Ebony teen likes neighbors huge dick

Ebony teen likes neighbors huge dick
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"I've left dinner for you in the microwave," Jen smiled as she leaned in to give her son a peck on his cheek. "You know I can manage on my own Mom." Dan smiled. "I do the cooking at Uni and have survived just fine!" "I know sweetie." Jen patted his face lightly. "It's just that a mother loves to look after her son. Now, I'll try not to be late. I hate having to go out like this but I need to update some figures for the marketing proposal tomorrow." "Ah!

Don't bore me with your work Mom, I understand. just go. Go and finish what you have to do. I'll be fine." Dan walked his mother to the car and watched her drive away. Susan glanced into the rear view mirror and smiled as her son waved at her. She raised her hand out of the window as she sped off. Dan was 20, and in second year of University, doing a course in Industrial Design in the state up north.

His parents had divorced two years ago and his father had moved to Asia. His mother lived alone in a small town house and Dan was on his semester break. Dan always wondered why his parents had divorced. His mother was 21 when she had married Jonathon Feston, himself all of 23 years, and Dan had been born just over a year later. They had both seemed like such a loving couple and it certainly wasn't because his mother had 'lost' any of her beauty.

Heck, at 41, Susan Feston nee Carter could pass off as a sprightly 30 year old. Rumour had it that his father had shacked up with a little Asian beauty in his frequent travels. His mother wasn't the kind to belittle or say nasty things about his father and all she ever said was "sometimes there are things that you just can't control." So Dan never really found out.

As soon as the car disappeared over the crescent of the hill, Dan darted back into the house and ran upstairs. He stood waiting at the window for a little while, checking to make sure his mother hadn't forgotten something and had to return. When enough time had passed, he made his way into his mother's room and headed straight for her laundry basket.

Rummaging in her dirty laundry, he found what he was looking for. He fished out two pairs of soiled panties -- one beige cotton highcuts and another black with lace trim. The black panties had smudges of white crust at the crotch area. Dan's cock was rigid with lust as he held his mother's panties in his hand and brought it to his nose. He inhaled deeply, taking in her strong womanly scent. "Ohhh. Mother." he moaned as he pressed the skimpy material to his nose. He jerked his cock into the white panties while sniffing his mother's scent.

His mind filled with lewd images as he imagined his mother in various stages of undress. He jerked harder and as he felt himself about to erupt, he sucked on the white, crusty bits coating the crotch of his mother's panties. "Unnhh.Mommm,," he moaned as his cock spit and throbbed its load into his mothers panties. ** ***** ** Jen looked at the clock on the dashboard as she drove home from office. She had finished amending the figures faster than she expected and it was just past eight-o-clock.

She wondered if Dan had eaten and she hoped he hadn't so she could join him for dinner. It was so nice having someone in the house again. She was glad he was home for the holidays and only wished he didn't have to return to his chosen University, interstate.

He had mentioned that he may look for a transfer to the local University and she hoped he was serious about that. She felt her heart quickening as she thought of Dan. Had she mistaken the look in Dan's eyes as he had walked her out to the car? Had she imagined him trying to look up her skirt as she stepped into the car? And then that downward glance as she adjusted herself into her seat, trying to look down her blouse at her tits.

Had she imagined all that or was her son 'checking her out?' And why did that send shivers of excitement shooting through her. Jen tried to clear her head. Dan couldn't have been doing all those things. He couldn't.

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She was his mother and surely her son wouldn't be harbouring thoughts like that about her. She shook her head as It was illicit. It was taboo. It was wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

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Yes, but it was delicious too. Jen inhaled audibly as the thought crossed her mind. I wonder what his cock looks like. "Stop it." She said aloud to herself. "He's yours son. Just stop it!" But she couldn't deny the fluttering in her stomach. She hardly realised how much she had been thinking of Dan as she almost overshot the turnoff to her home. Shaking her head again, rather firmly this time, as she turned into her lane and a few meters down into her own driveway.

"Just get a grip of yourself." She reminded herself as she walked up to her door. Turning the key, she unlocked the door and let herself in. She suddenly felt tired. "I'm home" she called out. "In the kitchen, Mom." She heard Dan call out. "Just finishing up dinner.

Sorry I didn't wait for you but I was kinda hungry." She walked in just as he finished his sentence and he was seated at the table grinning up at her. "Not to worry dear." Jen replied softly. "I wasn't really hungry anyway." She noticed it again. The Look he gave her. It was done surreptitiously, almost unperceivable. But she detected it.

He was giving her the once over, checking out her wares. His eyes moved to her tits first and then down to her ass and then to her long legs. Jen knew she had lovely legs. Then they ran up to her tits again. Jen felt her nipples hardening and that agonising feeling of butterflies in her stomach. Jen groaned inwardly, silently.

She didn't want to feel this way about her son. She Couldn't feel this way about her son. But its soooo delicious. She hated the way her thoughts were betraying her.

She moved into the kitchen to get a drink and as she passed Dan, she glanced downward. He was wearing a loose pair of shorts and she silently wondered what he was hiding beneath his shorts. She poured herself a glass of milk and leaned against the cupboards.

"You look kinda tired Mom." Dan looked up at her as he mopped up the sauce on his plate with a chunk of bread.

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"I am." Jen replied. "Dunno why but I'm feeling kind of tired. Maybe I just need a shower." Her breath caught in her chest and her heart skipped a beat as Dan moved his legs and began to get up. He wasn't wearing anything under his loose shorts and as he opened his legs, she caught a glimpse of his cock.

It was thick and long -- even in its relaxed stage. Hell! I wonder where he got that from! Certainly not from his father! "I-I'm going to take a shower." Jen said quickly, wanting to take her mind off the cock that she had just seen.

"Wait." Dan stopped her. "Why don't I give you a massage before you shower. Remember I told you I took some physio classes as part of Football training?" "Uhh. I-I don't know." Jen mumbled.

"Maybe I'll jus go shower." "Aww come on Mom." Dan protested. "It's just a massage. It's not as if I'm gonna." He didn't finish the sentence and looked at Jen sheepishly.

"What?" Jen demanded, her voice raising. "What were you gonna say? It's not as if you're gonna what?" "N-nothing. Nothing." Dan mumbled, looking down at the floor. "I just offered to give you a massage, that's all.

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You seemed kind tired and I thought it would relax you. That's all." Jen suddenly began to feel very badly about how she had reacted. She looked at Dan seemingly sulking and she walked up to him. She placed her hand under his chin and lifted it up. "I'm sorry I over-reacted." She smiled into his eyes.

"A massage may be just what I need. Come one." She offered him her hand and pulled him up and then led him up the stairs. "You know, I've never had a 'professional' massage before." Jen teased her son. "Aww Mom.

I'm not a pro. I told you I just took some classes." "Ok then. A semi-pro." Jen laughed. "I've never been given a massage by someone that's taken classes." They both laughed as Jen sat on the bed, her Son standing and looking down at her. Looking at her again with The Look. "So. what do I do? How does this work?" Jen asked, in all sincerity. "Well, it would help if you took off your clothes." Dan ventured. "I can't undress for you!" Jen protested, somewhat weekly.

So delicious! Why did she keep thinking that? Dan didn't miss that she said 'cant' and not 'wont' "I don't mean naked Mom" Dan said softly, although wishing that he could see his mother naked. "But you really cant wear a dress for a massage." Jen sighed and went into the bathroom. She pulled off her summer frock and looked at herself in the mirror.

At 41, she still had a hot body and aside from the tiny swell of fat around her stomach, she could put a lot of much younger women to shame. Jen wrapped a towel around her black lacy bra and white lace panties and then looked at herself again in the mirror. She wasn't quite sure why she was doing this but she was. She kept telling herself that it was just a massage anyway.

Nothing wrong with that. She walked back into the bedroom and found that Dan had draped another towel over the bed. "Lie down Mom." Dan said as he opened a bottle of massage oil. Jen loosened the towel around her and lay face down on the towel covered bed. She felt Dan pull the towel that was covering her and then spread it again over her.

He then pulled the towel down slightly, just enough to expose her shoulders. He applied some oil and began to massage her. "See? You're all tense here." Dan explained. "I can feel the knots in your shoulders." Jen had to admit that Dan's hands felt very good.

He was getting at the knots and loosening her muscles. She couldn't speak as she was face down with her head buried in the pillow, so she just grunted. He worked his way around her shoulders and then lower down. He deftly unhooked Jen's bra and she didn't protest at all.

His hands were easing her tired muscles and anyway, all he could see was her back.

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His hands continued to work their magic on her aching muscles and she felt more relaxed than she had in a long time. She felt the towel shifting and draping her upper body, exposing her ass and legs.

"You're beautiful Mom." Dan gasped.

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His cock was hard as he stared at her lace covered ass. His hands squeezed her ass lightly and then moved to spread her legs. He started to massage her thighs and Jen moaned softly. Without his mother's knowledge, he bent his face down between her ass cheeks and inhaled deeply. He could smell her strong womanly scent which only served to arouse the young boy even more.

His fingers dug into her taught thighs and Jen responded by lifting her ass upwards. Dan lightly brushed his fingers along the thighs and Jen continued her soft moaning. She could feel tingles shooting within her and she knew she shouldn't be allowing herself to feel this but it was just too wonderful. Dan moved his hands lower and massaged her calves and then her took both her feet in his hands, massaging them strongly.

Jen lifted her face, buried in the pillow, and turned her head to one side. "Ooohh. that's nice." she cooed. "Your hands are so strong." Jen had always liked her feet massaged and it never failed to send strong pulses of pleasure shooting to her pussy. She ground her pussy mound into the bed as she felt her pussy starting to leek out its juices. Dan continued to massage her feet and then slowly ran his hands lightly up and down her legs. He spread his mother's legs wider and glanced down at her crotch again.

There was a dark spot of dampness at the crotch of her panties and Dan groaned with desire. He pulled her panties down slightly, exposing the crack of her ass and waited to see if there was any hint of protest from his Mother. She didn't do anything and he started to knead her ass cheeks through the skimpy material of her panties.

Jen was in turmoil. Her cunt was boiling and she so badly wanted more but she couldn't. This was her son!


But still, it was her son who was making her feel this way and no matter what, she couldn't fight the feelings welling up inside her. Dan went back to working at her feet, realising that his mother loved her feet massaged. His cock was throbbing hotly in his pants and he could feel his thighs wet with his pre-cum. He lifted one foot and with his other hand massaging her ass, he sucked her toes into his mouth.

Jen gasped with delight as she felt his tongue swirl against her toes. Another jolt of excitement went straight to her pussy and she moaned loudly. "Wh-what are you doing?" she gasped again as his mouth sucked on her toes and his tongue caressed each digit.

"Shhh. as long as you're enjoying it don't ask so many questions." Dan's voice was thick with lust. His mouth moved to the other foot and applied the same technique, sucking on her toes and twirling his tongue around each digit.

Then both hands were back on her thighs, massaging them strongly and slowly moving higher till it reached the vee of her thighs. Her scent was thick in the air now and Dan slowly started to massage her just on the periphery of her vulva. Jen lifted her ass to offer him easier access and Dan took this opportunity to pull her panties down.

I have to stop this! I have to stop this while I can! Ohhh but its soo delicious. There it was again. Her mind telling her it was delicious. She was almost beyond caring now, just wanting to see how far it would go. She kept her ass risen and Dan took this as consent to pull her panties down fully, exposing her completely.

Jen used her feet to peel the panties down and off one leg, her ass still raised slightly off the bed. Dan stared at her pussy and could see how wet his mother was.

He leaned forward and inhaled deeply of the scent emanating from her. He could see white cream seeping out of her fuck hole. Dan stuck his tongue out and ran it upward along her slit right up to her puckered anus. "Ooohhh God!" Your licking me!" Jen cried out, with a sharp intake if breath. Dan jerked his head upward, unsure if his mother was chastising him. "Oh please! Don't stop!" Jen pleaded. She had passed the point of caring who was making her feel so horny.

She needed to be fulfilled and she needed it back. Somehow, the fact that it was her son just made her feel all the more needful.

"Go on! Lick mother's cunt!!" Dan didn't need to be encouraged further. He spread her thighs wide and buried his face between her tight ass cheeks.

He stuck his tongue into his mother's cunt and licked at the thick cream covering the entrance to her fuck hole. Slowly he licked up and down her slit and then focused on the bud of her clitoris. Jen's thighs quivered with delight and she thrust back at his lapping tongue.

His mouth worked harder on her throbbing pussy. Jen's hands grasped the bed sheets and with a sudden cry her whole body shuddered. "Ohhh yesss.! I'm cumming.ohhhh baby.!!" Dan kept his mouth fastened on to her spasming pussy and sucked strongly at the juices leaking out of his mother.

Her ass collapsed back on to the bed, her breath coming in deep gasps.


Jen rolled over and looked up at her son, his face wet with her juices. She smiled up wantonly at him. She was filled with even more yearning now and no longer cared that her son had just brought her to orgasm. On the contrary, it felt even more special. Her own son had made her come and it felt wonderful. She loved her son so much and now that love seemed so much stronger. Dan looked at his mother in all her naked glory.

Her breasts were full with long nipples and a large, dark areola. His eyes travelled down to the pussy he had just eaten and it was covered thickly with hair. His cock was stiff and throbbing of its own accord. Jen stared hungrily at her son's large cock. She wanted him more than ever now.

"I want your cock baby." Jen cooed. "Mommy wants your big cock" "Oh Mom!" Dan groaned with lust. "Mom, you are so sexy.If I tell you something will you promise not to get mad?" "Tell me." Jen moaned.

"Promise me you wont get mad." Dan persisted. "Promise me, Mom." "I promise." "I've dreamt about you for so long Mom. I've been sniffing your panties and jerking into them Mom.

Pretending I've been fucking you." Dan said softly. "And. and sometimes when I'm fucking other girls, I think of you.

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Don't be mad" "Oh honey, that's really sweet!" Jen said, her heart filling with even more love for her son. She sat up on the bed and reached out for her son. She wrapped her arms around his body and pulled him closer. "You've got Mommy now, you don't need my panties." She hugged him warmly, feeling new emotions for her son and even more tingles went coursing through her. Jen felt his hard knob poking her in her midriff and her hand came round to caress his balls.

"Would you like to fuck Mommy now or would you prefer Mommy's mouth on your cock darling?" "Oh Mom!" Dan moaned. "I want all of you Mom. I wish I had two cocks all at once." "Come and fuck me baby." Jen cooed as she lay back at raised her legs, spreading them open as she did so.


"Come and fuck your hard cock in Mommy's cunt." Dan placed his throbbing cock head at the mouth of her pussy and slowly pushed himself in.

He luxuriated in the warm wetness of his mother's cunt and his cock throbbed hotly. With one hard thrust he slammed his prick deep into his mother's cunt. Jen uttered a little cry. He couldn't tell if she was whimpering in pain or pleasure. She arched her back and raised her lovely ass up off the bed. "I didn't hurt you did I Mom?" Dan asked worriedly. "You're just so big baby!" Jen moaned.

"It feels so good in me." Dan bucked his lean young ass hard and fast, driving his swollen prick in and out of her like a piston. He fucked his mother hard, enjoying her grunts as he speared her deeply. He could hear the wet slurping sounds his cock made as it rammed in and out between her writhing legs.

He also loved the moans and cries of pleasure that escaped his mother's trembling lips. "Oh, God yes! Fuck me harder! Faster! Deeper! I want it all! More Dan, darling! All the way up my fucking hot cunt! Fuck me!

Fuck your mother!" Jen could feel her son's cum-filled balls slapping against her crotch as he fucked her with youthful vigor. Her entire being was consumed by passion and love. She felt as hot as a furnace now. Jen could feel the first signs of her orgasm building within her. She knew that Dan, too, had to be getting close to busting his balls. "You're about to spunk into me, aren't you, Darling?" she asked tensely, in between her moans.

"Yeah, Mom! Yeah! I'm gonna fill your cunt with my cream!" "Yes, darling! Do it! Fill my hot cunt with your juices! Fill mother's cunt darling.!" "I'm cumming, Mom! I'm gonna shoot! Oh, shit! I'm comin' in your pussy Mother.!!

Unnhhhhhh!" Dan growled, his balls exploding and pouring his seed deep into his mothers cunt. Jen's cunt sucked and squeezed the cock that was deep inside her, squeezing as if to draw the cum right out of his balls.

His cock jerked like a jackhammer in her sucking pussy for a moment or two. The hot cum splashing inside her set off her own orgasm. "Oh, Dan! Yessss. I'm coming, darling! You're making me come, lover! Your hot cum is shooting up deep inside me! It feels so wonderful! Oh, God, yes! Yessssss! I'm coming!

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I'm commmmmminnnngggggg!" she cried as her orgasm tore through her like a tornado. They began rocking back and forth together. Their bodies were joined together, not just physically, but joined in the love of mother and son. They held each other tightly, abandoning themselves to the pleasures that their wild fuck had brought them. Jen shuddered as Dan pulled his cock out of her. She could feel his cum dribbling down her thighs and she sighed happily.

She looked up at Dan who smiled at her warmly. His fingers brushed against her breasts and squeezed them lightly. "I can't get enough of you Mom." "Just come and lie with me." Jen cooed, her body tingling warmly.

"There's plenty of time to fuck again later." "I love you Mom." Dan cooed as he snuggled up to his Mother. "I love you too darling." The eNd