Horny real girlfriend gets a facial

Horny real girlfriend gets a facial
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Margaret Margaret was in a lifeless marriage, things had started out amazingly, they always do with any newly weds in the early years, the sex, nights out, parties, friends, travel and new careers. John was a nice man but 10 years older. He was not in bad shape for the age and carefully looked after himself especially making sure he visited the local gym at least twice a week religiously.

Margaret had nearly a similar routine but insisted on exercise classes along with swimming mixed in to create a change of routine now and then. Both had moved down south near Suffolk from the northern Irish coast line, so neither had much experience with the multi-cultural citizens they now mixed with on a daily basis at work or out and about. John was a contract site manager for the MOD and Margaret was invoicing manager within the same governmental body.

She was in her 20's but had never wanted to start a family until they agreed they were securely settled within their careers. Margaret knew this would assure her of being able to return to her post after a maternity leave which the MOD supported knowing its female staff was just as important to its success as any other member. John was 6' with dark hair and blue eyes, he wasn't particularly the greatest looking man around but he by far was not the worse.

Something Margaret was pleased with when they first started dating some many years back in university. Margaret on the other hand was 5'7", dark Brunette hair with greenish grey eyes and unfairly stunning according to her female colleagues.

Her long shapely legs seem to go on forever graced by sized 6 perfectly formed feet with graceful slender toes sporting manicured toe nails. John was grateful that such a fit, hot, super sexy woman adored him. He marvelled at her slim frame supporting the pert 38d cup breast with the most amazingly well proportioned nipples any woman could have been blessed with.

The entire packaged dwelled on the most alluring soft shouldered upper body of womanhood that boasted perfect posture and grace. This led to a very small waist of 24 inches which flowed outward onto a 35in waist harbouring a tight rounded bum honed from many years of gymnastics and swimming but not discounting the cycling and jogging she use to do. Margaret or Margo as her friends called her was an angelic, athletic sex goddess in human form and she had began to feel the need for more than just her husbands attentions.

She wanted romance all over again but with a twist. She had listened to some of her female friends stories of their so called bad boy boyfriends and the things they made their women do behind closed doors. Margo fantasized at times at her desk when a lull in her day presented itself about just what these bad men did to her girlfriends.

She would even steer their coffee breaks into such realms of conversation and over salads at lunch. Her friends were all too happy to spill the contents of their private affairs with her as each one wanted to boast her man being the baddest of all. She had to make up stories that were juicily mediocre when it was her turn to give away bedroom secrets since she and John did not have much of a sex life now or as a matter of fact, not much life at all between them for concentrating on their careers.

She was ashamed of this deep down inside but would not let it show. Her marriage had stagnated and the sex was routine almost dutiful every Saturday night. As far as she could figure out amongst her friends Sarah had the hottest bad boy behind closed doors.

This really annoyed her as Sarah always had to have the best of everything since she had known this group. If only once one of them could push her into 2nd best how funny would that be and how much satisfaction would the group feel knowing that Sarah did not have the best of everything. It was late in the day near quitting time and Margo turned her thought to what she would make for supper.

It dawned on her that she may need to pick up a few items or buy a complete meal for that day. As she left work only stopping to girly kiss the last friend left working late goodbye she noticed the upper management was still engaged in a intensive meeting in the office conference meeting room and there were both British and American officers present. Her mind began to wander but was sharply brought back to reality by the solid wall of male muscles she walked into.

" I'm sorry ma'am" came this accented deep bass melody from the most amazing pair of honey coloured eyes, full shapely lips and straight nose that she had ever seen on any black man. " Don't be silly sergeant, it was my fault, I should have been looking at where I was going" she replied but she could feel her knees turning to jelly. "Yes ma'am" he replied "I am not a sergeant but Colonel Barry Clay, United States Marine Corps, ma'am." " Oh, I apologise Colonel" She said softly " No problem ma'am" "Can you direct me to your conference room ma'am" the colonel asked.

"Yes, of course, I will show you" she managed before her mind started stripping this 6'4" hunk. As she walked down the corridor she made sure he had a very clear view of the wiggle she was putting on for him as subtlety as possible. Her high heels clicked with each step ensuring his gaze would follow down her back to her pert firm bum and onto her fabulously long shapely sexy legs which she worked with all the grace of a ballerina spider closing in on its intended victim caught in it web.

She could almost follow the path his eyes took feeling them drinking of her charms. "It is just through the door on the right colonel" she said looking wantonly deep into his gorgeous eyes and soaking up every inch of his chiselled chocolate features through hers into her soul.

His uniform was immaculate and fit like designer suit around and accentuating every muscle it could. As he stepped through the door of the conference room out of sight her orgasm took her by surprise. The intensity of it made her reach for the nearest chair to sit. "Oh My God!!!" she exclaimed "Seriously…??" After a moment or two possibly three she stood up gathered her composure and left the building with Colonel Clay heavy on her mind.

She drove her silver Audi A6 on instincts to the base commissary and parked up. What had she came here for she thought and then it flashed back into her memory. Supper. Aimlessly she meandered down each aisle looking at the American goods, perhaps John would like some steak, jacket potatoes with mushy peas and some beer or maybe a burger, chips and greens.


She really didn't have her mind on the task at hand because of the dark deep secret thoughts surfing the id of her subconscious. She wanted to fuck the colonel and she wanted him to fuck her back, hard.

As rough as she could stand, she wanted him to make her do all manner filthy dirty things her husband did not even know existed and her friends bragged about. Her g-string was soaked so badly the love juices of her pussy was beginning to trickle down her legs.

Fortunately she had liners on to help soak up the overflow. The pin striped dark grey designer trouser suit she had worn that day hugged her curves and showed the right gaps in the right places, between her legs and promoting her ample cleavage. She knew Colonel Clay had seen this.


He had to be observant in his role for she had spied the aviator wings and flight medals on his uniform. She knew he was a pilot which added to her excitement. How many times had she cried at the end of Officer and a Gentleman. "He had bulging muscles everywhere…!!" she thought out loud. "what did you say darling" came this female voice. It was Sarah and she had walked upon Margo without being seen.

"Oh nothing" she said " I was just thinking out loud about supper tonight" "I said "He needs beer to marinate with." "Oh" exclaimed Sarah "ok" "how are you?" She asked" You disappeared after lunch." "I had so much work to complete I went to the internal archives room" replied Margo.

Just at that moment Colonel Clay turned down the aisle they were chatting in and walked toward them. "Oh my god !!! Margo, look at him, he is so tasty !!!"whispered Sarah with excitement in her voice.

"Good evening ma'am, nice to see you again" Colonel Clay said "I don't mean to bother you but you couldn't suggest a wine to go with a dinner which I don't know if it will be red or white meat?" he asked " I would play it safe and take a rose Colonel" Margo said sweetly. "Thank you ma'am" " I appreciated your advise" he replied. " Good to see you again ma'am bye." " It is my pleasure Colonel" she answered.

"Mine too colonel !!" Sarah said showing her interest. "Ma'am" said the Colonel as he turned and walked away.


"Who was that Margaret Susan Bollinger-Neil ???" demanded Sarah as she watched him stride away. "Nice arse…! I know just what your thinking and I am going to purchase some new batteries immediately as this needs to be my next Naughty fantasy" she said with a wink at Margo and pursed lips. " I don't really know" said Margo " He came into the offices after all of you had left and asked to be shown to the big conference meeting that was taking place as I was leaving" "Is it that late…?" "I really must dash sweetie" "See you tomorrow" Margo said blowing a kiss at Sarah as she turned to walk away toward the checkouts but Sarah was not paying attention as she was on a mission to find long lasting batteries in the household goods section and walking the other way.

When Margo reached her car she noticed the Colonel sitting in a large American pick up truck next to her. How good they look together she fleetingly thought as she walked nearer.

She noticed the soldier putting directions into a sat-nav device on his trucks dashboard. Margo watched for a moment without the Marine taking notice. She noticed the info he was typing in was her road but more importantly her address. She tapped on the door window and smiled. Colonel Clay lowered the electric window from his side of the cab and smiled back. "can I help you ma'am .?" came his puzzled response.

" No but perhaps I can help you Colonel as I could not help but notice the address your using seems to be mine, may I ask why you have my address ?" The colonel looked at her with a slight bit of confusion and said " One of the guys in the meeting invited to his home for a cooked meal. He said his wife wouldn't mind since he was going to order the meal in as a surprise so she wouldn't have to cook but enjoy the evening with us." " Oh" said Margo "Is that why you were purchasing the wine.?" "Yes ma'am, affirmative" he said.

" Was his name John Bollinger-Neil.?" Margo asked. "Affirmative ma'am" said the Colonel. "Well, Colonel, it is your lucky night because I am his wife" Margo said with a glint in her eyes smiling with curled lips " Just follow me soldier" " Affirmative ma'am" replied the Colonel.

She hurriedly got in her car and started it as he reversed and pulled up to wait for her. It seemed to take forever to get home that evening Margo thought but when they finally arrived John met them both at the door with a big smile and handshake for the Colonel. "Hello mate good to see you again, I see you have already met my wife Margaret" said John.

" yes, I have and she had me follow her here" replied the Colonel. " That is good timing and a stroke of luck. I was a little worried that you would not be able to find our home even with a sat-nav" said John " Come in please and make yourself at home Colonel." "Thank you sir" the colonel replied.

" How about a drink Colonel and would you mind if I turned on a little background music just to get some ambience.?" questioned Margo " No Ma'am, not at all" smiled the Colonel.

John went to the telephone and called their local Chinese to order a set meal for 4. He thought to himself that he had better as the Colonel was not a small man and probably use to eating very well. He also knew that Margaret loved Chinese food and would kill for the spicy Bbq'd ribs. John put on some CDS from the 80's he had dug out earlier and as the music flowed throughout the house Margaret went upstairs to change out of her work clothes as John had already done when he arrived home.

She thought for a moment and then decided to wear that cute little hot pants set John always thought she looked most comfortable in but without any thing on her feet as she was at home. She decided to go bra less and to put just enough perfume on, so that if she hugged the Colonel he would get a slight scent. All the tricks she had learned throughout her teenage years she accumulated and condensed so that she could get the Colonels undivided sexual attention tonight somehow and without alerting her husband to her intentions.

She wanted to fuck this man brains out badly, something she had not felt since her college days when she first met John but this time it was different and much, much stronger.

All she had to do was play it cool. She formulated a plan within seconds and part one was to make sure John ate plenty as this usually sent him to sleep in front of the television and to make sure he had plenty alcohol as this really made him sleep very, very deeply. She knew this for a fact as she had played loud music once when he had passed out from drinking and banged pots near his ears plus had the nerve to set off a firework on the table next to him once just to see if she could make him jump but he just snored away only to waken the next day none the wiser to anything.

Her pussy was almost dripping with excitement and her pert nipples were straining to Pearce the fabric of her top. She was a woman on a mission and that gorgeous example of fine American Marine was her chosen target.

She would submit to his every whim if she could just pull off this mission. She could almost taste his dick in her mouth and feel herself being made to gag with it rammed deep in her waiting throat. She almost floated downstairs in her dream world but once she reached the kitchen where the men were standing talking she started concentrating on her plan.

John offered Margaret some wine but she did not accept and asked for something stronger stating that it was the weekend and they all should relax more. John thought this was a great idea and turned to ask the Colonel if he had any other plans for the weekend and if not why not stay with them as they had a spare room.

Margaret added that she had noticed a holdall or duffel bag of sorts in the back of his truck and he was more than welcome to stay as a matter of fact she insisted as this would be good company for her husband. The Colonel thought about the offer for a short while and then agreed which sent shivers throughout Margo's body immediately. Her hairs stood on end and goose bumps formed all over her body. John asked if she was ok and she replied that there was a slight breeze from the open window which was a little chilly.

The Colonel offered to close it as he was nearer but Margo said she would and with that reached up over the kitchen sink to pull the window too making sure that she stood on toes and stretched her entire body to grab the window handle hoping that the Colonel was paying attention.

If he was not, he was made too by the love slap John planted on her pert arse as she stretched which made her smile and protest with swooning eyes that landed on the Colonel.

He looked at Margo stretch and admired every inch of this beautiful sex goddess but when John playfully slapped her arse, he wished that she would do it again but when her husband had left the room so he could help her…… They stood and chatted for what seemed ages and every time John glass neared empty Margo refilled it making every one stronger than the last casting a sneaky look at the Colonel and smiling.

Her actions did not go unnoticed as the Colonel watched everything that was happening around him that evening. When the meal finally arrived and after they all had dined Margo suggested that they watch a movie that had been hired out the previous day as she had been waiting the perfect opportunity to sit, relax and enjoy it.

Neither man thought this was a evening killer but a great idea as it had been a long trying day. It was not long before John had heavy eyes from the accumulation of work, drink and eating way too much of his favourite meal. He could hardly keep his eye open least more concentrate on the film, so he made excuses and wished his wife and the Colonel a good night before he trundled off upstairs to bed. Needless to say that within 15 minutes of his head hitting the pillow he was sound asleep and snoring.

Margo told the Colonel that she was just going downstairs in the basement and prepare his room and add extra towels after she went upstairs to check on her husband and change. The Colonel did not think much of it and smiled as he said ok.

Once upstairs Margo checked that John was well and truly passed out and would not wake up by shutting the bedroom door quietly after she change into the skimpiest nightie she owned which just about left little to any imagination. She quickly threw an old terry cloth house robe around herself and made her way back down stairs with some extra towels and hidden in the towels where 2 dildos, some hand cuffs, some lengths of braided rope she had prepared weeks ago hoping that John would be interested and baby oil.

As she went past the lounge where the Colonel was still enjoying the film she told him she would just be a moment and hurried down the stairs into the basement which she and John had decorated and furnished when they first moved in just in case her mum wanted to come and stay.

It was fully self contained and beautifully dressed with all the mod-cons any home could have including a self contained kitchenette, full shower come bathroom and its own quaint lounge all of which was centrally heated as were the rest of their home. The floor was a mixture of carpets and wood panelling with tiles in the kitchen and bath.

It had a separate door leading up a small flight of concrete stairs to the landscaped back garden. Margo quickly made the bedroom up and hide her toys in the bedside table leaving the baby oil laying in full view on the pillows.

She then went back upstairs to the lounge where the Colonel was watching the end of the movie and gracefully stepped between him and the television stating his room was ready and would he like another drink as she purposely let the belt holding her robe fall loose and away from her waist but acting like it was an accident and was not suppose to happen. This exposed her charms wrapped in the sexy nightie in full view to him. She noticed his reaction as his dick strained in his trousers almost immediately.

Jokingly she asked him if that was a secret weapon or was he just pleased to see what he had. He stood up walked over to her and stopped just in front of her square on.

" Ma'am my name is Barry please call me that and to answer your question &hellip.let's find out.!!" he said deep and softly as his hands slipped around her waist and pulled her closer. The electrifying waves of wanton desire and lust overcame Margo immediately as no resistance was given on her part melted into his strong bulging arms and submitting to his probing tongue between her parted lips as she pressed her quivering body as hard as she could against this granite black solid steel block mountain of a man that was about to take her in ways she had only dreamed of&hellip.would she have a morality attack before or after he had his way she thought fleetingly but she dismissed the notion&hellip.

He was her dreams come true and the only real fear she could recognise was that she would not want her husband any longer after a real man had taken her. Barry scooped Margo up mid kiss and carried her downstairs making sure he pulled the self locking door leading downstairs closed behind them. Effortlessly he strolled into the bedroom and gently placed her on the bed pulling her robe and ripping her top off in the process which made Margo gulp for air with excitement.

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He stood back up and unfastened his belt and then trousers as she leaned up on her elbows to watch. His trousers open and he extracted the biggest dick she had ever seen in her life. "Oh my god !!!" she gasped with wide eyes. Fright began to creep into her mind and she quietly thought to herself what was she doing and what was he going to do with that thing but more over just where was he going to put that monster, it was no way she could handle it but before she could formulate a protest or conjure up an excuse he jumped on the bed and grabbed her by the back of her head filling his hands with her dark locks of hair and forced her face toward his weapon.

"Oh My God !!" She tried to shout out as the tip of his huge cock penetrated her lips. Her hands tried to push against his hips but she found herself grasping his bum and digging her nails in which made him push harder. His gigantic dick stretched Margo's mouth wider than she had ever known and it hurt but his dick was going deeper and she could now taste his manhood on her tongue which lapped it like a thirsty dog slurping water.

" OOOoMMMMMRRRRPPHHHHH" "OooooMMmmMMmmMMrrRRRRRpppPPPHhHHhh" gasping for air every time he pulled it back out of her aching throat before he shoved her head back down onto his throbbing member. She endured this forced blowjob for a good 45 minutes before he pulled it out and threw her back on the bed and forced her thighs apart with his huge strong hands exposing her neatly trimmed pussy to his gaze. He watched her kitten pulsate for a few moments before burying his tongue on her swollen clitoris.

The strike of his first lick made her jump and arch her back as if she was trying to bounce up off and away from the bed itself. She grabbed the pillow and buried her head as she screamed with all her might for as his tongue touched her clitoris his two fore fingers penetrated her pussy and the one found her g-spot almost immediately. Relentlessly Barry worked on this sex goddess as she thrashed and tried to roll about as he held her firmly in place making her take his pleasures.

Margo had lost count of the orgasms when his dick had broke-in her virgin throat, something John had never managed or any other ex boyfriend before John but she knew the orgasms where getting stronger and more frequent, compounding leaving her heart racing and the body breathless, she did not know just how much of this fucking she could actually handle, it was new territory for her.

The sweat began to pour from every pore on her body she knew sooner or later she was going to pass out from all this pleasure but yet he had not began to fuck her with his huge dick. Margo was well and truly frightened now, she had heard stories about black men and their staying power, she could not be here all night, John woke each morning religiously whether his had been drinking or not at precisely 7am.

It was only 10pm and Barry was just getting started on her. Her mind and body seem to separate into two different entities, she realised that he had stopped licking and fingering her but her mind seemed to be 5 minutes behind and could still feel everything still happening.

She could not move as he got up off her and reached for the baby oil. All she could manage was some pathetic whimpering noises of grateful pleasure and satisfaction as he poured some oil into his hands and began to rub it firmly all over her swollen tits paying close attention to her extended nipple and then on down her body past her ravaged cunt onto her shaky thighs and legs before reaching her feet which he raised gently to his mouth and began to suck on each toe nibbling now and then and kissing as he went.

He let one hand trace back up between her legs and touch her sopping wet pussy lips before a finger entered her love tunnel and played havoc on her spot.

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The feeling was too much for Margo…she arched her aching back as the electricity shot throughout her lower body sparking wave after wave of intense mind bludgeoning orgasm after multiply orgasm. It was all too much she did not even know at what point she passed out but when she came too the electricity was ten fold and orgasms were racking her body continuously. Her hand were tied to the bed post as where her feet, spread eagle. There was something stuffed in her mouth to stop her screaming out loud.

Barry had entered her with that gigantic monster and was hammering away at her tight little velvety pussy with great venom. She could feel everything more than she expected or wanted too.

It was massive, the girth was impossible but was that because of his excitement or hers and the veins, ridges and coarse hairs all added to every inch of it which felt to Margo like it must have been 2 feet in length but in reality it was a good 12 inches. His huge hairy balls where slapping her arse like a bitch slapped by a pimp, it all hurt, a good hurt but never the less hurt.

He was pulling her head to one side holding her down by her hair, something she had never ever experienced before and the thought of this happening caused her to squirt cum all over her masters tool. The sweat was pouring off his forehead and dripping all over her face, she was in heaven.

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Barry pushed his dick further into her love hole stretching and tearing it, he squeezed his bum cheeks causing more blood to gorge his dick making grow even bigger inside of Margo.

She tried to shake her head but he held her down tight, her eyes were the only thing that could react and they rolled back in her head as she passed out for the fifth time. When she came too she was on her belly and there where pillows stacked under her waist.

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Her arms were still stretched and tied to the bed post as were her legs all in the same position, spread eagle. She felt something dripping on her bum and running between the cheeks. It was cool and slippery then she remembered the baby oil. She felt his rough hands smooth the oil all over her bum and thighs paying close attention to her arse hole.

"NO !!" " NO!!" "NO !" she protested when she realised what was about to happen because no man had ever bum fucked her ever even her own husband could not though he had tried once or twice but she did not believe in this carnal pleasure. Barry lowered himself onto her body and said softly in her ear " Relax". With that he guided his throbbing dick to the entrance of her arse, " NO Please!!" " I do not believe in this" "No Please don't" " It will hurt too much" " Your too big" "Please" she begged but before she could manage another word Barry had shoved a sock back into her mouth and with that he pushed the head of his monster cock into her hole almost splitting her splinter muscle.

She recoiled and screamed as the giant head entered her but he stopped and held it where it was just throbbing away. Tears filled her eyes and she buried her head into the mattress. 5 minutes passed before he pushed again driving more meat into her but this time she pushed back. She raised her head off the mattress and said" Ok you bastard, you want me, take me, I need a real man !!

I want a real man to father my babies, You ain't man enough are you !!!" Her tactics were wrong because she had just challenged the hard core of any servicemen.

"Wrong" is all he said as he ached his back and drove his rock hard monster into her neither regions. She bucked and screamed into the sock which had been stuffed back into her stretched mouth. Time after time he drove his weapon deep and all Margo could do was pass out from the pain and pleasure again as multiply after multiply orgasm ravished her. She came too untied and laying on her back, her arms, legs but most of all her cum coated pussy and arsed ached vehemently, she felt the sea of sperm swimming in her pussy and arse and the dried bits at the entrance of each.

Barry was laying next to her on his back. She glanced up at the clock on his side table and saw it was 4am. As she turned toward him her body protested in pain and residual pleasures causing ghostly orgasms to shiver throughout but never the less she turned and laid her head on his chest.

She played with his nipples and ran her hand down to his now relaxed dick. Stroking it she thought how she would explain her the deception to her close friends. Her head began to slide down Barry's chiselled chest and abdomen until she reached his course pubic hairs. The odour invading her nostrils bought back the memories of many hours of pain and pleasure she had just endured.

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She held his beast in her grip and licked hungrily at it head carefully paying attention to the underside and ridge, kissing it softly. She opened as wide as she could before forcing it past her aching lips, again it stretched her mouth and she sucked it deeper working her way back and forth until it was at full bloom.

She wanted to taste his seed exploding in her throat and his big hands holding her head down as he forced it deeper and deeper. It was not long before Barry woke and obliged Margo with her wanton desires without ever knowing what she wanted at that particular point. He held her head in both hands and drove his dick deeper and deeper gaining speed as he went.

"oooommmmmmrrrrrrppphhh " "uuuummmm" "ooooommmmmrrrrrpppphhh" " uuuuuummmmmmm" "uuuuuuuummmmmmm" "aaaaaaccccckcckkkkk" "UUUMMMMM" she slurped greedily.

This went on for what seemed an eternity until she felt his loins tighten and his delicious dick start to throb uncontrollable then it happened whilst he was buried deep in her throat past her tonsils. Rope after rope of molten hot salty cum spurted down her throat and she swallowed eagerly.

Her new man was filling her belly with the same seed that would cause her 9 months later to deliver their first child and she was falling heavily for this Marine.

She made her mind up as the last drops of salty sweet cum swam down her welcoming throat that she was going to destroy her boring marriage and leave her husband immediately for this real bad boy man that had just taught her to be the real woman she always longed to be. She was his and nothing would change that unless he had just used her for some fun.

As his dick popped out of her mouth he told her with great conviction that she would be his woman and leave with him only if she had the strength to do so. She laid in his arms afterwards for what seemed an eternity weighing out the matter delving deeply into what ever pros and cons there were.

When 7am buzzed up on the alarm clock in the hallway upstairs she turned it off and went to wake John but when she entered the room he was not there and the bed was made.

There was envelope laying on her side which she opened with concern. Her mouth dropped at the contents when she read it and she began to stare out the window as a smile slowly broke across her ashen face. The note simply started out with&hellip. Dear Margaret, I am sorry it has to be this way but I have found another whom I wish to spend my life with some time ago.

I hope you will find happiness some day and forgiveness somehow. My solicitor will contact you at some point to discuss terms. Thank you for the few years we did have happily together. John. p.s. Please apologise to the Colonel.

He need not know.