Busty milf and petite teen suck stepdude

Busty milf and petite teen suck stepdude
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What girl would you want to be ladies? I like the jogger.hehehe--(guys what girl would you do?) Octopus man was a freak or nature. A very strange freak of nature. When he was born he was normal.

Two arms, legs and a normal body. As he became older he discovered a strange and scary power he possessed. When he became aroused he turned into a horny eight tentacle octopus monster. The mere thought of fucking a girl could cause him to grow eight tentacle arms. The arms could grow to whatever length he wanted. They were strong. Each one capable of lifting a woman by her leg or arm and dangling her effortlessly in the air.

Luckily he could control his arousal level. He was not a normal octopus you could say. At the end of each tentacle was a set of hands. The middle finger being a penis. It could grow to whatever length and thickness he wished. He was able to ejaculate up to four large cups of cum from each penis over a period of one minute. The cum was potent.

It impregnated one hundred percent of his victims. He never was reported to authorities though. After all who would complain and believed that an octopus man had raped them? He was a machine. He had his own twelve inch cock and a set of big hands as well as eight other tentacle hands with large penis's protruding from the middle of them at will.

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Over the years he had probably impregnated five hundred poor girls all over the world on his travels. He saw many places as he backpacked and took odd jobs for months at a time in many different countries. He was especially fond of the Japanese girls. They fought like crazy and had high pitch screams. Today was going to be a great beach day. The sun was supposed to shine and it was probably going to be about ninety degrees.

Octopus man was on vacation in San Padre Island Texas. The beaches and choice of little hotties was wonderful here he thought to himself. So many girls walked around just like different types of candy. Each one deserved to be fucked. Some alot harder than others. He saw his first victim early that morning while he was out for a run on the long beach.

It was a girl out surfing on a stretch of secluded beach by herself. Her long blonde hair dripped water. She wore boy short bathing suit bottoms and a black string bikini top. She was in good shape. Tall, thin and lean, probably about six feet. Nice shapely abs could be seen on her flat stomach. The little boy shorts hugged her ass cheeks nicely and stopped just short of her bottom bum. Octopus man undressed and went into the water. He was an excellent swimmer. After all he had eight extra arms to move him.

He swam effortlessly out to underneath where she was on her board. With a poke of a tentacle he pushed underneath her board and forced her to fall off of it and into the warm ocean water. He watched her lean legs kick slowly and arms flutter in the water to keep her afloat. He reached up and wrapped a tentacle around her right ankle and pulled her under for a few seconds. He could tell she was now panicking as her movements became quicker and more desperate to get back up to the surface.

He let her go. She popped back up to the surface coughing and sputtering. Octopus man was going to have some fun with this surfer girl. He rose to the surface behind her.

He did not want this one to see his face. He quickly wrapped his tentacles around each ankle and wrist. He spread her limbs far apart but was nice and kept her face above the waves. With his 4 other free tentacles he started feeling her body up. One tentacle wrapped around her stomach and slithered up her flat washboard to her neck.

He had excellent touch and feeling as each tentacle had mini soft suction cups attached to them. Thousands of them. Like extra little lips sucking and kissing. They too could cum slightly. The tentacle twisted slowly around her neck and choked her. The poor girl could not move.

Another tentacle made its way down her ass crack and started poking playfully at her asshole. Her ass cheeks were firm and hard. He had never felt up such a firm ass in his life. The two remaining tentacles went for her mouth and pussy. She tried in vain to keep her mouth shut but the strong cock with fingers on each side pried open her pretty little mouth and entered it.

It snaked down her throat with pre cum lubing her passageway. The other tentacle snuck up her left inner leg and probed her mound and then entered her pussy with a forceful stab. People walked by on the beach. The poor girl was so far off shore no one was aware she was getting forced by slimy potent tentacles to have sex. The people waved at the girl. She could not do anything back. The loud large waves also drowned her cries.

In and out the tentacles went. Her little boy shorts by now had been slipped down her legs. They stretched to the breaking point when her legs were pulled further apart.

The stretchy material held tight. Tentacle man laughed to himself. He could feel every muscle in this tight little surfers body trying to force her knees together to prevent being fucked.

It was to no avail. He loved when girls tried to fight. It made him hornier. She tried to squirm and turn but he held her spread out by all four limbs. He could rip her apart if he chose to. But he did not.

He came up closer behind her back. He could hear her gargling and choking sounds she made from the combination of sea water and his first large load of warm cum he ejaculated down her throat.

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The little bitch swallowed it all. He was proud of her. Her wet long stringy hair brushed against his face. It smelled good, like strawberries. With his two free normal hands he reached around the front of her and grabbed the side strings of her little bathing suit top. He untied them. The top floated away out to sea.

He grabbed and squeezed those little c cup titties. The red pointy nipples stood out at attention. She screamed as he grabbed a full hand of the breasts and twisted her nipples.

He could feel his tentacles that were thrusting in and out of her pussy and asshole ready to blow a load. They had swelled up to a circumference of eight inches. The veins pulsed and suction cups sucked and kissed. Like a pump he injected potent cum into each orifice for one minute. Each injection raised the poor girl slightly up and made her whine and moan. He made sure he thrust his cock harder and deeper into surfer girls cunt as he ejaculated.

He could feel his dick tip punching the rear wall of her insides.

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This attention caused the poor girl to whine and whimper quietly. The whimpering got progressively louder until he felt her body tighten up and she cried out. The little bitch had an orgasm he thought. He was really potent. That load would give her a baby. He brought her to shore dragging her by her right arm. By now she was exhausted and sore. She was to weak to swim. Her exhausted body pulled like a rag doll. He dragged her from the water up the sand and dropped her on a towel where she had changed.

He covered her sex battered body under a blanket then kissed her lips and licked her salty face. He left her there moaning on the secluded stretch of beach. He changed back into his running clothes and went in search of his next prey. He spotted her pretty quickly. It was a girl running. She was cute and probably eighteen. She was tanned a really nice bronze color.

Her dirty blond hair was in a tight long tight braided ponytail that stuck out of the back of a white peak hat. She wore little runners and white socks that barely poked out above her shoes. As she ran he observed the strong calf muscles in her legs pulsating with every step. Her upper thighs were tight and shapely. He loved how her loose shiny black nylon type shorts with double white stripes down the leg had a small slit up each seam.

They fit her very nicely. The bottom of the shorts had lots of space between each each leg and the soft material to have tentacles creep up. On top she wore a tight white short sleeve under armour top. This top did her justice.

It fit her like skin showing off her large firm breasts and flat belly. A little bit of belly showed between the waist band of her shorts and bottom of the shirt. The girl wore an mp3 player with head phones. Octopus man found the perfect spot to grab her. As she ran towards him he could see she had been running for awhile. Her face and legs glistened with sweat. She was breathing pretty hard also.

Being tired out would be a disadvantage to her fight. Along this section of the beach small cliffs lined the ocean. These cliffs had been worn down and away over the years by relentless waves. Some of the rock had eroded and formed small alcoves or caverns in the cliff walls lined by soft white beach sand. He decided he would pull her into one of these and have his way with her. Her screams could be as loud as she wanted as the waves would drown them out.

As she approached him the poor girl was not even aware. He had been watching her for a minute. He was tucked into an opening in the rock wall. He rubbed his giant natural man cock as she approached.

Pre cum dripped and drizzled from the enormous head. He was going to have even more fun with this one. As she ran by he whipped one of his tentacles out. He made sure no one else on the beach area saw this. It was still pretty deserted. It wrapped around her ankles like a lasso and pulled her towards the eroded opening in the cliff walls. The girl was terrified and bewildered. He could see the look on her face. Face down her hands clawed desperately into the sand looking for something to grab on to.

They just made a long claw as she was dragged effortlessly off of the beach to her doom. Fine sand pushed the bottoms of her shorts up her legs as she was dragged. She screamed. This one was a screamer.


He whipped her into the eroded enclosure and quickly used four of his octopus tentacles to pin her down in the sand on her back. He then straddled her face and started slapping his own cock across it. Pre cum dripped and oozed on her.

Her mps player had fallen off her waist and sank in the sand beside her. The ear pieces were still in. He took those out of her ears and wrapped the wire from them around her neck pulling it tight. He choked her and she turned blue passing out momentarily. As he toyed with her mouth with his gigantic dripping cock he used his four other tentacles to play with her pussy and ass.

All four free tentacles attacked her shorts. They too by now were oozing pre cum. Potent pre cum. These things worked together like a team attacking something. One wrapped up each of her legs and assaulted her pussy by dripping on the outside and rubbing it slowly and methodically. They did not enter an orifice just yet. One went in the rear of her shorts at the waist and started lubing her from her ass crack area to her pussy.

Back and forth they all slipped. The little suction ups also kissing and slurping. The final free one had a mind of its own. It could not behave.

It started rubbing the shiny shorts. The shorts were a light soft silky type fabric. Such thin material covered protected her body from potent cum. It felt great on his tentacle cock. A few rubs was enough. The throbbing tentacle let out a burst of cum.

It was like a tap being turned on. It sprayed everywhere on her front from her moist crotch all the way up her shirt to her face.

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A stream of white warm cum. She tried to turn away to avoid the spray. It splattered her cheek. The tentacles under her shorts had had enough teasing time. The two that slithered up each leg spread apart widely tearing the shorts in half up the double white stripe seams.

Her panties, now soaked from her having a couple mini orgasms were also ripped off. In the tentacles dove fighting for entry. One entered her asshole and burrowed at least two feet in. It was painful. She screamed loudly trying to kick her legs. Her runners legs strained and showed muscles and shape as she tried to wiggle and kick out of the grasp of the tentacles. It was to no avail. The louder she screamed the hornier Octopus man became. Two other tentacles entered and doubled her tight cunt at the same time.

The little suction cups kissed and caressed her clit while the large end cocks fucked her like pistons on a motor. In and out, faster and faster. The harder and faster they pumped the deeper she was pushed down into the soft sand. From each inner thrust she would make an unnnnnnnnhhhhhh cry. Her body tensed up and shook as she had a massive orgasm.

Then she went lifeless. Exhausted. This excitement man Octopus man so he blew his load into her tiny mouth. He jerked her face and lifeless head right onto his cock by pulling her tight ponytail towards him. She started to regain consciousness. Her big blue eyes stared at him in fear and amazement. When he was ready to blow his load he plugged her nose and face fucked her pumping thrust after thrust of hot cum down her throat.

As he did this he smashed his balls relentlessly into her lips. This went on for approximately 30 seconds. The poor girl choked, gagged and coughed. Her eyes rolled up into her head and she passed out momentarily from not breathing. He then pulled his hard veiny rod out from her mouth and wiped it on her sweaty cum covered wet shirt she still wore.

The poor girl came to after gagging and coughing out a lot of cum onto the beach sand beside her.

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He got up and left her there sobbing, crying and impregnated. She was a mess. A combination of sand and cum covered her body. He had still not had enough. He was extremely mad and horny these days.

He walked down the beach towards the main park area. Thousands of people were out now enjoying the sun and water. Bingo. He saw her. Walking to her jeep.

By herself. A perfect victim. This was his cutest girl he had found this year. What a slutty little tease he thought to himself. He watched her and observed many things. She had a round bumble bee type ass that fit perfectly into her light blue colored jean shorts. They were short. They just covered her lower ass cheeks but from the front they stopped just above her pubic bone. The little white front pockets poked out just below where she had torn the legs off.

He could see white bikini strings hanging out from the sides tied in a nice bow.


Her hip bones noticeable. Her ass wiggled up and down like great suspension as she walked in worn out old brown cowboy boots. Weird for the beach he thought . Her top was only an old tattered white t shirt. No bra underneath. Large firm tits stood on their own without the aid of a bra.

He could see they needed attention. An old cowboy hat kept long curly blond hair concealed. Her face and skin was flawless. She looked younger than she was. She had nice white teeth and lips that could suck. She was probably eighteen at the most. He watched her get into her jeep to leave. The top was still on it which would be a great aid in hiding him. The rear windows tinted dark black. As she got in to leave he ran down to the end of the parking lot and pretended to hitchhike.

He knew she would stop and pick him up. He was in his normal stage right now and looked hot. As she pulled out of the parking lot with her music blasting she came upon him.

He obviously looked good to her. She stopped and picked him up. Once inside the jeep they made small talk. He lied and told her he lived in Florida and was here on vacation visiting family. Their drive took them along a desolate stretch of highway. As they did Octopus man transformed and went to work. He was going to have fun with this one. She was the dirtiest little slut of the three today and she would pay for that.

He climbed into the back seat behind her. She inquired hat he was doing. He told her hang on and she would find out. The eight octopus arms burst out. He utilized one on the gas pedal and another on the steering wheel. He had two arms and six tentacles left. With one he wrapped her ankles tightly together and another was used on her wrists. He pulled her wrists over her head and back.

He then reclined the driver seat and continued to drive along the highway. He looked at her from above. What a fucking nice piece of meat he thought. She struggled whimpered and screamed. He turned the music up. The tentacles started to creep. This girl made them drip and ooze a lot more than any other girls he had ever fucked. They slimmed down her shoulders and under the neck line of her tattered t shirt leaving wet trails as they moved. One took each nipple and rubbed and moistened it.

Suction cups clamped and sucked her nipples causing them to harden. Other tentacles slithered down to her shorts. The shorts were old, faded weak and light blue.

The orange threads that held the denim together could easily be ripped apart when the time came. Four frontal buttons protected her pussy. The bottoms were dull and chipped. These shorts had obviously been taken off hundreds of times and dropped wherever.

White frayed pieces of denim material lazily drooped down her tanned thighs. The shorts fit her tightly.

As if painted on. Not messy, but tight. Slutty tight for attention. She was getting it. Now. The tentacles would have a bit of work sliding inside her shorts to her pussy and asshole. Octopus man left her clothes on for now.

He wanted to have some fun and make her cum in her shorts. His cum had a distinct musky smell. A smell you could never get rid of. Manly. Pleasant. This smell was impossible to get rid of. It stayed forever on the girls clothes. Kind of a reminder with their new baby that they had been fucked by this freak of nature. One tentacle acted like a belt and slowly encircled the girl through her little shorts belt loops. It pulled tight and made her gasp. Other tentacles poked and prodded her pockets injecting wet sticky pre cum into them.

As they slithered around they guided themselves between her warm tight crotch adding ooze to the outer denim. The denim shorts would have to come off eventually. All this attention and rubbing was going to make her cum. The poor girl whimpered softly as she had several small orgasms.

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He twisted her head to the side kissing and licking her face. She smelled good. Nice minty breath, smooth salty beach skin.

Soft. Young. Vulnerable. She tried to turn away but he was too strong. He bit her lips drawing a bit of blood. Her mouth tasted good. One tentacle found a slight space between her lower back and denim waist of her shorts. The head teased and prodded this area ejaculating two large cups of cum into the crevice. The cum with the aid of gravity and her curved tight ass dripped down her ass crack and towards her crotch area. The potent cum lubricated her entire crotch. It almost seemed to crawl like it had a mind of its own.

Searching out the pussy. The girl felt the warm cum oozing between her soft hairless legs. She begged not be impregnated. Her begging made him hornier. He loved when girls pleaded with him. That made them receive more. The jeep was turned down a side road and parked in a secluded bush area. He pulled the key out of the ignition and dropped it outside the door. Octopus man wanted to use every appendage he had on this girl.

It was time for another tentacle to blow. This one was like a mad firehose.

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It sprayed all over her shirt and face. For a minute flailing loosely uncontrolled. The interior of her jeep was sprayed with musky white cum. The windows could not be seen through and the steering wheel dripped. He ripped her from the jeep dangling her in the air upside down by her ankles. The force made her cowboy boots fly off. She screamed when she was dangled like this. She tried to fight but to no avail. He flipped her down to the ground quickly smashing her on her back.

The wind was knocked out of her. She lay there motionless. He grabbed her lifeless body and threw her over a large tree that had fallen to the ground.

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He dropped her over it face down with that sweet luscious ass staring up at him. The tree was massive probably 8 feet in diameter. He utilized one tentacle to bind her wrists underneath the tree to her ankles.

He then went to town. With his large hands he pulled the denim shorts off and string bikini bottoms. Cum flew off the denim as it was slipped down her moist legs. Her tattered wet shirt was left on. Tentacles and his two human hands dove everywhere groping, pumping, fucking and squeezing. The poor girl screamed and yelled. Sometimes in pain, other times in pleasure as load after load of warm baby producing cum was pumped into her little body. He loved her ass. As one of his 6 inch circumference cocks thrust into her tight ass her whole body would rub up and down against the tree burning her skin.

The girl came several times. Each time she screamed and shuddered more. Large amounts of cum dripped and poured from her pussy and asshole down her legs.

She just did not have enough internal storage room for his massive loads of baby juice. The poor girl was destroyed after an hour. He released her. She slid off the tree to the ground. Her entire body had cum somewhere on it. He left. The poor girl after an hour crawled over to her wet shorts. She slid them on. Grabbed her boots. She got dressed. She had to clean the windows of her jeep.

She drove off. Sore and crying.