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Sexy promi pics
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The Pool Party Hi my name is Preston, I'm 21 next month and this is my story of one of the best nights of my life.

It was my mates 21st birthday a week ago, and the images from that night are still fresh in my mind. My mate Todd decided to have a pool party round his place to celebrate.

His house wasn't huge but it was big enough to have a good size pool in the garden and to still have some grass area around it to place the bbq and tents for us to sleep in. Because of the limited room he thought he would just invite a few of his closer friends.

A lot of preparation went into setting up the tents and bbq, aswell as placing out snacks and of course the drink, with beers in an ice bucket and a few bottles of wine left in his fridge. I went round to Todd's early that evening to help him set up. "Happy Birthday Todd" I said to him as I walked into his back garden.

Being one of his best mates I knew my way around the house well. "Thanks Preston" he replied, as he turns the bag of ice he was carrying upside down to tip the ice into the ice bucket. "I've left your present in your room for later ok?" I asked him.

"Yeah that's cool, thanks" he replied looking up at me from tipping the last of the ice in the bucket. "So what time are people coming over?" I asked him as he reached for some beers to put into the bucket with the ice.

"I've told people to arrive at 7pm" he replied.

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"That's good, give us time to finish getting ready. Do you know who is coming over?" I decided to find out more about the evening ahead. "Well you're going to be a happy man!" he said with a smile on his face. "How so?" I asked.

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"You know the girl Judy I've been trying to get with? She's coming tonight!" he said in excitement. "As much as I'm happy for you, because I know you've been after her for ages, why is that going to make me happy?" I asked in a puzzled way.

"Judy is coming and asked if she could bring a friend? I said yeah, and guess whom she's bringing?" he said as he looked at me to see if I could guess it. "No, you don't mean&hellip." I tried to say but Todd cut me short.

"Yes, Tanya! Tanya is coming tonight, so get in there!" he said to me in excitement. "Yeah I might just do that, but first I need a beer" I replied as I reached into the cooler and grabbed one. Todd and me finished setting up the rest of the tents and he bbq and sat back on a sunlounger wait for others to arrive. It wasn't long before the majority of people where at the party, the drinks were following, and music was pumping and everyone was just having a good time.

Judy and Tanya were still not at the party, so I decided to jump in the pool for a quick swim. I pulled off my t-shirt exposing my toned body; I didn't quite have a 6-pack but I was getting there. I already had on my swim shorts so I dived straight into the pool and begun to swim some lengths. After about 5-10 minutes of swimming lengths I stopped at the edge of the pool and stayed there for a minute to catch my breath and see what everyone else was doing.

To my delight I saw Todd sat on a sunlounger flirting heavily with Judy. I thought if Judy is here then Tanya must be to! With that I heard "Hey, how's the water?" come from the side of the pool. I turned round and looked up to see one of the most amazing sights I've ever seen. There stood Tanya in a plain purple thong bikini. She had lovely dark brown hair, which was tied up at the back in a ponytail, and the bikini top suited her breasts well, holding her breasts in firmly.

She must be at least a 34C I thought to myself. At that moment someone switched on the pool lights and her lovely long legs and fantastic thighs lit up from underneath her feet. Wow she looked stunning I thought. "Yeah its lovely and warm" I responded to her question.

"Mind if I join you then?" she asked with a seducing look upon her face. "Sure, I was getting lonely on my own" I flirted back. I watched as I saw her turn round and climb down the steps into the pool, as she did so I got the perfect view of her ass. It curved in perfect lines with the rest of her body, especially leading down towards her legs. She stepped off the last step and the water was just below her breasts because she was in the shallow end of the pool.

I looked in amazement as noticed that her nipples had gotten hard.

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"I thought you said it was warm!" she complained, but also caught me staring at her erect nipples. "It is once you have gone completely under" I suggested. To my surprise she done exactly that. She ducked under the water and swam towards me.

I wondered if she could see the bulge in my pants beginning to swell, after seeing her erect nipples had started to turn me on. I had a just above average size penis of about 8inchs, which also made me think she might notice my embarrassment.

Next thing I new her head popped up in front of me as she wiped the water from her eyes. "Warmer?" I asked. "Yeah its better" she replied. I could no longer see her breasts clearly as they we under the water line. "Are you feeling cold too?" she asked "Or just happy to see me?". She noticed I thought!

She'd seen my swell when swimming towards me. "Urmm&hellip." I mumbled not knowing what to say. She took a step closer pressing her breasts up next to my chest and putting her arms around my neck.

My penis instantly began to get harder which she must have felt. "Its ok she said, Todd told me that you liked me, I like you to" she said.


Before I could reply she leant forward and began to kiss me. I responded by placing my hands at the bottom of her back and pulling her in closer to me. She parted my lips with her tongue and found my tongue there to meet hers.

By now I was fully erect and knew she must have felt it pressing into her stomach. I gradually stepped backwards pulling her with me but keeping our mouths locked in a long kiss until my back was up next to the side of the pool, slightly more towards the shallow end so I could remain standing up. She broke away from our kiss "So you were happy to see me" she said with a flirtatious smile.

"With a body like yours its hard to control him" I said in a jokingly manner. She leaned back in and began to kiss me again. This time I responded by putting my hands over her ass cheeks and squeezing them at the same time as pulling her towards me again. I was nearly to busy enjoying the lovely feel of her ass in my hands that I hadn't noticed that one of her hands had come down from behind my neck and began rubbing my penis from the outside of my swim shorts.

I returned the favour by removing my left hand from her ass began playing with her left breast over her bikini top. It suddenly dawned on me that I couldn't hear any music playing, so I pulled away from the kiss just long enough to open my eyes and notice that no one was there. I glanced up towards the house and could see light on in the sitting room and what looked like a lot of movement thought the house.

I assumed that they had all gone inside to watch a DVD or something. Now's my chance I thought to myself as I turned back and began to kiss Tanya again.

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I noticed that her nipple had started to get hard under her bikini top. I couldn't resist the temptation to pull down the front of her bikini completely exposing her left breast and erect nipple. Wow they looked great I thought to myself as I broke away from the kiss again to admire the view. I allowed myself to cup the breast with my left hand and to go down and suck on her nipple, using my tongue to play with it.

She responded by letting out a slight moan.

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I took this as a good sign to continue. I noticed her hand had slowed in her rubbing movements over my swell outside my swim shorts. She was savouring the moment of my tongue flicking across the top of her nipple.

If we weren't already in the water I think I would have been able to see a wet patch forming on the bottom part of the bikini. I removed my right hand from off of her ass and moved it up to cup her right breast, slipping my hand inside the bikini top until I felt an erect nipple with my fingertips. I began to play with her right nipple, whilst my tongue was still enjoying her left one. Tanya let out another slight moan, this time tilting her head backward pushing her breasts into me and exposing her neck.

I took my mouth off her nipple and started to kiss up the side of her neck, but I kept my right hand where it was playing with her breast. The next thing I knew I felt my swim shorts loosen, and then the inevitable happened, I felt her fingers wrap themselves around my now defenceless manhood and begin to pump me slowly and softly. I pulled away from kissing her neck to let out a slight mumble trying to say, "That feels fantastic, don't stop". After a short while of her pumping me, I decided it was time to return the favour.

I took my right hand from her erect nipple and moved my hand slowly down her body. My hand passed across her stomach until my fingers met the top of her bikini bottoms. It didn't stay there long though as my fingers dug themselves in under the material and began to head further down. Tanya had a small amount of pubic hair on her mound, she must have been clean shaved at some point recently, I thought to myself. My fingers instantly found her clitoris and I began playing with it between my fingers.

Tanya let out a slightly louder moan than previous ones, telling me that I was hitting all the right buttons. She had slowed down her pumping of my rock hard on, but kept going enough to keep me excited. I couldn't feel how wet she must have been as my hand was under the water, but after a short while of playing with her clit with my fingers, I felt her shift her weight slightly and re-balance, in doing so she had spread her legs more to give me better access to her pussy.

I took the hint and repositioned my hand so now it was my thumb that played with her clit and freeing up my fingers. I ran my fingers down between her lips searching for her opening. It wasn't long before I found the opening my fingers had been searching for, with one soft gentle trust I pushed my finger in past her opening, then slid it back out but not fully removing it, then re-entering her.

As I was fingering her she let go of my cock and wrapped her arms around my neck, pulling me in to another passionate kiss. I decided that I needed her badly and I needed to feel my cock inside her now. I broke away from our kiss so that I could have a look around and check that the others we still inside the house, to avoid any embarrassing moments. After checking that the coast was clear I removed my fingers from inside her and pulled my hand out of her bikini.

She looked at me puzzled. I took no notice of it and began to climb up out of the pool, once I was out I turned round and offered a hand to help her out of the water to. I then took her hand and walked over towards the sunloungers. As we stood beside the lounger I turned round and began to kiss her once again.


This time I let my hands slip behind her back and reach for the clip holding her bikini top on, in one quick swipe the clip was unhooked.

She looked at me in amazement of how quickly I done it.

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"I have had some practice," I said with a cheeky glint in my eye. "I can see" she responded. I pulled the straps off of her shoulders and let the top fall to the floor.


Her breasts bounced a little with the movement. Wow these were the best set of breasts I'd ever seen I thought to myself.

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"My turn" she said as she grabbed each side of my swim shorts and pulled them towards my feet. My hard cock soon popped out over the top of the waistband.

"Its bigger than I thought" she said with excitement in her voice. As she was saying those very words my hands had already grabbed each side of her bikini thong. I slowly removed her thong inch by inch until all of her pussy was exposed. "Just as I imagined," I returned the comment as her thong hit the floor and she stepped out of them. I stood back up, both of us now fully naked.

I leant in and began to kiss her again at same time I guided her back and down towards the sunlounger. She kept her arms locked around my neck and pulled me down on top of her. Once she was lying down on the sunlounger she broke from our kiss and said "I want you badly, I need to feel you in me now".

These were the exact words I'd been hoping she would say to me for the past 3 months! And now it was finally going to happen. I raised myself up off of her a little and she spread her legs to give me easy access to her pussy. It glistened in the evening light and I could tell that she was very wet.

As I leant back down now between her legs, she reached out and grabbed my swollen member to help guide it towards her opening. As I pressed down some more I finally felt contact between the end of my cock and her pussy lips. I paused there for a moment taking joy in what I knew was about to happen.

To my surprise though Tanya wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me in towards her. With one smooth thrust the head of my cock passed her pussy lips and dived deep into her pussy until my cock was in as far as it could go. "Oh yeah!" she screamed as I entered her for the first time. "Wow!" I mumbled back, as the warmth from her pussy surrounding my cock nearly overpowered me.

After regaining some of my senses I pulled back out until just the head of my cock was inside, before thrusting back down again. It wasn't long before we had a steady rhythm going, and to each downward thrust Tanya would meet me with an upward thrust and enjoying every minute of it as much as I was.

"Hmmm&hellip.don't stop&hellip.right therrreeeee" she moaned. "That's the spot&hellip.i can feel it comingggg" she said. By this point I was getting close to blowing my load aswell but I didn't have a condom on. "Shall I pull out?" I asked between breaths. "No way…cum in my pussy…I need to feel you fill me with your juice." she ordered. This was feeling to good and after what she just said there was no way I was going to pull out. "My god…keep going&hellip.fill my pussy!" she moaned as I continued to trust in and out of her.

"That's it…keep going…I can't hold on anymore&hellip.its coming&hellip.i'm cumming!!!…don't stop.i'm cummmmmmming!!!!" with that I felt her hot juice surround my cock, that knocked me over the edge. "I'm cumming toooo!!!" I tried to say as I trust my cock in one last time as load after load of my cum shot up inside her pussy filling her. "That was fantastic" I said as I collapsed down beside her. "Fantastic? That was amazing!!" she replied.

We decided to get dressed and go join the rest of the party.

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I later found out that Todd got lucky to that night, but that's another story.