Sexy grannies love hard dicks in Pussy

Sexy grannies love hard dicks in Pussy
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THE ADVENTURES OF BEN THALER. PART 2 The next afternoon I wanted to increase her exposure to porn and this time I put on a three-some film with a little bit of anal play. Ella quickly fell into the role of copycat and jerked me along with the action.

Before long I was on the brink of coming so to avoid it I slid onto the floor, knelt in front of her and spread her thin white legs to expose her tiny bald orifice. "What are you doing?" She asked nervously. "Just what the man on the TV is doing." I explained gently and I put my tongue to her hot vulva and tasted her sweet little pussy, "Ooooh," she said, "that feels strange." "Do you like it?" I asked, looking up and she nodded vigorously so I lapped away before putting my tongue inside.

"That's tingly." She squealed, but instead of pushing me away her hands went to my head and pulled me in encouraging me so I also put a finger just inside her warm lips. When it came to the anal licking I took the lead as she watched the action and she squealed again and wriggled as I licked her tiny rose.

"That tickles" she said but didn't stop me. As the guy put his finger into the butt in front of him I wet my index finger and very gently followed suit. "Oh, oh" gasped Ella, her bottom arching off the settee, and I stopped and asked if she was OK. "Yes, it's OK, it's just that nobody has ever done that to me before." She relaxed and smiled and I explored a little deeper.

"That makes me tingle like when you put it in my kitty." she continued and I pushed gently in and out. The three actors didn't do anal sex but after the man had come went into a lesbian scene with his come passing from mouth to mouth.

"Do girls really do that?" she asked.


"Some" I answered. "Some girls have girlfriends as well as boyfriends." "I know that silly, I've got girlfriends. I meant kiss like that." "I suppose some do, I don't know, I'm not old enough to know everything either." Mrs Morgan had taken the Friday as a holiday and she and Ella took a beach hut for the weekend so I hung around with friends and played football.

By now I had quite a bit of spare cash so I treated them to a movie and a pizza. ************************** Monday began as usual and I arrived a few minutes early at the Morgan's. She said hi and I watched as she gathered her things for the afternoon. Usually she would be in her supermarket overall but today she was in a string-strap top and shorts and looked really, really cute.

"No work today? Shall I leave it till tomorrow?" "I'll be out of your way in a minute honey, I'm on a training course this afternoon." She bent to check the contents of her bag and I could see down her top to her left breast and its small pointed nipple.

Her whole tit wobbled slightly as she pushed things around.

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When she looked up I was too slow to react and she realised what I had just seen but didn't say anything. What she hadn't spotted was the bulge in my trousers hidden by the edge of the table. She left and I asked Ella what she would like to do. "Let's sit out back au naturel and talk about the kids at school." she suggested and we went out to the porch and stripped before sitting on the settee. We chatted and I made her use as many French words as she could remember to describe school, her teachers and friends.

I had developed a semi as the warm breeze wafted over my cock, when suddenly I became aware of a shadow falling across the settee. Looking over my shoulder I saw Mrs Morgan with her hands on her hips. My heart hit my boots, or would have done if I had been wearing them and I sat bolt upright. "So this is what you get up to when I am at work is it?" I bent to retrieve my clothes. "Stay right where you are, Ben, your already embarrassed so you had might as well be totally embarrassed." she ordered.

My face was burning and my cock was suddenly very limp. "We thought you were on a course." I said weakly as she sat on the edge of the easy chair in front of us.

"I knew something was going on. Last week when I was in the bath with Ella I noticed she'd almost lost her tan lines and then Thursday you left a DVD behind in the player." My mind whirled back to Friday and I gave a slight inward sigh of relief when I remembered that it was the softest of the films, which we had watched again. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," I blurted out, my panic raising the pitch of my voice.

She rose from the high backed chair and sat beside me. "Calm down Ben, I'm not that mad at you, but you should have asked me first before you did anything like this. I'm OK with Ella being naked, and you for that matter, its natural after all.

Her dad and I did that lots in Europe and loved it, but what else have you been teaching her, she's kind of young for that kind of movie?" "She said she had seen you and your husband in the bedroom so I was trying to explain to her about making babies and that was the only film I could get" I lied.

"I think you did a bit more than that Ben, Ella told me some stuff at the weekend." I blushed deeply and said nothing. "So let's try and keep this as normal as possible for her. Ella would you go and bring three cokes from the fridge?" Ella scuttled from the porch and Mrs Morgan looked at me.

"I suppose you thought you were doing right but you really should have asked me. I could have helped." Ella came back with the drinks, eager to please and pacify her mom.

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I suddenly had an image of mother and daughter together in the bath but blocked it as was arousing me. We took a drink in a long, strained silence then Mrs Morgan took a deep breath and surprised me by saying "Ella, you and Ben are both naked, can I join in?" "Y-yes." stuttered Ella and my jaw dropped open.


Mrs Morgan stood and lifted off her top, naked underneath it. Her tits were indeed small with short nipples and not much sag for a twenty eight year old mother.

They had a slight sheen of sweat to them from the afternoon heat and her pale skin contrasted with her shoulders and arms where they had caught the sun. Kicking off her shoes she unbuttoned and dropped her shorts to reveal a tiny thong, which she bent to pull down and threw aside. As she stood I got my first full view of a real adult pussy, shaved to reveal beautiful long outer lips and a proud hood covering her clitoris.

She smiled as she saw me looking at her bald pussy with just a tuft of dirty blond hair above as a reminder that she was an adult. Like her daughter she had a gap between her thighs all the way to the top and from where I was sat gave me a thrilling eye level view of her most intimate part.

"God, it's years since Phil and I did this, I'd forgotten how good it felt." she said cheerfully and fluffed her small patch of hair.

Ella smiled proudly at her mom.

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She leaned back against the porch railings, had a swig of cola and held the cool bottle to her forehead, her eyes closed as she enjoyed the chill then sat down beside me. Ella, on my left, piped up innocently "Look mom, Ben's happy".

Sure enough I was at full attention and before I could react Ella reached out with her cold hands and grasped my boner making me jump. "This makes him tingly" she said laughing, trying to sound all grown up, then stroked up and down, finishing in the down position with my foreskin peeled right back and my swollen purple glans on show. "Hell, what have you been teaching my daughter, Ben?" she said, trying hard to keep her voice level. "She just copied the people on the film, I'm sorry, I didn't know what to do." I lied.

"And you weren't going to stop her or say no, were you?" She responded with a big hint of sarcasm. "She's a kid, Ben, very impressionable, you should have thought more first. You've not, you know, hurt my little girl have you?" "Certainly not. I wouldn't, she's only a girl." "Thank God, that's a relief.

You had me really worried there." She said with a sigh and looked down at her innocent naked daughter with a half smile on her face. "Well how far have you gone? Has she seen you climax?" "Yes, I couldn't stop myself. But that's all."" I said in an embarrassed whisper. "She's watched the whole film?" I nodded. "Several times." Ella wasn't listening to our conversation and began to slowly wank my rigid organ with one hand, watching my swollen head appear then disappear in my foreskin.

"Damn. You can't walk around with a boner all day and I've not held a cock for nearly 2 years." Mrs Morgan said and whetted her lips. Her hand reached out and joined her daughter's and together they swiftly brought me to a terrific climax, hot spunk splattering my chest and belly and dribbling down their hands.

Life, I thought, can't get better than this. "Now let's get cleaned up and have a bite to eat." Said Mrs Morgan in a stern matter of fact tone. "And, Ben, from now on you had better call me Gail." She and Ella went upstairs and I used the downstairs cloakroom before sitting at the kitchen table to watch Gail put out sliced meats and bread for sandwiches. When she bent towards the table to butter the bread her tits swung and jiggled to a rhythm of their own and when she walked to and from the walk-in freezer her thighs framed her bare pussy beautifully.

She was aware that I was watching her every move but said nothing, just glanced at me occasionally as she chatted about nice food and treats to follow.

Taking our drinks out onto the porch we sat and relaxed watching the breeze send waves through the pasture leading down to the stream enjoying the peace and tranquillity.

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Gail went inside and returned after a few minutes with a beach towel, cushion and sun cream and laid them out on the lawn. "It's ages since I had a tan.


I don't want to burn so will you two put some sun block on me? She asked as she lay down. Ella bounced off the settee and squatted beside her mom, picked up the sun cream and squirted it onto her mom's back. Gail squirmed as she felt the cold liquid splash onto her and Ella and I drew patterns with it before rubbing it into her back and arms. Ella squirted more onto her bum and down each of her mom's legs and it became a little bit of a race to see who got to her toes first.

Ella won but I pointed out that she hadn't done a very good job so we then went slowly up each leg to rub it well in. As we reached the top of her legs she opened them a little wider, somewhat unnecessary given the gap already there, but allowing us both a full view of her cunt.

We rubbed close to it but then went up her buttocks to finish, I then grinned at Ella and pulled her mom's cheeks apart as if part of the sun cream process, displaying her brown eye.

Ella grinned back, got some cream in the palm of her hand and slid it down her mom's crack and onto her cunt. "Mmmm." murmured her mom unaware that it was her daughter's hand and Ella slowly wiped back and forth over her open pussy before stopping at her bum hole where she rubbed in a little circle around it and then ever so gently but firmly pushing her finger into her mom's arse.

My mouth opened in surprise. Mrs Morgan jerked and tried to close her buttocks, which I held firmly open. "Wherever did you learn that Ben?" she asked with closed eyes. "That's very, very naughty, you know." Ella and I both stifled sniggers and Ella pushed her finger a little deeper before pulling it out and taking a sniff at it.

"All done" I said and Gail turned over. Once again Ella picked up the cream and squirted it onto her mom who lay with her eyes closed against the glare of the sky. We both spread the sun cream over her sweet titties before massaging it in, the nipple I touched was hard and I rubbed a finger over it and traced my fingernail over the surrounding darker areole before using both hands to cup and massage it as Ella watched and copied me.

"Boy but your doing a good job on them, that feels sooo nice." Gail sighed softly. Our hands move south and we spread the splotches of cream over her stomach and Ella poured more over each leg. This time we started at her feet slowly spreading and massaging the cream into her smooth skin whilst all the time I couldn't take my eyes from her vulva which was now obviously moist. I made sure I arrived there first and took a good puddle of cream onto my fingers and began rubbing her mound, hood and lips.

Gail was becoming aroused and let her legs fall open which I took as a signal to continue and I ran my forefinger deeper between her hot wet lips which made her groan. Now I became bold and pushed a finger inside her, which brought a gasp and I began to steadily finger fuck her.

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Ella twined her fingers in and out of her mom's little tuft of light brown pubic hair feeling it's wiry softness.

Involuntarily Gail's leg bent and lifted to give me even better access and her breathing began to shorten. My middle finger curled and rubbed at the slightly rougher skin on the front of her vaginal wall with a slight sucking sound. This sent Gail into overdrive and with three or four thrusts she panted and reached an orgasm, moaning loudly, her body flooded with pent up sexual emotion. As her breathing slowed she opened her eyes blinking in the bright light.

"Damn but I needed that. Thank you, thank you Ben, you just made this lady very happy." She closed her eyes again with a light smile on her face. I removed my sticky fingers from her sopping vagina and sucked them clean. Ella ran her hand down and put her finger into her mom's vagina. Gail realised that it was not my finger and her eyes shot open.

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"Ella?" "It's OK, mom, I just wondered what it felt like when you are happy." Gail relaxed back onto the towel. Ella tasted her fingers. "Ben's happy too mom." Ella said and Gail looked at my erection. After a pause she licked her lips and looked at me. "She's seen the whole film?" I nodded again. "Well let's see what we can do about that then shall we. Lie down Ben" I did as I was told and Gail took a splash of sun cream onto her palm and began to rub it into my cock as she masturbated me.

Ella knelt at my side and asked, "Mom, can I do that, I know what to do?" Gail stared intently at her daughter before taking her hand away and Ella began the easy up and down motion she had learned, watching my engorged head emerging then disappearing. She stopped and applied more cream making everything even more slippery before returning to her task with fierce concentration. As I tried not to get excited too quickly Gail shuffled round and put her knees either side of my head making me almost squint at her arsehole and pussy they were so close and inhaled the strong smell of her fresh orgasm.

"Do you know what to do, Ben?" she asked. "I think so" I replied and my tongue began to lick her swollen pussy lips. She move forward and backward very slowly so that I licked all the way form her clit to her anus, which I paid special attention to pushing at it as hard as possible to open.

Gail leaned forward supporting her weight on her hands and lower onto her elbows and continued to slide her pussy over my face only a little faster now and I could feel her hot breath panting on my belly and cock. Then I felt her lips envelop it and her tongue scraping against the sensitive skin thrilling me immensely.

My right hand had explored up the back of Ella's thigh and onto her vagina, the remaining sun cream keeping her lips part. I couldn't resist inserting half a finger. Despite cumming only 2 hours earlier there was no way I could wait any longer and my bum lifted as I prepared to ejaculate streams of seed.

As I did so Gail's lips engulfed my cock head and her mouth filled as I spurted uncontrollably. I collapsed back down but Gail wasn't finished, she sat back up and rubbed her cunt harder on my tongue before putting a hand to her clitoris and bringing herself off in seconds, groaning in pleasure, watched closely by Ella. Panting she rolled off and I saw a line of spunk up the side of her face, which must have escaped before she got her mouth round me.

Ella lifted herself from my finger and used her forefinger to push the spunk to her mother's lips, which opened to receive it and then put her spunky finger in her innocent mouth. "I love you mom." She said and hugged her tight before lifting her face and kissing her full on the lips.

Pulling back slightly she said, "I like it too, give me some mom" and pressed her mouth back. Gail's eyes opened wide but her lips parted slightly and she pushed an inch of her tongue slowly into Ella's mouth and with it any remaining cum.

"It's not yukky, is it mom?

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I thought it would be yukky. Do you really like it?" Gail smiled, "Yes darling, I do. Now let's go in, it will be dinnertime soon. Ben, what's happened is just between us right, you understand?" I nodded seriously. I showered and dressed before leaving. My last memory was mother and daughter side by side in the kitchen, naked, preparing their evening meal. The image was quite enough to help me to a third cum in bed that night. ******************************************