Heiße italienische Frau geben Blasen

Heiße italienische Frau geben Blasen
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please leave feedback at [email protected] Beth had always been close to her mother, the pair had been inseparable since her father's death 9 years ago.

Beth's mother never re-married, nor dated much for that matter. Her job kept her pretty busy and often she was not home when Beth went to bed at night. She didn't mind though, she had weekends with her mom, and that seemed to ease the pain of being alone so much. Beth's mother was beautiful for her age, at 36 years old, she could easily pass for 25. She had taken care of herself over the years, often indulging in a day at the spa or a weekly massage.

She was tall, with legs that seemed to have no end. Her hair was long and thick, a beautiful shade of honey blonde and her eyes were so deep blue you could easily become hypnotized. Luckily, Beth had inherited her mother's beauty. She was just a few inches shorter but had the same gorgeous hair and hypnotizing eyes.

She had recently turned 18 and was looking forward to starting college in a few months. She hated to leave her mother behind, but she would be home every weekend as the college was only 22 miles away.

One night, Sheila, Beth's mother, heard her daughter crying as she passed her bedroom door on the way to her own room. "Beth?

Baby what's wrong?" she asked, slowly pushing the bedroom door open. "It's nothing, Mom," she whispered in the darkness. Sheila entered the room and flipped on the lamp next to Beth's bed. "Oh baby, you've been crying for awhile, what is it?" she asked, running her fingers thru her daughter's hair.

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"Angie called me today," she said, trying to adjust her eyes to the light, "She won't be going to college until next year, she's taking a year off." "I'm sorry, honey, I know you were looking forward to starting school together," said Sheila, shifting and getting comfy on the canopy bed.

"We had it all planned out, Mom, we would start college together, graduate together, then move in together and start that art studio we've been planning," said Beth, wiping her nose with a tissue. "Well honey, you can still do that," said her mother, "You'll just graduate a year earlier, then I'm sure Angie will join you." Beth did not seem satisfied with that answer and she began to cry again, "She has ruined our plan, Mom, I guess she didn't want it as much as I do." Sheila moved up on the bed and took her daughter into her arms, "Baby, it's all gonna work out fine, you'll see." Beth settled into her mother's arms, instantly feeling better.

"Thanks, Mom," she said, looking up to give her mother a kiss. "It's quite alright, baby," she said, returning the kiss, "That's what I'm here for, you can talk to me anytime." Beth smiled, remaining in her mother's embrace, feeling safe and almost child-like.

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She took in a deep breath, smelling her mother's delicious perfume. That smell had always made her feel warm and cozy, remembering that scent from early childhood.

The pair remained quiet as the mother held her child, gently rocking back and forth on the bed, occasionally running her fingers thru her hair. Beth noticed that her mother's fingertips would graze her breasts every now and then, but still neither of them spoke.

Sheila had begun to hum a tune slow and low as she caressed her daughter's head.

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Beth couldn't help but notice the flimsy lace material that her mother's top was made out of, her cleavage totally visible. She looked down, admiring the mass of her mother's tits. They were large and sagged a bit, but in no way took away from Sheila's beauty or sex appeal. She felt her panties beginning to get wet, but why? Was her mother turning her on? No, it couldn't be that.

Beth closed her eyes and began to get lost in the tune her mother was humming. Before either woman realized it, it was already midnight. "Oh baby, I'm sorry, you need to get some sleep," said Sheila.

"Don't leave yet, Mom," whispered Beth. Sheila smiled and agreed to stay, this time the women stretched out on Beth's bed, giving Sheila's back a rest. As Beth situated herself, trying desperately to get comfortable, Sheila slid up behind her, wrapping her arms around her daughter. Beth's body had begun to tingle again, still confusing her.

"Get some rest, baby," Sheila whispered. Beth wasn't sleepy, she was more interested in the fact that her mother's hands were just inches from her young tits, causing her nipples to rise. "Mom?" Beth whispered. "Yes baby?" "I love you," said Beth. "I love you too baby," said Sheila, tightening her grip around her daughter's arm. Over the course of the night, the women had fallen asleep, but Beth awoke to find that it was 3 am and her mother was still sleeping behind her.

Only now, she had moved around so much that her top was now twisted and her mother's nipples had become rocks. Beth rolled over, facing her mother, watching her sleep. Without even realizing it, she had reached over and cupped her mother's left tit, squeezing it lightly and rubbing the hard nipple beneath the top. "Beth, baby, what are you doing?" her mother asked sleepily.

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She didn't answer, she just kept rubbing, slowly beginning to knead her mother's flesh a bit harder. This seemed to pull Sheila from the deep sleep she was in. This time, she said nothing to Beth, she just layed there, letting her daughter rub her full tit. Sheila reached over and began rubbing her daughter's tit, rubbing it hard thru the t-shirt.

Beth moaned, but just for a second before her mother placed a hard kiss on her mouth. The two women knew they both wanted this, but had no idea how to go about it, now that problem was solved. Sheila sat up and slid her top over her head, tossing it into a chair that sat in the corner of Beth's bedroom. Beth's eyes widened when she saw her mother's tits bounce free. They were huge, sagging just a bit, so round, so tan with perfect tan nipples.

Beth felt her panties becoming more then a little wet this time. Sheila sat there staring at her young daughter, her eyes saying Come here Beth. Beth leaned in and took her mother's right nipple into her mouth, suckling it like a newborn.

Sheila really seemed to enjoy this and she reached down grabbing a handful of her daughter's hair. "Oh God, Beth, I've always loved your mouth on my tits," Sheila moaned, gently pulling Beth's hair. Beth released the nipple momentarily, "Lay back, Mom." Sheila did as her daughter instructed, laying back on the small bed. Beth moaned just a bit when she saw her mother's tits shift to the sides upon laying back.

She loved the fact that they were not perfect tits, yes they sagged a bit and yes they still had stretch marks.

But, they belonged to the woman who had given her birth 18 years ago. Beth layed down to the side of her mother, looking into her deep blue eyes, once again, taking the right nipple into her mouth.


"I always loved breast feeding you baby," Sheila moaned, "I hated when you got old enough to take the bottle." This turned Beth on tremendously knowing that her mother was getting off on her daughter sucking her tits. She slid her hand down to her mother's waist, letting her fingers explore this mature, sexy body. Sheila continued moaning, gently stroking her babygirl's hair. Beth continued sucking as she slid her fingers inside Sheila's skirt, quickly finding her mother's hot box.

"Mmmmmm, God, Beth, oh God, you wanna finger Mommy?" she asked, raising her hips and using her left hand to slide her skirt down. Beth never stopped suckling, matter of fact, she had begun to suckle harder as her fingers slipped inside her mother's panties, quickly finding Sheila's wet warm slit.

Sheila's eyes rolled into her skull, she was completely absorbed in lust, unable to do anything except moan like a bitch in heat. It didn't take Beth long to slip 2 fingers inside her mother's cunt, slowly, yet firmly, pressing them deep into the wetness, wiggling them around inside her. She noticed her mother had begun to buck her hips slightly, totally lost in the moment.


So as Beth fingered her mother's now sloppy cunt, she moved her mouth over to the left nipple, immediately sucking it hard into her lips. Beth slid her fingers from her mother and gently rubbed Sheila's hairy mound, then down to her engorged clit. "Oh God, Beth, mmmmmm rub mommy's cunt, rub it hard baby," she moaned, obviously still in the zone.

Beth smiled and decided that her mother's tits had had enough attention for now. She quickly slid between Sheila's legs, pushing them apart and revealing her hairy, yet gorgeous cunt. Beth's mouth began to water as she stared at the delicious flower that was opened before her.

She wasted no time diving her mouth into her mother's twat, furiously dipping her hot teenage tongue inside the steamy pussy. Beth's nose rubbed Sheila's clit from time to time, sending quivers thru the mother's body like an earthquake.

Beth felt her mother's hands on her head, pushing her steamy cunt almost completely into her daughter's mouth.

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Beth began licking and sucking Sheila's hairy pussy lips, then back to her mother's engorged clit, then back inside the delicious dripping cunt. As she alternated, she reached up, again rubbing Sheila's tits.

This time, she did it with purpose, rubbing them hard, mashing them beneath her small hand. "Oh fuck, Beth, MMMMM Mommy is gonna cum, baby, make Mommy cum," she begged.

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These words drove Beth over the edge and she began tongue fucking her mother like a machine. Driving her young tongue in so fucking deep she could taste her mother's insides, and Sheila loved it, often roaring out like an angry lion.

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Sheila's hips bucked like a wild stallion as her orgasm approached. "OHHHHHHHH, OHHHHHHHH OHHHHHHHH GOD, BETH, OH GOD BABY, MOMMY'S CUMMINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!!" she screamed, fucking her daughter's face wildly and erupting into her mouth like a broken faucet.

Beth lapped up her mother's sexy juices, never missing a drop. By now, Beth's panties were so soaked, you'd swear she had pissed her pants. Suddenly, everything got quiet. Beth sat up on her elbows and looked up to see her mother passed out on her bed. Although she was disappointed, she didn't want to wake her mother who looked so beautiful laying there.

But she was extremely horny now and needed her own release, so she did the next best thing. Beth quietly shifted herself and laid on her back, her face just inches from her mother's cunt. She slid her fingers inside her panties and began rubbing her engorged clit furiously. Thoughts of what had just taken place ran thru her mind and the smell of her mother's cunt filled the room.

Before she could put 2 and 2 together, Beth's body tensed and prepared for its own orgasm. She bit her lip as not to make any noise and disturb her mother. Her young body shook and quivered from head to toe as ecstasy flushed over her soul and took her to another zone as well.

As she laid there and tried to gain her composure, she brought her soaked fingers to her nose, inhaling the intoxicating scent of her cum mixed with her mother's. She quickly sucked the 3 wet fingers into her mouth, moaning as the taste coated her tongue and tonsils.

Before Beth settled in for the night, she gave her mother's pussy one last kiss and a long lick, then took her place next to her new lover, resting her head on her mother's tits, again feeling cozy and warm.

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