That looked SO exciting,", Les said, "that Wendy tells me that she wants to experience the same thing." "How embarrassing!" Wendy was blushing. "So, would you, Andrew, or you, Ken, help me fuck Wendy, when you're ready?" "I'd love to," my husband replied, "but I think that maybe Ken should do this. What do you say, Ken?" "Yeah. I'm up for it. Just give me a few minutes to finish this beer first.

OK?" "You know, Vera,", my husband said, "I'm going away again this week, and I would be much happier if I knew that you were fucking Les and Ken, but no one else. How would you feel about that?" "Don't you think that Sarah and Wendy might object to that?", I replied.

"Vera, I would be OK with you and Ken fucking on two conditions … no three conditions. (1) I must always be present, (2) you must agree to eat my pussy either while you are being fucked, or immediately afterwards, and (3) we must have a party like this one often.

Do you agree Ken? Do you two agree Andrew and Vera?" "Sarah, I'm happy with all your conditions. I really look forward to eating your pussy, and I've enjoyed today so much that I really look forward to repeating it soon.

One thing though if I'm going to be eating your pussy I'd like you to eat mine as well. OK?" "Of course I'd be happy to eat your pussy too. I just did not need, to make it one of my conditions. What about you Ken. Are you willing to fuck Vera subject to my conditions?" "It sounds good to me.

I've never dreamt that I could fuck any one else because I don't want to cheat on you, but if we accept your conditions then I guess I'm not cheating when I fuck Vera." "Andrew?" "Yes. Your conditions sound very sensible to me. The only one which binds me is the one about doing all this again often, and I'm really happy that that is what you want, because I want it too." "What about you two, Wendy, Les?" "I'm not sure how Wendy would feel about my fucking Vera, even with Sarah's conditions." Les replied.

"Why? It's not very different from what we've been doing here today. Wendy, if you've enjoyed today why wouldn't you enjoy more of the same with just you and Les and Vera?" "Yes … If you put it like that. I guess that I would like that. What do you say, Les?" "As long as you are OK, I'd love it. But it doesn't have to be just the three of us. Especially at weekends we could include Ken and Sarah as well.

It could be almost as much fun as here today." "So Vera, do you promise to limit yourself to these two men and their wives while I'm away?" "Yes, sure, honey." "OK,", Ken said, "let's fuck Wendy now." Soon Wendy was sandwiched between Ken and Les, with Les in her cunt and Ken fucking her arsehole.

"Oh! My god! I've never felt like this before. Fuck me Ken. Fuck me Les. Oooohhhh!" After Wendy's DP we sat and talked about future plans. It turned out that Andrew was leaving on Monday morning for another business trip, which left the possibility of repeating Saturday's fun again the next day. Every one agreed that that was a very good idea. "You know,", Sarah suggested, "if you guys would make a hole in the fence between our place and yours, Ken and I could come and go, naked without being seen by any other neighbours." Andrew went and got a few tools and Ken and he soon had a gap in the fence between our two back yards wide enough for Sarah and Ken to come and go comfortably.

"So, Wendy, Les," Andrew asked, "do you want backyard access too?" "But, how would I explain it to my mum and dad when they see it?", Wendy fretted. "Just tell them that we have invited you to use our pool whenever you like, which is true, and it saves you going out into the street in just your bikini. You don't have to tell them that we expect you to swim naked in our pool.", I suggested.

"Yes. They would buy that. And it would never occur to the that anyone might swim naked in your pool, certainly not their innocent daughter. OK. Let's have a gap in our fence too." In no time Andrew Ken and Les had opened a comfortable gap in Wendy and Les's fence too. "We'll worry about gates later.", Andrew suggested. Later that evening, after the other two couples had gone home through the holes in their fences, carrying their clothes, Andrew and I were sitting by the pool in the twilight.

"Shit! Andrew! I can't believe how much our lives have changed in just two days. I hope that it is for the best.

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What do you think?" "Well, I know for sure that I've enjoyed every minute of every fuck that we have shared and I'm really looking forward to more of the same.

I think that it is for the best. Don't you?" "I hope so. I guess that if either of us has any problems the important thing is that we talk about them. OK?" "Yes.

I'm sure that you're right." Please vote and comment. To be continued in "Husband's assistant 3"