Fit Latina hottie banging in the rain

Fit Latina hottie banging in the rain
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Granted, in high school I was anything but innocent. Hell, I've had sex with many guys. Call me a whore, slut, whatever, I just like sex! I've been told I am very attractive but I would say that I'm not much more than the average girl.

I'm not busted, not loose as a worn out rubber band, and I don't fuck for money. I pride myself in knowing how to use my body to the peak of its abilities. This time it sorta got me in a little bit of trouble. I hadn't given too much thought to graduation other than it coming and going.

College was already planned for the local community college just a couple miles down the road. But as far as graduation itself, I wasn't too excited one way or the other. I knew the parties were gonna go on through the night and among everything else, drinking, sex, drugs, and god only knows what else.

The ceremony was coming up and going to be held at the high school auditorium. That works fine for the small class of 194 students. Finally the day of the ceremony came and everyone was nervous.


I had been with Josh Hammersly all morning just talking about a little bit of everything. Of course a little flirting to ease both our nerves, but hey, how can you blame me? He's such the cutie and strong too. MMMMMM I could have so many fantasies with him involved.

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Anyways, back to the story. When you walk into the main doors to the school you enter the lobby and to the left is a hallway and to the right is the auditorium and straight ahead is a hallway that goes up and to the right. That hallway that goes to the right goes right beside the auditorium and the back door to the auditorium is in that hall as well as the cafeteria at the end and the band room.

The whole graduating class was supposed to be waiting in the cafeteria at 9 and graduation started at promptly 11.

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Josh and I sat there in the cafeteria, both extremely early and they already crossed our names off of the list. Neither of us wanted to sit around in there either, especially being like 60 degrees because of the huge A/C units.

We decided to take a walk since we had plenty of time and already checked in. So, down we walked though the hallways, talking, but mainly still flirting. I was freezing still and I was wearing a sun dress and then my graduation gown over top of that.

All the way down the far hall to the shop class at the back door we went. At the shop class door I stopped him and wrapped my arms around him and looked up at him.

I went to push him gradually back into the shop class door and it wasn't closed all the way so we both stumbled backwards. We fell, me on top of him, not too hard but unexpected still.

We laughed and I looked down and kissed him softly. "Ya know, we've got time to do somethin' if you're interested," I said to him. That's all it took for him to look out the door to check for people and then close it and lock it. In the shop class you first enter the classroom and then go through another door to the left to go into the shop part. You can see between the shop and the classroom because of the big glass windows, that way a teacher can watch without actually being out there.

Out we went into the shop where there are two big square tables with power tools spread out everywhere. He closed the door behind us and picked me up and sat me on the table and started making out with me. I was getting so horny it was almost unbearable.

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I started to rub myself through my gown at first but then I realize that it just wasn't quite enough. I hiked up the gown and the sun dress in the front and rubbed through my yellow underwear. The more I rubbed the wetter they got and soon were soaked.

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"God, I'm almost dripping! Pull it out and let me see it!" I said to him.


Definately not more than 6 inches long but good and thick. The sight of it got me that much more arroused. I wanted that to stretch me out and penetrate deep. I got down off the table and onto my knees. As I looked up at his cock my mouth began to water. I licked from his nut sack all the way up to the tip of his dick and swirled it with my tongue before taking half of it in my mouth and bobbing lightly.

I continued to go further down until I had to deepthroat it. It gagged me, but eventually I got it all in my mouth down to his balls. He grabbed the back of my head and throat fucked me for a few seconds while I played with his nuts. I pulled off of his penis and stood up. "If you don't put it inside me now then I'm gonna go crazy!" "OK Katie, just turn around." So I turned around and he bent me over the table that I he first sat me on and spread my legs. I felt him hike my gown and dress up my back and my breasts were hanging down, barely touching the table and popping loose from the pushup bra I had on.

Suddenly he put his mouth right in my crotch and tasted me. "Ooooohhhh!!! Aaaaaahhhh! Mmmmmmm." was all I could get out. "Damn girl, you taste good!" "Ok, now quit messin' around and fuck me Josh." Then I felt it at my little pink hole, his rock hard penis. He adjusted it just a little bit and eased it in just past the head. I caught my breath and swallowed hard as he pushed into me a little bit at a time. Deeper and deeper until half was in. He backed out to the head and pushed just a little bit deeper each time until he submerged it in my hole, balls deep.

It stretched me out so good. I hadn't had any in a while so this was getting me very close to orgasm already. He moved in and out slowly still for just a few more times and there it was in all its glory, an orgasm.

I was squirming around and tightening up my grip on that table vice. My little cunt screamed for more and he had just gotten started. Oh how good it felt to have him inside me as he began to find a rythym that slowly increased in speed. Over and over he pulled completely out of me and slammed back in. "Katie, do you just want me to pull out?" I could barely get out what I was trying to say, so in between thrusts I managed, "No. I'm.

on the. pill. You can. cum in.side me." Onward he went with a more vigorous repitition. Nearing a second orgasm, he put one hand on my right breast and the other around to rub around my pubic area. Still being pounded, the second orgasm came with much more intensity than the first. My whole body tensed up and I shivered, it felt so good. It wasn't much longer until he grabbed my ass and squeezed.

In doing so he thrust in balls deep again and started spurting his love juice in me. The heat of a mans sperm inside you is an amazing feeling. Before anything could come out, I slipped my panties back up, still soaked from before and fixed myself and turned to go back into the classroom when there on the other side of the glass windows was the janitor. I freaked and he opened the door and walked our way.


"Nice show ya put on there." he said standing there with a hard on so obvious to both of us. "We.we were just leaving" Josh said. Then he looks at both of us and says that he's going to take us and have us turned into the pricipal for it. Oh great, on graduation day, why today of all days. So I begin to beg him not to but he was set in his ways. "I'll fix that flag pole that you're sporting if you don't tell!

Just please," I was getting upset. He seemed hesitant, but reached for his zipper and said, "and he's gotta stand here and watch." "Fine, just don't say anything" Josh said. He slid his pants down and hopped up on the table. I walked over sorta helplessly and looked at his dick.

Certainly not longer nor thicker than Josh's, but his testicles were huge. I didn't want to but oh well, here goes nothing. I reached out and stroked it one time and cupped one ball with the other. His balls were way to big to just grab for my tiny hands.

I stroked down again and he grunted. I wasn't sure if he was liking it that much or if he wanted my mouth on it already, but I figured there was only one way to find out. I leaned in towards his cock and took most of it right off the bat.

He grunted again and thrusted his hips up, causing me to choke on it. He chuckled and told me to keep it up and he was gonna blow in no time. Up and down I went with my mouth and rolled my tongue around his penis while I juggled his testicles around and teased at them with my right hand. He had really begun to get close because he leaned back and put a death grip on the table. A few more head bobs and he pushed my head up just enough and there it went.

Half of his cum went in my mouth and covered my tongue and then he just kept shooting ropes of cum all over my face and especially in my hair. I felt something hitting the back of my head and turned around to see Josh standing there with his dick back out.

He had just blown another load on the back of my head. At this time the cum Josh left inside of me was running down into my panties and filling them up quick. They both pulled their pants back up as I tried to get the strings of man juice out of my hair.

I got most of it but it had started to make my hair stick and there was no hope for the rest. I walked out with them and nobody said anything until we got to the cafeteria doors.

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There, I slid off my panties and handed them to the janitor. "Throw these away, I can't have my gown getting messed up." Shortly thereafter we were called to lineup and walk into the auditorium to our seats. I sat there spacing out, not paying a damn bit of attention to the speaches. I was thinking about everything and how it played out.

Then finally I got across the stage and finished out the ceremony. After all was done, the picture taking at the front of the school was being done and the parking lot started to open up to early party go-ers.

I had to go find that janitor and make sure he got rid of those panties where nobody could find them.

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I made my way through the people back to the janitors closet and there he sat, back turned to the hallway with the door just barely cracked. He had the panties balled up, giving them a big sniff. He turned as I opened the door and I looked at him really puzzled. "I thought I said to throw those away!" "You did, the only problem is that they taste and smell way too good to let these babies go" I just laughed and said, "well damn, consider that my graduation gift you you." He just sniffed again real big, smiled at me and pushed the door closed with his foot.

I guess thats one high school lesson I won't forget. Don't fuck around in shop class!