Twinks with dyed pubes and pinoy men to men hot gay sex videos

Twinks with dyed pubes and pinoy men to men hot gay sex videos
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ok this is my frist story and its true trust me this is what i did not to long ago this mounth whit a friend of mine kids we look after on weekends plz be nice this my frist time doing this ok hope u like it and sry for my speeling i cant find spell chk it all started last saterday i think might of been friday all i no is it waz at about 10pm and this kid i no and i have new him 4 the past 3 or 4 yrs hes 1 of 3 kids my friends sis watches on most weekends.

ok as i waz saying well hes sitting in whit me we r playing my ps3 and he asks whats gay mean i ask GAY? he says yea he said his bro said it means u like black ppl i said OMG do what and had 2 lay it out for him be it hes like 7yrs old but u no u cant have some one runing around thinking this.

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so as i sit here telling him what it is he ask am i gay ? i said i dont think i am y u ask he said cuz i never see u whit no one i say well its not easy to find some one u love to go that far and so on he said o ok and then and i got back to telling him what i waz befor he asked and win i waz all over he asked how u no u gay i told him what i waz told u like men and u want 2 do stuff whit them like n bed like your mom and dad do some times he said o and well theres where it all came about win he said what is that thing you got in your pants sticking out i said my dick u got one too he said yea but it dont stick out like that i said it can he asked how wellu got to make him want to pop out i said make it fill good u c so he did and.

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i sat there and watched him try n get it up at that age i figered it might work or might not u never no some pople r driffent in that stage of life and well it worked he got it up 2 a whole 3 inchs said dam boy u big for your age he said o hows that i said well i was bigger but not by much he said win i was a kid or now i said both i am 21 now he is 7 gona be 8 in jan.

but any way as i waz saying he got it up i sayed looks nick never say one besides mine said ys that i said its just not something u look at much less u gay said o and said can i see yours cuz u saw my dick i wana c what u look like i said u do do u said yea i said if i show u u cant tell no 1 its bad for us to do this he said ok i wont tell if u dont and at that i pulled it out all 7inchs of it he jumped back said wow thats big i said yea hes hard to agen he asked so i told him bout it and so on we sat there for a good 15min or so just looking at r dicks and asking in stuff win he said can i fill it i said do what u want to fill my dick?

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said yea so i figered might go a little wazs in to this just to see where it will go and thats win it hit me i might be a bit gay but at least bi but he rubed it for a bit then saad it felt warm and good so i asked if i can fill his he said y not so i did i rubed him a bit he said it felt great and made him fill warm inside and then it sarted t ohart he said i said did i hurt it said no but the bottem fills bad i said o i think u tryed t ocum and he asked like any one wood at his age i wood think allways wantinng t ono all u can and he said how can i cuz i said i dont think u can u to young he said can we try so i did i tryed 4 the next 45 or so i set there rubing on it like u wood to make it cum asking in how waz doing and stuff cuz i never did this befor for no one but my self u no and said it started filling bad and a tingle n his balls i said i think u may of cum jus tto young t ohave any thing come out thats win he said come out?

like what i said well if i did what u just a wight kind of fluid wood come out called cum so he said i wana c it i told him dose he wana rub on my dick for a bit befor i do it and fill what it will later in his life he said ok so 4 the next 5 o or he rubed it tell i started t precum then i took over and went from there i cam hard and fast buting 8 good pumps out and then some i got it all over he jumped up and said wow what waz that i said me cumming lol and he asked what it waz 4 and stuff and i told him its to make kids like u and so on then he asked what it teast like i said like a candy thats allkind of fun i tryed it be for i no he said what u tryed it befor i said yea it taste good to me he said he pass so i got up and got a scock and cleaned up then we laided there and went on bout what we just talked then he asked if i wanted rub r dicks and stuff i said i dont no never done it be for so he got up on me and we rubed r dicks for a bit and then we went to sleep and the next night we laided there ge4t n ready for bed he asked if i wanted to do it agen i said it wood be cool if u want t odo it u can and he did we did it agen he rub up on me and i jacked him off a bit then he wanted me 2 kiss it and i did i went all most t ofar i wood think i kissed it and rubed it i licked it a bit and then started sucking on it and about then it him i need to stop so i did then he was liek wow that waz cool and i said yea it was u wana try it 2 me and he started to look like will it even fit i said wont no till u try and he leaned in and licked it said it tastes kind of like salt and i said yea and he started 2 suck on it for a bit tell he didnet want to no more i said cool its ok if u dont want to and he did just that he stoped and then asked it he can sit on my lap whit r pants still off i said ok if u want its up to u i just roll whit what i got and will try anything atleast 1 time i said thats win he said he wood try it so he hoped on my lap we set there 4 bit and then he said it felt so big and i waz like its still hard it wood go down if u leave it alone for a bit and he did and it went down and he asked y it dose it i said like i told u u got to make him come out or he gos and hides like a trutle he said and i said yep just like that and whit taht said we laid there and went 2 sleep as we did i put my arm ovem him and help on t ohim like u wood do if u had some one to sleep whit and he said it felt warm i asked if he cold he said he waz so i got up got a blanket and put it on us and we sungled for r body heat and then went to sleep next day he had to go home cuz it waz that time of the week win he and his bros got to go home cuz got things to do at home and stuff that kids do from monday to friday u no how it is and i told him i see u next time u come over and remeber dont tell no 1 bout this he said i wont and went home.

i see hin in 2weeks from now so come the frist weekend in jam i cant w8

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