Blonde MILF Selah Rain Takes Cock Deep In Her Ass

Blonde MILF Selah Rain Takes Cock Deep In Her Ass
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The next couple of weeks were back to normal between me and my mom after she had given me a blowjob after my shower. We didnt talk or mention anything about it after it had happened. It stayed like our normal relationhship between mother and son and nothing felt awkward while we were around each other.

Every now and then i could tell she was trying to tease me or give me signs by not wearing a bra or panties under her clothes all the time or wearing really short shorts that showed her ass cheeks through the bottom of them and most of the time just wearing her panties and a t-shirt at night. But anything she did was sexy to me and she knew i got turned on by it.

One night we had finished eating dinner and i was sitting in the living room watching a movie while my mom was cleaning up the kitchen. I was about 20 minutes into the movie when my mom finished cleaning and came to the living to sit down and watch some tv. She sat on the opposite side of the couch playing on her phone and poccasionally glancing at the tv.

10 minutes later there was a part of the movie where this girl started giving a guy a lap dance. Some slow music was playing on the movie while the girl was dancing and stripping for this guy. The scene started off with the girl was grinding her ass all over the guys lap.

My mom had glanced at the tv while it was showing a close up of the girls ass. "What are you watching?" My mom said to me as she was looking at me and watching the tv. "I dont know mom, its just a part of the movie i guess." "I bet you would love to be that guy right now wouldnt you?" She asked with a smerk.

"Prolly be nice right about now though," grinning back at my mom. "So whens the last time you got a lap dance from someone?" "Ummmm i never really have mom, I dont know why." "Really!? You can tell your mom anything, you should already know that by now." By this time the girl in the movie was down to her panties and feeling all over her tits and pussy while the guy sat back in his chair.

I was trying not to think about the movie scene to much but i couldnt help it and i started to get a bit turned on watching it and having my mom sitting there watching it too.

My dick was starting to get a bit stiffer the more i watched the tv. "So you've never had a lap dance before honestly?" "No mom i havent, its not the big a deal." "Well would you want one?" She asked. "Of coarse i would but i cant even walk by myself so how would i get to the strip club right now." Smiling as i answered back joking.

Without saying anything she got off the couch and pulled the coffee table back a little bit. My mom was wearing some really sexy pink booty shorts the said love on the back of them and a white tanktop that showed just a little bit of her sexy stomach. "What are you doing mom?" I asked as she pulled the table back. "Just lay back and relax baby." Before i could say anything back she straddled me slowly and lowered her lips toward my neck.

The closer she got the more i felt the chills as her breath caught the side of my neck right before her lips made contact. I couldnt even think or move as my mind was racing with lust and getting my first lap dance from my own mother! Her moist and warm lips moved up and down my neck and i could feel her pelvis grinding right above my almost fully erect dick.

After the teasing had stopped for a couple seconds my mom stood up and turned around to where her back was facing me. She was still glancing up at the tv and moving her sexy body to the music that was still on the scene of the movie.

She reached down and put both her thumbs on each side if her waist band and slowly pulled down her shorts revealing the most amazing, rounded ass i have ever seen.

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Under her shorts were a white a black lace see through thong. She was fully bent over with her ass a foot away from me. It was sooooo perfect and round and i could just make out the shape and slit of her amazing pussy. "Damn mom!

You really do have the most amazing ass i've ever seen in my life!" Still not saying anything to me she turned and faced me giving me the most sexy looks a guy can get from a woman.

As she's bitting her lip and staring at me she straddles me again this time with just her panties and a tanktop on.


Now shes grinding on me a little bit harder and now im as hard as i could ever get. I can feel her every move through my dick and it was incredable. "Mmmmmm baby your dick is so hard right now i can feel it against my pussy." My mom whispers to me. She reaches down and starts rubbing the outline of my dick through my basketball shorts.

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As she moves back and forth on my lap she starts pulling her tanktop over her head. It was only seconds when all she had left were her panties.

She grabs my hands and places them on each side of her ass cheeks. I couldnt help but squeze and caress her ass while she was playing and squeezing her tits an inch from my face. I cant help but to feel my dick tingle like im a out to cum from everything going. "Shit mom!" Cant help but letting out a hard moan and 2 words before i knew i was about to cumm sooooo much through my clothes. Like a 6th sence my mom slowly raises up like she knew i was about to cum already and starts kissing and rubbing down my chest and stomach.

Her fingers slip into both sides of my shorts and she slowly begins to pull them off me. I was sooo close to cumming but i knew i had to hold out for as long as i could. Inch by inch more and more of my dick was revealing to my mom as she kissed down my thighs slowly pulling everything off me. Finally the waist band clears the head of dick and it was so relieving for my dick to be loose and out my boxers. As my dick sprung from my boxers it came back and slapped my stomach and made the hardest sound ive heard.

My moms eyes lit up staring at my dick while throwing my boxers and shorts to the side. "OMG baby, i missed your dick and it looks even bigger than the last time!" "I think my dick missed you more if you cant tell by now." Smiling back at her.

My mom moved her hands back up my thighs slowly til she reached my balls and the base of my dick. She worked her way up until she was touching the head of if. Slowly she moves her hands up and down jacking me soft and slow while she kisses up my dick.

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The sensation was overwhelming by the time her mouth got the head of dick and all in one move i feel her wett, warm mouth take down half my dick. While she was givind me head i see her move one hand down toward her pussy and start rubbing her dripping slit. Her other hand was still moving on my dick with she was sucking me at the same time. "Fuuuuckkk mommm!

Your soooo amazing!" My mom stands up and leans towards me and puts her lips and tongue on my lips. I start kissing her back and it was just sooo passionate i couldnt believe it.

"Mom im not gonna be able last much longer i need to cummm sooo baddddd!" As i break our kiss. "Well i guess theres only one way to fix that babe?" "And whats that mom?" My mom stands up and grabs the bottom of her panties that cover her pussy and pull them to side showing me her super wett pussy. "Look how wett you and your dick get me baby." She reaches and grabs my hand and pulls if toward her pussy for me to feel how wett she was.

"Holly shit mom, how does your pussy even get that wett?" She moves my hand and takes me stick 2 fingers in her. My fingers slid inside her so easy it was beyond believe. She pulls my hand back and brings my fingers to her mouth and starts sucking and licking her juices off my fingers.

"You like the way your pussy taste mom?" "I bet it would taste even better if mama licked and sucked her pussy juices from your dick?" I froze and i couldnt even say anything back to her as she smiled and straddled me for the last time. "You wanna fuck your moms tight wett pussy baby! You wanna make your mama cummm all over that big dick while i ride it!?" I couldnt take it anymore.

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I put my hands back on her ass while she grabbed my dick and started rubbing it all around her pussy getting it lubed up with her juices ready for it to be deep inside her. She placed my dick right at entrance of her pussy and looked at me and gave me the biggest, deepest, wettest kiss we've ever had.

She slams her pussy down taking all 8 inches of my thick cock.

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The pain and amazing feeling of it broke our kiss into a long hard deep breath. "Ohhhh fffcuuckkk BBaabbbyyy!!!


Your sooo deep inside mamas pussyyyy!!! Ohhh fuckkk thisss pussy baby!! As my mom yells out out of breath. It was unbelievable feeling being that deep inside my mom and i knew it wasnt gonna be long before i shoot the biggest load of cumm i've ever shot.

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I started sucking on her tits and kissing her neck while my hands worked her bouncing ass. "Fuck mommm! Take all my dick! Take as much as u can! Gawd your pussy is soo wett and tight i cant take much more or im gonna cummm soon!" Just as i said that my dick slides out of my mom and she hops up and gets inbetween my legs and trys to deep throat as much as she can take in her mouth.

She bobs her head as fast as she move then all of a sudden jumps back on top of me and burries my dick all the way inside her pussy again. That was enough to put me over the edge. My mouth was wide open moaning as i couldnt even get out a word right before this intense cumm is about to errupt.

"Baby dont stop fucking MAMAS PUSSY right now cause ur gonna feel mamas orgasm!!" "Fuckkkkkkk Ssssooonnnn immmm cummmminggg NNNoowwwwww!!

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Right NOW allll overrrr thissss DICK! Aaaahhhhh shhhittttt babyyyyy!! As my mom starts to cummm i tense up and grab my moms ass as hard as i can grip it and unload rope after rope of cummm inside her pussy. Im halfway between my orgasm and she feels me cumming inside her so she raises up and i shoot another rope of cum that hits her stomach and outside of her pussy.

She gets down on her knees and sucks me as fast and hard as she can while i continue to cummm in her mouth. I finally start to come down from the craziest orgasm we have ever felt. She pulls my dick from her mouth and shows me the cum by opening it and swallows it down.

Her legs are sooo shakey when she tries to stand back up and collapses right back down on top of me. There was cumming still dripping from her pussy down her thighs and on the floor. More cumm was all over her stomach and pussy. We looked at each other out of breath and smiled and just layed there on the couch till we fell asleep.