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Celebrating studs massive rod hardcore and blowjob
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A wave of dizziness, and nausea overcame the young girl, and she had made it to the bathroom just in time. Tears fell from her eyes, down her cheeks, and dropped onto the toilet seat and threw up once more. Her pale hand reached over, and flushed the toilet. She closed the lid, and collapsed on the cool tiled floor. Tears streamed freely and carelessly down her pretty face. Not a sound was made. Not a sound. "Are you ok in there?" her mother's voice echoed from behind the bathroom door, along with two loud knocks that she played over and over in her head.

"Y-Yes. I'm fine mommy." The girl said. Her mother sighed, but after a few minutes the girl could hear her mother walk away. Rubbing her eyes furiously, she stood up, grabbing onto the wall. She looked at herself in the mirror. Messy, dark hair. Blood-shot, brown eyes. Pale.pale skin. She leaned against the sink. Why her? Why did this happen to her of all people. She was always careful. Always. She looked at the shower, already feeling light headed.

She couldn't stand that long, she knew that already. The girl's name is Julie, and yes, she was pregnant. It wasn't her fault, really. Sure, it was her fault for having sex. Yet had she not gotten drunk by accident when some jerk had spiked the punch at a party she thought was safe?Julie didn't remember anything from that night.

All she knew is that she woke up naked, and alone, her pussy throbbing with pain and pleasure. Much later there was that the little pink smiley face on the pregnancy test was pure evil. It should have been frowning. Julie wasn't, at 15 she was knocked up, and sick. She stumbled over to the door, her hand on her stomach. She had worn loose shirts, and pants for many weeks now. No one else knew, except for Meg, her wonderful best friend. Sighing, and rubbing her eyes once more, she reached for the handle, and walked out of the bathroom, and straight to her room.

She was ever so thankful it was Saturday. Julie looked over at her pink cell phone. Eager to hear the ring, and eager to see Meg's name on the caller ID.

She laid down on her bed, picking up pink device. She held the 'one' button for a couple seconds, and then the speed-dial entered Meg's number, and Julie smiled lightly. "Julie?" Meg questioned, curiously. "Yes.can you come over. I mean I really need you.?" Julie replied. Meg heard that her best friend was scared and alone. Meg felt as though she needed to protect her, and help her. Meg needed to tell her friend, who was in trouble, big trouble, that she loved her, even when she didn't feel loved.

Even though Meg was fourteen, one year younger than her friend she was more mature in many ways. "Are you okay Julie? Sure, I will be there soon.just stay put. You know I would do anything for you don't you babe, I mean you know I love you right?

" Her friend responded with a whispered "Yes." Meg hung up, and put her phone in her purse. She combed her thick shoulder-length red hair and quickly got dressed in her tightest pair of short shorts and slipped on a tiny tank top.

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Her friend needed her and she could feel a tingly feeing grow in her tummy, she felt a warm feeling in her pussy. Maybe this would be the night she would finally have Julie. She stuffed a few things into a bag, including her handy dandy pink pocket rocket her older sister had given her.

She had to shake her friend up, give her what she needed to break the stress of her reality, that she would be a mother. Meg grabbed her green purse, and headed out to Julie's house. She knocked on the door. Julie's mom opened the door, and soft smile, and a warm greeting.

Kate was about forty but to Meg looked much younger. She was wearing a pair of white tights that were so thin Meg could see the outline of Kate's thong. Kate was also wearing a short tight t-shirt and it was obvious there was no bra underneath.


Kate's nipples poked up from under the thin material. Meg had always thought Kate was beautiful, and easily the hottest mom of all her friends moms.

She had thick black shoulder length hair, firm c-cup tities that showed no evidence of aging and as she turned to invite Meg to sit down for a minute, Meg almost gasped at her perfect "Angelina Jolie" ass. Kate had such a confident demeanor and was always graceful in how she moved her body, Meg always felt a tingling sexual connection with her. She had convinced herself that it was just her, but Julie had told her that Kate was bisexual and brought home both male and female dates.

"Oh Meg, I'm glad you are here. " said Kate giving the teen girl a hug. Meg almost moaned as she felt Kate's full tities mash into her tiny ones, "Julie is in some kind of funk, and she won't talk about it. Maybe you will be able to lift her spirits." Kate continued to hold Meg close so that Meg could feel the heat of skin on skin as their bare tummies touched.

Finally breaking the embrace Meg looked into Kate's beautiful green eyes, "Well I guess I'll be sleeping over. " said Meg obviously overwhelmed by Kate's show of affection. "That's wonderful!" said Kate, her hand still on Meg's shoulder, caressing lightly.

"I love having you over you know that; if you need anything at all you let me know. Maybe some soda's and chips later?" Kate let her warm hand slip slowly off Meg's shoulder down her arm to hold her hand, then took the other hand as well and looked directly into the 14 year olds brown eyes. "I'm so glad that Julie has such a loyal and loving friend.

Thank you Meg," Kate leaned over, Meg thought to plant a kiss on her cheek but instead Kate's lips pressed into her own, at first softly and then with more pressure, urgent, wanting. Then Kate's lips moved pulling lightly on Meg's full bottom lip before releasing it. Meg opened her eyes slowly still feeling the heat of the woman's kiss.

Kate was smiling at her. "You know I'm here for you too Meg, don't you. Anything you need, you know, I'd do anything with I mean for you." Meg, did her best to smile, "Oh yeah-- sure I know--that." she stumbled on the words and then realized that she was staring longingly at Kate's amazing breasts.

"I- I better check on Julie." As Meg walked up the stairs Kate let her eyes take in the girl's tight little body and perfect bubble bum. While Kate knew it was wrong to prey on a young teen girl like that but she hadn't been fucked in three weeks and her whole body was longing see Meg naked so she could lick every inch of her hot young body.

She knew Julie wasn't feeling well and would likely go to sleep early. Tonight was her chance. She was surprised at how turned on she became when she had kissed her daughter's hot little friend. Her desire for Meg had been building for weeks and she had even had fantasies about her daughter Julie. She had even caught herself checking out her own daughter's body. Yet something had changed with Julie over the last few months.

She was sensitive and kept to herself, didn't wear the hot little skirts and shorts she had in the summer.

The thought of spying on Julie and Meg took hold in Kate's mind and she wouldn't let it go. Since the door was ajar Meg just stepped into Julie's without even touching the door. The brunette looked startled, smiled when she saw it was Meg. She had a reason to be jumpy, her tank top was lifted just enough to show her bulging young tummy. Meg thought that the tummy looked hot and longed to get her hands on that firm soft belly. Meg also sensed the tension that it meant to Julie's life. Meg sat next to Julie and could see her friend had been crying.

"What am I going to do?" Julie said, getting right to the crisis. Her voice was quiet, and cracking. It was high pitched. She was choking away tears. "You will have to tell your mom.eventually you know." Meg said, though she hating being the bearer of bad news. "Whenever you are ready. And even if everything goes wrong, I will be here for you.

Always." Meg said softly, moving my hand to hers. Julie intertwined her fingers with Meg's, and nodded.

"Thank you Meg. I don't know if I can hide this much longer. Look at me," said Julie, cupping the growing roundness tummy with her hands.

Meg reached over to remove a tear that had fallen onto her friend's cheek. "Your mom is cool she will understand.

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It wasn't your fault someone dumped vodka or something into the punch. No one could have known." Meg explained. "Meg, my mom is so perfect, I mean she always does just the right thing how do you think she will react to.to this!" Julie said, not yelling, but inside she was screaming. "I can't do it anymore," she said, as more tears threatening to come.

Meg licked her lips thinking of the hot kiss Kate had just given her and if it really was an invitation for more. She felt a twinge in her pussy "I'm almost certain your mom will understand. And if she doesn't, I will.

" "You are the best person in the world." Julie said, leaning up to hug Meg. Meg wrapped my arms around her friend's waist and nuzzled the nape of her Julie's neck, and let her fingertips trace the tightness of Julie's tummy. "Its going to be alright, " she whispered to her friend, pushing her back onto the bed as Meg let two hands "warm" her friends tummy. "You know Julie, it really is a miracle you have in your tummy," Julie allowed herself to close her eyes, enjoying her friend's soft soothing touch.

"I mean its life, a life as beautiful as you are." As she rubbed that familiar longing came to Meg, how long she had wanted to touch Julie intimately like this, and now she could without her friend suspecting how much Meg wanted her.

How much she truly loved her. Julie's eyelids fluttered as she enjoying her friend's hands. Meg moved the tank top up exposing the bottoms of her friend's firm round breasts. Meg loved the warm firmness of her friend's skin. She took Julie's beautiful young body in, the tightness of her pj shorts and how they clung to her shapely hips and pussy mound.

Meg could make out the outline of Julie's pussy through the thin fabric. Damn she thought she's not wearing panties. Meg let her hands roamed a bit lower, letting the tips of her fingers graze over her friend's pointy hips and over the soft skin just above the top of her pj shorts. With the next pass of her fingers she let them slip beneath Julies PJ shorts and felt the sensitive skin just inches from her friend's pussy.

Julie gave out a sigh and shifted on the bed, parting her legs a bit wider.

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Meg looked at Julie's face, her eyes were closed gently her mouth open slightly her pink tongue appeared and licked at her lower lip.

Kate felt awful as she stepped lightly down the carpeted hall. Her daughter's privacy was important and she respected that, but tonight as her pussy tingled from her kiss with Meg she knew she had to do it. Because the hall was dark she was able to pass by the open door and peek past the door frame. What she heard and saw both shocked and excited her. She heard Meg say ".It it really is a miracle you have in your tummy. I mean its life, a life as beautiful as you are.

" Kate's eyes grew large as she realized the truth. Her little Julie was pregnant and her best friend was sensually rubbing her baby filled tummy. Part of Kate wanted to rush in, the shocking emotions of betrayal that her daughter wouldn't tell her this thing, this life changing thing.

Yet her pussy was also communicating with her as well as she watched Meg's hands move so sensually over her daughters exposed tummy. She was very arouse by what she sensed was about to happen and her hand immediately cupped her cunt over the crotch of her tights and thong. Meg could feel her body tingle, from her fingertips through her arms to her now erect nipples. Her tummy was doing back flips as she continued to rub her friend's perfect and pregnant tummy. She let her fingers dip under Julie's PJ shorts again this time while her left hand there and continued to rub her tummy, her other fingers touched the top of Julies soft short pussy hair.

She looked up at her friend, her eyes remained closed, that sigh again. Meg new it was time to act. She let two fingers move through Julie's soft pussy hair, then quickly brush over the outer lips of her friend's pussy. Meg licked her lips at the divine feeling of Julie's pussy lips moist against her fingers and Julie let out a low moan. Meg froze, afraid she had gone too far? "Oh fuck Meg, don't stop!" said Julie with an urgent sigh. Meg took Julie's urging to heart.

She removed her hand and slowly pulled down the pj shorts as Julie lifted her bum from the bed to accommodate her. Now Julie was able to bend her legs at the knees and spread them wide showing her friend her wet and open pussy. "Oh Meg, do me, make me cum hard, it's what I've wanted for so long.

I love you Meg." pleaded Julie her teary eyes looking directly into Meg's. "You know I love you too." whispered Meg as her two middle fingers parted her friend's puffy young pussy lips and her middle finger moved up and down the slick slit circling her cunt opening then brushing over the glistening little clit. Julie gave out a gasp. She was licking her lips, her chest was raising and falling as her breath became heavier.

Meg moved her hand from Julie's tummy to her breasts lifting the tank top off them and squeezing the right one letting her thumb and forefinger tease the nipple. She pinched the nipple hard and in the same instant curled her middle finger into Julie's cunt sinking it as deeply as she could. Julie groaned lifting her ass off the bed. As Meg began to fuck her slowly persistently then leaned over to lap at the stiff exposed clit.

Julie grabbed at the bed sheets and moaned Meg's name. Kate watched in shock and excitement as the lovemaking between her pregnant daughter and her friend Meg unfolded. She sighed lightly as Meg's fingers move into her daughter's pj shorts rubbing urgently.

Kate immediately slipped her hand under her tights and thong to feel the slickness of her cunt and clit. It was all she could do to keep from moaning. To learn the truth about Julie's pregnancy while watching these to hot young girls make love had her pussy wet and her clit throbbing.

When Meg removed her daughter's shorts and exposed her lovely delicate young cunt and began fingering her, Kate slipped two fingers into her aching cunt.


"Oh Julie, your pussy is so hot and wet, it tastes so fucking good." said Meg as she lapped at her friend's clit and around her own finger which was moving in and out of Julie's young pussy.

Without interrupting her fucking rhythm Meg reached into her bag and found the pocket rocket. She held it against her body and twisted it on. Julie heard the buzzing but she was unprepared for the sock of the bubbled tip of the vibrator directly on her exposed clit. Her teeth began to grid and she groaned loudly as Meg rolled the tight little clit back and forth with the vibe.

"Oh Julie, just relax, I will take care of you, I know what you need baby, I'm going to get you off so good." Said Meg her eyes focused on her friend's wet engorged cunt. Julie gasped and caught her breath and sighed into the intense sensation in her pussy, as her friend finger fucked her faster now and lightly but firmly applied the vibrator to her clit. It was like nothing she had ever felt before, it was as if her whole body was becoming lighter, she could feel her now large tummy heave up and down with excitement as her climax was beginning to build.

Kate was beside herself now watching the hot love making. Her top was up over her full breast and with one hand was squeezing them pinching her nipples then twisting them, wanting the pleasure of the pain. As she watched nearly unbelieving as Meg applied a vibrator to her little girl's clit she could feel her climax build and ass let three fingers flash back and forth over her clit then push them deep inside herself then pinch the clit again alternating the pleasuring of her cunt and clit.

She couldn't get over at how loving and deft Meg was at fucking her little girl's pussy and she knew that Julie couldn't hold out for much longer. Meg could feel Julie's slick tight cunt grab at her finger as she increased the speed of her thrusts, she knew she was on the verge of a hot body crunching cum and she knew just how to give it to her. She quickly removed the vibe from her clit only to replace it with her soft wet tongue flicking over throbbing clit.

Then Meg sucked her friend's clit into her mouth letting it pass through her stiffened lips and nearly closed teeth.

Meg sucked so hard that for an instant there was a vacuum in her mouth and she held it between her teeth and mercilessly teased it with rapid flicks of her tongue. Meg felt the girl's cunt respond in-kind weeping more juice and clenching at her fingers. Julie humped her hips grinding her pussy into Meg's face.

In her mind Meg new this was it, she knew her best friend was seconds from the climax of her life. She suddenly slipped a second finger into her impossibly tight cunt and releasing her clit with her mouth applied the vibe at top speed directly onto the ultrasensitive clit. She looked up at Julie, as her eyes open wide and her mouth opened too. "Ohhh fuuuck Meeeeg! I'm cuuuuuming!" screamed Julie. The young girl's whole body writhed and shook as Meg braced her friends arching back the swollen tummy, looked very hot to Meg as it trembled and lurched.

Julie's cunt exploded with cum sluicing over Megs fingers down her friend's thighs and onto the bed. With each jerk of Julie's body there was more cum until finally her tight little ass rested on the bed once more.

Meg smiled at her friend. "Oh Julie baby you needed that so bad." Meg cooed at her friend with her fingers still buried in the convulsing young cunt.


Kate could not take her eyes off her own daughter's wet pussy as Meg continued to finger fuck it and apply loving attention with her tongue and fingers. Suddenly Meg reached inside her bag and produced a pink vibe.

Kate shuddered. Meg had been planning this all along, in fact had brought the toy to give Julie an amazing climax. Kate bit her lip; she wanted to moan as Meg applied the vibe to her daughter's clit. Julie's reaction was so hot to Kate. It was so erotic to see her daughter respond to raw sex in this way. Kate knew now that not only would she have Meg this night but she would have her own daughter as well. Kate now had her tights and thong down to her knees to allow her the freedom to finger fuck herself fiercely jamming three fingers fast and hard into her cunt while grinding her palm into her pussy lips and clit.

Kate sighed as she saw Meg take her sweet young daughter over the top and suddenly found herself coming at the same time Julie did. It shook her body to the core her legs lurched and she braced herself against the wall as cum literally dripped from her cunt and down her thighs and onto the carpet.

She nearly collapsed from the force of the cum but let herself to silently and slowly slip down the wall in order to catch her breath. She was so aroused she felt totally unhinged from reason.

She took off her panties and tights then her top and slowly stood up. She knew what she wanted and she was going to take it. Kate pushed open the door so the door knob banged against the wall. Both Julie and Kate lurched in surprise to see Kate standing feet spread and naked in the doorway. "I've watched just about enough of this…this cunt play!" Kate said looking directly at the girls. "Julie, when were you going to tell mommy that you got yourself knocked up." Kate's voice was strong, but not angry.

She stepped forward until she was standing over the bed. Meg stood transfixed by Kate's amazing body. Meg couldn't help noticing Kate's cunt was very wet. She had see n the whole thing. "I- I don't know." said Julie, trying desperately to cover her naked body. "No baby, mommy likes you like this, naked and pregnant.

Mommy thinks it's hot. I loved watching Meg get you off like that." Kate grabbed Megs arm and pulled her to her naked body this time giving her a tongue plunging kiss that made Meg moan. Julie watched in shock but also aroused in seeing her mom like this so hot so sexual.

Julie took in her mother's hot body and wondered what it would feel like to touch and kiss it. Then Kate turned to her daughter still lying on the bed. "Oh baby open your legs again for mommy, I think your pussy is so pretty." Her cheeks flushing Julie did as her mother said and parted her firm thighs to show her mother her wet juice filled pussy. "That's it baby, look at you so hot with that little fucked up tummy of yours." Without warning Kate climbed on Julie's bed and straddled her daughter's firm round tummy.

As she lowered her self so her splayed cunt was directly on Julies navel. Kate began to grind her wet cunt back and forth over the "outie" navel and looked down at her daughter who moaned. "Are you going to be mommy's little girl and let me rub my cunt all over your little baby tummy?

Oh fuck yes it feels so good baby" Kate reached down and parted her lips so her clit was in contact with the soft protrusion of Julies navel. Julie moaned her hands resting on her mother's thighs. "Oh fuck mommy your pussy looks so hot like that." Meg quickly undressed and then took Kate's large breasts in her hands and began licking and sucking one of the nipples.

"Oh yes Meg, lick and suck my nipples hard. That's so hot your tongue feels so good. Meg moaned as she watched Kate's ass so firm so hto move up and back as she continued to grind onto Julies firm round belly.

"This is so good Julie, hunny but I have to feel your pussy on mine, oh god baby I have to fuck you, I can't stop myself. Do you want it baby do you want mommy to fuck your little cunt?' Kate had already shifted her body lower slipping one leg under daughter and lifting one of Julie's legs up her body to rest on her shoulder. "Oh mommy fuck me, you didn't know but I've wanted this so badly mommy, please fuck my little cunt." "Yes, me too baby, I have wanted you and Meg for some time now and here you are, you hot little bitches." Kate lowered her slick cunt onto her daughter's wet pussy." And let her large puffy lips swish through her little girl's thin engorged cunt lips.

The first pass made Kate groan it was so pure so sweet. Meg continued to twist and suck Kate's nipples as Kate began to grind her pussy more firmly into her daughter's cunt, letting the juices merge the lips connect solidly and firmly. She looked at her daughter. "Oh baby, Meg got your cunt so juicy, can you feel how our pusses' sound so sloppy as they rub together, oh fuck baby it feels so good. " Julie began to meet her mother's thrusts feeding off the sensational erotic feeling of her mother cunt fucking her slow and hard.

"Oh fuck it's so good." Then she turned to Meg. "Meg baby, Please put that little vibe between our pussy lips, put it right on our clits as they rub together. Meg grinned ear to ear as she took the the vibe and turned it on, laying her head down on Julie's soft round breasts. Kate reached down and parted her daughter's wet lips then her own then lowered her cunt on Julie's so that their clits were grinding together.

Deftly Meg reached down and placed the humming vibe in the spot where the clits merged. Both Kate and Julie groaned loudly as Meg turned up the speed on the vibrator. Julie moaned so close to Meg's ear. "Oh fuck I'm going to cum again…oh mommy fuck me like that…oh Meg that vibe is sooo good." Kate threw her head back and pulled hard on her own nipples pinching them mercilessly. It was too much for her.

Learning her daughter was pregnant one moment and fucking her the next. Why had she not done this sooner, maybe she could have prevented her daughters' mistake.

Kate looked down on Julie's beautiful face as she let her hand move over her swollen tummy. So beautiful she thought.

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I'm going to cum on my beautiful daughter's hot little cunt. Julie went first her thighs trembling and her deep moans building to one scream, "Mommy I'm cumming on your cunt!" It was too much for Kate she ground her cunt one more time feeling the vibe and her full pussy lips slipping into her daughter's tight little pussy. Kate came feeling the vibe full on her clit, cum flowing from her cunt into her daughter and over her daughters' thighs.

Kate's ass lurched, trembled and fell slapping again and again on her little girl's puffy cunt lips she came again as Meg slammed the vibe inside Kate's cunt hole. She shook and moaned "Oh Meg yes, make me cum again." Never had Kate cum so strongly never in her life as with her cunt pressed to her 15 year old daughters' pregnant cunt. She lurched forward, first kissing Meg then pushing her tongue into Julie's mouth moaning and trembling as her third climax subsided.

The lay for a long time, mother and daughter entwined as Meg moved her hands over their firm sweaty bodies. Finally Kate lifted her head and said softly, "What do you say we have sleepover in my bedroom tonight, I want to fuck you two all night long." The two girls giggled and Meg finally said, "So you not pissed that Julie's pregnant?" "Let's talk about that tomorrow." said Kate, "Tonight I want to love my two favorite girls in the world." Meg joined the three way hug before they all stood to hold hands and move to Kate's bedroom.