Desi bhabi try anal for first time

Desi bhabi try anal for first time
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Think I was about fourteen when my feelings for my mother changed. Want was getting to me was my mom's breasts which were very large with very pronounced nipples. You see, mom has this cozy warm short robe with a flimsy belt so many times as she making breakfast, it comes loose and her breasts are exposed. Since she rarely wore a top when wearing her robe I was always getting an eye full. It was just open day suddenly I started having sexual feelings for her, big time.

I wanted so much to just reach over and squeeze her breasts, to suck on those big nipples of hers but I was afraid to say or do anything. Instead, I would just go to my room and jerk off. I was horny all the time and anytime I was around my mom I had trouble keeping my cock soft. Then, one morning, my mother was eating breakfast with me and she noticed that I had moved so as to try and see more of her exposed breasts. She got this grin on her face then slightly sort of moved so that her robe fell open more and I could see her bare breasts.

We didn't say anything as we eat but I notice her nipples were growing hard. When I stood my hard cock was tenting my short that there was no way to hide my desire. Embarrassed I ran to my room pulled down my shorts and started jerking off.

Just as my cum started shooting from the tip of my cock, my mother came into my room. She gasped and stood there watching as I shoot four spurts of thick ropey cum on a towel I had on the floor. I was embarrassed and terrified I was in trouble, but instead she sat on the side of my bed and talked to me, explaining masturbating was normal and it was ok for me to do it when I needed to.

Then she asked me if seeing breasts made me hard. I was so embarrassed, I could only nod.

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Smiling she explained that it was normal for me to be excited by a woman's body. She said that a lot of boys had a thing for their mothers. I was feeling more comfortable and relaxed then my mom said something that blew that all away. She asked if I wanted to see her breasts again. I gulped and said, "Sure, if it's ok." She opened her robe and I was in heaven, I took in the sight of her heavy round breasts, her large bumpy areoles and her thick hard nipples.

Their weight made them sag a little and she had stretch marks but they were the most beautiful tits I had ever seen. I sat there stare not move fearing that mom would snap out of whatever was going on.

But I was afraid for no reason. "You can touch them if you want," she said. I took my hand and cupped her heavy tit. The soft warm flesh felt so good and I could feel her nipple against my palm. I watched as she started pulling on her other nipple and rolling it between her fingers. I started to do the same thing to the one I was touching. She said, "Sweetheart, Don't stop! This feels so good. Twist my nipples, pull them, lick them, suck on them. It's Ok, sweetie, mommy wants you too." So I did, first to one then the other.

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I twisted her nipples, pinch them hard as I pulled on them, I lapped my rough tongue over them and sucked as much of her tit flesh into my mouth as I could. The whole time mom just kept on moaning.


"You're doing…it so good…baby…you're making…mommy pussy so wet…don't stop…don't stop!" Then she asked me is she could lie down on my bed with me.

She sort of slid of me, pushing her soft warm flesh against me. That was it. It was all too much for my hard throbbing cock. I cum, all over my belly and hers. I said I was sorry she just hugged me and said it was ok I was young. She kept on hugging me and then started kissing me. She surprised me by sticking her tongue in my mouth, I like so I put mine in hers.

We kissed for several minutes. When we broke for air, she smiled at me and told me she wanted to teach me how to touch a woman.

Who was I to tell her no. she stripped off her robe and her tight short. And sat on my bed her legs spread wide with her knees up. She had me lay on the bed. She wanted me to look at her pussy so I could see what a woman's private parts looked like.

Mom had only a small tuff of hair above her slit she called her bush. She spread her lips to see me her soft pink interior. I could see it was all shiny and there was a strange new smell that I like. I started grind my growing cock against the bed as mom explained her body.

"This is my clit, it a women pleasure button stroke it, lick it and you drive her wild." Then she showed me where she pees. Then she showed me the hole I came out off and put her finger in it as she did she explained once a woman was excited put something in her hole give her pleasure. In and out it went as I watched. In and out it went as I humped against the bed.

Then it was two fingers and then three.

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"Oh…sweetie…put your hand down there and …play with mommy's cunt…while you suck on my nipples." I did putting my three fingers in in-place of hers.

Her privates were nice and wet and gooey. "More…" I added a fourth. My hand was up to my palm in my mother's cunt "MORE!" she growled as she pushed my thumb down between her folds before gripping my forearm.

I swear I heard a pop because I sure felt one as my mom pushed my hand into her cunt. I couldn't believe this was happening.

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For a few minutes mom actually fucked herself using my hand and arm. Then I took over going in and out slowly. She started hollering, "HARDER…SWEETHEAR…FUCK MOMMY…FASTER!" I did ad she asked. Watching her twist and pull on her own nipples made me shove my hand in as hard as I could into her cunt. I felt if I was punching her insides and she was loving it. Suddenly her head went back; she screamed my name and her inside gripped my fist so tight.

She reached down and pulled my hand out of her. I was scared I had hurt her, my cock when from being hard as a rock to soft serve in seconds. Without knowing how I had made my mother climax in a big way. She was panting as her cum poured from her in streams out of her cunt hole. I thought she was pissing on my bed. When her breathing was more relaxed, I asked if I had hurt her.

Smiling a huge smile she explained, "Sweetie, you made me cum…oh baby…you fucked mommy good." I asked her if she had pissed my bed, she giggled, "No…baby. You made mommy squirt! It kind of like the way you cum. Cumming that hard is impossible to fake. It taste like sweet water I bet if you tongue my clit I squirt some more." I asked if I could and she said yes, so I did and so did she, and as I did my cock got hard again.

Mom thanked me by jerking me off and letting my hot cum fall all over her tits. That was how our first time went. For the next year as long as dad wasn't home, Mom went topless.


Letting me play with her titties anytime I liked and most of the time her pussy, too. Most of the time she thank me by sucking on me till my balls offered up cum to her greedy mouth. The rest of the time I would get a hand job that ended with me cumming on her tits or ass, sometimes even her face.

That whole year I begged her to let me fuck her, but she said we shouldn't actually fuck each other because it would be incest. When she say that I ask, "But is want we're doing already incest?" She never answered that question. Then things changed again, I had just turned fifteen and had spent the whole summer with my Aunt and her family at their home on the beach.

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During the summer I meet Susanne, a beautiful tanned fifteen year old girl that love to surf. She taught me to surf and I taught her how good it felt to have you pussy eaten and fingered. Before I left to go back home we made it on the beach and we both lost our virginity to each other. I could wait to tell mom how wonderful my summer had been.

Well, when I told her everything that had happened, mom looked very sad. I asked her "Wants wrong?" "She said a weak smile and said, "I want to be your first. I know want I said about fuck being incest, and that would be wrong.

But being away from you the whole summer made me realized how much I missed you and want you." For the next two months things were quiet between mom and me. Then dad went on a golfing trip fro the weekend. Suddenly there was mom at my bedroom door wearing nothing but black stockings, a garter belt and a black bra with holes cut in the material so her nipples poked out. She grabbed me, kissed me, and hugged me tightly against her body.

"It's time, son.

I want you to fuck mommy! I want your cock in the hole you came from! I want to feel your cum inside me!" My cock was hard as iron and even though my mom was as wet as I had every felt her to be, we had to use KY to get my cock in. She was as tight as Susan had been.

As I pushed inch after inch into her I wondered, when the last time my dad had fucked my mom was. The whole time my cock pushed in mom was moaning kept on saying, "Push…push it in!

You wonderful mother fucker! Get…it all in me!" When my balls were resting against her ass, I pulled out and drilled my cock back in. I fucked my mother. I fucked her real hard and she loved it. Screaming out, "Fuck…your mommy…fuck me…good!" As my cum blow into her cunt at that moment I knew that I would be fucking her as long as she let me, even if I got married. I knew I want her cunt wrapped around my cock. That day, and into the weekend, mom and I fucked constantly, with just a little rest in between to let my cock recover and get hard again.

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That weekend I did have a first time with my mother. I got to fuck her up her ass.


Want an experience driving my hard cock slowly up her ass. Her anal muscles locking around my pole with a vise like grip as I pumped in and up of her.

She bucked her body back against mine, as I pounded in and out of her tight ass. I reached under and grabbed her swing tits squeezing them as I let loose with a gusher in to her ass. Since that first fuck there have been many more first, including a video tape of me fucking my mom with her screaming how much better I was at fucking her than dad was.

She showed that tape to dad which lead to they divorcing. He never said anything about the tape during the divorce I guess he didn't want the world to know about his inability to satisfy his wife that drove her in to the arms of her own son.

Other first include Susan who is now my wife but those stories are for another time.