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My hot prostitute working for my company
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Stan had agreed to pick Rini up for dinner around 8:00, and as usual was right on time. It was a special occasion, the anniversary of their first date. Rini wanted to do something special for Stan and since she didn't have a lot of money to spend, she had arranged a surprise that he would remember for a long, long time.


When Rini answered the doorbell, Stan's eyes almost popped out when he saw her outfit. She was dressed in a slinky, floor length black dress, very tight, with a slit up the sides to reveal her lovely long legs.

The bodice was cut low enough to reveal her ample cleavage, which Stan's eyes immediately showed his appreciation. A big smile grew across his face and his eyes twinkled as he presented his bouquet to her on this special occasion. "Wow! You look stunning!" He exclaimed as Rini took the flowers, turned and walked into the kitchen to put them in a vase. "Thanks, baby. I have a special treat in store for you after dinner." She responded, arranging the flowers in the vase and tossing the green wrapping paper into the trash.

"Why don't we play a little bit before we go to dinner?" Stan suggested. "Oh no you don't! You have to be patient and get your present later." Rini replied. "Okay, it better be good though.

I don't know how I'm going to get through dinner when my cock is going to be pressing against the top of the table while I'm looking at you in that dress." He replied.

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"Let's go." "We'll do the best we can with what we have to work with. Now quit complaining and take me someplace special to eat, will ya?" Rini commanded.

As the walked to their car, Stan noticed Rini's next door neighbors looking out the window through their curtains, trying to hide though he was sure the neighbors were looking at his stunning date in her revealing dress. He was wearing his tuxedo because he planned to take her to an expensive restaurant for dinner, then to the theater. They didn't go to the theater often, but Stan knew how Rini loved it so he relinquished and agreed that it wouldn't hurt to go just this once.

"I have a special place in mind to eat, Stan." Rini stated, as she ran her hand up his leg, tickling his inner thigh with her fingertips.

"Would you take me anywhere I want to go?" She asked. "Oh baby, if that hand gets any higher, we'll already be there!" He teased. "Sure, where did you have in mind." "Just drive where I tell you to go, okay?

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It's a surprise." She answered. "Okay, whatever you say." He agreed. She guided him through town into the suburbs until they came to a grove of trees. There were lights glowing in the darkness through the trees and a gravel lane leading to a cottage that was hidden at the end of the lane. As they drove up the lane, a short, plumpish woman came out onto the porch, carrying a drink in her hand.

"Here we are!" Rini exclaimed. "Excuse me? This is where we're having dinner?" Stan asked, looking around curiously. "It doesn't look like a restaurant to me!" He said. "I didn't say we were going to a restaurant, I said a place to eat, didn't I?" She replied. Stan pulled the car up to the house, turned off the ignition and walked around to the other side of the car, opening the door for Rini. As he closed the car door behind Rini, the short woman walked up to them, a big smile on her face.

She had a nice smile and was actually sort of attractive, with twinkling green eyes, frosted brown hair, and a slightly Rubenesque figure. "Welcome! It's so good to see you, Rini!" She exclaimed as she hugged Rini. "Thanks, Susan. It's good to see you too. This is my boyfriend, Stan.

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Stan, this is Susan." Rini explained. "Susan and I have an anniversary surprise for you, darling. Are you ready for it?" She asked. "I guess so, what is it?" He inquired. "You'll see. Come on, let's go inside." Rini answered as she took Stan's hand in hers. Susan was wearing a knee length kimono and as Rini and Stan followed her up the steps into the cottage, he noticed that she didn't seem to be wearing anything beneath the kimono.

Her short, plump thighs were actually muscular, he noticed, as if she had been exercising specifically to tighten them up. They weren't "fat", per se, just short! He also liked the way her ample hips swayed beneath the kimono as she walked up the steps. He found himself starting to get an erection, and tried to think of something else so it wouldn't be revealed to Rini.

They walked into the cottage and a small table was set up before the fireplace. It had been the fireplace glow that was shining through the windows.


It was a huge fireplace for such a little cottage, but looking around, Stan realized that the fireplace was probably the only heat for the entire building. There were pillows lying around the table and candles were lit on the mantel of the fireplace as well as placed in various locations about the room. Soft music was playing in the background and S tan could smell the aroma of something tasty coming from the kitchen.

"Here we are. Make yourselves at home. I'll bring in the food shortly. Meanwhile, please help yourself to the fruit." Susan suggested.

There was a bowl of fruit in the center of the table. There were apples, grapes, strawberries, peaches, and bananas. Stan and Rini sat down and made themselves comfortable. "Why don't you take off your jacket and unbutton your shirt, baby." Rini suggested. "That would be great!" Stan responded as he slipped his arms out of the jacket, removed his tie and unbuttoned his shirt.

As he unbuttoned the shirt, Rini watched lovingly as his hairy chest came into view.

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She loved Stan's features, his long dark hair, green eyes, hairy chest, slender legs. He was a sexy man and he looked great in and out of a tuxedo or anything else he wore.

She was a lucky woman. She moved next to him and lifted his hand to her mouth, kissing his fingertips and sucking his fingers into her mouth, one at a time. As she did so, her other hand sought the erection now prominent in his lap. She stroked him th rough his trousers as he turned her face up to his for a long, passionate kiss.

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"Let's have some fruit." Rini suggested, pulling away from him. "I've got your banana right here." Stan teased, pointing to his trousers. "Later, my love." Rini answered. She proceed to feed Stan grapes from the bowl of fruit and he fed her strawberries, his manhood seemingly getting even harder as she sucked and nibbled on the fruit, staring him straight in the eye as she did so. Next he fed her the banana from the fruit bowl, watching as she took it deeper and deeper down her throat, his member twitching and bobbing in anticipation.

"Dinner is served!" Susan exclaimed as she entered the room.

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She had prepared a huge bowl of spaghetti, with garlic bread, a salad, and wine. "Not yet!" Rini exclaimed as she stood up and slipped her dress from her shoulders, revealing her lovely naked body.

"Oh, that's right." Susan concurred, removing her kimono to expose her plump, soft body to Stan as well. "Oh my god! For me?" Stan exclaimed, unbuttoning his shirt and unzipping his trousers to free his raging hardon.

"If it isn't, it's too late now!" Susan exclaimed as she moved to take Stan's cock into her mouth. Rini, meanwhile began to feed the spaghetti to Stan as Susan sucked and licked him hungrily. Stan ate the spaghetti as Rini fed it to him, occasionally reaching up to cup and squeeze her breasts and then slide his fingers down to dip into her moist womanhood. They took turns feeding each other, as Susan licked Stan's cock up and down, occasionally taking his balls into her mouth to gently run her tongue over them.

After a few minutes Rini opened her legs and Susan abandoned Stan to dip her tongue into Rini's moistness flicking and sucking Rini's clitoris as she kept one hand on Stan's hard cock sliding her hand up and down slowly and gently squeezing it. Susan went from one to the other eating sucking, licking and caressing each of them as they had their meal and drank their wine each of them almost reaching the bring of orgasm before Susan would abandon one for the other.

When the food was gone, Rini turned to Stan. "It's time for us to take care of Susan now, darling.

Are you ready?" She asked. "More than ready." He responded, drawing Susan up to his mouth where he placed a deep, passionate kiss on the lips that had been eating both of them.

He guided her as she settled down on top of his erection and then he laid back and asked Rini to come sit on his face so he could taste her as Susan fucked his rock hard truncheon. Rini complied with his request, spreading her legs on each side of his head as she lowered her pussy over his mouth.

Susan, already excited from her previous oral play, was ex tremely excited and began to raise and lower herself on Stan's fat, 8-inch cock. She rode up and down, up and down, faster and faster, squeezing her pussy muscles as she rode, up and down, faster and faster, until she reached her orgasm. As she was riding, she and Rini were kissing each other and caressing each other's breasts, twisting and pinching the nipples as they hardened in passion.

Rini reached down between Susan's legs and began rubbing her clitoris as she rode her lover to orgasm. Stan, excited that this was really happening to him, dove into Rini's pussy with a frenzy, licking and sucking her netherlips as he inserted his fingers into her, pumping them in and out as Susan was riding his cock, squeezing it and then releasing it, squeezing it and then releasing it, until she reached her orgasm, the muscle spasms causing him to cum inside her as she reached around and took her balls into her hands at the point of orgasm, milking the cum from them into her pussy through her swollen n etherlips.

As he reached orgasm, he drank the love juices from Rini, swallowing it hungrily. After the simultaneous orgasm, they pulled apart slowly, wrapped their arms around each other and kissed and hugged one another. "Happy anniversary, darling." Rini whispered to Stan.