Blonde milf helps him jackoff

Blonde milf helps him jackoff
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Friday evening and Alice was asked to put on the red dress. She loved wearing that, it was hugging her slender body like it was tailor made, and with the two zippers in front her Master could open it up, both from the bottom and from the top.

Just putting it on made her feel good since he always had plans when he asked her to wear it. She attached the collar and the leather cuffs and did take a look at herself in the mirror.

With the matching red shoes she though she looked sexy. Alice did go downstairs where her Master was waiting for her. He attached the cuffs together behind her back. "You really look sexy tonight and when I look at you I want you all for myself.

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However, I though we should try something new today. I want you to see how slutty you really are" Alice had no idea what he talked about, but she liked it that there should be more then just her Master there.

It had been almost a week since she got anything and she wanted it badly now. Of course, she loved being a slut, so that shouldn't be any problem at all. He asked her to turn around and felt something being put on her head. It was made of plastic or something and it covered her eyes. She couldn't see anything with those things on. Not that she minded being blindfolded, it just gave her more freedom.

She heard a click and suddenly she saw that it was some tiny screens in front of her eyes.


She recognized the living room. The picture moved and now she saw herself standing there. "This is a new gadget I got today and I think it will be nice for you to see how you are from the viewpoint the rest of us have. Just to make you feel even more distant you will be lucky enough to hear music and nothing else.

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And another thing, just to check if you really are watching I will from time to time hold up my hand in front of the camera and you will tell us how many fingers I'm holding out.

Use too long time or fail to do so will, well, you know." She knew. Her Master what not in to pain, but he loved stopping her in the middle of the action just as a punishment. She hated that, and with this she had no doubts that she would be allowed to watch, but nothing else. He put a headset on her and she could hear the music playing. The music got interrupted by her Masters voice asking her if she could hear it.

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She confirmed that she could do so. "Good, time to let our guests come in then" The camera was turned towards the door, but it was hold low.

Alice could see the door opened up and people coming in. She could only see them from the waist and down, so she couldn't recognize any of them. She though it was three guys and one girl, but it was hard to say. Someone was close to her and let a hand glide over her body and pinched her ass. She wanted to know how it was, but it didn't help to turn her head. It was her Master deciding what she saw now.

"Three" she said as her Master held his hand in front of the camera. It turned towards her now and zoomed in on the hand which did explore her body. She felt like she was watching someone else. Of course she felt the hand, but her brain didn't connect those two different sensations together and trusted her eyes more than her body.

More hands joined, but the camera was so zoomed in that it could only follow one at a time, slowly moving between them. Now the camera moved down and she could see someone had moved the bottom zipper all the way up to her waist. She hadn't noticed it, she had been too busy watching the hands. She had to constantly fight her brain. There where short moments she even got jealous, she should have been the girl, not that stranger. Other times she though she wanted to see more action and wished they would just start fucking the girl.

Of course, it lasted just a moment before she told herself that it was her on the screen, not some strange, sexy woman. Having this dual sensation of both being a watcher and being humiliated turned her so much on she hardly manage to be standing still.

When the camera followed a hand with red nail polish that started playing with her clitoris she had her first orgasm. She had no idea how she could have cum that fast, it usually required quite a bit more work. Maybe watching herself like this made her mind not care.

It more or less though she was another woman anyway. The camera moved slowly up again and she noticed that the top zipper was pulled down too. The entire front side of her body was exposed to everybody.

She felt the warmth from the hands playing with her body for the first time. It could probably been going on for some time, but her mind followed the camera. Alice though that this was so cruel of her Master, and she loved it. The experience was like nothing she ever had. The camera moved again and she could see another girl now, or the body of another girl.

She was only wearing stocking and suspenders. It was a beautiful body, and Alice though she knew her. Of course it was hard to know for sure since the face was above the camera, but the long, black her over her shoulders made Alice pretty sure. She had spend quite a few hours with this woman, whom also was a sub. The woman came over to her and the music in the headset was interrupted by her Masters voice commanding her to spread her legs.

She had no objections to that, she was so horny now that she would do anything.


The music continued. Her master, or whoever was holding the camera moved behind the other girl and Alice could see her kneeling down in front of her. Just when she felt the first kiss on her body the camera moved again, and zooming in on her mouth.

She felt the other girls tongue finds it way toward the clitoris and all she could see was that she slowly opened up her mouth and started breathing heavier. Alice had nothing against seeing a woman doing just that, but she wanted to watch what was going on around her other pair of lips.

"One" did Alice say. She couldn't hear it herself, but she was sure her voice was trembling. She felt a vibration sensation down there, and now more than ever she wanted to watch.

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She had of course seen this before, but then it was just a recording. Now she would be able to watch it live, but her Master had other plans. The vibrator did slide in easily. Alice was so wet and horny now that anything could probably slide into her. Her mouth was wide open, and she felt like she was moaning but she couldn't hear it. She knew she probably was, and loud.

Very loud, she was again nearing an orgasm and when her ears couldn't tell her if she was being too loud she probably was. The camera zoomed out and then the orgasm hit her like a punch and if it wasn't for the other people standing around her she would have collapsed on the floor. She watched this slut on the screen having the time of her life.

It was really a slut standing there with people around her having an orgasm like that. She was really a slut she had to correct her mind. Someone removed the cuffs and she could watch herself getting guided towards the table.

She was then shown to lay down on it on her back. Alice knew what they expected her to do. It wasn't the first time she was ordered to satisfy herself on that table with people sitting around her watching. It was however the first time she would be one of them watching too. She observed herself sliding the vibrator in. It was so humiliating to get a close up view of that, and even more when she discovered her other hand was already playing with her own clitoris.

Her mind did disconnect her from the body lying there and the scene just turned sexy. Not that she minded being humiliated, it was rather to opposite. But watching this woman satisfying herself was so sexy. The camera slowly panned up and there was the woman with black her again. She was kissing her nipple. Again she couldn't see her face because of her hair, but the deep red lipstick on her lips var clearly visible.

There where other hands there too, but it was the woman who got most of the screen-time. Someone did take up a bottle of chocolate syrup and let a few drops hit her body.

The dark hairded girl moved after and licked it up. It was like watching the girl got ordered to move around Alices body. The camera was following and zoomed pretty close on each drop. Alice was still satisfying herself, but her mind followed the other girls actions. One drop hit her lips and Alice wanted to lick it away herself, but managed to restrain herself from doing it.

She wanted to feel the other girls tongue and lips more than anything now. And she was rewarded. First the tongue touched her lips gently, first where the drop was, then the rest of her lips. Soon the girls where kissing each other.

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Alice could see the black hair mixed with her own red hair. Finally did the other girl move her hair to the other side and it was the girl she had suspected all the time. Alice watched as Cathy did get on the table at the same time as they did kiss and did slide over her.

Cathy looked towards the camera, smiled to it and got back to kissing her. "Isn't it a bit selfish to use both your hands on yourself" she heard in the headset. Of course it was, so Alice moved her one hand towards Cathy. The camera moved down and Alice could see one of her hands slowly fucking herself with the vibrator while the other one was already pushing a finger into Cathy's pussy. "Four" Her master was making sure she watched everything.

Cathy stopped kissing her and Alice tried to move her head up a bit to keep on doing it, but there where no waiting lips. Instead she watched herself, or someone, finger fuck Cathy. The camera didn't show what was going on further up. It frustrated Alice quite a bit, because she knew something was going on. Whatever it was, it was going on for some time.

Finally the camera moved up again and Alice could see her own face. Cathy's face showed up and stopped about two inches above her own face. She opened up her mouth and Alice could see the white fluid slowly pouring out of Cathy's mouth. Lucky bitch did Alice think for herself as she opened up her own mouth to catch every single drop of semen.

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Alice did the mistake of closing her eyes as she tasted on the fluid and she never noticed her Masters hand. "Too long" she heard. Cathy got up from the table and Cathy felt someone pull out the vibrator from her. Her hands where lifted up above her head and tied to the top of the table. "Seems like you are a bit tired, so we will give you a break for some time" her Masters voice announced, "but keep watching, otherwise you will get nothing more tonight.

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We will of course make sure you get a bit attention, but not enough" The camera was moved a bit around, and suddenly Alice saw why. On the tiny screen her Master was showing up. First only his face and he was smiling.

Then it panned down and she could see Cathy sucking him. Alice had to watch Cathy getting all the fun. From time to time someone played with Alice, but Cathy was on the screen all the time. The only time Alice could even see herself was when Cathy was standing above her bending forward while being fucked by someone from behind. Well, not someone, seems like every guy there was fucking her.

They all came inside of her and when the next man pushed his dick in her some of the semen got pushed out and landed on her belly. Sure Alice was jealous, but at the same time she got turned on by the show she was forced to watch. If only someone could fuck her, she wanted to feel a dick inside of her so badly now. She didn't care what hole it was, any will do. Finally her punishment was over and Cathy was nice enough to get over her again and lick up the semen that had now turned a bit cold.

She moved down between her legs and used her tongue until Alice again exploded in a new orgasm.

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Cathy moved up, lifted the headset away from her ear for a short while "Do you get that horny watching your Master fuck me? What a whore you are" Cathy teased her with and again Alice was left to the sound of music. She answered her "Yes, I am", or so she thought she did. Alice got released and she felt someones hands around her head.

She could see on the screens a dick closing her mouth. "I missed that so much" she thought to herself as she opened up her mouth and welcomed it with her tongue. She watched herself being fucked in any way for what seemed like ages. Or was it another woman she was watching being abused like that.

At one time whoever did handle the camera moved outside on the lawn and she could see herself being fucked through the window, like some stalker would watch see it. Alice imagined that there was a lot of people watching her like that and that alone made her cum. Yes, she could now she what a slut she was, and she loved it. The evening did come to an end and Alice was exhausted, very happy, but exhausted.

"Thank you Master, we need to do that again" was all she manage to say before she did fall asleep on the couch.