Glamcore trio sluts swapping and licking cum pornstars and european

Glamcore trio sluts swapping and licking cum pornstars and european
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"Cassie, come on! Please?" There she was. The most beautiful girl in my eyes.


She stood in the bathroom doorway, with just her head poking out. She looked down for a second and then shifted to her right so that her whole body came into view. Cass had turned 17 just over 2 weeks ago. We had been planning this night for a few weeks now. I knew she was nervous about her first time and I wanted her to feel as comfortable as possible. I had made sure we were alone all weekend. Everything needed to be perfect. I had jacked off twice before she came over. She always got me so hard; I didn't want to ruin it by Cumming to soon.

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Her hands cupped her breasts with her shoulders slightly forward, almost as if she was trying to hide herself away from me. We had been known each other for almost a year now, and been dating for six months. I knew she wasn't the type of girl who messed around. She was quiet and reserved, but once you got to know her, she opened up and had a good sense of humour, not to mention that smile that made my knees melt. She had really blossomed and I found myself thinking about her all day, I eventually decided to ask her out.

We had been going steady now for 6 months. Before I met Cassie, I was sort of self-destructing. I had started drinking myself sick every weekend and got hooked on drugs. Cass helped me get through all of it. I shook my head smiling at her. I didn't want to scare her by going too fast. I pushed her mahogany hair back and kissed her left temple.

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She seemed to relax afterwards and let go of her breasts. She leaned up against the wall and raised her arm against the door frame, trying to do a sexy pose. She started giggling and made her way towards me, bouncing on the bottom of the bed and crawled up to me. She pressed her forehead against mine and kissed my nose gently "thank you for being so patient bub" she almost whispered, then pulled back and gave me a little smile, sitting next to me. "Of course baby" She laid her head down on my pillow and I gave her a little kiss and traced my finger from her jawline, down to her left breast.

She gave a little shudder as I started drawing little circles around her tiny nipples. After a few minutes they were standing up to attention, like little brown soldiers. I lay down beside her and pulled her into my arms. I could tell she was still nervous. She's so cute when she's nervous. I moved my hand slowly, caressing her belly for a bit. She lay staring into my eyes, never breaking contact.

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I gave her lips a little peck and slowly moved my hand down to cup her cunt. She was completely bald, except for a little patch of hair. Her whole body went stiff. I ran my fingers up and down her slit slowly "its okay baby" A small smile crossed her face. In a few minutes she'll be begging for more I thought to myself. I gently pushed my finger past her pussy lips. She let out a little squeak and I began circling her entrance and then placed my index finger on her clit and rubbed it in little circular motions.

My cock was so hard, pressed against Cassis back.


I shifted a bit so it wasn't poking her anymore and continued assaulting her little clit which by now was poking up. Cassie had relaxed and had her eyes closed with a grin on her face.

Still rubbing her clit I moved down the bed and positioned my head at her sex. It smelled intoxicating. For the first time, I got to see her pretty little pussy. It was all puffy and pink with her little clit poking out and her tiny little hole and covered in glistening juice.

I couldn't take it anymore. I had to taste this girl. Cassie was now looking down at me. "Ready baby? "She bit her lip and nodded her head, then rested her head back on the pillow. I pulled her puffy pussy lips apart and placed my tongue at her pussy hole and slowly licked her up to her clit.

She let out a long moan " that feels amazi-" She didn't finished, only groaned as I probed her hole with my tongue. I slurped her juices, overflowing on my tongue. She tasted sweet, like pineapple juice. She lifted her legs around my head. Her hands were knotted in her hair and her body started tensing up. I flicked my tongue over her clit faster.

She screamed "oh my god! Ben!" and then pulled the pillow over her face and screamed into that. Her body writhed under my tongue. Her orgasm lasted a few seconds and then she pushed my head away, complaining she was too sensitive.

I gave her a big sloppy kiss, so that she could taste herself. She licked her lips and cocked herself to the side "I taste pretty good "she beamed. "Yes you do Cass; yes you do "I pulled her into my lap, with her back against my chest. She shifted, wiggling my boxers down and fishing out my cock so it was sitting between her legs.

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"It looks bigger" she whispered. Cassie had seen me get changed many times before.

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She was just a bit self-conscious still. My cock was the first she had ever seen. She just stared at the whole time. She gently wrapped her hand around my 6.5 inch shaft and began sliding it up and down slowly. She looked up at me "am I doing it right?" Cass had never touched a cock, let alone blow one, but I was really hoping she would. "You're doing great, just go a bit harder" she looked down, tightening her grip and sliding her hand faster "cass" I groaned.

She sensed I was close and slid forward onto her belly, taking my dick into her mouth. She circled her tongue around the head and used her thumb to stroke the underside of my shaft, tracing my veins. My balls tightened, threatening to explode. She poked my hole with her tongue and that sent me over the edge.

I expected her to pull back put she just kept sucking. She was swallowing as fast as she could but started choking and pulled back. My cum, leaking down the side of her mouth.

I gave her bum a little slap and laughed. She sat next to me "how was that?" I pushed a strand of her dark brown hair behind her ear. "Crap "I looked at her with a serious face. She frowned and looked like she was gonna cry.

I started laughing at her and pulled her into my arms "I'm joking baby cakes. You were great for your first time" She gave me a playful punch. "I don't want to be on top Ben" I ran my fingers up and down her back slowly " that's okay" I slowly laid her back on the bed and positioned myself between her. I leaned down to kiss her gently while poking her mound with my cock, which was by now, leaking precum again like a faucet.

She kissed me with urgency. I slid my fist rapidly up and down my shaft and was hard again in an instant.

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"Cassie, put your arms around my neck. It's going to hurt a little at first, but it will feel amazing in a few seconds okay?" She nodded slowly and looked down at my cock. I put my finger under her chin and gazed into her eyes. "I'm ready Ben, do it. Take me virginity" I gently pushed my cock past her slit and into her love tunnel. I felt her hymen and slowly pulled out, looking down at Cassie, I thrust in hard, breaking her hymen.

It gave little resistance.


Cassie whimpered in pain and dug her nails into my back, surely drawing blood. "I love you Cass" I stayed completely still, letting her adjust to my cock that had just invaded her most sacred place. Her eyes were now closed. "It doesn't hurt too badly" she whispered and opened her eyes. "I smiled and leaned down to kiss her. I started thrusting slowly. She had a cocky little smile on her face. "What?" I asked slightly confused. "I'm not a little lamb Benjamin Douglas" I grinned and began sliding deep inside her.

Her pussy gripped my cock tightly. Its heat radiated out onto my cock. She was so tight, yet I was able to slide my cock in and out of her.

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I decided to give her a run for her money. She thinks she's so tough, I'll make her scream. I reached down and slowly rubbed her clit in circles. She tightened her arms around my neck even more. She slowly started rocking her hips up to meet my thrusts.

I lowered my head and put a nipple in my mouth. Slowly suckling like a baby. I ran my tongue around her areola and then flicked my tongue across her nipple, gently tugging on it with my teeth.

That seemed to drive her mad and she let out little whimpering sounds every time I thrust in. Her breathing became quicker" Bennnnn, im gonna cum " I squeezed her hips and pulled her against me " Ben Ben oh my god Ben!" Her pussy squeezed my cock and pulsed around it. I felt my cock twitch in her and I began cumming in her while she whritherd under me. I felt my cum trickle down her leg and leaned down to kiss her. She leaned over and got a tissue and stuffed one between her legs and with another she wiped the cum off my leg and threw it at me, sticking her tongue out at me.

" oh, and im the immature one huh?' I chuckled. " shut up Ben" she lifted the sheet and patted the bed. I ran across the bed and jumped on it, acting as if I was going to fall on her. She screamed and I scooped her into my arms and began tickling her.

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She wiggled about and slapped me playfully and I put my arm around her belly, pulling her into my chest. " I love you" she whispered.

I slowly began running my fingers through her hair. " I love you too" I kissed her forehead and listened to her breathing until my eyes grew heavy and I fell asleep.

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