Black jocks spitroasting white submissive

Black jocks spitroasting white submissive
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** WARNING ** You are about to read a story that will contain graphic sexual activity between boys and a woman and man. You need to be over 18 years old to continue reading this story. A fictional story. Bb bb Mb Mb Wb WM young first virgin Written by EnglishBoy Thank you for your comments and stories. Contact me by email [email protected] Billy's Mum teaches Sex Ed 2 Chapter Two John got home and went straight to his room thinking about what he had just experienced.

His prick started to get hard as he was thinking about Mrs Jones slowly sucking his rock hard cock into her mouth, slowly devouring his shiny purple knob. He threw off his school uniform and went to get into the shower with his 4 inches of rock hard boy cock sticking out in front of him demanding that he give it a wank.

He soaped his hands and cupped his balls. The way Mrs Jones licked his balls was fantastic, he gripped his cock in his hand and started to masturbate, up, down, up, down, he was watching his foreskin pull back on his down stroke and remembered that he should wash his knob. Gently he rubbed his little fingers over his glans as he had been shown by the wonderful Mrs Jones. He went back to having a wank, massaging his little ball sack and wanking his shaft. It took only a couple of minutes and then he came.

Spurt, spurt, spurt his knees went weak as he loosened his grip on his cock and just massaged it slowly making sure that he helped every last spasm to give him joy.


Trisha had watched John walk down the street and went and lay on her bed. She slowly moved her hand down the front of her pants and felt her clitty sticking out from behind it's hood. She was desperate for an orgasm, actually she was desperate for a shag but that wasn't going to happen right now so a wank will have to do. She slipped her fingers lower down into her warm folds of hot woman flesh.

Thinking about how she had just given John the best experience of his young little life. How she loved little boys and now she knew that he would be back for more.

The whole sex education thing at school means that both he and Billy will have many questions and will need her assistance in getting to the proper answers. She wondered how many other boys and girls in the class were as confused with the answers they were getting from the teachers and if she would get an opportunity to help them. There is no doubt about it Billy is a popular lad and he did bring quite a few friends home for homework and play.

Her mind went to the sight of John's hairless balls, his lovely soft wrinkled scrotum, and the lovely smell of a 12 year old boy. She thought about his 4 inch cock and how thick it was for such a little boy, 3 and a quarter inches in circumference she guessed at.

Trisha had been good at guessing boy cock sizes in the past as she had had so much practise playing with them. Her fingers were playing with her clit with more urgency; she started sucking her thumb imagining that it was the tip of John's penis. She thought she could feel it pulsing in her mouth and she could feel his boy cum squirting in her mouth. That was enough to tip her into an all encompassing orgasm "Ohhhhhh YES, YES, YES." She said out aloud. She lay on the bed and sucked her fingers which were now drenched with her cum.

The front door closed and in walked Billy "Hi Mum" she started to gather herself together and quickly changed her sodden knickers. She went downstairs and started to prepare some supper "Hi Billy, did you have a good day?" "Yes Mum it was brilliant." He had been on field trip to farm.

Some of the class were engaged on a husbandry project. "We had been learning how the Bull serves the Cows." Trisha looked at Billy "Oh really and what was that like?" "You should see the size of the Bull's penis, it is massive and it goes really hard just before he puts it into the Cows vagina.

It is really thick as well." "Well dear everything in nature is in proportion for that animal; it's not really that much different from human beings, we all have sexual organs that are the right size for our species." "Yes Mum I guess so although there is a lad in our school I have seen in the showers who has a very large penis.

He is nearly in the 6th form." "All boys and girls have slightly different shapes and sizes and the average size of a mans penis is 6 inches when erect.

That means that there will be some larger and some smaller." "How big is Dad's?" "Well you have seen it when you washed it the other day, how big would you say it was?" "I don't know, about 6 or 7 inches I guess, it did seem very big to me and quite fat." "Well Billy, you may be surprised to know that your Dad's penis is 5 ¾ inches long so he is below average in length but you are right he is quite thick and he is large when compared to you now, but you are growing very well indeed and you shouldn't worry about the size of your prick, you will be bigger than your Dad." Billy then went on to say that before the school trip they had Sex Ed in the morning and that they were told about masturbation ands foreplay.

Trisha was starting to shake, wondering where Billy was going to take this. "What did you make of that lesson?" "Well masturbation is a way of stimulating yourself to orgasm" he said it as if it had been read to him, well it probably had. Trisha asked if they showed him any films and he said no. She then asked him how foreplay was described and he said that it is how a couple get ready to have sex. "How do you think they do that then Billy?" Billy started to go red and went quiet, Trisha asked him what was wrong and he said "Well I have a reasonable idea because I accidentally saw you and Dad on the bed after we had our shower the other day." Trisha stopped what she was doing and turned and looked at Billy, his face was bright red and so was Trisha's.

She walked over to him and gave him a cuddle pushing his lovely little head onto her breasts. "It's OK you know, there is no need to be frightened about anything it is all perfectly normal.


What did you see?" "I saw Dad kissing you between your legs and you were kissing Dad's prick." "That is called oral sex sweetheart and it is part of foreplay so you have a head start on most others in your class on that one." Billy asked his Mum if his cock was really a good size and wanted to know more about self stimulation.

Trisha told him to go and get changed and to do his homework and that we would discuss it after supper when they were all together. Trisha continued to make supper and in walked Freddie. They exchanged information about their respective days and then Freddie noticed that Trisha seemed a little sheepish when she said that she had not done much in the afternoon, he also noticed that she blushed. He walked over to her and put his arms around her and said "come on then what have you been up to, I recognise that little guilty expression?" "Nothing much I will tell you later." Supper was ready and Trisha called Billy and Freddy to the table.

Billy had not got changed but had finished his homework. Everyone was chatting over the meal and Billy was describing his afternoon at the farm. Freddie reiterated what Trisha had said earlier about body parts being in perspective for the animal as Billy had said how large the Bull's penis was.

And Trisha also reiterated that human male penis's also come in varying sizes. Billy started to squirm a little and eventually said "I don't think my penis is very large as it is quite small when I look at other boys in the showers at school, especially Jimmy Jones, his is really large. Although I have never seen in erect it must be 8 or 9 inches long and he has a mass of hair. Freddie said "Billy you don't need to worry about the size of your prick, you are developing into a fine young man and don't forget that you are only 12 years old, there is plenty of time for you to grow.

We both need to get changed and have a shower let's go and have a shower together and I will show you what I mean." Trisha thought that was a good idea and she said she would clear up the supper dishes.

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As they were in the shower together washing themselves Billy started to tell his Dad about the Sex Ed class and that they told him about masturbation and foreplay. "How much detail did they go into son?" "Not much really." "Well did they tell you how to masturbate?" "No they sort of assumed that we already knew and did not go into detail on anything, would you explain it to me Dad please?" Freddie thought that this is going to be much more than an exercise in the size of his penis now.

"OK Billy turn and face me and soap up your hands and I will do the same" "Move closer so that I can wash you penis and you can wash mine and you will then be able to compare your penis at the side of mine and know that you are growing well." Billy started to wash his Dads cock which was starting to stand out from his body leaving his balls hanging low.

He moved his right hand lower and started to wash the ballsack. "Wow Dad your balls are much larger than mine." Freddy moved closer to Billy and felt Billy's balls and then his own comparing them in size "you do the same as me" he told Billy. Sure enough Freddie's balls were bigger but not by that much, they were 2/3rds the size.

Billy's lovely little balls were also in their hairless little sack which was getting tighter to his body by the second.

"OK you are right Dad, but your prick is much bigger." Freddie put his hand around Billy's 4 inch rock hard boy cock and pulled the foreskin back to wash it. Billy did the same to his Dad. Freddie told Billy that his cock was less than the average size being 5 ¾ inches long but it was 6 inches in circumference which is a little above average. Freddie stood there and let Billy examine his cock, it felt lovely as he felt Billy pull his foreskin back and wash his knob and move the foreskin back up again.

He then said "I don't think my cock was anywhere near as big as yours is now when I was 12 years old, it is very likely that you will have a much larger cock than mine.

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At the end of the day son it is how you use it and enjoy it that matters." "Billy let me wash you now and I am going to show you what masturbation is" he got hold of his son's 4 inch cock and pulled the foreskin back, he gently washed the know and brought the skin back up over the head and held the prick in his right hand between his thumb and 2 fingers.

He started to slowly wank the boy off. He looked at Billy's face he was flushed and staring at his own cock. "Wow Dad that feels fantastic!" Freddie started to feel Billy's balls as well as continue to wank him. His ball sack was getting really tight against his body and Freddie started to rub his perineum with his middle finger applying a little harder pressure "Oh Dad that's really oh really nice" Freddie continued to wank Billy off and he knew he wouldn't last long.

Freddie was wondering if Billy could actually spurt yet.

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Wank, wank, wank "Oh Dad I feel something strange, it's like I want a wee" "It's OK son, this is called masturbation but it is also called wanking off, tossing off, jerking and lots of other names, this is what you teacher was talking about." "Dad oh! Oh" his knees started to buckle.

Freddie felt his son's prick grow a little fatter and he knew he was about to cum for the very first time in his little life. "Dad ahhhh" Freddie felt Billy's prick pulsing in his fingers he looked and saw him spurt some clear cum, just three little spurts. He gently massaged the penis for a few seconds whilst the intense 12 year old boy orgasm subsided.

Billy looked exhausted and Freddie held him close to him in a cuddle "there you go young man, that is called masturbation and now you know much more about that than you learned in the class." "Thanks Dad, that was wonderful!" his prick was still rock hard and he looked at his Dad's which was standing up straight and demanded attention "Dad shall I wank you now?" "Yes son then at least you get a further lesson in how an adult prick behaves." "I did do this the other day didn't I?" "Yes and you did a great job, that was a bit naughty of your Mum to tell you to wash it like that but I did like it.

It has been a long time since another male has touched my cock, not since I was at school and me and my mates used to wank each other off and stuff." Billy had wrapped his hand around his Dad's cock and was slowly wanking him off watching as his foreskin slipped off the knob on each down stroke and back up over it on the up stroke. "Is this right Dad?" "Yes Billy that is just perfect, just squeeze a little firmer." He felt Billy's grip tighten up and then he watched as Billy put his left hand underneath and start to massage his balls.

"That's great Billy, just wank a little faster please and squeeze a little harder, that's it, yes keep going, yes, I am going to cum any second, keep going, yes, yes!" Billy felt his Dad's prick getting fatter and then spurt, spurt, spurt, spurt, dribble, dribble, dribble.

Billy looked at his chest, it had 4 white globs of spunk on it that was starting to run down to his tummy. "Wow Dad you do cum a lot" he slowly stopped wanking his Dad.

Freddie looked at his son and saw his spunk slowly starting to run down his chest onto his tummy and then onto the hairless 12 year old cock. "That was great son thank you very much." They both cleaned off again and put on some casual clothes to sit around in downstairs. When Billy got down stairs he saw that he Mum and Dad were having a chat quietly and he also noticed before they noticed him that his Mum was scratching between her legs.

She stopped doing this as soon as she saw him. They sat down in the living room and started to watch some TV. Trisha looked at her son, he was so beautiful, he sat in an arm chair whilst she and Freddie sat on a sofa. "Did Dad make you feel better about the size of your penis Billy?" "Yes Mum, he told me that one day my cock will be bigger than his and that mine is already larger than his was at my age." He looked quite proud of himself and had a lovely smile that showed his perfect white teeth.

"The point is Billy there will always be someone bigger than the next person and so Jimmy Jones will one day discover someone else who has a larger prick than him. It's a bit like driving a car, when you overtake the one in front there is always another one to overtake." "Your Dad told me that he showed you how to masturbate, how was that?" "Mum, it was fantastic I wish I had known about that before now.

How many times can I do it in a day?" "Good question son" Freddie said "for men and women you can do it as many times as you can. You do have to be careful though because you can get sore from doing too much rubbing. My record was 6 times in a day but I was a bit older than you.

"So women can masturbate as well?" "Yes" said Trisha "everyone can and women also have orgasms like you had with your Dad. It is what makes having sex so pleasurable. "Do you cum as well?" "Absolutely, although it is not a thick white substance like semen or spunk or whatever your Dad called it, it is a clear liquid that comes out of the vagina.

Not all women do cum, but I do so I know that it happens." Trisha continued "Freddie, I was talking with Billy earlier and he was telling me about his teacher mentioning about foreplay, I asked him if he knew what it was and he said that he had seen us playing with each other the other day." "Oh, and what did you see Billy?" Freddie asked "Well as I was walking past your bedroom door after our shower I saw you licking Mum's vagina and then I saw her sucking on your cock and it looked as though she licked your bum as well.

There was a lot happening and I didn't really see that much all I know is that my cock went hard. I wish I had known what I know now" he said with a big smile "and I would have had a wank." Everyone had a laugh "I bet you would have" said Freddie "I would have done at your age!" "Billy would you like to see foreplay again so that you understand it more?" Trisha asked.

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"Yes" he said without hesitation. "OK if we do this it is only between us, you must not talk to any of your friends about what you see as it is private and it is a sex lesson just for you, do you understand?" "Yes Mum" Trisha looked at Freddie and bit her lip "Freddie, I am going to go upstairs and have a shower and get ready for bed, why don't you two boys come upstairs in half an hour or so?" Freddie could feel his cock starting to get hard and he looked at Billy who he could see was starting to tent up in his joggers.

Freddie took his clothes off and joined a naked Trisha on their bed. Billy sat on a chair in their bedroom and watched as his parents were kissing each other passionately and he saw his Dad's prick starting to get thicker.

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He watched as Freddie started to move his hand from massaging Trisha's breasts slowly down to her love box. He slowly kissed her neck and went to licking her nipples.

Billy thought that his Mum looked really lovely, he had often seen her naked but had never thought of her like this, his prick was getting stiff as he watched. Freddie moved further down the bed and got in-between Trisha's legs and parted them.

"Come over here Billy and watch what I am doing.

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Oral sex is a large part of foreplay." Billy stood up and walked over to the bed "Why don't you take off your joggers Billy, it will be more comfortable for you" Trisha said and then took a quick in take of breath as Freddie put his tongue onto the clitty. Billy pulled down his joggers and his prick slapped up against his tummy, his foreskin just stating to peel back showing a dark purple knob, his Mum looked at it and admired it.

Her mind went quickly to John's cock which she had devoured earlier that day; she thought how similar it was to Billy's cock. Freddie was enjoying his meal of female flesh and Trisha was very close to Cumming, she was extremely excited watching her son watching Freddie bringing her to an orgasm. She grabbed hold of Freddie's head and pulled his mouth into her cunt and had a very strong orgasm "Arhhhhhhhh oh God YES, YES, YES" Freddie eased off as he felt her orgasm twitching on his mouth and slowly dying away.

"Look at this Billy, you remember Mum telling you that women can cum, well look at this." He showed Billy the extra juices that were flowing from Trisha's sex. "You face is all wet as well Dad, she came on your face didn't she?" "Yes son, it's a lovely feeling to have that power over a woman and the taste isn't bad.

Do you want to taste a bit?" Billy gingerly put a couple of fingers into his Mum's cunt and got them wet. Trisha took another intake of breath as she watched her son do this and she had another spasm as he did it. He put the fingers to his nose and then licked them "It tastes good Mum" he said with a smile on his face. Freddie's cock was rock hard and standing up, the foreskin had pulled back more than half way down the knob which was glistening.

"Lay down here darling" Trisha said to Freddie. She kissed him deep on the mouth tasting her own cum and then slowly kissed down his body.

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She moved in-between his legs and spread them apart "Come closer Billy" she said she kissed the top of Freddie's knob that was poking through the foreskin. His cock jumped in anticipation of more to come.

She kissed up the length of the penis from the bottom to the top and just licked the top of the knob this time. Freddie breathed out in appreciation "Oh god darling that feels fantastic." His prick was bouncing with every heart beat.

"You see this jumping Billy?" "Yes Mum" "That jumping is the blood pumping into the penis, foreplay is about making sure that Dad's prick is very hard so that when we make love it will go into my vagina easily".

She pulled back the foreskin all the way behind the glans and sucked the knob into her mouth and then ran her tongue down the shaft to his balls.

As she was licking his balls she started to wank his cock.

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Billy put his two fingers and thumb on his own cock and started to wank his own 4 inch wonder. Both Freddie and Trisha could watch him doing this and Freddie knew he was about to cum. He watched his son watch his Mum licking his balls and wanking him off. Trisha could feel his prick getting bigger and then … squirt, squirt, squirt, squirt, dribble. Dribble, dribble … Trisha could feel the pulses in his cock subsiding and slowly moved her mouth up the shaft and sucked the remnants of cum from the knob.

They both glanced at Billy who was just starting to cum himself, they watched in admiration as he squirt, squirt, squirted and then slowly rubbed himself. He sat on the bed exhausted. "Wow" he said. Trisha leaned over to him and licked a little of the cum from her 12 year old son's cock. It tasted delightful, much less pungent than Freddie's cum. Now remember Billy this is just between us.

Would you like to see more? "Yes please Mum!"