Two girls like to please each other

Two girls like to please each other
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Hi this is jack and im from london.My dad is an navy man and mom Ava is house wife.She is 34 yrs old stunning beauty.She likes adventure and most times we go for trip with dad.She is fair long haired brunette,pink lips,good eyes,huge tits and sexy thighs and legs huge fatty ass which giggles when she walks she mostly wear short lingerie and sleeveless dress showing her beauty outside every men will die to fuck her such a beautiful women she is her melons are very big and round.Her size are 38-36-44 and her melons are 38 g watermelon.she usually shows her huge cleavage when she goes out and many men will stare at her hot body.

Once there was a trip to Caribbean islands and this time mom and me went alone as dad had some work.200members went along in a ship and mostly all men And few women.Mom wore a tshirt and short lingerie showing her milky thighs and her melons are easily visible to everyone there but everyone in ship had eyes on her hot body.She never minds them some men every groped her body while dancing and many offered her for a date later after the trip and she neagotiated them all.A man named Mike was there in he is an billionaire and hadmany wives Nd gfs.He is an tricky businessman and good flirt andhe had also an eye over moms body and he wants her to have a date with him and he politely asked her for a drink and mom was in no condition to leave the request of him.

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She said okk and he asked to come inside his private room and he was wealthiiest among them all and he was living an luxury life inside whiskeys and wines and champagne inside and he offered her champagne and both had a nice chat and time being he flirted with her and both shared their bios and telling about Mike he is 65 yrs old man 6'7 inch long good fit body every women will fall for him.

Hairy chest,huge biceps and broad shoulders.Mean while after 3 rounds of champagne mom lost control and now mike had other ideas and now he asked her to dance and both danced and he groped her body parts and touched her soft body all over and his aim is to fuck this brunette babe today and now he kissed her on her lips and mom was shocked at it and told him this is wrong im married and having a child and he replied me too married and its all happens and you must enjoy everything and on seeing u i fall and Such a beautiful women ur.Hearing this mom fell in his dich and he took adavantage of it and took her to his room and now offered her a diamond necklace and pair of ear rings and he told her all this yours if u share with me today whole day and seeing this mom was amazed and she fell for him.And she replied okk.

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Now he kissed her passionately and he removed her tshirts and was shocked seeing her huge melons and it was hanging inside the bras and he asked her whats her size and she smiled and tild him its 38 g and he was amazed and he told her ur hubby is lucky to have such a huge boobed wife if ur mine i would fuck u whole day and now he removed her bras and her nuge round melons and her sexy navel is visible and he was amazed by her beauty and now he saw her huge nipples and round dark areola and her nipples are dark and is big like grapes and now mom is in her lingerie and he removed it and she wore a white panty her shaved pink pussy is lokking gorgeous and ready for good fuck and he removed it all and she is nude in front of a stranger and now he was amazed and he not wasted no time he removed his dresses and mom found his hard erection and she was shocked its huge and he removed his boxers and mom was shocked to see his huge cock it was thickand long 11 inches and dad had 5 inch and she was amazed and he asked her babe u love my cock she smiled at him and now he came beahind her and smooched her kissed all over her face lips and neck he sucked her lips well and now he mafe her lie over the bed and he started to suck her huge melons and mom was enjoying like a heaven and moaning ahahahahhshshshshshshhaahhajahahhahahahha he bite her nipples hard and sucked it so well and now made her kneel and he stood over her face and she took his cock in her hands and she was shocked seeing a monster first time and is thick and she licked it like a icecream and started to suck it and took inside her mouth he plucked her hairs and inserted his cock deep in her throat and she was suffocated by his huge cock and he now almost chocked her and now he took out and now he made her lie over bed and he now came near her thighs and licked her thighs and kissed her fatty milky thighs and now he went near her pussyy.

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Now after some rest and drink they went to showers and both fucked inside the tub and he noe fucked her anally and ripped her ass holes well and emptied his balls and he fucked her whole day and night and both were boozed out and nude sleeping together and next day he kissed her and told we would continue our affair outsid top babe and mom replied okk u know how to handle women and he kissed her.Nobody knows about this scenario and next day it was stromy weather and tides and heavy.There is storm alert and we could see and big ship approaching nera us and it was looking old and seemed like pirates and they came very near us and there were 100 of pirates whom where searched by the britsh navy and all were shocked and they are merciless.Will took all the goods and jewels and they will occupy everything they wants women too.they attacked our ship with guns nad many were shot dead they brokeour ship decks with their missiles and everyone tunning here and there and We could see black pirates in our ship and allundet there control they killed almost 150 people and took all the goods and jewels and remaining people were women and some men The billionaire Mike too was shot dead and his deck was almost occupied by the pirates.

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They made us to kneel down and they took to their ship as slaves and we all loked up with chain and i noticed mom wearing diamond necklace and ear rings and the men among them saw moms hot body they groped her and all lustfull faces saw moms hot body now the head among them came in and saw us.He saw mom and was amazed by her beauty and he came near her and kissed her and told we are going too ripe ur body babe and all men shoued in delight and Now she was released and the head told that he is gona fuck her first and next his men will get the chance and now he took her to his deck.The head was 7 inches and very musculine body big tight chest,huge biceps and broad shoulders.Now he came near her and started kissing her lips and his huge arms s started squeezing her tits and she was amazed by his touch such rough he is now he removed her tshirt and he was amazed seeeing her huge melons wowwwwww!!

Bitch u hav some epic melons ur hubby is lucky he could suck it whole day and now he remived her bra and he was shocked and opened his mouth and now he started to suck those huge tits and mom was moaning hahahahhahahahahahahshshshshshshshhshhshshshhs he manhandled her melons so hard and he bite her nipples and now he sucked and squeezed it very harder.

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Now he removed her skirt and he could see her huge fatty ass and he spanked her ass very hard and slapped it and now he removed her panties and he could seee her pink pussy and now he started to remove his dress and mom was shocked to see his huge musculine body and he is ripped.she noticed his huge elevation of his cock and now he removed his boxer and mom was totally shocked she could see his huge python 14 inches long and 5 inch girth Nd his huge testicles now he smiled at her and told babe i gone fuck you till your holes got stretched and now he made her kneeel and he came near her mouth and he now plucked her hairs and now mom took his cock in her arms and is so huge and she was amazed how it could fit her pusyy and now she licked and sucked it and sucked his balls too and now in 69 position they cahnged and she sucked and he started to eat her pussy and he fingered her pussy and bite her clit.she was filled iwth lot of pleasure that no one had done it to her before and she squirted a lot.After that he stood near her and plucked her long hair and he inserted his dick inside her throat and she was gagging for air.its so huge and she was suffocated.Then he took out and now made her lieover and now hejumped over her and sucked her tits and he inserted his huge dick insid eher pink pussy and pounded her slowly and she was filled with much pleasure and she was moaning ahhahahahahshshshshhshshshshhshshhshshshshhsa d his cock went so deep insid eher pusyy and it almost went into deepest portion of her pussy and he slowly increased his speed and now he is in full swing and now he is fucking her very hard and fast she cant bera the fast fucking of that giant and he ponded so well and she squirted so many times and his huge cock pummeled her pussy and his balls on hittin the thighs sounds tokyoktuktuktuktuktuktuktuktukuttuktuktoktoktoktoktoktoktoktok he squeezed her melons bite her nipples hard and sucked and kissed her all over her face and lips.After 45 min of hard fucking he was slowed down and his body was so tightened and now he shouted bitch i gona seed your pussy with my seeds and now he released a huge load of black seed inside her womb.He kissed all over her face and boobs and took his cock out of her pussy and her pussy was leaking lot of thick cum.After a few minutes he was erect and started to suck her tits and now he made her kneel and pounded in doggy position very hard and fast nad his thrusts were very hard and his cock went so deep inside her pussy and she was shouting ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahshshshshshshshshshshshssh and he teared her pussy and his cock went so deep and hit on g spot many times and he was biting her nipples and she was aroused by his act and she oragsmed many times and she cant hold his cock long time inside her pussy as he is pounding her pussy like a fucking machine.after few minutes they changed the position to cowboy and she now pounded her huge ass over his huge cock and he was manhandled her melons and now after 45 min he changed to missionary and ponded so deep and relased his cum inside her womb and now he kissed her.

The head fucked and emptied his balls for past one week and now he told the crew that its thier turn and every men was eager to fuck her hot body and 100 men were there and everyone was well built and strong and have big cocks.Hearing this mens went to that room where she was their in groups 7 to 8 and yhey banged her mercilessly and emptied their balls each and very one fucked her eveyday and her pussy and assholes was torn and she was their sex slave and they banged her very hard.for about 1 month and whenever they wants women they went to her and enjoyed the day and it was well enough and mom has become a whore for them.On sailing they found another enemy creew and they fought with them hard and they won the fight and they killed many men and they took all the things from the ship amd they found the room and they were amazed on seeing mom and the crew head asked his men to bring her to his room and they bought her and he was huge in size big belly and fatty 7 inch tall and he told that she is mine and no one can get her and he told the crew to kill them all and they killed every men mercilessly.

And they returned to the ship and now the head started undressing her and he found her body was so nice and he understood that she has beenbanged good and hard by them and he found bite marks all over and he told her dnt worry babe u r all mine and he started to kiss her and he sucked her melons and he fucked her well and good and he continued fucking evryday and night and he emptied his balls inside her womb and now she is being only fucked by him only and she is now enjoying it like a whore

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